Termyx water heater how to remove a demo regime

Electric Generator Termex. Operation and adjustment

There is no level sensor on Thermex RZL 50 on Thermex RZL 50, there is nothing more than a thermal attemptor and a thermal guide, nevertheless, from time to time, an error E1 appears from time to time.

As I said above, in my case the problem was in an electric thermostat, the sensor of which was installed in Ten. You can move it to a nearby opening, or try to arrange it in the same hole so that it is (located in parallel) equally adjoined one side to the pipe, where it is placed. On the device at the bottom from the side, the plastic cover has a rectangular shape, gray, the desktop cables are brought there, it is on nine screws, under it heating elements, on the upper.Heater there is a sensor.

The accumulative EVN of Thermex per 100 liters with an electronic control panel has been installed. The problem with the usual heating, ceased to warm. Only enhanced. The reason could be a burned heating element?

Drain the liquid, disconnect all the eyeliner, and for your convenience, remove the device from the wall. Disconnect the wiring that go to the heater, take out the sensor of the thermostat and thermal protection, disconnect 2 ground wires, unscrew the six nuts, remove the flange and only after that you will reach the heating element 1.3 kilowatts. With Ten 0.7 kilowatts is even easier. During the assembly, do not forget to change the silicone gasket.

I decided to replace the magnesium anode, and at the same time to clean the heating element. Electric Generator Termex. Advise with which key you can unscrew the nut? The end will not work, because the thermoregulator housing interferes.

The thermostat must be dismantled. And you can unscrew the nut with a 55 key.

EVN Termyx, have been used for three years. I removed the anode. As a result of the audit, I found that the internal tank is covered with a glass.Fuel coating that reliably protects the tank from chemical destruction. And why then you need a magnesium anode? The coil of the heating element consists of a copper pipe, which is welded by both ends to the openings of the flange, on which there are two connectors for the supply of power supply at the heater. Of course, if the tightness of the connection of the heating element with the flange is disturbed, it will punch on the water coming from the boiler, which can lead to a shock. The instructions say that it is forbidden to connect the device without grounding, but various options may arise. For example, grounding will accidentally break out or it is simply not effective. Have accidents ever happened when using boilers? Perhaps there is some way to additionally protect the joint of the heating element with the flange? How to clean the heating and plaque correctly?

Fiberglass coating, in principle, can collapse due to mechanical exposure. Therefore, the installation of a magnesium anode will not hurt. But for what the magnesium anode is installed in the boilers made of stainless steel is not known. And yet, why, after the year of use, the magnesium anode wears out. Today they install a protective shutdown device for all devices, there are no similar models in Italian models (like wires with a fork, as far as I know). But you should not worry, the maximum thing that may be, in case of breaking through the heating element, is a slight tingling during use of a shower. Of course, there is no pleasant one, but it is not dangerous. Can be cleaned with a solution of citric acid.

When the water heater is launched by the Termies for 50 liters (with electronic control of the heating elements), an error E1 (flat boiler) appears on the screen). Changed the control unit of heating elements, put it with another model. When turning on, a temperature of 65 degrees is displayed on the monitor., although in reality the water was cooled and after a while turned off.

You have two boards in your boiler (on the front panel and near the hets) and the sensor responsible for the testimony on the monitor. A breakdown of even one component (board or sensor) can lead to false indications. Another moment, in the case when the heating element overgrown with a quip, incorrect readings may also be displayed. It is recommended to contact the service. They will wash the euns and find a breakdown there.

Thermex FSS 50V electric heater. After it turns off from the outlet, some modes stopped starting, I can’t configure the temperature and switch the heating element of lower power, and even turn off the keyboard. Only two modes work, it is “eco” and “demo”. One “SET” key operates. How to reset or what else can be done to return the previous job? In the “eco” mode is functioning properly.

Remove the shtepsel from the outlet. Wait a while. Then connect the plug back and try to turn on the heating, following the instructions, turning off the “demo” mode in advance. If this did not help, then contact the service.

