Termyx water heater how to install on a wall

Installation of an electric storage water heater

Electric storage water heaters are installed in any place convenient for installation. Usually they are suspended under the ceiling to save space below, but it is not necessary to do this at all. The design of the drive electric heaters is such that they can also be installed above the floor. The choice of the method of attaching the accumulative electric heater depends not only on the volume of the tank, but also on the wall material.

Boilers with a capacity of up to 30 liters can be hung on almost any wall using plastic dowels. When selecting tanks with a volume of 50-200 liters, if they must be hung on the wall, the following factors must be taken into account:

If the wall on which the water heater will be attached, concrete, stone, brick or slag block, then there are no contraindications to the installation of the boiler on such a wall. To fix the boiler, metal spacer anchor bolts are usually used:

Photo 1. Appearance.

Anchor with a hook at the end (1) is convenient in that they can first be screwed into the wall, and then just hang a water heater. However, the design of the water heater is not always the design of the water heater and then an anchor bolts (2) are needed for a hexagonal key or under a cross screwdriver (not shown in the photo). The larger the weight of the boiler, the greater the diameter and larger the anchor bolts may be needed. Structurally, anchor bolts may vary slightly, there are wedge, leaf, sloping, clogging anchor bolts, but the principle of action is approximately the same when you screw the screw, the wedge.Shaped nut spreads the spacer bushing, so the diameter of the anchor increases. Instead of a nut, there may be a wedge.Shaped screw head and then the nut is screwed at the end, the lack of such anchors is that after tightening the screw can exit the hole further than planned.

The maximum loads on the anchor bolt are directly dependent on the strength of concrete (in this case, this refers to heavy concrete), stone, brick or slag block into which the bolt is driven, while hammering anchor into the pantry between stones, bricks or slag blocks is extremely undesirable if this is not bearing wall. And in the load.Bearing walls, the strength of the masonry solution is still less than the strength of the brick and even the cinder block. Of course, any construction structure and in this case, the size of the anchor bolt can be calculated, but for this you need to know the class of concrete or brand of brick, cinder block, the thickness of the wall, the distance from the edge and the top of the wall to the hole and much more. In order not to spend several weeks on the study of the technical documentation of building structures, existing types and intricacies of calculating anchor bolts are usually guided by the following considerations:

After hanging the accumulative water heater, the load can be distributed so that only one anchor will hold the main weight, while the load on the torn out in any case will be distributed between 2 anchors (or 2 upper anchors if there are 4).

The anchor bolts themselves can withstand a sufficiently large load on the slice and to tear out, measured in tons, so, for example, even the thinnest anchor bolt M6 can withstand the load on the torn up to 2.4 tons, and for a cut up to 1.2 tons, but the destruction of the material in which the anchor is scored can occur much earlier. Since the material in which the anchor is clogged works only for compression, but also for tension, but neither artificial nor natural stone do not differ with special tensile strength, then this must be taken into account. For example, a normatively permissible load on concrete class B15 for stretching is about 7.5 kg/cm 2. The normatively permissible load on concrete class B15 for compression is about 75 kg/cm 2. The larger the depth of the anchor, the greater the area of ​​concrete operating and, accordingly, the greater load can withstand such an anchor. For example, at a depth of anchor 10 cm, concrete class B15 will withstand the load on the torn up to 1.2 tons, and at the depth of the anchor 6 cm maximum load can be 300 kg. And if you use the recommended stock factor = 4, then the maximum load for an anchor bolt 10 cm long will be 300 kg, and for an anchor bolt 6 cm long. 75 kg. Pulling out an anchor out of the hole without destruction of the material into which the anchor can occur if the anchor was twisted with insufficient force, or the hole for an anchor of too large diameter. To reduce the likelihood of such an eruption, the friction force helps and the larger the diameter of the anchor bolt, the greater the value of the friction force.

