TEFAL steamer where to pour water

What water to fill in the TEFAL iron?

Using a steam iron, it is necessary to pour filtered water into it, or diluted distilled or demineralized water, be sure to observe the correct proportions.

What water cannot be poured into the iron? Boiled. salt is not removed during boiling, so boiled water is no better than usual. Well or from a well. such water contains a large amount of iron and other minerals. From cooler or bottled.

Step by step guide on using a TEFAL CONVENIENT SERIES VC145 Steamer to steam buns

How to cook water for an iron?

Ideal water that we recommend pouring into a steam generator. distilled. That is, not containing salts and other impurities, tap water, just like the water from the cooler contains undesirable impurities, which eventually form an active alkaline plaque on the heater and the walls of the boiler (steam boiler).

Why the steamer does not work?

Causes: lack of voltage of the element entering the heating, or malfunction of the heating element itself. Do not generate steam. A faulty valve, a pump or thermostat can cause a absence of steam supply.

Dilute citric acid in a glass of hot water. Pour the resulting solution into a water tank, set the maximum heating temperature and release steam. It is necessary to continue cleaning until all the liquid from the tank evaporates. After the end of the cleaning, thoroughly rinse the device.

What can be done with a steamer?

The steamer simply perfectly removes folds from delicate fabrics. With it, you can quickly bring a crumpled dress or suit to an ideal state. However, we note that he cannot take the form of a skirt-pliss or make arrows on trousers.

If you have a manual model, then the clothes before steaming can be placed on an ordinary hanger. If you are the owner of the floor model, then use a special stand with a hanger. On the shoulders, outerwear and shirts, T.shirts and T.shirts, evening dresses and jackets will be conveniently placed on the shoulders.

Safety rules when working with a device

As when working with any household appliances, it is necessary to adhere to certain safety rules. In addition to the risk of electric shock, with improper operation, there is a chance of obtaining burns with hot steam.

In order to avoid such situations, simple rules should be followed:

  • Do not direct the device to pets.
  • Ensure the lack of contact of the power cable and hot surfaces of the steamer.
  • Make sure that the steam stream is directed only from the person.
  • Do not use the device with damage to the evaporator, electric cord, hose.

Preparation for work

Before turning on the device, pour water into the container. Hang clothes on a hanger or shoulders. Then the device is turned on and waited a little. Usually heating does not exceed 40-50 seconds. After the steam goes from the snot. they start ironing.

The steamers have different opportunities. All details are painted in the instructions for a specific model. Hot steam removes unpleasant odors and disinfects fibers.

  • care for furniture upholstery and soft toys;
  • boil water for drinks;
  • carry out inhalation, for which it is necessary to fill a couple of drops of essential oil into the water;
  • Boil eggs. the liquid should be poured below the upper mark, then eggs are lowered into it, brought to a boil and wait a few minutes.

Any variety of the steamer performs the following tasks:

  • The elimination of moths. with hot steam process all things and the inner surface of the cabinet;
  • the return of the initially well.groomed appearance to artificial colors;
  • refreshing of fur products that are steamed from the wrong side;
  • Removing barcodes, price tags and stickers from glass and ceramic dishes, that is, these places are processed for several seconds with a ferry.

Manual steamers

Small size and light weight of manual steamers make them indispensable for those who travel a lot or often go on business trips. Such models are more affordable and present in the grocery line of most popular brands: Polaris (Polaris), Tefal (Tefal), Maxwell (Maxwell), etc.

A manual steamer is a small water reservoir (like a mini-electrolyte), having a nose-header with holes through which steam is supplied

In manual models, the reservoir is located in the device of the device, respectively, has a small volume (80-450 ml) and an average of 1.4-1.6 kW power. This provides a rather brief duration of continuous work (up to 15 minutes) and does not allow you to ironly iron some things (dense jeans, outerwear).

Manufacturers of various models offer to use a context for clothing in several modes (from 3 to 10), in which the working pressure and the level of saturation of the submitted steam are regulated. Multifunctional steamers with a capacity of more than 1.8 kW are considered universal and semi.professional equipment. They are widely used in an atelier for smoothing out clothes or on car wash when cleaning the upholstery of seats.

The complete set often includes nozzles that allow, when steaming, clean the surface of pollution (brushes) or change the intensity of steam supply

To make your own impression, look at how to use a vest of clothing in a video that we offer:

Vertical steamers (floor)

Such devices are more reminiscent of vacuum cleaners having a spacious (up to 3 liters of water) a reservoir placed in a housing on wheels for the convenience of transportation, and a long hose to which the iron is attached. Among the most popular brands: Philips (Philips), Vitek (Vitek), Rolsen (Rolsen), Kelli (Kelly).