The following malfunction arose: as soon as EVN heats over 60 degrees on a digital monitor pops up error E1. There is a liquid in the device. After I discovered a mistake, knowing that 1 of heating elements is broken (the liquid has been heated for a long time), I replaced the heating element with 1.3 kilowatts, sensors are planted in the allotted places. The water temperature is constantly 70 degrees (we operate for four years). But at the moment, when heated to 55 degrees, an error E1 appears. I don’t understand what the reason is?

You should have been cleaning in a timely manner. Most likely, the heating element is covered with a scale, protection is turned on. Error E1 says that there was overheating or not water in the tank. In your situation. Overheating. The question remains. What exactly shows not correctly, the thermometer or protection? Perhaps the liquid warms up to the maximum mark, and the protection is triggered as it should, and the thermometer lowers the readings. Disassemble and clean.

The water heater of the Termies RZB 100 F (flat), droplets from under thermal insulation appear. The question is: can I brew the tank? I got acquainted with the technical characteristics, in such models of stainless steel tank.

First of all, you should make sure whether the matter is really in the tank, it may be proceeding from under the heating elements. In my case, the heaps most often leak: the varnish in the opening between the pipe and the flange of the heating element bounces and flows. If there is really a problem with the tank, then I’m not sure that you can brew it, and then restore the heater inexpensively, so that it should be worth it. In addition, as far as I know, just on the lack of through destruction in a stainless steel tank, Termyx gave a ten.Year guarantee. Try to seek help from a service center under warranty. To dismantle the lower plate without disconnecting at the same time, it is not possible. Well, if only do not pull down. But it is preferable to disassemble, dismantle the lid and if there are no subtexts visually, fill with water again in order to criminalize. It flows most often at the top, there is a welded seam and air layer. The vessel is cooked from the sides, cups are welded at the top and bottom. If it flows in the center, then you need to cut the foam, in other words, violate the front sheathing. I eliminated such a leak by disassembling and installing two magnesium anodes on both Ten.

FAQ by connection to Thermex Home

This instruction is applicable to the series of water heaters Thermex if Pro Wi-Fi, Thermex Id Pro Wi-Fi, Thermex Bravo Wi-Fi, Thermex Optima Wi-Fi, Thermex Frame E Wi-Fi convetors, as well as a series of Thermex Grizzly electric boilers.

If the device cannot connect to the Thermex Home application, you need to check the sequence of actions when connecting.

Install the Thermex Home application on your device from the App Store or Google Play;

Register or log in in the Thermex Home application using an e-mail or phone number;

Make sure the equipment is connected to the mains and is in the Wi-Fi wireless network area.

Important: equipment connection is supported only in the network of 2.4 GHz. Make sure that Wi-Fi router supports the desired frequency;

In the Thermex Home application, you need to enter the room settings in which the device will be used, press the “Add device” button and select the type of connected device;

To connect the equipment to the mobile device, you must simultaneously press the buttons combination and hold until the sound signal appears and the Wi-Fi icon indication on the control panel. Indication of the Wi-Fi icon on the control panel can be fast or slow. For each type of indication, its own method of connection in the Thermex Home application is selected. To switch between fast and slow indication modes, use repeated pressing on the control combination of buttons.

Combination of buttons for different series of equipment:

termyx, water, heater, remove, demo

ID Pro Wi-Fi-button “Turning on” (only automatic connection mode is maintained);

Bravo Wi-Fi-button “Turning on” (only a slow connection mode is maintained);

Optima Wi-Fi-button “Turning on” (only a slow connection mode is maintained);

Frame E Wi-Fi-button “Power adjustment”;

Thermex Grizzly. Buttons “” “and” ▲ “. Attention: to connect the boiler after including in the mains and until the button is pressed on the panel (the boiler should not work at the time of connection);

