The door on your LG washing machine won’t lock

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The reasons why the door of the washing machine does not close

You have loaded the laundry into the drum, try to close the door, but it won’t close? What’s wrong: The lock doesn’t work or the latch doesn’t catch in the hinge? There may be several causes: from trivial malfunctions to breakdowns that require repair.

If your washing machine does not close the door, do your own diagnostics and fix the problem.

door, your, washing, machine

How to open the LG washing machine if it is blocked

Locking the door in any machine (including “Elgy” brand). a mandatory option, which protects against opening it prematurely during operation. Automatic unblocking takes place within 1-5 minutes (depends on the washing machine model) after the cycle is finished. But how to open the LG washing machine, if after this time, the hatch is still blocked? First, do not try to forcibly open the door, and second, figure out the reason for the situation.


Use the following table to help you determine the cause of the problem:

Problem Description The reason for the error Problem Solution
The hatch door is not completely closed and not fixed. Hook on the latch is badly worn or broken Replace the element
Door closes and latches, but machine does not start the wash program. The locking device has failed Replace the element
In washing, rinsing or spin mode, the washing machine stopped working and gave an error DE. Odor of burning is felt. Control module defective. Most often the chip “suffers” because of burnout of contacts due to voltage spikes or because of water ingress into the electronics. You need to remove the front panel by removing the top of the machine. Afterwards, remove the circuit board. Damaged areas are immediately visible. they turn black, capacitor caps become convex, tear marks can be seen. If a faulty part is found, it is unsoldered, and a new one is installed in its place.
Handle does not work and door does not catch. Handle breakage Change of element
The hatch door does not close and is warped Worn hinges Adjust the hinges or replace them completely

The door of the washing machine does not close

The washing process in a washing machine can be started only if the door of the machine is blocked until the very end of the cycle, this is due to the safety requirements of using the device to create a perfect seal, so that water does not flow out of the tank outside. Sometimes the machine may simply stop locking, and until the fault is corrected, the laundry cannot be started.

LG DE Error Fix Door Lock Repair Easy Repair

The first thing to do is to check if there is anything stuck in the door. If there are no obstacles to closing the door, there can be several reasons for such a malfunction. Conventionally, they can be divided into two types mechanical damage and problems with electronics. If you need to repair the washing machine contact our firm.

If the damage is mechanical, the door will not lock at all and you will not hear the characteristic click. If there is a problem with the electronics, then the door may close, but the lock will not lock, you will not hear a click repeatedly, indicating that the hatch is locked electronically. In the latter situation, the machine should give the number of the corresponding error on the display.

The washing machine door does not close what to do?

Most often we have to deal with the fact that when you try to close the door, it simply does not lock in the right position. We usually hear a characteristic click, which is simply impossible not to notice. If this does not happen, the LOS does not work and the washing machine does not start.

There are several reasons that can lead to the malfunction of the washing machine door:

  • Skewed door over time;
  • Dislocation of the locking tab in the locking mechanism;
  • Wear of the plastic component or the rubber seal.

As a rule, there are no special difficulties with diagnosis. If the door doesn’t close when not in use, then the latch mechanism itself is probably damaged or tilted.

Washer Repair. Replacing the Door Lock Assembly (LG Part # EBF49827801)

Sometimes washing machines are not installed quite evenly, so the glass hatch under the influence of gravity and shaking may warp. The washing machine lock can be damaged in the same way.

Washing machines with a display report problems with the hatch lock with an error code. For example, on Samsung (dE, Ed, or Door), LG (DE), Electrolux (E40), Ariston (F17 or Door) machines.

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Principle of operation and types of locks

Nowadays there are usually two types of locks:

The first type is used less and less often. Its main disadvantage is that the lock works properly only as long as there is electricity. If there is a power outage, you will not be able to unlock the washing machine.

The principle of operation of the bimetal lock is very simple: the thermal element receives voltage and heats it. Hot thermocouple heats the bimetal plates, the heat causes them to expand and push the lever. It is triggering and locking the door. At the end of the program, the voltage to the lock is disconnected, the plates cool down, taper off and the latch returns to its original position. The door is unlocked.

The second type of lock has a number of advantages. Firstly, there is a delay in unlocking the door at the end of the program. This is to ensure that the washing machine is completely drained and all its elements have completed their work. Secondly, even if there is a power outage, the lock will unlock and the door can be opened and the laundry can be removed. Many modern washing machine manufacturers use this type of LOC, including LG, Samsung, Indesit, etc.д.

Sometimes the error is due to basic inattention or a one-time electronics failure. Here are cases in which you can eliminate the dE code yourself.