The floor vertical steamer resembles a small vacuum cleaner

Although it takes more time to heat the water in such systems, but with high steam supply power, prolonged and efficient operation of the steamer is ensured. He is able to smooth out persistent folds and rigid creases on dense fabrics of outerwear, curtains, upholstery, etc. D.

Both manual and floor models are designed for vertical steaming, that is, they are ironed in an open form. Clothes are placed on the shoulders and steamed on both sides, leading the iron vertically from top to bottom.

Having turned on the steamer, let the water warm to the set temperature so that the steam in the iron enters the right pressure.

Practical and convenient accessories are often attached to floor models: brushes, nozzles, clothespins, telescopic stands, folding shoulders, mittens from heat protection fabric

Both manual and floor models are designed for vertical steaming, that is, they are ironed in an open form

Security measures

To safely and correctly use a steamer, adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Use the device strictly for its intended purpose. Do not direct a stream of hot steam to people, animals or plants;
  • In no case do not try to iron the clothes worn on the body;
  • Do not leave a working or cooling device unattended;
  • Do not suspend the device for the steam supply hose, do not disconnect and do not fix it during the steamer;
  • Do not add water to the tank when the device is included in the outlet, make sure that the cord is not on a hot surface or in water;
  • In the process of steaming, put on a special thermal protection mitten to protect your hands;
  • After each use, wipe the surface of the iron with a soft rag and dry the tank when the device has completely cooled.

With the help of a steamer, things from any fabric are effectively ironed

Step-by-step instruction

  • Training. Before starting work, the device must be assembled: insert and fix the telescopic rack, hang a steam iron on the mount designed for it, attach a steam hose. (The assembly process differs depending on the model of the steamer.)
  • Filling out the tank. It is advised to fill in cold purified water (filtered, distilled), focusing on the marks of the recommended volume.
  • Inclusion. By installing the tank in the case, pull the cord from the device and include it in the outlet. After a few minutes, the water will heat up and after the indicator lights up, you can start using a steamer.
  • Examination. Click on the steam supply button by directing it from yourself.
  • Ironing. Take the iron iron on the fabric smoothly and slowly, vertically from top to bottom. For additional cleaning or ironing, use overlays and brushes with fixators.

You can install and remove nozzles or latches only when the device is turned off in a cooled state.

How To Steam Your Clothes (The Right Way)

After the end of the work, you need to turn off the device out of the outlet, wait until it cools down, and then disassemble. The container for water and the holes through which steam comes out on the ironing, it is periodically required to be cleaned of lime plaque. The presence of scale leads to spraying drops of hot water (which is dangerous for you) and the appearance of traces on clothes.

The very process of steaming of special difficulties is not, it is most important to observe caution and use the steamer safely for yourself and others.

Expert in the field of households and master of culinary masterpieces (according to relatives and friends). Used to rely on common sense, everyday experience and female intuition.

Found a mistake? Select the text with the mouse and click:

There are special traps to combat moths. In the sticky layer that they are covered, added females that attract males. Sticking to a trap, they leave the propagation process, which leads to a decrease in the population of moths.

开箱 Tefal Steamer VC1451

In the dishwasher, not only plates and cups are washed well. You can load plastic toys, glass lamps of lamps and even dirty vegetables, such as potatoes, but only without the use of detergents.

Before you display various spots from clothing, you need to find out how safe the selected solvent is for the fabric itself. It is applied in a small amount to the inconspicuous section of things from the inside for 5-10 minutes. If the material retains its structure and color, you can proceed to spots.

Removing a scale and a pile from the sole of the iron is easiest with salt. Pour a thick layer of salt on paper, heat the iron to the maximum and several times, pressing slightly, draw on the salt litter with an iron.

How to turn on steam in a steam generator?

To activate the automatic intelligent supply system of steam, you should press the Auto button on the device control panel. Or you can continue to use the manual mode of operation of the iron.

  • Dissolve 1 tbsp
  • Pour the resulting solution into the iron tank and leave for 20 minutes;
  • Turn on the maximum steam supply and hold until the liquid completely evaporates;
  • Rinse the tank well and pour clean water into it;

High.quality cleaning of scale and proper operation of the steamer

With the systematic use of the device, it is cleaned at least 1 time per month. Before cleaning the steamer is disconnected from the mains. They start work after it cools. The main block is removed from the rack, the hoses are disconnected. It is most convenient to carry out the procedure in the bathroom or in the kitchen near the sink. The tank is removed, washed with clean water. To remove all the water from the working capacity of the steam generator, unscrew the plug, which is located on the drainage, tilted to the side. Then put the tank in the same place, closing.

