The cold towel dryer after the hot water is disconnected

Causes of the lack of circulation. neighbors or utilities?

You have removed all the plugs, but the towel dryer in the bathroom still does not work? Moving on to the following methods of solving the problem. It is quite possible that there is no hot water circulation in the appliance. The cause of this unpleasant phenomenon can be many factors, including:

  • installed pipes of unsuitable diameter;
  • The hot water circuit is switched to open summer mode;
  • The neighbors blocked the common riser.

The scheme of connection of a towel dryer provides its installation on a pipe of a return flow of hot water supply. The hot water must be constantly in motion, otherwise it will stagnate in the riser pipe and cool. The consequence of such stagnation is cold water, which flows even when you turn on the tap with hot water. Only after the cold water is released does warm water start flowing in.

The installation of a towel radiator

Naturally, the meters at this time show that hot water is used, for which you have to pay extra money. This is a reason to complain to the housing and utilities committee, whose specialists should fix the situation as soon as possible. There is another reason for the lack of heat in the towel rail. Often utilities turn off the return flow in the hot water circuit, motivating their actions by the transfer to the summer mode, while saving on heating water flow. And since towel warmers are usually connected to the return, they are instantly cooled, even if the hot water is in the faucets. Again, without complaints in the direction of the housing and communal services to solve such a problem will be very difficult.

However, a cold towel dryer is not always the merit of the HMO. In some cases, the problem is caused by neighbors who are connected to the same riser as you. In some apartment buildings, devices for drying towels and other items of clothing are part of the main line. If you try to remove such a device, in order to clean or remove clogs, the result will be the termination of the entire circuit. Even knowing of such consequences, many people try to fix the problem using these methods, forgetting to disconnect the pipes. This will ensure the normal circulation of water bypassing the apartment. If you do not do this, the work of the DHW system is broken, and the towel radiator does not warm. And at all the neighbors at the same time.

But you should not blame all the troubles on the neighbors and representatives of the Housing Committee. If in your apartment there are incorrectly selected branch pipes from the main line, it can also disrupt the work of the towel radiator. As practice shows, the cross-section of the pipes should be smaller than the main line. It helps to quickly and easily overcome the linear resistance and create the necessary pressure. Otherwise the flow will go on the main line bypassing the towel dryer, selecting a smaller resistance.

Finally, we note that the cold towel rail can be a consequence of the design of the device. For example, the heat exchanger is connected from below, but it is vertically stretched. In this case, the hot water comes only at the bottom of the device, to the same upper slats can not reach the banal because of the lack of pressure. Fortunately, such problems arise only with low-quality and cheap units, since modern units are characterized by excellent balance.

Why doesn’t the towel dryer heat?

In this article we have considered only some of the causes of the device failure. To identify, and subsequently eliminate any cause will help you only a specialist who competently and accurately cope with the task set before him.

Whatever way the water towel dryer has not been connected: at the side, from below or diagonally, in a riser, between the conclusions for connection, it should be made narrowing and it should be one diameter less than the riser pipe. this is the basis of principle!

cold, towel, dryer, water

The connection diagrams show how to connect and narrowing on the riser, but it is not shown that for natural circulation of hot water, the pipes to the towel dryer must be laid with a slope, if you can not do so, then you will have to bleed the system more often.

If there is no narrowing between the outlets, the water flows in a straight line without any obstacles and the towel radiator will be slightly warm. (SNiP water supply and sewerage paragraph 5.7.) Shut-off valves must be installed on the outlets from the riser pipe, and never on the riser pipe itself. you could get fined by the building manager.

If you are only planning to install a towel rail, it is better to watch the video below!

The towel dryer in the bathroom does not work: what to do

Cold and damp walls in the bathroom create discomfort and deteriorate the appearance of the room. This happens when the towel dryer stops working. It is connected to the hot water supply and creates the necessary microclimate in the room. When the owner of the apartment begins to understand why the towel dryer is cold, his unqualified intervention in the hot water pipe can lead to an accident, for which you will be responsible, so you should approach this issue with the full responsibility.

To answer the question, why do not you have a heated towel rail in the bathroom, and to solve the problem, you should first deal with the scheme of supplying hot water through it. The options for connecting a towel warmer (HW) can be different. In new houses, they are supplied with water from the same risers as for hot water. In secondary housing towel dryers are connected for the most part to a separate hot water supply recirculation loop or work from the central heating system.

Troubleshooting depending on the type of towel dryer

Bathroom dryers come in many varieties. They differ in size and shape, as well as design. They can be electric or water. Troubles in their performance can be different, so the repair of electric towel rails will not differ significantly from the repair of other types of structures.