You can roughly choose the length and diameter of the anchor bolts, taking into account the above considerations according to the following table.

termyx, water, heater, install, wall
Water heater capacity, l Approximate loading load, kg Wall material Recommended bolt diameter, m Recommended bolt length, see
30. 50 l 15. 25 concrete 6-8 6-8
Brick, slag block 8-10 8-10
80. 100 l 25. 35 concrete 8-10 8-10
Brick, slag block 10-12 10-12
150. 200 l 45. 60 concrete 10-12 8-12
Brick, slag block 12-14 12-15

Note: You can more accurately determine the load on the torn, taking into account the actual size of the boiler. In some models, an pulling force for a tank with a capacity of 80 liters can be greater than for a tank of 150 liters from another manufacturer’s company. Details in the article “Definition of an echoing effort. “

If an electric storage water heater is planned to be hung on a brick partition with a quarter or half brick thick, on a partition of reinforced gypsum, gypsum or foam concrete blocks, then it is better to use anchor bolts with a support washer for this. For such anchors, a through hole is drilled, from the side opposite the mounting site, the washer is installed. The heavier the tank, and the thinner the partition, the greater the diameter of the washer should be. However, the name: “Anchor Bolts” in this case is quite loud, for this purpose you can use ordinary bolts of the corresponding length and diameter, and instead of the goals you can use pieces of sheet metal 1 thick.5-3 mm with a hole in the middle. And for water heaters with a volume of 100-200 liters and this may not be enough. It is better to use goals for safety, but rolling corners in order to redistribute the load from the water heater. True, the aesthetic type of adjacent room from such corners will clearly not improve.

Necessary tools and materials

The type of tool used to mount the water heater is selected depending on the features of the walls. In this case, the construction gun is necessary in each of the cases.


The peorator will be required if the heater is hung on concrete walls to form the holes into which the dowels are inserted.

Electric drill

The electric drill is used in cases where the holes are drilled in the walls of softer material than concrete (drywall, brick and so on).

Brackets are necessary for attaching the water heater to the wall. The length of such hooks depends on the volume of the boiler.


The dowels hold the brackets in the wall. That is, these fasteners take part of the load that creates a boiler.

High quality hoses

To connect the boiler, you will need at least two copper (not metal) hoses, one of which supplies cold water, and the second returns hot.

Instructions and connection diagram of the device

Without instructions and circuits, it is impossible to connect the boiler to the common network, since the device installation algorithm directly depends on the design of the heater.


The rude cleaning filter is required if the heating device is installed in places where contaminated water is supplied (with large particles).

termyx, water, heater, install, wall

The presence of the check valve in the water heater Termyx

In the store, the check valve is marked with an arrow of the water flow and is associated with the bypass valve (ribbed fitting in the photo). It is necessary:

  • Когда вода заходит в бак из стояка (в первый раз придется приоткрыть смеситель, дать ток воздуху). The system works without this, the pillow will just accumulate on top, and when using the shower it will come. We’ll have to wait for time.
  • Only the pressure inside the tank was equal to the riser, the check valve is slammed. Ten begins to warm water. The coefficient of thermal expansion steel was less than that of water. The tank begins to bend with pressure. Back into the riser does not let the valve let water. Deformation causes damage to the tank, leading to cracks in the protective enamel coating and corrosion (see above). The bypass valve at a pressure pulls excess fluid.

The check valve prevents the departure of heated water into the riser. Using a water heater with an empty tap is permissible. When the tap is overlapped, the upper part of the tank is drained, but 80 percent will remain inside. To use it, at the entrance to the water heater, a tee is placed on the input pipe, the water is taken through the valve if necessary. It is important to make the correct wiring scheme. The tee stands between the water heater and the bypass valve.

We mention the rule of cutting the tee. Usually sediment accumulates in the tank. If you put the check valve into the lower trip of the tee, when the water is turned off and an attempt to empty the tank through the side discharge, the dirt will settle on the valve, which is unfavorable for the latter. The scheme looks profitable when the power of the water heater is conducted from the side, and the emergency drain goes well down. In this case, partially clean the tank is carried out without disassembling the tank and extracting the heater, which is very convenient. Take a note.

Near the riser, put a rude cleaning filter. The opposite valve does not like dirt. The inner channel resembles the Latin v, put to one side. At the top there is a grid, and the entrance wall according to the rules has a negative slope (directed down), dirt accumulates inside. Deviate from the rules, with a planned or emergency shutdown of water, rust is washed into a riser. But the deviation is not supposed. The owner of the filter is able to clean yourself. Signs: The tank is poorly gained, and the water is well drained through the removal. If the cleaning did not help, the case is in the check valve, the reinforcement should be removed and rinse.

Before installing the water heater, Termies make sure there is a convenient approach to the device. Watch out quickly: taking off the heating element is not an easy task. If there is no desire to independently install the Termyx water heater again, worry about planned maintenance in advance. The instruction manual clearly says how many times a year to clean the product by one hundred percent emptying of the tank.

Water heater fastening to the wall.

