The distance from the gas stove to the furniture

Requirements for the room

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From the start, we need to figure out where to install the stove in the first place. Since 2019, a set of rules (SP) 402.1325800.2018 Buildings Residential. Design rules for gas systems”.

According to this document, the room must necessarily be ventilated. The kitchen should have a window with a vent, an exhaust vent and in the lower part of the door there must be a gap of at least 0.02 m² between the floor and the door to allow natural ventilation.

The door from the kitchen must open to the outside. The height of the room must be at least 2.2 meters, and its internal volume depends on the gas stove:

We have listed only the most important regulatory requirements, you can find out more on your own at this link.

Design of the kitchen with a gas stove (35 photos). how to create a beautiful interior without violating safety rules

In homes where there is no centralized hot water supply, there are often gas heaters. flow-through water heaters.

During the repair, these units cause a lot of problems, as there are strict rules of operation, which do not allow without special permission to transfer them or limit access to the speakers themselves and the gas pipes. Creating a kitchen design with a gas water heater, with this has to be reckoned with.

Such a unit is unlikely to decorate the interior of the kitchen

Such equipment is usually installed in private homes. And in Khrushchev houses even today there are old, cumbersome and inconvenient water heaters, which take up a lot of space in the already tiny kitchen.

In the latter case, it is especially difficult to perform an aesthetic design of the kitchen with a column. with 6 square meters. There are enough problems without it. However, there is a way out, and not one.

What are the requirements for the installation of gas boilers?

First, you need a permit for the installation of gas equipment, obtained from the controlling state body. Secondly, when buying the speaker itself, you need to make sure that there is a certificate of conformity, issued by the Rosstandart. Thirdly, installation, connection and commissioning of the system should be carried out by an organization that has a license to perform these works.

The entire procedure is carried out in strict accordance with the norms SNiP 42-01-2002. The key requirements of this document:

  • It is mandatory to make a project of wiring gas piping (or supplement the old project, if the gas column in it was missing);
  • kitchen area must be at least 7.5 m2, and the ceiling height should not be less than 2 meters, the minimum diameter of the chimney. 120 mm;
  • Only solid walls with a protective coating of non-combustible materials can be used for mounting the speaker;
  • the gas-fired unit must be at a certain distance from other objects in the kitchen (floor, stove, furniture), specific figures are specified in the SNiP;
  • it is necessary to guarantee free access to all key elements of gas equipment.


The design of the cabinet or a false front will depend on the type of combustion chamber. Requirements are stricter for open chambers than for closed ones. easier. When placing the equipment in the cabinet it is worth remembering the following recommendations and norms.

Equipment with an open combustion chamber must be hidden in a false cabinet without top and bottom, the side walls of which must be at least 15 cm from the side walls of the device. The fronts of the cabinet that covers the equipment are recommended to make lattice. This is necessary for ventilation, creating the right traction and your safety!

In the case of a closed combustion chamber, it is easier to embed in this case, the drawer can have a bottom and top polishes, side walls, set at a distance of 3-5 cm from the appliance, and a solid door.

What style to use when repairing the kitchen?

We suggest you take a closer look at three options that are ideal for the kitchen:

  • Provence. for small kitchens. The predominant color is white, using floral compositions or still life;
  • Country. performed in a gentle color scheme: blue, peach or white. Do not pay attention to the color of the device. it is hidden in the cabinet;
  • Loft. in this case, nothing is hidden and Accent is made on all communications. The column is decorated to look like a high-tech device.

Placed between the hinged cabinets

There are situations when it is not possible to build a loudspeaker into a set, but it can be hidden between the wall cabinets. This arrangement is practical and cost-effective.

It is necessary to remember that in this case, too, there are certain requirements:

  • The distance between the side walls of the speaker and the wall cabinets must be not less than 3 cm;
  • The walls of adjacent cabinets must be insulated with non-combustible material.

Important! The gas-fired unit should either match the kitchen furniture or be a bright accent in the interior.

What are the requirements for the location of the gas water heater and ventilation system when renovating the kitchen? Explanations of the Moscow State Gas Agency

What you can and cannot do to the gas water heater, its gas supply and ventilation system during the renovation in the kitchen? This is one of the most topical subjects for our visitors. We publish detailed explanations of MOSGAS on this issue.

What are the requirements for the location of the gas water heater and ventilation system in the kitchen?

Question: Good day! I bought an apartment in a house where hot water is supplied by a gas boiler. Right now my kitchen is being renovated and I have a number of quandaries. I do not like the look of the column and in order to harmonize stylistically with the kitchen I have a few questions.

  • Can I hide the speaker in a false cabinet, provided that the interior is trimmed with iron (or whatever it needs)?
  • Can I make the gas supply pipe to the speaker without a flexible hose, but directly rigid, also with a valve?
  • At what distance from the water heater should be a valve and the gas pipe?
  • What is the standard height (from the floor and ceiling) of gas pipes with valves?
  • What is the minimum height of the gas pipe can be?
  • The hole in the chimney I have close to the ceiling, I want to do a stretch ceiling, can I move below the hole in the chimney for the gas drain pipe?

