The fan burns but does not spin

The fan does not start? Fixable!

What does an overkloker do to achieve an acceptable temperature regime in the system unit and for all its components? Correctly, sets additional fans or replaces them with more powerful. And what does he do when he understands that the roar of all this cloud of fans is in no way compensated by the additional ten megagerians, which were squeezed out of the processor or video card? Again correctly, tries to reduce speed speed, and with it the noise.

The most common way is to supply a low voltage on the fan, usually 7 in instead of standard 12. As a rule, for this it is enough to flow one wires and we kill two birds with one stone with one shot: we reduce the noise level to an acceptable one, but still lower the temperature. Since the starting voltage for many fans is the same 7 V, most painlessly tolerate this procedure.

Most, but not all: o (. Unfortunately, I have repeatedly met fans, which seven volts are not enough to start, although it is enough to maintain stable work. If you push the blades a little bit, then the fan is spinning without problems until the next turning on, when the problem with the start arises again. Agree that the fan is not the most convenient solution and often it becomes impossible if access to the fan is difficult.

We faced the task of providing a nominal power to the fans only at the time of starting and lowered during subsequent work. It turned out that the solution literally lies on the surface and is available to anyone who is able to hold the soldering iron in their hands.

In our case, no wiring needs to be fed and the fan is powered from standard 12 V. To ensure the voltage necessary for constant operation, in the gap of the 12-volt wire, we consistently solder several diodes in the direct direction. At the same time, about 0 will fall on each of them.7th century. The number of diodes is selected so as to get the desired voltage at the output. For example, we used eight suitable silicon diodes dropped from a dead power supply, and received at the exit 6.8th century.

GPU fans froze. The first thing you need to know

Perhaps you have encountered the term “IDLE” when you were looking for a solution for your fans that do not rotate, and this is because the usual feature of modern graphic processors is to sit idle. This means that the fans will begin to rotate only when the temperature of the graphic processor rises to a certain point, and this makes sense: it allows saving energy and reduces the noise level.

To check and make sure that your non.Working fans are working, run the game and soon when the video card is under a large load, the fans will begin to rotate. Download your graphically demanding game to speed up this process.

It is worth installing a program such as MSI AFTERBurner, as this will allow you to change the speed of rotation of the fan on your graphic processor, and this can become a catalyst to start them. MSI AFTERBurner is usually used to accelerate the graphic processor, but you can also use it for monitoring.

At this stage, it is also worth trying the full restart of the system. Restored is a correction for many common problems, and you will be surprised how often it works.

The electrical circuit of the fan

The electrical circuit of the fan consists of two parts. An electric motor with a starting condenser and a block of turning and adjusting the speed of rotation of the blades.

The electric motor is a metal case (stator) in which are fixed and connected according to the given scheme of the winding from the copper wire. The rotor is also fixed in the case in the sliding bearings, which reacting to the appearance of an electromagnetic field during the windings of the stator, rotates.

Giving with the help of interconnected switches S1, S2 and S3 the supply voltage to the windings L1, L2 or L3 can adjust the speed of the air flow. The winding of the electric motor L4 and the capacitor mounted on the engine housing, C1 are used to start the engine.

If the L4 winding or capacitor C1 is in the cliff, then the engine does not start when switching on in automatic mode. But if you turn the impeller with your hand by the clock, then the blades will begin to rotate. In this way, you can determine the malfunction of this chain.

In some models of fans, the heat.Guide is installed to protect the windings from overheating if the circuit is indicated by ST °) on the response temperature of about 125 ° C.

The heat.Subject, when heated above the calculated temperature, breaks the circuit and the supply voltage does not enter the engine windings. This prevents their burning in the case of jet jamming when developing lubrication. The heat.Subject is usually installed on the end of the stator windings.

Thermal subjects are two types. Disposable and self.Healing. The latter, when heated above the temperature indicated on their body, break the circuit, and when cooled, they are closed again. This avoids the need to replace them in case of jet jamming.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев “The computer does not turn on, but the fans of the system unit work”

What could be the reason that the error of initialization happens too often (sometimes once and even 2 per day). It can happen after turning off the normally working computer, and maybe when working (the monitor goes out, the fans work). After zeroing vioc everything works again.

When you press the PC launch button, you can hear the computer, but the download menu does not turn on. But if, after some time, press the restart button (in the system unit itself). Windows loading is turned on.

What can be the problem and how to solve?

PS4 Fan Repair No Fan Spin Overheating www.Ubermicro.Co.Uk

Good, and if the problem is in the bios, reflash BIOS?