Due to the fact that accumulative tanks are often installed in tight rooms, the walls must be mounted in such a way that there is a guarantee of reliability. A tank up to 30 liters can be attached using conventional plastic dowels of the corresponding diameter. Spacious water heaters require a special approach. In this case, it is necessary to choose a more reliable and strong fastener for the water heater. Depending on the material from which the supporting wall is built, there are various methods of hinging running water heaters.

  • If a frame partition lined with various materials (GKL, GVL, wood.Fiber plate) acts as such a wall, then the hitch should be thought about the construction of the frame of the structure. At the site of the alleged fastening of the drive, a jumper of a wooden beam (or profile with a beam inside) is installed, the supporting racks intensify. Only in this case will the partition withstand the weight of the boiler with water.
  • When hung on a partition made of foam or a gyum bouncer, reinforced gypsum, brick (with a thickness of a quarter or half of the brick), mounting with the so.Called support washer should be used. The essence is as follows, through openings are drilled in the partition, metal washers are installed from the opposite of the tank of the tank (1.5-3mm thick), you can use a piece of sheet metal, this will even increase the strength of the fasteners. Bolts selected in diameter and length are fastened with a water heater through the wall and a stubborn washer, while the load created by the tank is redistributed, which allows the safe operation of the device.
  • Hanging a heating tank for more durable walls (concrete, brick) will not be difficult. Fastening is carried out on anchor spacer bolts, the diameter and length of which is selected depending on the wall material and the volume of the tank. For fastening a 50 liter heater, an anchor with a diameter of 6 mm and a length of 6-10 cm is quite suitable., And for 150-200 liter water heaters, a fastener with a diameter of at least 10mm with a length of 10-12 cm will already be required.

How to hang a water heater: helping specialists

Connection diagram of a double.Circuit boiler with a boiler/drive.

To attach the water heater to the wall, it is best to use a construction gun, a peorator or electric drill is also suitable.

As a fastener for a water heater, you can use steel hooks with a diameter of more than 10 mm and dowels, which are fixed with a construction gun. This is due to dimensions and a total weight of the design. If the construction gun is not available, you need to drill with an electric drill or a pencil a hole for screws for fasteners.

If the wall on which the boiler is planned is covered with a layer of plaster, you can use screws with a length of 8-10 mm, while the plastic part of the fastener for the water heater should be less than 8 mm.

For water supply to the boiler, it is not recommended to use budget and flexible hoses, because they quickly fail, and therefore they often have to change. It is recommended to spend more in order to purchase high.Quality materials to fix the boiler to the wall, otherwise you will have to run in search of a replacement. It is best to perform hard eyeliner from pipes that are made of copper.

It is forbidden to connect the boiler to the water supply system and using metal pipes.

termyx, water, heater, install, wall

List of all elements necessary for work:

  • Water heater;
  • Steel hooks with a diameter of more than 10 mm;
  • Dowels;
  • Electric drill or peorator;
  • High.Quality hoses;
  • Screws 8-10 mm long;
  • Connection diagram;
  • Network cable;
  • Coarse water cleaning filter;
  • Nozzles;
  • Simple pencil;
  • Construction gun.

Nasten water heater connection diagram.

If there is no desire to independently fix the water heater, you can seek help from specialists. Their duties are as follows:

  • The specialist must compose and transfer the estimate for the customer for the materials that are used during operation. The work plan should also be drawn up and their evaluation.
  • The master must carry out the dismantling of the old device if it is present.
  • The specialist performs the boiler (fasteners for the water heater can be purchased at plumbing stores).
  • After the fixing is performed, the master must connect the pipes for the supply and drainage of water.
  • After the installation and connection of the water heater to the water supply and electricity systems, the master must check the device for performance, and then demonstrate it to the customer. If any problems will be found during the use of the structure, the specialist must immediately eliminate them, while he does not need to pay extra for this.
  • The specialist is obliged to give advice to the client on the issues of interest to him, briefly talk about how to use the installed device.

The water heater attached to the wall will look compact in the interior of the house.

Regarding the materials and tools that may be needed to fix the water heater to the wall, you should know that in most cases the masters use their materials and tools. You need to pay for an additional.

The purchase of materials to fix the water heater to the wall will not be limited to the wall, because other elements will be required. The specialist is responsible for their presence. Cases are quite common when experts are trying to count their customers. This can be avoided if you request an estimate in writing.