In simple devices, the formation of steam resembles the work of ordinary electric kettle. All water immediately heats up in them, the plaque settles on the surfaces in contact with boiling liquid. Such models are easily cleaned with vinegar, citric acid or household agents, for example, “antinakipine”.

In steamers with a complex device, heating and turning water into steam occurs in small portions. A portion is supplied to the heater using a pump (pump). His sound is heard with the interval or constantly. It is very convenient and fast to smoothing things with such a device. But the disadvantage is that the models equipped with a pump cannot be cleaned yourself. Because in them the deposits settled on:

The components of the purifying solution will spoil the rubber and plastic parts. In the absence of proper skills, interference in the operation of the device will lead to its failure and the loss of a guarantee. Therefore, cleaning needs to be entrusted to an experienced master. He will correctly analyze the device, remove the deposits from the inner surfaces and collect it back. At home you can clean simple manual and mobile gravity devices.

Information about what type of steamers belongs to PHILIP, Kitfort, Polaris, Roventent Master Valets, Philips is indicated in the instructions or on the box.

tefal, steamer, pour, water

Several ways to clean the steamer at home

You can clean the steamer with both folk and special purchased means. First, you should try to use ordinary substances that are in almost every house.


If you decide to use vinegar, you need to know how to clean the vertebrates for clothing from scale with its help. You need a simple colorless vinegar. 1 part 6%should be diluted in 1 part of water. Pull out the plug of the device from the outlet and then pour the prepared solution into the container. First, cleaned in a cold way: carefully shake it, leave for several minutes, shake it again, drain water and washed with a clean.

There is also a hot cleaning method. After the solution is poured into the tank, the steamer is turned on, they are waiting for when it heats up, after which steam is released several times, it is done above the basin or shell. Then take a break, and again release steam several times. Then they turn off the device from the network, wash the tank until the vinegar smell evaporates.

Lemon acid

A good means to get rid of scale is citric acid. 50 grams of crystalline substance are dissolved in 500 ml of cold boiled water. The prepared liquid is poured into the water tank, the device is included for the largest heating. Release steam by pressing the button until the solution ends. After repeatedly, carefully shaking, rinse the container with clean water.

Carbonated or mineral water

The most gentle method of removal of lime plaque is the use of carbonated or mineral water dining room. You can resort to it 3 times a month. The tank is filled with mineral water, the maximum heating is turned on, gently shaken. Then the steam is sprayed until the liquid remains in the tank. After the device has cooled, this is done by pouring clean water into the container.

Locks for scale and their use

Before cleaning the clothing steamer with store chemicals, you should first try to do the procedure with home products. If they turn out to be ineffective, then you can use special. It is necessary to buy only those tools that are specifically intended for steam equipment. It is desirable that the composition contains components carefully caring for devices. Funds for the removal and prevention of lime plaque are called decalcinators.

Professional tools for gravity devices

Professional drugs are sold in household appliances stores. One of the most effective is a liquid concentrated agent. All purchased drugs are caustic, so before cleaning the abbot of the scale, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the attached instructions. You can use the means that are designed to clean electrical and ironing.

Self.cleaning function

In modern models equipped with a self.cleaning function, there is an appropriate button. Autoclean. The automatic system easily fights with the appearance of rust and lime plaque, which appear during the operation of irons with steam generators. In order to start it, just press the button. The principle of operation of the automatic function of self.cleaning is to delay particles of various deposits that accumulate in a built.in container, a special self.cleaning filter. When pressing the scale button, the scale is washed from the device with a stream of water.

Distilled water cleaning

You can clean the steamer with distilled water, which is poured into the tank. The device is included, the option is set by the option of steam until almost all the water evaporates. You need to be careful, since there is a risk of burning the steam.

After that, the outer surface of the device should be cleaned. For this, vinegar, purified distilled water or special stores for cleaning is suitable. It is necessary to work with vinegar in protective gloves. Diluted vinegar impregnate the fabric and wipe all surfaces. If the remaining precipitate cannot be removed, you can try to do it with a brush, but not with metal bristles. Because of it, scratches will remain on the surfaces. After removing the residues of the plaque, the device is first wiped with a rag moistened in vinegar, then in distilled water. It is necessary to thoroughly wipe the place around the buttons, dirt accumulates there and dust. The outer surface can be cleaned with a rag moistened in a solution of alcohol diluted with a detergent. For these purposes, the CIF emulsion is quite suitable. After all the procedures carried out, you should not be afraid of the appearance of unpleasant stripes on things. All steamed things will be fresh, and the device inside and outside is perfectly clean.