If the problem is BIOS, it should be redrawn with the factory firmware. At the same time, make a dump of the previous firmware for reconciliation.

Thanks.The information was useful and everything worked out.

Hello! A friend brought to check his IP on my system, after which the systematic stopped starting. The fan twists, both LEDs are burning ahead, hard when turning on is twisted (dedicated). Neither Reset nor Dias do not help. Turning on-off only using the back switch in the back. What could be?

Good afternoon! I have such a problem: the computer turns on, but nothing is shown on the screen. I had such a problem after I put it additional.RAM (only 2 slots) additional.RAM 512MB, the same as it was built in 1 slot. I inserted an additional.RAM, turned on the PC, and went just a couple of minutes, I go up. And there is an unpleasant odor from the system, I immediately turned off the PC, turned off the BP from the network. I opened the lid, there is no visual damage, there is no unpleasant odor from the inside. He pulled out an additional.RAM, turned on again and such a problem began. I inserted my native RAM and into the 2nd slot, but all the same. He also inserted the new RAM into 2 slots. Tested. But nothing happened. The system system starts work, but the screen does not show anything. What could be the problem and how can I fix it?

Coolers are spinning, but the computer does not turn on

Coolers are spinning, the computer does not turn on. These and many other questions about problem machines come to me at the post office! The computer stopped turning on, and the fans spin because of the breakdowns in the work of the video card or the motherboard. Charges in the PSU can also lead to a nervous breakdown of inexperienced users, for example, when a computer does not show signs of life at all, not to mention the “half.Dead” coolers. The purpose of today’s “laboratory work” is to identify the reasons for such a strange behavior of a personal computer, as well as try to deal with this misfortune without the help of computer scientists from the service center.

The role of coolers in the system unit

Coolers are spinning, the computer does not turn on. A clear sign that the machine has serious problems. But, first of all, it is necessary to get an accurate idea of ​​how the cooler works and what is its role. In general, these fans serve to cool the insides of the system unit. Warm air comes out, cold. Is driven throughout the system of the systems. Typically, PC has several coolers. The main (the largest), processor, on the video card and on the power supply. Of course, if you wish, you can attach a couple more fans on the housing, provided that they have where to connect.

These “mini blades” work constantly and should work constantly. Usually, if the computer does not turn on, then they do not show signs of life. Although there are reverse situations. Working at a computer with refusing coolers is not a very good idea, since the system board, processor and other vital components will remain without cooling and they are highly overheating. Of course, in modern PC there is a special shutdown function for such cases, but we will not hope for “case”.

So, click on the power button. If nothing happens, the computer does not turn on, the coolers do not spin, then be prepared for desperate measures! But first of all, make sure that you have not turned off the electricity in your apartment. Also check whether the system is connected to the outlet or uninterrupted fence. By the way, if you have an uninterrupted fence, check its connection to the network, it is quite possible that it was simply discharged. Next, pay attention to the power button located on the rear panel of the system unit. (if she is there). In such a state as in the picture, it is turned on.

Often, with an urgent shutdown of PC, users use this particular button, but to return it to the opposite position. It is not a royal matter. Of course, these are all petty problems compared to what can happen after a sharp jump in stress.

Malfunction with power supply

BP is responsible for supplying current to all computer elements, including coolers. With a completely faulty BP, the computer does not turn on, the fans do not spin. It can lead to this elementary closure in the system unit, to which the power supply will react immediately. The built.In protection mechanism cuts it off, after which, PC itself cannot be turned on. We solve this misfortune in this way. We disassemble the housing and turn off the power cables from the BP. After that we wait a few minutes until the capacitors are discharged. We connect everything in the reverse order and, if everything is fine, then the PC will turn on again.

Such circuits inside the power supply can occur quite often if you do not use an uninterrupted fence. The risk of closing is also caused by incorrect assembly of a computer. A sloppy connection to the connectors, the mismatch of the capacities Therefore, when assembling PC, exactly select components, or better, consult with experienced users.

The total problem with the BP is caused after a strong interruption in the tension. The block can completely burn, after which we just don’t start the car. Signs of burned BP. Light smoke, clicks. When PC is turned on, power lights may light up, however, the machine itself will not work. Coolers will not work as well. Naturally, only a new block will help to save the situation. Replacing it is very simple, the main thing is to connect the proper power supply to the motherboard. And pay attention to his power so that he can withstand full load!