  • Door not closed tightly. Try opening the LG machine hatch and close it again. If the error is gone, then that is what caused it.
  • Something is blocking the door. Maybe the laundry got caught in the door or a child stuck chewing gum in the hinge hole. Remove the obstacle to closing the door, take the gum out of the lock hole. After that restart the machine.
  • Electronics malfunction. Try switching the washing machine off and pulling the plug out of the socket. After 10-15 minutes, turn it on again. The electronic controller may have malfunctioned one time and the error will go away after turning off the power.

Our tips didn’t help with error dE, it must be caused by a malfunction.

Mechanical causes of malfunction

Mechanical breakdowns are usually caused by damage to the hinge pin and the door lock. Caused by natural wear and tear over time or negligent handling, such as the door being slammed hard when closing.

Misalignment or damage to the hinges

Check if the fasteners are screwed on tightly, and also the level of the door. On older models, the hinges can warp over time, in newer machines, the fasteners can be affected by external influences, for example, if you hang wet laundry on the door or drop a heavy object.

Metal locking pin has fallen out

The plunger in the knob is responsible for the correct position of the tongue. Without it, the hook dangles, shifts away from the groove, and the washing machine does not close the lock. If the stem is intact, the master will put it in place, but often the lock has to be replaced completely.

Damage to the plastic escutcheon rail

These situations are rare, but do occur. Some washing machine models are fitted with plastic guides for closing the door. Over time, the plastic can become deformed, causing the hinges to sag. The hatch often closes but not tightly.

Handle breakage

Machine’s plastic handles can be damaged by rough handling or time. Do not allow children to play with the hatch or try to open the door before it is unlocked after the wash is complete.

Please note! External breakages of machinery is easier to detect than internal ones, because they are often visible to the naked eye.

The washing machine won’t close or lock the door

You decided to wash, put the laundry in the drum, but something went wrong. the washing machine does not close the door. You have probably already visually inspected the door and verified that the items are not “jammed. Why won’t the door latch?? on common causes and repair methods below.

What’s wrong?

If the machine is working properly, when closing the door, we hear a light click. This sound indicates that the hatch is locked in position and the lock has engaged. When there is no distinctive click, you need to look for a breakdown. If the door locking device does not work, the machine will not start.

Experts call several common reasons why the door does not lock, and the washing machine, respectively, does not turn on:

  • Tilting of the door hinges as a result of prolonged or very frequent use of the machine;
  • Damage or displacement of the “tongue” in the latch;
  • Severe wear of the rubber seal;
  • if a foreign object has gotten into the opening of the UBL;
  • Breakdown of the control module (the “brain” of the machine stops giving commands to the UBL for the correct closing and locking of the hatch);
  • Skewed plastic component (some models are equipped with special guides that lock the door).

Often problems with closing the door arise if the machine is set unevenly. In such a case, the device writes on the display that the door is not closed due to a trivial misalignment.

LG Washing Machine De error code how to replace door interlocks

Diagnosing mechanical faults does not cause problems. It is much harder to determine the causes of failure when the device locks the hatch, but does not wash.

Problems with the latch: what to do??

  • Whether things got into the space between the door and the drum;
  • How properly and fully works the locking mechanism, and whether it enters the special hole;
  • Whether the “tongue” is fully functioning;
  • Check to see if the rubber seal has peeled off.

The lock most often malfunctions due to tilting of the door. Check it is very simple. pull the door in different directions. It is holding firmly? Look for another malfunction. Is it loose?? Use a screwdriver to adjust and tighten the hatch.

Door not closed due to a problem with the locking tab? Most likely the “culprit” is the metal rod. It will often fall out of the correct position, causing the door not to close tightly. We will have to disassemble the hatch and put the rod back in place or replace the handle completely.

If the plastic guides or rubber seal are worn out, there is only one way out: buy a new part and replace it.

The machine may give an error that the door is not closed if debris has gotten into the UBL hole. In such a situation, you need to carefully inspect the locking device, remove threads, items from s and other foreign things that happen to be in it.

serious breakdowns. failure of the hatch locking device or control module.

The LOS locks the door during the wash to prevent accidental opening and flooding. With use, the plates that make up the device wear out and stop doing their job. As a result, the lock does not work. The full replacement of the LOS can help fix the situation.

Each machine has a circuit board. the control module. It sends signals to the LOS to close the hatch. If there is a software failure or individual pins are burned out, the lock icon on the display will not light up, it will flash, or the device will not be able to recognize when the door is closed. If this kind of malfunction occurs, conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the entire module. Depending on the malfunction will have to:

  • to reconfigure the software;
  • Repair the contacts (preliminarily “ringing” them);
  • Replace a broken module with a new one.

Masters to repair washing machines assure that problems with the door closing on devices. a common phenomenon, typical for units of any brand. LG. “Indesit “,” Samsung “,” Ardo.

If the breakage seems serious, it makes sense to call a master. Unskillful actions and disassembly of parts with improvised tools can finally ruin the washing machine and damage the door. Repair in this case will cost many times more.

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