Paraffin and salt

Some get rid of the raid with salt and paraffin. Small salt is mixed with crushed paraffin, and poured on a sheet of white paper. Turn on the steam generator and iron the composition, until the molten mixture is completely covered. When the iron cools, it is wiped with a soft dry cloth.

The steamer is a very convenient device that helps to quickly and efficiently put things in order. They can clean the upholstery of furniture, remove dust in cracks, joints. It is important not only to know how to choose a steamer and a steam cleaner for clothing, but also the rules for caring for the device. The effectiveness of its work and the life of the operation largely depends on how the basic requirements of operation will be observed. It is better not to allow the accumulation of deposits than to endlessly fill in cleaning solutions. So that the scale does not form, you should use the right water. Do not pour hard water, use distilled liquid instead. To prevent the appearance of sediment on the inside of the device after each use, reinforce with running water. All these measures will help to extend the life of the steamer.

TOP-5 reliable steamers

Runzel Max-230 Magica, gold/silver

High power

Powerful steam feed

Big control buttons


The most powerful steam supply

Rich equipment

Big control buttons

Tefal It3450 Pro Style

The brand has established itself


Quick water heating

What is the scale of the scale?

If you ignore the rules for the operation of the steamer, then over time, salt deposits accumulate on the heating element. They negatively affect the performance of the technique. This is manifested by the fact that the crust of salts is weakly carried out, as a result, slow heating of the sole occurs. But the electric heating element remains heated longer, so the risk of burning increases.

If a steam blow occurs, the scale particles are falling off from the heater, get into the tubes with the emerging steam and clog them. Linen will be poorly steamed. And if the deposits leak on the sole, then they will smear on clothes, leaving whitish stains and traces on it. It’s difficult to get rid of them.

Useful video

Often, buyers when choosing steam equipment ask exactly this question: “What water can be flooded”?

Modern steam generators are unique devices with unsurpassed functionality, quality and reliability. However, like any other representatives of household appliances, they require appropriate care and maintenance.

With incorrectly selected water for a steam generator or a steamer, the scale will form with no less intensity than steam, which will immediately lead to a decrease in the efficiency of heating and clogging holes on the sole.

Consider the following options:

-bottled drinking water or water from under the cooler-is also not recommended due to high mineralization.


It is strictly not recommended to use flavored or softened water or water from a refrigerator, wells, a well and include additives (for example, starch, flavoring in the water).

As necessary, it is imperative to clean the steam generator, the steamer from the scale.

How to clean an iron with a steam generator or a steamer from a scale?

In order for steam equipment to serve for many years, from time to time it is necessary to remove the scale. To do this, you can use special or folk remedies.

Important! Not all steam generators with an iron can be cleaned at home. Steam generators, where there is no direct access to the boiler, are served in the service center. Therefore, we recommend that in such steam generators it is imperative to use purified water.

For washing from scale, you can use:

Please note that not all steam generators can use chemicals as a means to remove scale.

Whether it is necessary to pour water from a steam generator or a steamer?

For the long service of the steam generator, in the breaks between operation, we recommend draining the water left after work and rinse several times. Since when heated even in the cleanest water, the formation of scale begins, which after the end of the work settles on the internal walls of the water tank.

With further operation of the steam generator, pour “fresh” water. In this state, it can be stored until the next inclusion. You can set up water in a steam generator/system/steamer up to 3 days. Otherwise, it is better to drain water.

The article expresses the personal opinion of the author, based on personal experience and conclusions of service centers.

When using this article, an active link to the site www. MIR-GLAJKI.ru/ mandatory. Author. Khachatryan in.E. (online store World ironing).

All-In-One Steaming & Sanitizing Solution with Tefal IXEO All-In-One Solution QT15

Pay attention to the following products:

Regular use of specially prepared water in irons, steam generators, steamers, ironing systems prevents the formation of scale on heating elements of devices and calcified sediment in boilers, thereby extending the life of steam devices and ensuring the uninterrupted work of their operation.

The efficiency of the steam generator largely depends on how correctly it is operated.

The quality of the poured water is one of the important aspects. With a high stiffness indicator, the formation of scale and reduction in the life of the device is possible.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to carefully monitor the quality of the water used in the steam generator. What water to pour into a steam generator in preparation for the device and why, our article will tell.