Repair of electric towel rails is considered an uncomplicated process if you understand it thoroughly. The designs contain a heating element, which is connected directly to the power supply system of the whole house or apartment. Initially, it is important to determine the cause of the breakdown, for which certain tools are used:

Use these elements to check the circuit of electricity. To do this, use an indicator to check the phase of the heating element. Even if there is a phase voltage, this is not always a reason to say that the supply is correct. The fact is that often there is a breakage of the neutral conductor. It can be the reason for poor-quality work of a towel dryer, so the ladder can heat, but not too well, so it does not cope with its main purpose.

Use a voltage tester to measure the voltage accurately, and set the device correctly beforehand.

If problems with voltage are detected, then reconnection is carried out with a preliminary study of the instructions. If you do all the work yourself, it is important to act carefully, as well as take into account safety requirements, since you have to perform actions with an electric device.

Using a multimeter, you can diagnose breakdowns of the electric towel radiator


The most common is a water cold towel rail, so it is necessary to understand the cause of the breakdown, after which it is effectively eliminated. Usually it is quite difficult to determine the cause of the breakdown, because it is important to understand the structure of this design.

It can be a looped or dead-end system. The first consists of a single pipe, and it is considered effective only for small structures or different industrial facilities. The water comes directly to people, so if the tap is frequently turned off, the water will become cold. To get hot water, you’ll have to drain it a bit.

The looped system, otherwise called circulating system, does not have this essential disadvantage. It is installed in various apartment buildings and other large structures. That is why apartments have both a pipe that carries hot water and a return pipe for the circulation of the coolant. The water moves in a circle. It is in this system that the most frequent installation of a towel dryer is carried out, and it is installed in the risers.

If the towel dryer does not work, then it is important to deal with the scheme of its connection, which can be:

  • direct, when the towel dryer acts as a direct continuation of the water supply;
  • with a bypass, and here we have to spend a lot of money on the purchase of components, and the water comes in the process of circulation, but the device does not act as a continuation of the system.

The most frequent causes of failure of the water towel rail are clogging and improper connection, as well as the lack of water in the system.

With bypass Straight

Each cause of failure has its own characteristics, so the repair is carried out by specific actions:

  • Clogs. they occur in the process of water circulation through the towel dryer. The water is usually of poor quality, and it also contains a lot of foreign impurities, leading to clogs. To eliminate this situation, it is necessary to remove the device, after which it is washed, and it is desirable to clean the pipes of the system itself. To do this, you can apply mechanical forces or use special chemicals to remove clogs;
  • Incorrect connection scheme. often people prefer to do the installation of this sanitary device on their own, and in this case do not have the necessary knowledge, experience and skills, so the wrong installation is performed. Most often the structure is mounted at a considerable distance from the riser. This leads to a significant resistance of water, so it simply does not get into the device. To remedy this situation, you need to move the device closer to the riser, as well as allowed to install a special pressure pump in the system. It is it that contributes to creating the necessary pressure;
  • There is no water circulation. this is considered the most complicated reason, and it is impossible to fix it without changing the whole system.

If there is the latter reason, then to fix it, you will have to get permission to work from the management company.

To clean the appliance from clogs will require its removal The pipe of the water heating appliance before and after cleaning

Why is the towel radiator cold: an overview of faults and ways to fix them

Why is the towel radiator cold? This situation occurs for a variety of reasons, which include:

  • No hot water in the entire system. this usually refers to a situation where a dead-end system is created, so hot water comes only when the faucet is open. If indeed there is such a system, it is recommended to use electric appliances;
  • Cold towel rail can be because various clogs or clogs have formed. Such a reason usually occurs if the structure was installed quite a long time ago, so cleaning is necessary. The solution is considered simple because the faucet is shut off and the device is removed. From the inner walls of its deposits are removed, for which you can tap on it or use special liquid products, which include hydrochloric acid;
  • Installation errors. the towel radiator may not heat due to improper installation. It is not allowed to place the equipment at a considerable distance from the riser, as there is a significant resistance, so no hot water;
  • The presence of old pipes. on their inner walls there are often a lot of deposits. This leads to the appearance of low pressure, so different plumbing devices stop coping with their purpose. What to do in such a situation? High-quality and thorough cleaning of the pipes is required;
  • presence of an air lock. quite often malfunctions with serviceability of a towel dryer arise because of an air lock. To solve it is enough only to bleed air, for which effectively uses the Mayevsky tap. This tap can be automatic or manual, and the first kind is much more convenient to use. Once the air is removed from the system, free movement of water is ensured, so the optimum temperature of the sanitary appliance is achieved;
  • Problems arising from the lack of hot water in the DHW. To do this, you need to contact the management company, as only it can solve the situation.