We offer to familiarize yourself with how to wash the walls after a fire

The installed boiler must be strictly vertically. In some cases, this cannot be achieved due to the location of the plate for fasteners-the water heater tank is slightly tilted. If so, then you need to put a lining that is made of dense rubber under the bottom of the structure.

Reliability of fastening can be checked. To do this, you need to hang on the frame, grabbing the dowels that stick out from the wall, and then move a little in different directions. If the design is held, then you can install a water heater, since its weight is in most cases more than the weight of a person.

The water heater attached to the wall can be seen in the rice. 3.

We can conclude that almost any person can independently fix the water heater on the wall at home. All available rules must be observed so that during use the water heater does not create any difficulties or problems.

After all preparatory work, you can start installing (installation) of a storage water heater on the wall.

termyx, water, heater, install, wall
  • It must be taken into account, before installing a cumulative boiler, that a minimum of 20 cm should remain between the ceiling and the tank. Therefore, we put a mark below the ceiling by 20 cm.
  • Next, from the top of the device, we measure the distance to the mounting bar welded on the rear of the device.
  • On the wall we mark this distance from the already drawn mark, and using the level we draw a horizontal fishing line for a trimmer. At this height we will fasten the unit.
  • Now you need to decide on the center of the line, from which the distance to the loops will be posted. If you want to install a storage water heater in a niche, then there is a central point between the walls. If installation is made in a wide room, then retreat the required distance from the wall, then measure the distance between the centers of the fasteners.
  • From the center of the line on the wall, measure in both directions half the distance between the loops. Thus you will receive a projection of fasteners.
  • Using a peorator, drill the wall to the desired depth (the depth depends on the size of the dowel or an anchor bolt). It is better to fasten the water heater to the brick wall using a plastic dowel with a hook. In a drilled hole using a hammer, forget the dowels and tighten the hooks in them. Dowel with a hook
  • To attach the boiler to the concrete wall, it is better to use anchors. Find them into the hole and, rotating the hook, fix it firmly. Anchor for concrete
  • Now that the hooks are installed, hang the water heater on the wall, hooking it on the mounting bar, will not be difficult. The primary installation of a storage water heater can be considered complete.

The first launch and verification of the correctness of the boiler work

After connecting the unit, it is necessary to prepare it for connection and check the performance. The algorithm of actions:

  • Overlap of hot water from a common riser. This is done so that the Broiler does not heat the central water supply house at home.
  • Filling a tank. First, water is poured into the boiler, then the mixer is opened and the exit for hot liquid, then the entrance for the cold. These manipulations are needed to release air from the tank.
  • Opening of the feed taps standing on the boiler.
  • Opening of the tap of hot water. After a while, when a stable and flat stream comes from it, it is closed.
  • Connection of the water heater to the mains.

From connection to the first launch of the unit, you must wait 1-2 hours.

With mechanical control

The first launch of the boiler on mechanical control is carried out according to the standard scheme. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Designate the power using buttons on the control panel. There are 2 modes in total: 1.3 kW and 2 kW. The selected value is displayed on indication lamps: if 1 of them burns, Single Power is selected when 2 is Double Power.
  • Adjust the temperature. This is done using the regulator handle. When turning clockwise, the value increases, against. Decreases. The step is 1 ° C.
  • Measure the temperature of the water in the mixer using a thermometer. Turn on the boiler, wait for about 30 minutes and produce another 1 measurement to make sure that heating has begun.

You can turn off the device with mechanical control by turning the temperature controller until it stops.

On the touch screen

The first launch of the unit with the touch control panel is easier. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Get out of the DEMO mode, in which the device is originally located. To do this, you need to simultaneously hold the upper and lower brackets for 5 minutes.
  • Select power. This is done using the upper and lower selection keys. The display will display the selected indicator: Single Power (1.3 kW) or Double Power (2 kW).
  • Set the temperature. The transition to the selection mode is carried out by 2 presses of the upper bracket. The value is displayed on the screen.
  • Install a timer. This is done by pressing the left.Wing bracket of choice.
  • Turn on the unit using a round key in the center of the screen. Remember the temperature of the water (it is displayed on the panel) and double-check it after 20-30 minutes to make sure that it increases.

You can stop the operation of the device with repeated pressing the key in the center of the display. A boiler with a diagnostic system will turn off itself in case of violations of working conditions and will issue an error message on the touch screen.