If the Wi-Fi indicator on the control panel flashes quickly, in the application you need to click on the “Indicator Migizes quickly” button, enter the Wi-Fi network and wait for the connection to the connection. Place the router, the mobile device and equipment Thermex as close as possible. This type of connection is available only on Thermex If Pro Wi-Fi, ID Pro Wi-Fi, Thermex Grizzly electric coils and Thermex Frame E Wi-Fi convectors;

If the Wi-Fi indicator on the control panel flashes slowly, in the Upper right corner, click on the “Manual mode” link, then click on the “indicator slowly” button, enter the Wi-Fi network data, press the “Connect” button, go In the menu of available Wi-Fi networks, select the network containing the name “Smartlife”, return to the application and wait for the connection to the connection. Place the router, the mobile device and equipment Thermex as close as possible.

Switch the phone to the mobile Internet or to another Wi-Fi network and check the management of Thermex by wireless.

Update to the latest version or reinstall the Thermex Home application in the App Store or Google Play;

Make sure that Wi-Fi operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, turn off the frequency of 5 GHz in the router settings;

Make sure there is an active Internet connection via Wi-Fi;

Make sure the Thermex device is in the Wi-Fi network area;

Make sure that this equipment of Thermex is equipped with Wi-Fi Motion technology;

Make sure that Thermex equipment is connected to the mains and its Wi-Fi indication mode is activated;

Make sure the Thermex device has no active connection with another device. The discharge of active connection can be performed using a combination of keys to activating Wi-Fi indication;

Make sure that the Wi-Fi indication mode in the equipment control panel corresponds to the selected connection type (“the indicator flashes quickly” or “the indicator blinks slowly”) in the application;

Connect the equipment according to the basic actions when connecting.

Place the router, Thermex mobile device and equipment as close as possible;

If you repeat the connection error, configure the connection using another mobile device. Set a SHOP@Thermex by model of the device from which it was not possible to enter;

If you repeat the connection error, configure the connection using another router (Wi-Fi router). Set a SHOP@Thermex by model of a router through which it was not possible to enter.

Should You Flush Your Hot Water Heater?

Boiler Termex. Operation and repair

In operation, the accumulative water heater Termies is 80 liters. The following problem arose: with a completely filled tank and connected to power supply. Heating does not occur, the heating element is allegedly burned out. What are the reasons, what is the price of a new heating element for this device, and how difficult it is to change it yourself?

In your situation, I believe that the entire heating system has burned out, namely: Ten and thermostat. It is not difficult to change yourself.

A couple of weeks ago, the Thermex IR 80 V (Russian assembly) was installed and connected. When starting, the heating key was burned for 1.3 kilowatts. I don’t understand how 20 amperes were put in such a small key. The temperature sensors put into the tubes near the heating element jumped out, it was necessary to decide how to fix them so that they would not move down. Self.Cut through the lower support is torn off, instead they put the wire there. Chopped M8 thread and put a bolt. 25 mm foam as thermal insulation is not enough, I had to make an additional. So I think how now to make a translator on Tenna with carvings. Seven years ago we bought a water heater for 50 liters, round. It works until today. Never carried out preventive work.

For more than three years I have been repairing a boiler, and have never met defects in fastening. A special fastener mounted on hairpins or bolts of fastening of heating elements should be put on on the wiring of the sensors. I have never met a tank without such fastening in the same way. The impression that the tank was assembled from two or more defective devices.

Damage of the vertical water heater Thermex Ers 80 V Silverheat (stainless steel metal, flat). After I replaced the heating. Began to incorrectly display the temperature. 40 degrees are displayed on the monitor, and the water is so hot that it is impossible to hold a hand. Please advise what could be the problem?

Before you replaced the heating elements, everything was in order? Perhaps a malfunction of the sensor itself, you could not insert it to the end.