Answer: Dear Varvara Sergeyevna! OAO MOSGAS considered your appeal of 09.02.2016г. and reports the following.

Pursuant to par. 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.4, 4.2.9 of the Moscow standard ZHNM-2004/03 Gas pipelines and gas equipment of residential buildings, approved and enacted by the Moscow Government’s decree of 02.11.2004 58-PP persons using gas equipment are prohibited from

  • Unauthorized rearrangement, replacement and repair of gas equipment
  • To make changes in the construction of chimneys and ventilation systems, in the laying of gas pipelines
  • build up the gas line with walls, panels, walling them in and tiling them up.

The gas pipeline must be accessible for inspection and maintenance.

On the basis of pp. 3.19, 3.21 certified steel pipes are used for laying indoor gas pipelines and connecting gas appliances to the gas pipeline.

Separating device shall be installed on the way down to the gas appliance at a height of 1.5-1.6 m from the floor; the distance from the gas pipe to the gas appliance must be taken to ensure the possibility of installation, inspection, repair of gas pipelines and valves installed on them, but not less than 20 cm from the device.

Modular Kitchen Design Tips. Gas Cylinder Position in Kitchen. Gm Furniture.

Based on pp. 3.37, 5.11.1 the same standard flowing water heaters are installed on walls made of non-combustible materials at a distance of at least 2 cm from the wall, in t. ч. from the side wall.

The sides of the adjacent cabinets must be treated with a special agent or consist of non-combustible materials.

When installing iron connection pipes (GST. are used for the exhaust system) the following parameters must be respected:

  • total length not more than 3 m in new buildings and not more than 6 m in existing ones;
  • the number of turns not more than three, with a radius of curvature not less than the diameter of the pipe;
  • pipe sections shall be tightly slid into each other along the course of exhaust gases by at least 0.5 pipe diameter;
  • when connecting to the chimney LST should not cross the section of the channel and have a limiting washer or corrugation;
  • the height of the vertical section of iron connection pipes shall be not less than 50 cm, in rooms 2.7 m high at least 25 cm; the slope shall be not less than 0.01 (1 cm per slope). m) to the side of the gas appliance;
  • painting with fire-resistant varnish;
  • the presence of fire separation at the intersection of combustible partitions;
  • distance from the LST to the ceiling and walls: non-combustible materials not less than 5 cm;
  • of non-combustible materials at least 25 cm.;
  • The presence and compliance with standards garbage collection in the chimney with a hatch for cleaning at least 25 cm from the bottom edge of the chimney flue.

At the same time, we inform you that for connecting a gas-flowing water heater on a hard line, you can apply to the territorial department of operation and repair of gas economy, the address can be found on the official site of JSC MOSGAS ( The employees of this department will make a sketch of the gas pipeline modification, issue an invoice and sign a contract for the work on site. After payment of the bill the work will be done.

Calculation of the cost of redesign of in-apartment gas piping is based on territorial estimates for Moscow (TSN.2001), enacted by the Moscow City Government Decree of 14.11.2006 00-PP. Benefits are not provided.

Installation of chimneys and ventilation systems in residential buildings is performed according to the building construction project.

In accordance with Art. 5.3, 5.11.2 of the same normative act, maintenance and repairs of chimneys and ventilation systems are performed by specialized cleaning organizations under agreements with housing and maintenance organizations. The quality control of flue ducts repair is the responsibility of housing and maintenance organizations. On the basis of the above, your questions on the mixing chimney openings should be addressed to the management company.

In addition, we inform you: the responsibility for the safe use of household gas appliances, for their proper condition is incumbent on the owners and tenants of the premises (Art. 210 Civil Code, Art. 30.67 of the Housing Code).

A Small Kitchen with a Gas Column

Gas water heater in the kitchen is undoubtedly a useful and sometimes vital appliance. But placing a gas water heater in a small kitchen is often associated with many difficulties and inconveniences.

The limited kitchen space leaves little room for maneuver, and if we are talking about a project-installed column in Khrushchev, sometimes it seems that there is nothing you can do and you have to put up with the uncomfortable location and un aesthetic appearance of this kitchen unit. But all is not as tragic as it might seem at first glance. In this article we will tell you how to place a gas boiler in a small kitchen as conveniently and aesthetically as possible.

Gas water heater. types and main characteristics

All gas water heaters can be divided into two types. flow-through and storage. Flow-through gas water heaters are more compact, since they do not have a tank for water. Therefore, for a small kitchen, this type of gas water heater is best suited.

Accumulation speakers include a tank of water with a volume of 50 to 500 liters. Due to their large size and weight such speakers require a lot of space for placement and therefore are not suitable for small rooms.

According to the type of ignition speakers can be with automatic or manual ignition. In the first case, the heater turns on automatically by opening the faucet. You do not need any personal supervision at all for the speaker with automatic ignition.

With manual ignition the gas-fired column is turned on by pressing a special button placed on the column. This kindling method suggests easy access to the speaker, so it won’t suit you if you want to put the speaker in a hard-to-reach place or hide it behind a decorative panel.