PC does not turn on, but the fans work

There is something else that is worth mentioning. What to do if the coolers are spinning and the computer does not turn on? It is obvious that part of the system is working properly, and the other part refuses to fulfill its duties. We start checking from the simplest things. Check if the monitor and its power cable are included. If everything is regular here, then we resort to other options.

does, spin

Most often, all responsibility falls on the video card, which, for unknown reasons, refuses to display the picture to the monitor. Such a picture can be observed after installing new drivers or programs. In this case, it is necessary to perform steps that are described in great detail in this article.

In addition to drivers, the video card may be physically. The computer may not turn on if the video chip itself has stopped working on your vidyushka (for example, from overheating, when the fan was very dusty and simply could not normally cool the video card), he went through such a disgrace. In any case, hardware problems are solved with extraneous help if you do not have the appropriate skill. Buying a new video card is not excluded.

The dustiness of the insides

If you opened the system of the system, and there are a lot of dust and when the car is launched, the coolers are spinning and the black screen, I advise you to completely clean the PC, extracting all the components and blowing out the slots, grease the fans and replace thermal complex. Very often the problem disappears after that!

does, spin

The computer has stopped turning on, the fans spin. A sign that problems can be hidden in the work of the motherboard. The car will behave strange if the motherboard begins to conflict with the processor and other iron. Here you can check its performance by connecting another processor or other RAM, provided that you have spare components. Then you will find out with which module it is worth going to the masters.

Repair the cooler of the laptop with our own hands

The cooling system is one of the most important, but at the same time vulnerable parts. She should work non.Stop, maintaining the optimum temperature of all components. However, with prolonged operation of the laptop, noise may appear. The reason for this is the elementary pollution or wear of the mechanism.

If the laptop fan just stopped working or works with jerks, then in this case urgent repairs are required. Why the cooler does not work on the laptop and what to do, we will talk in this article.

Checking performance

There are two ways with which you can check if the fan has broken. The first. Using special programs, is intended for beginners who have no experience working with special equipment. The second. Technical, experience is required to work with the tester.

At first glance, it may seem that the disassembly of the laptop and the extraction of its components is a very complex and laborious process. In fact, everything is extremely simple. Of course, there are exceptions to some models, but in these situations there is nothing to worry about. If necessary, you can find detailed instructions on your laptop model on the network.

Checking using a tester:

  • We unscrew the bolts, remove the latches and carefully remove the back cover of the laptop.
  • Unscrew the bolts with which the cooler is screwed, and fold them separately.
  • We disconnect it with particular caution without pulling or tearing it.
  • Turn on the laptop and check whether the voltage is supplied through the supply fan wires.

If there are no interruptions with voltage supply, and the fan does not turn on, then the problem is in it, and you can start working on its “resuscitation”.

Failed to eliminate the problem? Seek for help to a specialist!


If the cooler does not start, the first thing is to check whether the rotor rotates with a mechanical effect. Gently peremate it with your finger or any tool.

Not spinning? It is safe to say that the cooler is polluted, and you need to clean and grease it. How to do this, read here.


A common reason why the fan does not work is the bias of the blade, as a result of which it begins to touch the top cover. This can be determined by small scratches that remain after contact during work.

Fix this problem and fix the cooler is quite simple. When installing the upper cover, drown it in a fixing frame so that the side walls do not hurt the blade during operation. Also, be sure to check the center, actively blowing the air into the side hole. The blade should spin silently and freely.

If you did everything right, then after turning on the laptop, the extra noise will disappear and he will stop basking, which will be especially noticeable in games.

Failed to eliminate the problem? Seek for help to a specialist!

When a replacement is required

If there are no problems with the power and rotation of the rotor, but the fan still does not spin, then the reason for its malfunction is most likely in the anchor winding. It is recommended to simply replace the cooler with a new.

does, spin

The only problem that may arise is the difficulty in finding and acquiring a similar device, especially its dimensions. And do not buy an old detail, because it often works poorly. Better consult with a specialist. Today you can easily find this component for laptops of any company (Samsung, HP Pavilion, Asus, Acer, Lenovo or DNS).

Professional help

If it is not possible to independently eliminate the problems that have arisen, then most likely the problem lies at a more technical level. This can be: a breakdown of the motherboard, power supply, hard drive, video card, RAM, etc.D.

It is important to diagnose and eliminate the breakdown in time to prevent failure of other components.

Why the fan is buzzing, but does not spin?