For ten years from season to season, the Termyx water heater per 100 liters (vertical, stainless steel tank) on hard water regularly worked. Apparently, the heating breakdown occurred, it seemed that iron. Severe heating of the lower area. I have not dismantled yet. Uncomfortable, I have not thought out this when installing. I think, having familiarized myself in negative reviews of heating elements, whether it is possible to change the heater to some frequently found and high-quality (maybe Ariston and Lee Lee) by 1.5-2 kilowatt, not doubled. Relatives have an ordinary Ariston, the water in the well is dirty. He functioned properly for six years, published strong noises. They drained water from the tank in the winter-he picked up, he was some kind of strangely heavy without liquid, made out and found more than two kilograms of dirt in it, but he worked! I cleaned everything and it works to this day. Where you can purchase such heating elements and most importantly, how to put them in a water heater Termyx? Someone did this?

Regarding this model I can’t say for sure, but I know several people who involuntarily replace the heating elements with Aristonian. If you reason logically, then it should be suitable. The caliber of the flange is identical, just to do with the sensors of thermal protection and thermal controller? In general, in enameled boilers, in such a GP Ten (according to Termex classification), 2 sensors enter each other.

Bought the Thermex IR 100 V electric vehicle. Put, connected everything, filled the tank. But there is no hot water, after the device to leave the “demo” mode occurs a couple of degrees, and then an error E1 appears. The instructions say that this error appears in the case of an empty tank, but in our case there is water, 70 liters for sure, if you look at the counter. What to do? Call a specialist or you can figure it out on your own?

In your case, it is advisable to contact the service center.

Last year, it was not possible to disassemble the accumulative water heater ERS 100 V Silverheat. Rather, she took off only the front lining. Because the summer season was coming to an end. Time to understand, there was no particular. And now the summer season decided to start with disassembling this device. The following question arose: how to disassemble it correctly in order to get to the magnesium anode and not to twist the excess?

Disconnect all the wiring, first for your convenience, it is recommended to somehow mark them or photograph them. Unscrew the nuts and take out the heating element. Clean and replace the magnesium anode. Next, collect everything in the reverse order. If all this time EVN was without liquid, then the destruction process will be more rapid than with the liquid. Along with this, I would advise you to see the condition of the inner tank.

A flat electric water heater is installed by the Termy for 50 liters, equipped with two heating plants of 1.3 and 0.7 kilowatts. In the main heating element (1.3 kilowatts), the sensor pipe burst at the very bottom of. Cut off, stolen. I don’t want to throw away, since the heating element is a working. Is it allowed to transfer it to the place of the second heater? In other words, whether a tank with two heating plants 1.3 and 1.3 kilowatts will function normally?

It will be supposedly. Only when launching on a “double” (accelerated heating) will be re.Enveloped in electricity. If you are not afraid of this, then check if your wiring will withstand it? True, these are only my assumptions. The device diagram can “believe” differently.

Please advise what you can do? Thermex IR 200 V boiler has been standing in the summer kitchen for more than three years, last year he worked in all modes regularly. This year, with two switches, he began to pass the liquid through the navigation between the valve and the tee of the hot water supply pipe, and the water did not merge through the valve through the valve. With an increase in heating time in the tank, hissing occurred, and heed even more, while the water was heated instantly. When only the left switch was turned on, the water warmed up to the set temperature in 30 minutes. In addition, the valve is on the hot water supply tube with a “nose” up, whether it is correct, and whether the installation on what was happening could affect?

It doesn’t matter where the “nose” is directed, most importantly, this is the working area, it is shown by the arrow on the sheathing. In the case of incorrect installation, the liquid will not fall into the tank. But what proceeds between the valve and the triplet means that the valve is in a faulty state. Urgent valve replacement is required.

Thermex IE

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At the first turned on the EVN (or after the interruption with the supply of electricity)

7.3. Models with electronic control for option 2 (rice.6)

For models equipped with an electronic control panel according to option 2

With a digital touch display at the first turned on the EVN (or after

PRELSET “D E M O” (DEMO M O N S T RAIT). In this, the heating elements of the EVN will never be included.

ATTENTION! Before leaving the Demo mode, make sure EVN is filled with water.