It will be useful to first get acquainted with the device of the Termyx boilers first to effectively eliminate problems. The following components can be distinguished in the design:

Temperature sensor. With it, the owner can at any time find out what temperature the coolant has in the tank. Often it is made in the form of a scale with an arrow or digital indicator. This device makes the operation of the boiler more convenient. Even if this sensor fails, this will not affect the work of the device itself. True, in this case, the user will no longer be able to find out to what temperature the water will heat up. Thermal insulation. Its presence allows you to maintain heated water for a long time. This element will never break. Hot water drain. It belongs to those elements that usually do not cause problems to the owner. The outer membrane of the water heater body. This part can be made of different materials. Metal, plastic or combine both options. The integrity of the outer shell of the body can be disturbed only if the device accidentally falls or the owner himself carries him damage. Inner tank. Usually it is made of stainless steel. Due to the small thickness, it can easily affect corrosion, which can also cause its failure. But if we provide regular maintenance, then for a long time he will not create problems to the owner.

Ten. This element assigned a determining role in the operation of the device, since it carries out the heating of the fluid. Over, more powerful models require less time to heat water. In view of the fact that it is constantly operated and exposed to corrosion, it is with it that the most frequent failures of water heaters are associated. Magnesium anode. For him, a place is highlighted near the heating element. Its main purpose is to protect the tank and heating from corrosion

It is very important to monitor its condition and, if necessary, change to a new. Cold water supply hose. Thermostat for the water heater Termyx. Thanks to it, the liquid in the device is heated in automatic mode. Several types of thermostats are distinguished: rod, capillary electronic

Although there are models of different versions on the market, nevertheless, they use the same principle of work. The temperature sensor constantly monitors what temperature the liquid has. Depending on this parameter, he sends the signals of the thermorelele, which begins to close or open the tena power circuit. Most often, the design of the water heater provides for two thermostats: the first controls the heating of the water, the second monitors the state of the first. A feature of expensive models is the presence of three thermostats, and the task of the third is to control the serviceability of the heater. The thermostat failed cannot be repaired, so it changes for a new. Insulating gaskets. They are necessary for compaction and protection against electricity. This element in the event of failure should also change. Electronic control and control schemes.

Several types of thermostats are distinguished: rod, capillary electronic. Although there are models of different versions on the market, nevertheless, they use the same principle of work. The temperature sensor constantly monitors what temperature the liquid has. Depending on this parameter, he sends the signals of the thermorelele, which begins to close or open the tena power circuit. Most often, the design of the water heater provides for two thermostats: the first controls the heating of the water, the second monitors the state of the first. A feature of expensive models is the presence of three thermostats, and the task of the third is to control the serviceability of the heater. The thermostat failed cannot be repaired, so it changes for a new. Insulating gaskets. They are necessary for compaction and protection against electricity. This element in the event of failure should also change. Electronic control and control schemes.

It is precisely the above elements that are all the accumulative heaters produced under the Termyk brand. It should be said that running devices have a similar design, however, they are deprived of a storage tank and have a heating element of increased power.

How is the water heater the Termyx?

Termyx boiler is quite popular today. New constructions appear from time to time. Termex electric heaters can have various forms, volume and design.

Water heater.

A small boiler can be well suitable for installation for a sink in the kitchen (in the case when the kitchen will work from a separate tapeworm).

In this case, you can also make a reliable connection of the kitchen mixer in this case from the total EVN of a larger container using a small diameter pipe.

Elements that will be needed in order to perform installation of the boiler:

How to hang a water heater Termyx?

In order to suspend some models of thermox boiler, you should know some features. The kit may include 3-5 surgery anchors. In this case, everything will depend on the number of support points. In a boiler with three points of the support, the suspension plane cannot always coincide with the plane of the water heater. The model, which has 5 points of the support, are located in more than one plane.

It is quite difficult to fix the EVN on an even wall without refinement. It will be necessary to dismantle the lower bracket, after which to give the necessary shape by patching points of the bend, waste to the required opening for the fasteners of the brackets to the tank and fix it again on the case.

The anchor contained in the kit is not recommended, because its hook will fall into the boiler housing. You need to use a mount that protrudes less from the wall.

The installation of the lower point of the support must be carried out 1-1.3 mm below the fastener bracket. This is necessary for further installation, so that it is possible to significantly reduce the likelihood of erroneous calculations. The gap should be chosen using tight winding of durable insult from plastic. Before trimming, be sure to take care of protecting tiles, glass and ceramics.

The top plates of the support, which are stamped in this way, make it possible to adjust the plane and slope of the suspension due to bending. The lower plate of the support should be divorced at a distance that can allow a hole for the screws of fasteners.

