The dishwasher on 9 sets is how many

Modes of operation

Modern dishwashers usually have several modes. If you hate scraping pots, pans and trays by hand, look out for an intensive program for heavily soiled dishes. Other useful functions are express program (quick cycle), delicate washing for glass glasses and other fragile items, half-load mode.

Some appliances can wash not only dishes, but also children’s toys, cosmetic brushes and other things. Manufacturers provide special programs and fixtures for such purposes. For example, Indesit models have a mode for cleaning baby bottles.

In any case do not put in the dishwasher crystal, aluminum, grates and garlic presses, wooden and cast iron items, items with paper labels, thermoses (at least on the intensive and long programs, when the contents of the machine can rinse for several hours in a very hot solution of detergent). They may not stay clean enough or may deteriorate themselves and spoil the appliance.

Pay attention to the dishwashing time in the main mode. In different models it varies from 10 minutes to 6 hours. this is an important parameter if you intend to use the device several times a day.

The dimensions of compact built-in dishwashers

Compact built-in models are even more economical. Large enough to fit six loads of dishes. It measures 43 to 45 cm high, 55 cm wide and 49 to 51 cm deep.

These appliances are designed for small families and single people. Can comfortably hold pots and pans, and are equipped with a cutlery shelf. They can be installed under the sink or in the niche of the kitchen set.

Thus, the model Maunfeld MLP 06IM has 6 washing modes and closed-type electronic touch control panel. It has a 24 hour delayed start philosophy.

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Another compact machine, the Electrolux ESL2450W with turbo-dryer, has 4 standard programs. Their noise level is only 45 dB.

dishwasher, sets

The dimensions of full-sized freestanding dishwashers

Full-size free-standing appliances have a standard height for kitchen furniture of about 85 cm and can be installed flush with the countertop. With a width of 60 cm and a depth of 57 to 64 cm, these compact, extra-large dishwashers are fit for purpose.

These are high-performance units with capacity from 12 sets of dishes, with electronic control system and a wide range of automatic programs, as well as reliable leak protection.

The Hausdo online store offers retro-looking, elegant, stylish free-standing dishwashers in saturated colors, like the bright red Smeg LVFABRD.

Top 5 narrow built-in dishwashers

Bosch SPV25DX10R

Dishwasher with high-quality assembly from a German manufacturer with a long service life. This model is highly reliable for 2021-2022.

These appliances are equipped with the innovative new-generation EcoSilence Drive motor that ensures quiet operation and effective dishwashing regardless of the level of dirt.

Additional useful features include 3-in-1 detergent recognition, even distribution of DosageAssist, delayed auto-start timer for 1 to 9 hours, gentle cleaning of glassware and fragile dishes, regenerating salt and rinse aid sensor, full leak protection with Aquastop technology, which works even when the machine is idle.

The dishwasher has a childproof mode, which will be indispensable for young parents.

Technical characteristics:

  • Capacity of the box. 9 sets of dishes;
  • energy efficiency, drying, washing. A, A, A;
  • 5 basic programs, 4 temperature modes;
  • energy and water consumption. 0,91 kW, 8 l;
  • noise level. 45 dB;
  • power. 2 100 W.
  • VarioSpeed programs acceleration;
  • DuoPower. equally effective washing of dishes, regardless of their location in the box;
  • Vario. ergonomic boxes for dishes;
  • Bright ice screen with red backlighting;
  • Regenerating salt water hardness control.

Bosch SPV45DX10R

Bosch built-in dishwasher with ActiveWater hydraulics, condensation drying, quiet, high-efficiency EcoSilence Drive motor.

Delay timer for 1-24 hours will allow you to start washing dishes at any convenient time. The machine has a load sensor, a filter with a self-cleaning function, a rinse aid and salt sensor for regeneration.

Full leakage and overflow protection will make the operation of the machine as safe as possible and save your repair from unplanned situations.

Fully automatic 3-in-1 detects any detergent and uses it sparingly, evenly distributing it on all your dishes. You can also control the water hardness level with regenerating salt.

Another advantage of the dishwasher is the delicate cleaning mode for delicate dishes and the HygienePlus mode, which is ideal for sterilizing children’s dishes and people prone to allergies.

Technical characteristics:

  • washing, drying, energy consumption. A, A;
  • resource consumption. 8, 5L, 0.92 kW;
  • Noise level of 44 dB;
  • power. 2 100 W;
  • Maximum load of 9 sets of dishes;
  • 5 basic washing programs, 4 temperature modes.

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Electrolux ESL 94585

An optimal ratio of quality technology, a great range of functions and costs.