Output and entrance (if necessary) in “Demo” mode is carried out by

Simultaneous pressing and holding within 5 seconds of keys and “on the panel

Finding the device in waiting mode is accompanied by a flashing logo

“Thermex”, the temperature indicator indicates the temperature of the water in the EVN, the clock show the current time.

Turning on (off) EVN in the heating mode is made by pressing the key

” O “. After turning on the heating mode, EVN begins to heat the water to a given

Temperature, when the set temperature reaches the heating indicator will burn

Constantly. In heating mode, the choice of heating power is equipped with keys

termyx, water, heater, remove, demo

And n/” on the control panel. 2 kW power mode is accompanied

Котёл hi-therm FENICE TECH 24

Indication of the control lamp “Double Power”, and 1.3 kW. Indication of the control

The transition to the mode of the timer is carried out by pressing the key

“On the control panel and is accompanied by turning on (shutdown)

Indicator “Timer”. After transferring to the Tiemer Tiemer mode, he will be in

Waiting mode until the given time. With the occurrence of a given time of eVN

Will start heating water to a given temperature.

During the operation of the EVN, the consumer can regulate the parameters of work in

Any of the modes. Pressing any key on the control panel is accompanied by a sound signal. After the first pressing of the “ ^” key (setting or choice), the value of “Single Power” or “Double Power” will begin to flash, with a mobble key

You can choose the desired power mode. The second press allows the temperature to which the heating of the water in EVN will be equipped, the key is installed with the keys to the desired value. Long.Term keys holding

Or “allows you to quickly change the parameter. The third press of the “ ^” key

Provides for the installation of the current time hours. Fourth press. Minutes of the current time. The fifth press sets the hour of turning on the timer, sixth. The Ministry of Investigation of the timer. After the seventh press or after 5 SevszSHD after the last press

How to turn on the button on thermal protection

To ensure safety, all AVNs are equipped with thermal protection, which de.Energized the device when overheating of water. There are both self.Returning emergency thermostats, and those that require the direct participation of the user to include them. The first species is represented mainly by the so.Called “pills” (see. Photo below). When triggered, this fuse blurs an electric circuit, as a result of which the heater ceases to heat the water, thermal protection also cools down and subsequently closes the contacts again, after which EVN begins to work again.

However, the most common is the second type, which, depending on the EVN model, may look like this:

As you can see from the photos, all protective thermostats of this type are equipped with a special button (marked with a red circle). When overheating, the contacts open, the button is elongated and the device is thus completely de.Energized.

In order to return the EVN to the operating mode, you need:

In the EVN small volume, the heat.Guide can be installed under the upper lid. The exact location is indicated in the instructions for the device.

In horizontal euns, the lid is removed to which the network wire is suitable.

For clarity, below are options for placing emergency thermostats:

Typical malfunctions of the Termex heater

The wide range of Thermex allows you to choose a 100 liters boiler for a large family, 10-15 liters for use in a small kitchen, etc.D. The device is a metal heating tank, inside of which the heater is placed. The work of the heater regulates the relay, as well as the thermostat. The magnesium anode helps to “mitigate” the water water.

It is worth noting that modern water heaters are equipped with a control unit that has a self.Diagnosis function. The system determines the faulty node and displays the error code on the display. Having decrypted the meaning, you can understand where to look for a breakdown and how to eliminate it with your own hands.

Termex water heater errors table

Error codes What does it mean How to fix it yourself
E1 (Vacuum) Insufficient filling of the tank with water. Premature inclusion. This can lead to the combustion of Ten. To correct the situation, turn off the device and wait for normal filling. After that, repeat the connection.
E2 (Sensor) There were problems with the thermal attribute. Try to turn off the boiler from the network by completing the reboot. If after that the code is displayed again, then call the sensor a multimeter, and replace it with a malfunction.
E3 (Over Heat) This error reports that the water was heated to a critical temperature (95 degrees). The thermostat was probably broken. Complete its replacement.