Care tips

In the process of use in the steam generator, scale settles, which negatively affects the operation of the device.

If in your region, water has increased rigidity, then the device from scale is necessary every 50 cycles of work, and preferably more often. This procedure extends the life of the device.

To reduce the formation of scale, the tank should be filled with boiling water or use demineralized water.

The tank for collecting the Nabb can be taken out only after it cools entirely. Otherwise you can get a burn. He cools down for a long time-3-4 hours.

Tefal steam generators are practical and convenient devices created on the basis of advanced technologies. The powerful ejection of dry steam smoothes even the thickest fabric in several additions and at the same time delicately processes the thinnest silk.

Tefal positions a steam generator as a device with high steam supply power, which effectively cares for clothes. The features of the Liberty SV7041 model, in addition to the availability of the fashion mode of the ECO and the auto.off system, include the availability of blocking and protection against scale protection, and the supply of the supply of the Anti Calc cartridges includes included in the supply kit.

We are attracted by the declared power of a steam strike of 360 g/min, as well as relatively compact for steam generators, the size of the device. During the tests, we will evaluate, first of all, the convenience of operation and the effectiveness of the device in so unloved by many cases of ironing linen and clothing.




Type of

Country of Origin


The declared capacity

The color of the case

The volume of the tank

Storage tank

Coating the sole of the iron

Steam pressure

Steam blow

Permanent supply of steam

Heating time

Steam supply modes and temperature adjustment

Type of control


Automatic shutdown system with inaction

Features and additional functions

The length of the steam hose

The length of the network cord

The weight of the iron

The weight of the device

Dimensions of the device (Sh × V × g)

Weight of packing

Packaging dimensions (Sh × v × g)

Retail sentences
Liberty SV7041
steam generator
2 years
2200 watts
White blue
1.5 l
6 bar
360 g/min
120 g/min
2 minutes
5 modes for various types of fabrics
electronic, membrane buttons
heating and readiness to work, protection against scale
there is
Protection against scale, steam blow, locking system, ECO mode, vertical steaming, cord storage device
1.6 m
1.8 m
1.3 kg
3.15 kg
21 × 24 × 34 cm
4.85 kg
39 × 29.5 × 24 cm


The Tefal Liberty SV7041 steam generator is packed in a relatively small cardboard box of white color, the sides of which contain a lot of graphic information. All information about the properties and features of the device is given in the form of schematic images with signatures. There are a lot of icons, so that the eyes are scattered, and a certain effort should be made to view them all and understand what each of them denotes them. Not very convenient, but the entire external space of packaging is occupied with information. On the other hand, a user acquiring a steam generator, as a rule, is already aware of all its technical characteristics. The box for carrying the box is not equipped.

Inside the package, the steam generator is recorded in two molded cardboard inserts. The case and iron are wrapped in plastic bags, cartridges are laid in a small cardboard box, and also shoved into free places of molded inserts. After opening from the box were extracted:

  • steam generator housing;
  • an iron attached to it;
  • 5 interchangeable Anti Calc cartridges;
  • safety instructions;
  • user’s manual;
  • Warranty coupon.

The collection of the device and its accessories in the box is not difficult.

At first sight

At first glance, not bulky dimensions of the device are noteworthy. Despite the volume of water tank in 1.5 liters, the steam generator can be installed on the stand of a conventional ironing board. The design is standard for this type of device: a base with a removable water tank, to which an iron is attached by means of a steam hose. The design used white and blue colors, due to which the device looks calm and neutral.

On the panel in the lower part of the base are membrane control buttons. On the right is a power cord 1.8 m long. A steam hose has been connected on the left, which has a 1.6 m length familiar for steam generators. On the side there is a device for holding a steam hose in a curled state, which is undoubtedly convenient when storing a device.

There is nothing particularly curious from the bottom side: a sticker with brief technical information about the device, ventilation holes and four legs about 0.5 cm high with small anti.slip tabs made of rubberized material.

Water tank with a capacity of 1.5 l is made of transparent plastic in blue. Water level is clearly visible through it, which will facilitate the process of interaction with a steam generator. you do not need to expect the device to report the need to add the liquid. The container is removed and installed in an intuitive way. you just need to pull the tank on yourself, or insert it into the compartment to the click.

Now we carefully consider the tank itself. Everything interesting is at its top: a nest for installing a replaced cartridge and holes located in several rows through which water is poured.

On the sides there are marks about the maximum permissible water level. No unscrupulous covers and holes of small diameter. filling and draining the water remaining after work are carried out simply and extremely conveniently.

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