Your little assistant begins to buzz and exude an unpleasant aroma when turned on? Another frequent breakdown of the fan is in the blades that do not spin. Why this happens, because yesterday the device worked properly. Unfortunately, many users are faced with such a problem, especially with the active operation of the device. Today we will figure out why the fan is buzzing, but does not spin?

If the floor fan does not turn on and the external inspection did not give results, then you have to promote the device. To do this, prepare a screwdriver and pliers in advance. By the way, this method is suitable for those who are concerned about why the floor fan is slowly spinning. The intensive care of the device is carried out in a few steps:

Remove the grill that closes the fan blades. As a rule, the net is fixed to three latches.

Next, remove the impeller. It is recorded by a plastic nut. It must be unscrewed. Act carefully so as not to damage the details. Otherwise you have to come up with an alternative to a nut. By the way, also carefully remove the impeller. In inexpensive fans, plastic elements under the influence of heat and air quickly fail. As a result, the impeller can crumble right in your hands.

Fan Blades Won’t Spin? Lets Fix It

Now you need to disassemble the case. First, remove the nut that fixes the rear grill. Then gradually take the screws, first from the front, and then from the back of the fan.

Having reached the casing of the device, you can remove it. There will be an engine and gearbox in front of you. The last detail is made of plastic. The capacitor is attached to it. It is necessary to start the engine into operation.

The next step is to extract a gearbox. It is attached to several screws. After unscrewing them, you can easily remove the gearbox with all the filling.

Next, remove the screws that connect the engine body to the stator. Now we can remove the front and back of the box. On the go, you will come across rubber bands, put them in a separate container. You can also place small screws there.

does, spin

Now proceed to clean the bearing itself and the surface around it. We remove dirt with ordinary matter. Then it is necessary to degrease the surface, acetone is suitable, and wipe everything dry. In the center of the bearing you need to drop from the oil.

Thus, you remove a thick grease that penetrates the engine. As a result, it jams it, and the fan blades stop spinning. The described process can be repeated for the desktop device, since they are arranged the same.

The semi.Canal regime of cooling

Currently, most mid and high.Class power supply units are offering a semi.Canal cooling mode for more quiet work. In this mode, the fan will remain turned off or stop spinning at low loads or during idle, and when the load and temperature of the power supply will increase, the fan is automatically launched to maintain the power supply in a cool state and prevent the components. These high.Quality devices are also equipped with a very quiet fan, which works silently even at full load, and it can easily be accepted for the fact that it rotates or not.

This mode of semi-passive cooling is also called the revolutions per minute zero, the half-circulatory mode and the 0 dBV mode depending on the fact that the manufacturer of the PSU laid in it so that the cooling was activated. For example, in some power sources, the fan begins to rotate at a load of 30%, for some at a load of 40%and for some at a load of 15%, since it depends on the manufacturer of the power supply and the cooling volume necessary for the specific model of the device. PSU. Below you can see the graphs of the fan curves of some blocks from different manufacturers, including Corsair, Cooler Master and Seasonic.

Thus, if your fan does not rotate during downtime or at a low load and begins to rotate at higher loads, then there is nothing to worry about, since this is a normal way of its work. However, if the fan does not rotate at all at high load, especially when playing heavy games or performance tests, this is a sign of anxiety, and you must take appropriate measures to eliminate this problem as soon as possible.

Very often, buyers apply to water leakage

The working cooler suddenly begins to flow inside, a puddle of water forms under it. In 99% of cases, the reason is in a defective bottle. There is a microcrack in it, through which air is sucked into the system. The culer tanks overflow and begin to flow over the edge. This is a defect in the bottle, not the cooler. You just need to replace the bottle with another, drain 1 liter of water from each tap and the problem is solved. To do this, you do not need to carry the cooler to the service center or call a specialist. Everything is decided by a simple replacement of the bottle.

Most often, the following reasons are found: the dumplings element (for cooers with electronic cooling), a refrigerant leak or compressor malfunction (for compressor cooling) do not work. You need to contact specialists in the repair service.

Sooner or later, the cooler wears out and ceases to fulfill its functions qualitatively. The device can proceed, not heated properly or cool water. The control panel and taps can also fail.

If your cooler refuses to work, do not rush to throw it away. An experienced team of specialists of our company will diagnose and quality repair of your equipment.

Here you can use not only the services of repairing equipment, but also purchase individual spare parts for independent repair of water supply and water treatment equipment of various brands, models and years of production.

When breaking the household fan, both desktop and floor, do not rush to immediately take it into repair, and even more so throw it away. Most likely, a simple problem has arisen, and you can repair the fan yourself.

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