Other problems occur in an electric heater:

  • The device does not heat water or does it for too long.
  • During work, noise is heard.
  • Starts only for a short time.
  • Does not work, does not turn on.
  • The tank flowed.
  • Unpleasant smell and color of water.

If you notice one of the signs, then proceed to check and repair.

Remote control.

Corresponds to “q”. Using the arrows, the parameters are installed.

7.4. RCD. Protective shutdown device

If the RCD worked during the operation of the EVN, to return it to working condition

You need to press the button on the RCD. If at the same time, the RCD is reused, it is necessary to call a service specialist to eliminate the reasons why it

If you do not use EVN in the winter and there is a likelihood of freezing

Waterways and the water heater itself, it is recommended to turn off the power supply and with the same R N N N N A KA KA.

When conducting it, the presence of scale on the heater is checked. Simultaneously

A precipitate is removed, which can form in the lower part. If on Ten

Scale was formed, then it can be removed using special cleaners,

Or mechanically. Recommended a year from the date of connection

Organizations and the intensity of the formation of scale and sediment to determine the deadlines

Subsequent then. This action will extend the service life as much as possible

Attention: The accumulation of scale on Ten can cause its damage.

Note: The damage to the heater due to the formation of scale does not fall under

The validity of warranty obligations. Regular maintenance is not

Is included in the warranty obligations of the manufacturer and seller.

To carry out then it is necessary to put the following:

The hose, sending its second end to the sewer;

In models having a drainage pipe, just block the receipt

Cold water in AVN, unscrew the plug on the drainage pipe and open the hot water crane. After the water merges, you can open for some time the supply of cold water in the EVN for additional flushing of the tank.

During maintenance maintenance by specialized

Organizations in the service coupon should be made an appropriate mark.

Heating systems of country and country houses. Boilers, gas speakers, water heaters. Repair, service, operation. Installation and installation recommendations.

Advantages of the Thermex Flat Plus IF 80 V / IF 30 V electric vehicle

termyx, water, heater, remove, demo

The water heater models Thermex Flat Plus IF 80 V / if 30 V with mechanical control

In EVN Models Termyx with mechanical control on the control panel are the keys (I and II) selection of power with built.In indicator lamps.

The included key I corresponds to a power of 1.3 kW, both of the key included corresponds to the power of 2 kW. You can choose one or another heating power based on your needs in the amount of hot water or depending on the season.

During the operation of the device, the consumer can adjust the heating temperature using a regulator located on the control panel.

When turning the regulator counterclockwise, the water heater is disconnected from the network, when turning clockwise, the temperature smoothly increases up to 75 ° C.

Models of the Termyx electric heater Flat Plus IF 80 V / IF 30 V with electronic control

In models equipped with an electronic panel according to the option 1 with a digital display, the water heater is turned on / off is carried out by the left button on the “ON / OFF” control panel, while the set heating temperature shows the display.

2.5 seconds after that, the current water temperature in the device is displayed on the display.

The choice of heating power is carried out by the average “Power Selector” button on the control panel. The 2 kW mode is accompanied by an indication of the control lamp L2, and 1.3 kW. Indication of the control lamp L3.

During the operation of the EVN Termyx, the consumer can adjust the heating temperature using three touch keys, the modes are controlled according to the information on the display and indication of three control lamps.

To select the heating temperature, press the right button “TEMP. Selector ”on the control panel. Discreteness of temperature changes. 5C.

When the device first turned on (or after an interruption with the supply of electricity), a temperature of 75 ° C is set by default.

Termex water heater Flat plus if 80 v / if 30 v with electronic control

For models equipped with an electronic control panel according to the option 2 (rice.6) with a digital touch display at the first turned on the EVN (or after an interruption with the supply of electricity) by default, the water heater goes into “Demo” (demonstration) mode.

In this mode, heating elements will never be included.

