The drum in the washing machine is spinning tightly

On your own find out the problem

The initial diagnosis of breakdowns will be on the power of any user. To do this, you should perform certain procedures:

  • Check the weight limit of the laundry in the instruction manual;
  • check that the door is not blocked. As a rule, the drum stops rotating if the water drain filter is clogged;
  • try to rotate the drum by hand. If everything is normal, and in the process of automatic washing there is a problem, we should look for the cause in the wires, tachogenerator device, control module;
  • Be sure to inspect the cavity between the tank of the machine and the drum for the presence of foreign objects. In case everything is normal, the heating element could have failed. The drum may also stop rotating due to a defective heating element, completely blocking the washing process;
  • Inspecting the drive belt. It should be repaired or completely replaced with a new one;

What to do if the drum stops spinning when washing

Once you have determined the cause, you can consider possible repair options. If the malfunction is not serious, for example, the engine wire belt came off, then everyone can cope with the problem on their own. But if you are not confident in your abilities or see that the help of a qualified master is needed, it is better not to try to cope with the difficulties on your own. Especially if the cause of failure is a malfunction of the engine. Because timely competent repair can significantly extend the life of your favorite equipment.

Let’s try, deal with the causes, which you can easily cope with on your own:

  • Overloading. Some modern washing machines are equipped with the function of protection against significant overloading of the drum, but if your machine does not have this option, it is likely that you overload the device, and this caused the appearance of the problem. To avoid such situations, always keep track of how many kilograms of laundry you put, this will help keep the drum intact and unharmed;
  • Various problems with the motor drive belt. Quite often this part usually slips off the pulley, and having removed the back cover, you can see it on the photo. Such a belt can easily be put in its place and see if the washing machine works;
  • The presence of a foreign object. Some people do not check the s at all before washing, this causes problems with the drum. To eliminate such a fault you need to remove the back cover, disconnect the heating element and directly remove the interfering object, and of course put all the parts back together;

But if there are difficulties with the motor itself when washing, then you need to call a master, who will help to understand and fix the problem that has arisen.

Useful tips from the experts

When using the washer-dryer, it is recommended to follow some important requirements to keep the drum and other assemblies from probable damage:

  • always clean the s before sending the items to be washed;
  • Load the maximum allowable weight; if overloaded, stop the program to lighten the drum;
  • do not try to turn the drum forcibly for a long time if it stops working. Do this only for the purpose of checking the causes of breakage;
  • Use with care the agents that help remove limescale. We recommend that you buy them only from specialised dealers and use them according to the instructions;
  • when replacing non-functional items, buy only brand-name equivalents that match your brand name. Counterfeit parts will not work for long and will cause another malfunction.

By following these simple rules, you can prolong the life of your washing machine.

Regardless of the severity of the problem, it is important to take the right action and not to panic. On your subsequent decisions depends the fate of your appliances: whether they will continue to work or have to buy a new.

So, suddenly in the middle of the cycle after starting the washing machine drum stopped spinning and froze to a standstill. A minute or two nothing has changed, I start to have doubts Don’t panic, do the following:

  • If the model is equipped with a display, the error code will appear on the display if the program fails. Look at the display, if it shows an alphanumeric code, such as E21 or DE, then it is worth looking at the washing machine manual. If the matter is in the program failure, the instruction will tell in detail what the error code means and what actions should be taken;
  • Suppose there is no display or it does not display an error. Unplug the appliance by pulling the plug. This way we will exclude the short circuit and its unpleasant consequences in the future;
  • getting ready for a wet spin. All models have an emergency drain on the underside of the appliance. Find it and cover the floor with a rag, or prepare a suitable container to drain the water. Drain the water through the filter or emergency hose, if any;
  • Wait for the door to unlock and remove the laundry. Slightly damp laundry is a sign of spinning failure. If things are wet and soapy to the touch. the trouble happened in the middle of washing;
  • Turn the drum clockwise and anti-clockwise. If the attempt is unsuccessful and the drum is permanently jammed, there is cause for concern. If there is a stiff movement and foreign noises during movement, it is possible to speak about the presence of a foreign object in the space between the drum and the tank. if the drum does not move freely, this is a sign of damage to the drive elements.

If there is a suspicion of a breakdown, with some skill in working with machinery, you can try to eliminate the malfunction yourself. If the risk is not justified, the machine is under warranty or you do not have the necessary skills, it is recommended to call a specialist in washing machine repair.

Important: often the reason for stopping the drum of the washing machine is imbalance and overloading. Do not load too much laundry in the tank (no more than 2/3 full), if there is strong vibration and clumping, stop the cycle and redistribute the clumped items.

So, the belt is in good order, move on to check the drum. It is likely that in the free space between the tank and the drum got a small object in the form of a button from clothes or a key, and the element has stopped rotating. In this case, it is not recommended to operate the machine, as the item may cause jamming or damage to the drum walls. In each case the situation calls for a costly repair involving the replacement of internal parts of the machine.

