The difference between steam and ultrasonic air humidifier

What to choose: ultrasonic or steam humidifier

The normal level of moisture is needed not only to ensure the health of the child and adult organism, but also furniture, parquet and plants also need a comfortable environment. Therefore, the choice of a moisturizer should be taken seriously. Consider what is better than steam or ultrasonic humidifier.

The principle of operation of this device resembles an ordinary electric kettle. The water that was poured inside boils and releases in the form of steam.

  • Steam evaporates with a performance of approximately 700 grams of fluid per hour, which is not characteristic of other species;
  • Steam sterility does not depend on the purity and quality of water;
  • Used in medicine as a device for inhalations;
  • Security. When the cover is closed loosely, the device will not work, and when all the water is evaporated in the tank, the device will turn off;
  • Filters and cartridges are not used, so you will not have to constantly replace them;
  • The presence of an indicator that shows how much water is left;
  • Availability. For steam devices are much less than other types.
  • Consumption of a large amount of electricity;
  • Boiling fluid in the device makes a characteristic noise, which can contribute to restless sleep when working at night;
  • Hot steam increases the temperature in the room;
  • This type of moisturizer is unacceptable to put in the public domain, you can get a burn with hot steam.
  • It is recommended to use in greenhouses, home corners with flowers, in winter gardens;
  • In medical needs, for inhalations, as well as aromatherapy.

Moisturizers of steam.Type air.Type Swiss brand Boneco have gained wide popularity in the vastness of the Russian market.

Boneco 2031 heads the lineup of the devices of this company and is a great purchase option.

And the company Stadler Form Fred, in turn, released devices of the F.-005EH/F-008EH/F-014H/F-015RH series, not only to ensure comfortable humidity, but also for a unique designer addition to the interior.

Polaris models are also attention due to its functionality and design. For example, Polaris Puh 0607 has remote control, the possibility of air ionization and looks great in the interior.

How to choose a humidifier

Air humidity is one of the most important parameters that determine the comfortable existence of a person. But, unfortunately, the modern conditions of existence in the urban environment very often do not correspond to the necessary characteristics, and therefore they have to be adjusted artificially. Air humidifiers are household appliances to adjust humidity, and are no less important home device than a slab or microwave oven. About whether you need a humidifier, and how to choose one or another model, we will tell in our article today.

To understand whether you need a humidifier, it is enough to purchase an inexpensive hygrometer (a device for measuring air humidity). Analogue version costs from 150 in Moscow stores, digital-from 6-7 in Chinese online stores. But most often in stores you will find combined weather stations that not only measure air humidity, but also show the temperature inside or outside the room, predict the weather using a barometer, and also contain an alarm clock, calendar and other functions.

Inexpensive weather station Oregon Scientific Bar310HG will show the temperature, pressure and humidity in the room

Comfortable air humidity (a value characterizing the content of water vapor in the atmosphere) lies in the range from 40 to 60%. If the figure you receive as a result of the measurements is below this border, then you need a humidifier (and if it is very lower, then you really need it), if you do not even need it for nothing.

Of course, the measurements should be carried out for several days in a row, and even better in winter. Winter for most households of Russia is a decisive factor, since in typical houses, regardless of the number of storeys of the central heating battery, they are not equipped with regulators of the level of excreted heat. And therefore, the batteries drift the air to the limit (especially at night), creating an atmosphere uncomfortable for people. Everything is not so simple with air conditioners: modern split systems with a “partial drainage” function are able to provide high-quality microclimate in the room, but are much more expensive, they require more, and if they break, the repair will cost almost like buying a new unit.

In general, if your head often hurts in the apartment, the feeling of dry mouth is constantly tormented, skin is peeling, you feel difficulties with breathing or notice that general health worsens (constant drowsiness, distraction, low performance, poor immunity, increased fatigue). It is worth considering the humidity in the apartment and get a hygrometer to start. Of course, the normal level of humidity is also necessary for children. And finally, it will be useful to mention that insufficient humidity adversely affects furniture, and even on parquet floors. They dry out and crack much faster.

Types of air humidifiers

Ultrasonic air humidifiers

This is perhaps the most common type of humidifiers now. The principle of their work is this: the emitter (piezorammic membrane) vibrates with the frequency of ultrasound under the influence of alternating current. Water flooded into a container, under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations on the surface, is divided into the smallest particles, which the fan pushes out. Steam produced by an ultrasound moisturizer, cold, sometimes called a water fog. Some models provide the function “warm steam”. Ultrasonic humidifiers can be very simple and inexpensive, which does not prevent them from effectively moisturizing air, but can have all kinds of functions: for example, a steam separator (sometimes it is called in the English manner: spliter). A nozzle that divides the stream of steam into two parts and directs them in different directions; the ability to choose the level of moisture; The function of steam sterilization. The built.In hygrometer is almost the norm, when a certain level of humidity in the room is reached, the humidifier goes into sleep mode, and turns on again when you need to “give the park”. Dear models are equipped with electronic displays, which display all operation parameters. Note that it is better to additionally have a regular separate hygrometer. The built.In are not always quite accurate.

An interesting and sometimes necessary thing is a portable ultrasonic humidifier in which there is no tank for water, but there is a “connector” with a thread where an ordinary plastic bottle of water is screwed up. You can use even small, only 0.5 liters. Such a device can be taken with you to work and moisturize the air nearby at the workplace, you can use it on a trip, take it to the cottage, etc.P.

