The difference between powder for hand washing and machine washing

Can I use the powder for hand washing in the washing machine??

Life in today’s world is teeming with variety. Store shelves are overflowing with all kinds of products designed for specific purposes. And so the manufacturers of detergents do not lag behind their counterparts. Nowadays there is a great variety of products, all of which differ in their purposes. Powders began to be divided into hand washing and machine washing. Is it possible to ignore this and wash with a powder for hand washing in the washing machine?

Washing precautions

The difference between using automatic and hand washing detergent lies in the impact on health.

Before using the powder labeled “for washing machines” for hand washing, you need to fill the basin with water, and then pour the product without lifting the package high above the surface. This way the powder dust will not rise and penetrate the respiratory tract.

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The complex composition of the “automat” and the increased active substances have a negative effect on the skin. It is advisable to protect your hands with rubber gloves when washing by hand.

When using a “machine,” it’s important to pay attention to rinsing. Surfactants tend to linger in the structure of the material and are poorly washed out. Then the substances through the pores in the skin penetrate into the blood, accumulate in the internal organs, having a negative impact on health. It is not recommended to wash children’s clothes with these products.

Powder for washing by hand in a washing machine

Looking at the differences between the detergents under consideration, it is clear that it is highly undesirable to use the powder for hand washing in the machine:

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  • Increased foaminess will disrupt the washing process. Large amounts of foam will “confuse” the electronic sensors that regulate the machine. The result will be incorrectly calculated water volume or heating. Problems can also arise at the rinse stage. clogged foam hoses will give a signal to the “brain” of the machine to stop the cycle. The laundry will end up unreliable as a result.
  • The amount of detergent for hand washing, indicated on the package, is absolutely not suitable for the same amount of water filled into the machine. If you increase the amount of detergent by eye, there is no guarantee the laundry will be clean.

In any case, the quality of washing will suffer, and with frequent use of the “wrong” powder, the machine may fail.

Important! Special additives included in the usual powder, can cause damage to the internal parts of the machine. For example, aggressive chlorine will eventually wear out rubber seals.

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If you take apart in detail the chemical composition of means for the automatic and manual laundry, it turns out that they have an identical basis. surfactants, providing excellent removal of various impurities. Which, however, does not prevent them from having differences, including:

  • Foam. automatic powder forms it incomparably less, because it does not have special, causing this effect. And for this reason, it is not able to dissolve completely during hand washing.
  • Safety. since the manual powder involves contact with the skin, its components are more gentle to humans. But also, since it is not supposed to be in contact with machine parts, it often has components that can damage them. solvents, chlorine. In addition, the automatic powder is saturated with components that “take care” of the appliances through properties that soften tap water and inhibit the formation of sediment.

The above does not mean that it is contraindicated to pour the manual powder into the machine. You can do this, but its consumption will be significantly higher. as it has a lower concentration of the basic active (detergent) substances. But even pouring it more, you can not guarantee that the result of washing will be as good as expected.

And we can say that it is allowed to wash by hand with machine powder. But the result can also be unsatisfactory, because the style and intensity of manual “work” completely does not correspond to what the technique is capable of.

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Clean the socks from dust and dirt and turn them inside out Sort them by color and type of fabric To avoid getting lost in the machine, use a special bag for washing Use a detergent suitable for the type of fabric for cleaning Never throw socks in very hot water Synthetic fabrics can be washed with normal soap and cotton products best washed with laundry soap or special gel

What’s the difference between automatic and hand washing detergent?

If you accidentally mix up, look inattentively at the package, and pour the automatic detergent into the washing machine for hand washing, nothing bad will happen at one time. Nothing is likely to happen to the machine.

But you should not get carried away and repeat the experiment. A large amount of foam, which inevitably occurs as a result of using a powder for manual washing “cheats” the automatic. It detects the water level by mistake. As a consequence, the heating element is in the foam instead of being in the water, which may cause replacement of the heating element, motor or electronic control unit.

In short, the most expensive parts of the washing machine will have to be repaired. It is worth taking into account that masters often refuse to change the bearings or drum at home, so the washing machine often has to be sent to a service center. And that definitely results in extra shipping costs.

Because if you made a mistake and bought the powder for hand washing (it actually suits the activator type machines, too), or there is no washing agent in the nearest store, designed for automatic machines, it is better to wash dirty laundry manually after all (as if you did not want to avoid this).

What is the difference between automatic and hand washing detergents

Each detergent should be used for its intended purpose. Liquids and granules for automatic washing practically do not give foam, dissolve worse, contain substances that prevent the formation of limescale. Hand-held detergents are “softer” on the skin. They dissolve quickly, foam more densely and get rid of dirt better.

The division of laundry detergents into two kinds is not just a marketing ploy. The essential difference between automatic and hand washing powders is the intensity of lathering. For the machine foams much less. This is necessary so that the foam does not climb through the door and do not clog the hoses.

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