Before leaving the Demo mode, make sure that the device is filled with water. The output and entrance (if necessary) in “Demo” mode is carried out by simultaneously pressing and retaining for 5 seconds of the keys with the arrow “up and down” on the control panel.

Finding the device in waiting mode is accompanied by the flashing of the “Thermex” logo, the temperature indicator indicates the temperature of the water in the device, the clock show the current time.

Turning (off) EVN Termies in the heating mode is made by pressing the “Network” key. After turning on the heating mode, the device begins to heat the water to a given temperature, when the set temperature reaches the heating, the heating indicator will be burned constantly.

In heating mode, the heating power is carried out with keys with the arrow “up and down” on the control panel. 2 kW power mode is accompanied by an indication of the Double Power control lamp, and 1.3 kW. Indication of the control lamp “Single Power”.

After transferring to the EVN timer mode, it will be in the standby mode until the given time. With the occurrence of a given time, it will begin to heat water to a given temperature.

Setting up the parameters of the water heater Termyx Flat Plus IF 80 V / IF 30 V

During the operation of the EVN, the consumer can regulate the parameters of work in any of the modes. Pressing any key on the control panel is accompanied by a sound signal.

After the first pressing the “Setting or Choice) key, the“ Single Power ”or“ Double Power ”will begin to flash, using the key.Up and down arrow, you can select the desired power mode.

The second press allows the temperature setting to which the water heating in the electric heater is IF 80 V / IF 30 V, the same keys are installed by the parameter to the desired value. Long.Term retention of these keys allows you to quickly change the parameter.

The third press of the key ““ provides for the installation of the values ​​of the clock of the current time. Fourth press. Minutes of the current time. The fifth press sets the hour of turning on the timer, sixth. Minutes of turning on the timer.

After the seventh press or 5 seconds after the last pressing of the key ““ the system will return to work. Discreteness of temperature changes.1C. The default temperature is set 75C.

Remote control

The “Power” button on the control panel allows you to change power modes between “Single Power” and “Doble Power”.

The “setting” button corresponds to the “control panels, the“ Timer ”button corresponds to the“ “ON/OFF” button button.

Using the arrows, the parameters are installed.

Heating systems of country and country houses. Boilers, gas speakers, water heaters. Repair, service, operation. Installation and installation recommendations.

Question: The storage heater of Termyx, 80l has been established. Problem: when filling it with water, and there is no heat connection, there are suspicions of a burned out heater. What else can break down, and how much is a new heating element for this unit and whether it is difficult to change it.

Answer: In this case, the entire heating group burned out (Ten and thermostat). Replacing it yourself is very simple.

Question: The output is a very weak stream of hot water, compared to a powerful incoming cold?! This is fine? Previously, when buying, in my opinion, it seems, I did not differ much. This is something clogged there inside? When the water is turned off. And then they give again, there is rust with all sorts of slag. But it remains on the mesh-filter on the hussak. Or where else, that is, like a filter something? I have a 100 liter Flat model vertical. It’s time to disassemble? And how to drain water from it correctly?

Answer: Sometimes a rubber gasket from metal is in the set of Thermex electric heater. A net. And, if the master installs it, you will have to disassemble all the connections in which it can be put to find and remove it. Dirt on hot water in the form of slag from a boiler, as a rule, does not go. She’s all at the bottom. For the convenience of disassembling the tank, it is advisable to remove the tank from the wall, put it on the floor with nozzles up and disassemble (this is not an old design model where it was enough to remove the lower lid and everything in the palms). Remember where what wires and forward. Still under the heater silicone gasket. It is usually replaced.

Question: I have an electric water heater RZL 100VS. The pressure on the hot normal, but tried to drain the water and nothing happened. He opened the drain valve on hot and drain on the cold, the valve on the cold pipe below the tap. T.E. I merge actually immediately from a tank of pressure in the pipe naturally not. In theory, everything should flow through the cold with a whistle. There is the only idea that two long pipes were put in the tank. How to correctly disassemble it now to drain the water? By winter, this operation will still have to do.