You will have to cut or replace the anchor in this case.

Termyx Boiler Connection Scheme.

The upper supports for the fasteners in the models of the water heater of the Termex of the flat form are made by volumetric stamping.

They are not allowed to bend, even though the support without refinement will not enter the gap between the wall and the anchor hook.

The main anchor puck will need to install an additional galvanized puck of steel. It is recommended to choose a puck with a diameter of 10 mm and 2 mm thick.

After the installation of an additional washer, you will need to cut the anchor sleeve by 2-3 mm. If this is not done, the nut can hook only a few turns of the hook thread.

In order not to install an additional washer, you can slightly straighten the anchor hooks. This work must be done very carefully. If a crack appears, then the anchor hook should be replaced.

You will need and slightly polish the brackets to remove existing stamping defects protruding behind its plane.

If the water supply of the EVN is visible to everyone, then the pipes of the structure that are purchased should be carefully examined. In production, they can be welded to the tank not quite high quality.

Before purchasing EVN, it is recommended to check whether the thread of the pipe is cut in diameter correctly. On a pipe that has a properly chopped thread, all connections should be easily wound, with a small backlash.

The Bummer for Tankless Water Heaters. Fixing a Scale Issue

Step.By.Step instructions for replacing heater on a water heater Termyx

The replacement of Ten, if it is not a dry Ten, in the water heater. The work is quite time.Consuming and requires a certain order of action. This order does not differ much among different manufacturers, however, the characteristic features are. Consider how to change the heater on Thermex boiler.

A little about the company

It is understandable that Thermex is saying about itself as the best “throughout the world and Siberia”, that they are already 66 years old, and they work in all Evprings and foreign countries, however, mentions among European brands, and even more so leaders in the production of climate technology In authoritative sources, we could not find. The facts are that the company has a plant in Russia and has been quite successfully operating since 1995.

Success in is provided, first of all, at the price of products manufactured, and the low price, as you know, very often affects the quality of the final product. But about quality below.

Features of the replacement of Ten in Termex

As already mentioned, the company has been working since 1995 and has been producing only water heaters of “different” modifications. Why in quotation marks? Yes, because the difference between models is minimal and this directly concerns the topic of the article.

The fact is that all the accumulative water heaters of Termyx, both white, brilliant and with remote control and with the display have one feature, the chip of the company. The flanges of the heater attachment to the body. The diameter of the hole into which the heater is inserted. 60 mm. Neither the tool nor the hand will crawl into such a hole.

For those who are not in the know, we explain that with every replacement of the heater in any water heater (if we are not talking about dry Ten), you need to clean it from the scale formed inside.

And in the case of other brands, this can be done through the same flange of the heating element mounting.

This is how, for example, the boiler is cleaning when replacing the Ariston heater (the spectacle is not very pleasant, but better than with the termex, believe me)

The boiler Termies will definitely have to:

  • Remove from the wall
  • Fill it with water
  • Turn over in anticipation that the whole “slurry” from Nakipi will leave
  • Repeat p.2-p.3 while you have the strength or until pure water is pouring

There is no way to manually get a scale!

Another surprise according to customer reviews is that the bolts on flanges tightly get to the nuts and there is no way to promote them. They are cut off with a corner grinder. You have a corner grinder at your place? Did not go complete with the boiler? And these 6 pieces for each heating element, so if you have a 100 liter boiler for two heating elements, then you have 12 chances to use a corner grinder!

The procedure itself

The ritual of replacing the heater in Thermex water heater will withstand far from every householder, nevertheless, if you are a happy owner of this device, we will facilitate your fate with playing instructions on how to replace it with your own hands

  • We drain the water from the boiler. For which first we unscrew the nut from the hot water pipe, then unscrew the cold water;
  • Remove the boiler from the mounts and turn it over;

Pay attention to the fact that the holes in plastic are not made in the center. You think it is by chance? Not! Not by chance! Made in Russia!

Ten can also boast and there is a need to clarify it with a screwdriver

Unscrew the nuts remove the puck we get the heater

Scale can be several kilograms! Cleaning is required!

A new gasket should be worn on the heater

Do not forget to put goals and groves under the nuts

Be sure to insert a magnesium anode! It significantly increases the service life of the heater and the entire boiler

Ignoring flowing water heater. As a solution to temporary problems with hot water. Flat horizontal water heater pluses and minuses of the structure. Ten with a thermostat safely and quickly heats the water how to install an electric storage water heater.

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