High energy efficiency class will allow you to save on utility bills as much as possible. The width of the machine is only 45 cm, it will fit perfectly in any kitchen, no matter what its dimensions.

Machine is equipped with Satellite multilevel sprinklers, powerful inverter motor and water clarity sensor.

Like all Electrolux machines, the model has a delay auto-start timer for 1-24 hours, an indicator of regenerating salt and rinse aid. The technics is completely protected from leaks by system AkvaStop, there is an ergonomic display which shows a mode, a temperature and time up to the termination of work of technics.


  • drying, washing, energy efficiency. A, A, A;
  • noise level. 44 dB;
  • box loading. up to 9 sets of dishes;
  • power and water consumption. 0,98 kW, 9,5 l;
  • 7 wash programs, 4 different temperature modes;
  • power. 1 930 W.
  • additional options MyFavorite, Time Manager, Xtra Dry;
  • The use of any detergent;
  • audio indication of the end of the cycle;
  • indication. beam to the floor;
  • AirDry automation.

Weissgauff BDW 4124

Modern compact machine with a simple electronic control, drying condensation type and timer delayed autostart program from 3 to 9 hours. This is one of the highest quality models for 2021-2022.

Machine has full protection against water overflow and leaks, water transparency sensor (if all parameters are met, clean water is reused for additional savings).

Rinse aid and salt indicator, dish baskets are height-adjustable, plate rails and glass holders are also available.


  • The maximum load of the box. up to 10 sets of dishes;
  • drying, washing, energy consumption. A, A;
  • power. 2 100 W;
  • resource consumption. 9 liters, 0.75 kW;
  • Noise level. 49 dB;
  • 4 wash programs, 3 temperature settings.

Siemens SR 635X01

A full-built machine for effective and fast cleaning of dishes with any degree of dirt. Drying type. natural, condensation. High energy efficiency class A will help to save as much as possible.

The model operates with a minimum noise level due to the inverter motor, the dish basket is not susceptible to corrosion and deformation, is made of high quality stainless steel.

Additional options include Vario Speed, water transparency sensors, simple and ergonomic control system with ice display.

The presence of a timer delay auto-start allows you to start work at any time convenient for you. Also, the appliances have a complete leak and overflow protection system.


  • Dishes box capacity. up to 10 complete sets of dishes;
  • Noise level. 48 dB;
  • washing, drying, energy consumption. A, A, A;
  • Resource consumption. 10 l, 0,89 kW;
  • Power. 1 930 kW;
  • 5 programs, 4 temperature modes.

PMT capacity

The concept of “set” exists to make it easier to determine the capacity of each individual dishwasher. Despite the fact that these parameters are approximate due to differences in size and construction of dishes, it is worth considering them when buying.

What type of dishwasher are you looking for? It all depends on your needs:

  • A compact machine can hold 4-8 place settings. Category of compact washing machines on the market is represented by models for 6 sets. It means that you can fit a modest-sized pot or pan on the shelves of your dishwasher if you reduce the amount of dishes. Smaller ones can’t hold oven trays.

Common dishwasher sizes

There are a number of reasons why you should buy a dishwasher. It washes 3-5 times less water than a normal dishwasher, doing a better job and saving you time. The size of the dishwasher is one of the main criteria for choosing, especially if you want to buy a built-in or partially built-in model. Let’s find out what the dimensions of different types of machines are, and what sizes will be optimal for your kitchen and family.

Compact dishwashers can hold a large number of dishes, and all thanks to the fact that such devices are made quite high. Dishwashers are similar in width and depth to microwave ovens.

Small devices are divided into:

  • Built-in. Models can hold 6 place settings, cups, saucers and plates. The machine can be built in entirely, or partially, that is, located in the cabinets of kitchen units or under the sink. The latter option provides quick access to the water supply and provides uncomplicated connection and drain equipment.
  • Freestanding. These products can be easily moved around on a tabletop or desk, and their position can be changed. Installation of the device is quite uncomplicated: it is enough to connect all the water supply and drain hoses.

GoPro Inside a Dishwasher

How to connect to the pipeline?

Connecting a tabletop dishwasher for its future intended use does not require any special skills or expert help.

The machine is connected as follows:

  • Determine the location to install the dishwasher, preferably close to the sewage system and water supply;
  • Connect the water supply;. Connect the dishwasher to the water supply. Connect the drain hose to the water supply;
  • Connect the countertop dishwasher to source of electricity (a new socket may need to be installed)
  • Make sure that the installation is correct and that there are no nuisances, such as water overflow and leaks. A test run is required for this.
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