Answer: Try all the same to unscrew both pipes and hills. And mountains. It is from the tank that and drain the water. There can not be a long pipe on cold water. You would notice this (there would be a strong mixing of water). And with a whistle, as you write, it will not merge since the mountain pipe.And Hol. Water floor inch (15mm) from the outside of the tank, inside the tank is about to about 6-7mm. You can see this by removing the lid at the bottom of the tank. If you are lucky, then you have it out of two halves and you can remove it without unscrewing the pipes. Often it is not divided.

Question: I have the following question: I connected the electric storage water heater Tenser for 30 liters. All according to the scheme. In the evening they turned on, washed. Everything is fine. From the valve dripped a little bit. At night they jumped up from the sound of pouring water. A jet flowed from the safety valve. The valves are all open. When closing cold water, does not flow. Tell me what happened? And more about the plum. I open the hot water crane, open the drain valve after the tank (in front of the valve) on cold water. Nothing happens. But there is water in the tank. Full. How to understand all this?

Answer: The pressure in the network is definitely exceeded. The safety valve is triggered. At night it is usually higher. Here you have. T. E. Everything is in order for you, but in the water supply the pressure does not meet the requirements of the heater. It is better to put a gearbox, but you can just close. If it rarely works. Then just a hose where. In the sink, toilet, a bucket at worst. It is quite difficult to drain the water in this way.

Over, here we have a siphon on the contrary. You can try to blow water from a hot pipe into the tank with your mouth or pump, it theoretically may begin to flow out from the drain crane (I will clarify. It is from the safety valve, if you have a flag, if you mean something else, then or you have an incorrectly assembled a system, or from there nothing is pouring or I do not understand anything). But it is better to unscrew the hot pipe right from the tank. I am in the country, because I have to do it regularly there, I inserted the same safety valve into a hot pipe after the tank, (in fact it is not just a valve, but t.N. Security Group. There are at least 2 valves there, or even 3 in a sense) with a broken check valve. For draining I raise both flags. Water leaves with a whistle.

Question: The electric vehicle of the RZB-30F is purchased completely new. When buying, I did not check the serviceability of EL.Parts of the device. Already in the country, until he connected the water, I decided to check. When the i-th stage is turned on, the switch is illuminated, when the II-th stage is turned on, the light bulb does not light up inside the switch, but judging by the clicks, the heating is turned on. Maybe that? Is it possible to replace a burned out bulb, or restore the backlight circuit (if there is a break). Whether the block of circuit breakers/adjustment from the case is dismantled?

Answer: Firstly, you can’t turn on water heaters without water. It is possible that you burned the hets. Secondly, during the installation, the contact from the light bulb could jump out. It is necessary to open the lower plastic cover and see the connection. Third, if a power supply and adjustment unit does not work, then it is simply taken out (without draining water). It is treated only by replacing the switch. Hire and pull out the switch, pull off the contacts and install the new one in the same way. There is nothing to determine by clicks. You can turn on the buttons and look at the counter, by rotation of the counter, you can understand the second heating element or not.

Question: I have a 100-liter electric storage water heater with an electronic panel. The usual heating stopped working. It works only reinforced. Apparently one heating?

Answer: you need to drain the water, disconnect the entire eyeliner, and for the convenience of working to remove from the wall of the water heaters. Disconnect the wires going to the heater, pull out the thermostat sensor, the thermal protection sensor, unscrew 2 nuts, disconnect the two grounding wires, unscrew 6 nuts, remove the flange and only then get to the 1.3 kW heater. With 0.7 kW easier. When assembly, it is recommended to replace the silicone gasket.

Question: The magnesium anode in the stainless steel RZB-50-D turned into a dust after 3-year-old dense use of the EVN. What is it. So hard water? In the instructions, not about him (not about his periodic replacement), not a word, the place of its installation is called simply. Drain pipe (by the way, draining water from it, if necessary, is very convenient). In your opinion, it is better to change it?

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