No less important is such a parameter as capacity (power). The capacity of a gas water heater is stated in kilowatts (kW) or liters per minute (lpm). The necessary power of the column depends on how many faucets (water intake points) will be connected to it. On average, one faucet passes about 6 liters of water per minute. Accordingly, for 2 faucets (kitchen and bathroom) you will need a heater with a capacity of at least 12 l / min.

According to the type of chimney columns with a chimney and without a chimney. In most apartments, chimneyless columns are used because there is no technical possibility of a chimney.

For smokeless boilers, the combustion products are led out through a hole made in the wall. Carbon monoxide is expelled manually with the help of a turbine or fan.

Here are the main characteristics of gas boilers, which you should pay attention to when buying. To summarize, you can say that for a small kitchen will be suitable for a gas stove with these characteristics:

Installation rules for gas water heaters

Installation and operation of gas equipment requires strict adherence to the rules, otherwise the use of gas boiler can be dangerous not only for you but also for the residents of the whole house. If you decide to install a gas boiler in the house, where initially their installation is not provided, you can encounter a number of difficulties.

For example, it is forbidden to place a gas boiler in the kitchen-studio, as the rules require the use of a gas boiler only in non-residential premises. It is also not allowed to install gas equipment in houses higher than 11 floors, in bathrooms, in dormitories, in areas where there is no ventilation window.

The height of the ceiling should be at least 2.2 meters. So if you decide to install a stretch ceiling in the kitchen, make sure that after installation, the height of the ceiling is not less than 2.2 meters.

The area of the room where the gas boiler is installed must be more than 7.5 square meters. The room must have a window with a vent, so that in the case of a leak you can ventilate the room. Also a prerequisite is the presence of serviceable ventilation ducts.

The distance from the speaker to the opposite wall should be not less than 1 meter, and from the side not less than 10 cm. You can not place the heater on a bearing wall of the building, as well as above the gas stove. The distance between the stove and the speaker must be at least 1 meter.

As you can see, there are a lot of rules and regulations. Therefore, the installation of the gas boiler must be coordinated with the appropriate service and should be entrusted to professionals. This will not only extend the life of the equipment, but also protect you and your neighbors.

How to place a gas water heater in the kitchen

Many housewives want to disguise the column as much as possible, so it wouldn’t be seen and wouldn’t spoil the kitchen interior. In a small kitchen with a gas water heater is not as easy to do as in a larger kitchen, but there are a number of ways about which we will tell you.

Moving the speaker

If the gas boiler in your kitchen is very uncomfortable, you can move it to another place, such as a corner.

Often it allows a more rational use of available space and make a small kitchen as comfortable as possible for use. However, the transfer of the gas equipment requires the approval of the relevant authorities, and is limited to a number of rules and regulations that we discussed above. For example, the gas water heater can not be placed above the stove, as well as to move more than 1.5 meters from its original location. Transferring the heater at a greater distance would be considered a reinstallation of equipment and would require additional permits.

Installation in a cabinet

The gas water heater can be hidden behind a kitchen cabinet, but there are a number of conditions for such a cabinet. Thus, it must not have the top and bottom, and the distance from the walls of the speaker to the walls of the cabinet must be at least 8 cm. (for the exact specifications, see the manual of your appliance).

For good ventilation, it is desirable to make such a cabinet with a louvered door.

This will provide the correct heat transfer and will not allow the heater to overheat, which will ensure its long service life.

Fit into the interior

Today the market of the gas equipment offers all kinds of column designs, including colored columns, and with drawings. So maybe you can choose for your kitchen such a column, which will harmoniously fit into the interior and become one with it.

over, you can design it yourself in a style that is suitable for your kitchen. For example, with self-adhesive stickers that you can buy in a store or make to order according to your sketch. You can also paint the speaker with special enamel or decorate it with paintings.

Why can’t a gas boiler be installed in the bathroom?

In Russia these issues are regulated by SNiP. Building Norms and Rules. Now in force SNiP 42-01-2002. Let’s look at some excerpts from it.

Copper and multi-layer metal-polymer pipes are allowed to be laid through the bathroom (or shower), toilet (or combined bathroom) in apartments of residential buildings in open transit. Installation of gas-using equipment in these or similar rooms is not allowed.

SNIP 42-01-2002, SP 62.13330, п. 7.6

So, the regulation allows pipes through the bathroom or shower room, but prohibits the installation of any devices that use gas in the bathroom. This includes our water heater.

The standard specifies other requirements for the room in which the gas equipment will be installed. For example, it is mandatory to have a vent, and the area of the room. at least 8 square meters.

What is the reason for this prohibition?? The main problem is carbon monoxide. Even a spacious bathroom is a rather small room with poor ventilation, where toxic fumes will quickly accumulate and cause health problems. Let’s not forget about the fact that moisture aggravates molecules of carbon monoxide, which makes it even more dangerous.

Another reason lies in the condensate, which will inevitably form on the walls of the speaker. Under certain unfortunate circumstances, it can put out the wick while turning on the appliance. If this happens, the gas can continue to flow. I do not need to explain what is bad for a small room that is polluted with gas.

Installation of gas equipment in the bathroom is a violation of the current SNiP

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