Determining the presence of a foreign object in the tank is easy. To do this, open the door of the charging door and turn the drum manually first in one side and then in the other side. The presence of resistance, an odd grinding or ringing will tell you that you are on the right track. It remains only to extract the foreign object as quickly as possible, and this will not be easy, as you will have to work with the drainage filter or the hole located under the heating element.

How to Diagnose Drum Problems in a Washing Machine

Larger objects remain at the bottom of the machine tank. To get to them as quickly as possible will have to dismantle the rear panel, disconnect and remove the water heater element. It remains, shining a flashlight, to find the foreign object and remove it, using a wire or pliers

You must act carefully not to damage the drum casing.

If the drum has stopped rotating and is permanently jammed, the tank must be completely disassembled. Proceed in the same way as for bearing replacement. remove the top and back panels, remove the drive, electric motor, dispenser with module, counterweights, shock absorbers and other components of the machine. After these works, take out the main tank, disassemble it and remove foreign objects. Difficulties arise if the tank of the machine is not dismantled. You will have to perform four hours of sawing, and such work is better to entrust to an experienced specialist.

The drum rotation speed depends on many factors. Why does the washing machine not work properly??

The causes can be as follows:

drum, washing, machine, spinning
  • The water level sensor has deteriorated. The machine will constantly try to drain the water, which has long been absent. That is, instead of spinning program there is a decrease in drum speed, because of this it seems that it does not spin properly. If the sensor is replaced, the problem is resolved.
  • The sensor that controls the speed is defective. Often the causes of failure lie in this. The technical device does not control the speed and number of rotations, based on this, it is easy to understand why the drum of the washing machine does not rotate properly. The device is also replaced with a new one.
  • The electronic module is defective. Only an experienced technician can solve this problem: he replaces the part or reflashes it. After that, the “brain” of the machine will give accurate commands.
  • Breakdown of the motor of the washing machine. Sometimes the drum of the LG washing machine does not rotate well, because the motor is in disrepair.
  • The drive belt is damaged. Fraying of the strap leads to weakening of the traction, so high revolutions are difficult.
  • Large weight of laundry. The most popular reason. If you need to wash a lot of laundry, it is better to buy a roomy technique, but overloading a small machine is not worth it. so it will only fail quickly.

These are the main reasons why the drum in the washing machine does not work and rotates badly.

Figuring out the problem ourselves

Initial diagnosis of breakdowns will be within the power of any user. To do this, you should perform certain procedures:

  • check the laundry limits in the instruction manual;
  • Check that the door is not blocked. As a rule, the drum stops spinning if the water drain filter is clogged;
  • try to turn the drum by hands. If all is normal and the problem is observed during the automatic washing, it is necessary to look for the cause in the wires, tachogenerator, control module;
  • Always inspect the cavity between the machine’s tank and drum for foreign objects. If this is normal, the heating element may have failed. The drum may also stop spinning due to a broken heating element, completely blocking the washing process;
  • Inspect the drive belt. It should be corrected or completely replaced with a new analogue;


If you get water or overloaded with laundry, the drum bearings are destroyed. there are always two of them in the machine, regardless of whether it is vertically or horizontally loaded. Some models use a double. But in essence. it is two bearings, united in one body.

Sometimes there are situations where they jam. This happens most often with double bearings.

drum, washing, machine, spinning

In this case, the drum of the washing machine does not rotate in any direction and it is quite easy to diagnose. It needs to be replaced. Theoretically, this work can be done with your own hands, if you have the appropriate tools.

drum, washing, machine, spinning

In the section “Repair” there are several lessons on replacing the bearings for different brands of washing machines.

Fixing a similar breakdown in top-loading machines

If the drum in an “upright” is tight, it may be caused by open flaps in the tank. If the latching device of the door accidentally opened at the bottom of the tank, but not at the top, there may be a “wedge” of the drum, as a result of which it stops rotating. There are two ways to solve the problem:

  • Without disassembling the washing machine to turn the drum with a hook, which can be made from a wire with your own hands. To do this, prepare a steel wire of small diameter and bend its end, making a kind of hook. Insert a wire through the opening in the drum and try to close the doors in the tank and rotate the drum.
  • Gaining access to the flaps by removing the front or bottom wall of the body of the washing machine. To do this, de-energize the machine, disconnect it from the house utilities, put the machine on its side, remove the tray. Then remove the bottom counterweight. Insert your hand through the opening and close the doors.

Some users may be more convenient to close the flaps through the hole in which the heating element is installed. To do this, you will have to remove the side wall of the housing and remove the heater, then close the doors and rotate the drum. If the doors are sagged, you will not be able to close them easily, you will need the help of a professional repairman.


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