Comparison of the parameters of steam and ultrasonic humidifiers

Choosing for yourself which humidifier is better to buy steam or ultrasonic, compare their main parameters. Some of them are ideal for your conditions, while others will be unacceptable. The main difference relates to the temperature of the outgoing jet, which in different ways affects people and surrounding objects.

Principle of operation

The design of the steam evaporator must have:

Boiling fluid leads to intensive discharge of vapors, which, when mixed with dry air, the room quickly increase its humidity. Some humidifiers are equipped with special baths to add flavorings.

The device of the ultrasonic humidifier is a little more complicated. It is equipped:

  • Water tank;
  • Cartridge of liquid cleaning from impurities;
  • Ultrasonic membrane, immersed under a layer of purified water, which leads to the appearance of the smallest spray;
  • A fan blowing out the formed fog;
  • Steam tract with the possibility of changing the direction of the jet.

Steam humidifier ultrasonic humidifier

Some models are equipped with additional heating, an anti.Contamination system, an ionizer and a device for automatic humidity control.

Important! Not all newfangled options will be useful to you during the operation of the evaporator. Choose equipment on the principle of the necessary sufficiency.


The areas of application of devices of both types are largely intersect, but there are also distinctive features. It is they who usually affect the fact that you should buy an ultrasonic or steam humidifier of the surrounding air for your needs.

  • Greenhouses, greenhouses and flower shops;
  • Household, office and industrial premises decorated with thermophilic plants;
  • Medical inhalations or aromatization of air in the building;
  • Installations in a safe place that excludes the danger of accidental touch.

Such devices are bought when there is no desire or opportunity to purchase distilled water and cartridges, and a large account for electricity does not scare the owner.

Steam is suitable in the absence of water requirements

Ultrasonic humidifiers will be indispensable in the following cases:

  • When it is often required to transfer the device from the room to the room, achieving a quick achievement of the required level of humidity;
  • If the saving of electricity seems more important to you than additional filters and distilled water;
  • If it is necessary to preserve silence;
  • To achieve maximum safety, which is especially important in rooms with children and elderly people;
  • If there are valuable furniture, musical instruments, rare books and other things in the room, for which contact with hot steam is unacceptable.

Room Humidifiers with Ren! | Types of Humidifiers


The geometric sizes of moisturizers are determined largely by the volume of water tank. For small household models, it is 2-3 liters, which is usually enough for 8-10 hours of continuous operation. The dimensions of such devices are comparable to the size of an ordinary electric kettle, which does not cause problems with finding a place to install them.

For large rooms, devices with a water supply of 5 or more liters are required.

For large rooms, you need a supply of water from 5 liters

Productivity, noise level

For household purposes, models with water consumption are considered optimal about 200-350 ml per hour. At the same time, the ultrasonic humidifier will consume 20-30 W Electricity. Steam devices are capable of evaporating up to 700 ml/hour of liquid, but power consumption will increase accordingly. Powerful units are consumed at 400-600 watts.

The level of noise published by modern models usually ranges from 20-30 dB.

Modern models of humidifiers are low

Perhaps the main advantage of home.Made moisturizers is the pleasure of the work done and the low cost of the product. The most original home.Made humidifiers found on the Internet:

Using central heating battery

1 3L Ultrasonic Air Humidifier and Steam Aroma Vaporiser

This option is the simplest, but also the lowest productive. According to reviews per day, evaporates up to 0.5 liters. In addition, the speed of evaporation is highly dependent on the temperature of the battery, humidity in the room and the evaporation area. The use of wet towels is fraught with corrosion of the battery and the need for its repainting.

Cold evaporation designs

These designs combine an increase in the area of ​​evaporation (due to the use of gauze, rags, paper towels, etc.) and the widespread use of computer fans. As a container, people use buckets, linen containers, and even wood-based boxes boxes. Water.Sparring gauze must often be changed, t.To. Polluted with settling dust, then the water begins to bloom and “smell”. According to reviews, such units can evaporate several liters per day, which is clearly not enough for full moisture, but at least something.

Homemade air sinks

Here people are mainly experimenting with CDs, less often with gramplasts. One of the main places of discussion is the IXBT forum: http: // forum.IXBT.COM/Post.CGI?ID = Print: 64: 2746 Similar designs are the most productive of DIY structures, however, labor costs, worse than aesthetics and noise quality (water flow).

If you are already using a humidifier, share your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I also have yet to make a choice in favor of a decision.

The scope of ultrasound humidifiers

Ultrasound.Type humidifiers are installed in those rooms where the humidity level is insufficient due to the operation of air conditioners and heating equipment. Especially attentive to maintain the necessary humidity in children’s rooms. Young children are especially sensitive to low humidity due to intense metabolic processes in the body and an insufficiently formed thermoregulation system.

With artificial moisture of a living or working space, it is important to prevent water overlapping. The consequences of this can be expressed in an enhanced reproduction of pathogens and, as a result, in the increase in incidence. Unlike the simpler in their installation, steam and traditional cold.Acting moisturizers, modern household ultrasound models are equipped with hygrometers, allowing you to install, control and regulate the level of humidity. Comprehensively assessing all the advantages of an ultrasound humidifier. He will bring you benefit or harm. You can unequivocally answer that the use of such a device is much more positive points than negative.

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