GoPro streaming to pc. How to Use Your GoPro as a Webcam with OBS Studio (No Capture Card Required)

How to use your GoPro as a webcam In March 2020, the coronavirus infections forced us to lock ourselves up at home for a few weeks —which would last for months. During all that time of confinement, video calls were the closest thing to real contact we had with our friends and family. But we … Read more

Widgets iPhone aesthetic. How to Customize Your iOS 14 Home Screen to Match Your Aesthetic

How to Customize Your iOS 14 Home Screen to Match Your Aesthetic Let’s be real, you probably spend more time with your phone than you do with most people. So why shouldn’t it match your style and personality? Did you know that you can customize your iOS 14 home screen to match your aesthetic with … Read more

Android USB control. Control music on your Android phone with your car stereo


Interface 1-Wire USB Adapter with Android This application note details how to interface the DS9490R, temperature logger iButton devices, and Android over USB On-the-Go (OTG). The communication protocol between each section is reviewed. We review the data sheet information and how to apply it in the end system. A sample Android application illustrating the example … Read more

Webcam for laptop install. How to Connect an HD Webcam to Your Laptop


How to Connect an HD Webcam to Your Laptop If you’ve ever tried to connect with someone over Skype, maybe a loved one or friend, you are probably already familiar with how convenient webcams are for making those long distance relationships feel more intimate. If you’ve joined a Zoom meeting to collaborate with colleagues, you … Read more

Chromecast TV Samsung. How to cast to your Samsung TV


Samsung TV with Chromecast IP Driver Release Notes The release of the Samsung with Chromecast IP driver lets you integrate Samsung televisions using Chromecast with the Clare Controls Network. Customers can now control their Samsung TV through Chromecast and IP using the Clare Controls Application. No software or download is necessary. Simply connect the Samsung … Read more

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