Thus, having determined why the towel rails in the bathrooms do not warm, it is not difficult to eliminate any of the identified malfunctions. There are many reasons for breakage, and the repair depends entirely on what kind of equipment we have to deal with, because often not only water products are installed, but also electrical.

Why is the towel dryer cold?? As you know, the models come in two varieties electric and water. And if the lack of heat in the first case can be associated with a lack of power or equipment failure, in the second case, everything is much more interesting.

cold, towel, dryer, water

Why is the towel dryer cold, but the water is hot?? Water-based options can stop heating for a number of reasons. And below we will talk about this in more detail.

The device does not heat up

The towel radiator does not work after the hot water is turned off quite often. It only gets there when the valve is open. In these situations, it is unlikely to fix the malfunction, and the best option is to replace the water appliance with an electric model.

Hot water is running, but the towel radiator does not warm

Why the towel bar does not heat up? The cause, in most cases, is the presence of clogs and blockages. Most consumers have been installing towel rails for quite some time, and therefore they are unlikely to have any idea that this device needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Why is the towel dryer in the bathroom cold? If a malfunction occurs, it is not enough to deflate. You need to close the water supply tap, remove the device, clean it with a wire with a ruffle on the end, and then flush the system.

Important! If the towel dryer is not warm you will not need to use the normal tap water, but a solution of hydrochloric acid. It is poured into the system for a certain period of time, and then drained. The acid softens the remaining sludge and it is easy to remove it after draining.

After the indicated procedures, the towel dryer is installed in place and connected to the system, and then the water tap is opened, and the device should begin to heat.

No circulation

The reasons for a cold towel rail in the bathroom can be different. Sometimes the devices stop giving off heat due to improper connection to the general line. Most often this happens when connecting to the old heat utilities, where everyone changes the principle of connection to the riser, guided by the reason “It’s convenient for me”. In such cases you need to contact the housing and utilities department. к. To fix it on your own is unlikely.

The temperature of the towel radiator in the bathroom according to the norm

Since towel rails are connected to the heating system, they are subject to the requirements of SanPiN, approved by Cabinet Decree 54 of 06.05.2011.

To control the indicators on the supply and exhaust pipes in the basement are installed measuring instruments gauges and thermometers.

In accordance with the requirements of the document the temperature of the coolant must be within 6075 ° C. The pressure in the system should be maintained at 4-8 atm.

How to fix your towel rail when it stops heating

The towel radiator in the bathroom is not heating, maybe there is air?

Let’s start by taking apart the water towel warmers. After you have changed the towel dryer it is necessary to put it into operation, and to do it correctly. Otherwise, there may be a problem, in which the towel dryer is cold. What to do to get rid of it? First of all check the heat exchanger for the presence of air. Each model must have an air vent, Maevsky valve. It serves to remove the air lock.

If there is an air lock in the circuit, it becomes an insurmountable obstacle to the flow of water. It collides with the air, like a stone wall, and its further circulation is stopped. So, if the towel dryer is not heating, what to do then? Everything is simple enough:

  • You open the Mayevsky tap completely;
  • open the stop valve on the towel rail;
  • Wait when from the faucet of Maevsky the water will stream a small stream;
  • close the air vent.

The job is done, the air from the heat exchanger is removed. Why is air so dangerous?? It creates resistance to the flow, and, as you know, water moves along the path of least resistance. This property must also be taken into account when calculating the diameters of the pipes used for the outlets from the riser and the manufacture of a towel dryer. Let’s consider a situation when the air is deflated, but all the same it doesn’t warm a towel dryer, what to do next?

This is most likely the case if the towel is connected to the heating system. So why a cold towel dryer in the bathtub? Where to look for the cause? It should be understood that the air could collect not only in the heat exchanger, but in any other part of the circuit. In this case it is not surprising that the heat exchanger remains at room temperature, because in the absence of a regular supply of hot water, there is nothing to heat. So it is natural that the question arises: “Why is the towel dryer in the bathtub cold??”.

In this case, only comprehensive measures to remove air s from the entire circuit will help. For this purpose the air vents in each heat exchanger are opened and the pressure of the water flow pushes the air to the outlet by itself. It is possible to open as all taps Maevsky simultaneously, or separately in each radiator alternately from the boiler. By the way, there can also be clogging in the boiler, so the best place to start is with it.

Improper calculation of the expansion tank for a closed heating system is fraught with pressure surges.

cold, towel, dryer, water

How an open-type heating system expansion tank works here.

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