The fan with air cooling for the house

The 8 best fans for the home

Buying a fan in the summertime is not unimportant and rather troublesome. However, if you know what criteria you should pay attention to, and what models it is better to stay away from, the choice will not take much time and will be justified. We present the rating of the best fans for the house floor, table, ceiling fans according to the reviews of experts and ordinary buyers.

The mistakes in a choice of the floor fan for the house and apartments.

When it is time for heat, not everyone has enough money and possibilities to install air conditioner in the apartment or in the house.

over, even if you installed it, as a rule, it cools well it only one room. What about the rest?? Buy more and put two, three of them?

Although it is worth remembering for those who do not know fans do not cool the air at all, but simply move it around the room back and forth.

So what makes it feel cold?? It’s pretty simple. Your body reacts to the heat by sweating profusely. On the surface of the skin appear droplets of moisture.

It evaporates and takes away the extra heat. And outside blowing is exactly what helps speed up this process.

Especially if the air is dry and not humidified with any special devices.

cooling, house

By the way, do not be surprised, but sometimes it happens that the fan does not cool, and serves even the opposite function.

For example, if you put two popsicles on a stick, one of which will melt naturally, and a fan on the other, oddly enough, the second will melt faster.

This is explained by the fact that around the sweet treat is formed a layer of cold, which in some way inhibits its melting. And when you put a fan in here, that layer is blown away. And ice-cream melts more intensively.

What can be deduced from this in a practical way? Since fans are not sources of cold, they are harder to get cold from than traditional split systems.

Let’s begin with the most important thing. fire and electrical safety. Don’t forget that any fan is an electrical device.

One careless move or accidental short circuit, and instead of cooling your apartment, you can burn it down. And not all of you have special spark-proof devices, which easily prevent such accidents at an early stage.

If the wiring is shorted to the case from the inside, it could very well electrocute you. Therefore it is not necessary to carry a windblower from place to place while it is switched on.

Also pay attention to the housing material. On the one hand solid metal is a great fire safety, but in terms of electrical safety, plastic looks more advantageous.

But it is desirable that it is non-flammable. Check this on the product data sheet.

Also, be sure to look in the documentation for an indication that the motor has protection against overheating. It can be a miniature thermostat that breaks the circuit when the winding temperature reaches more than 145 degrees.

At this point, the impeller stops and the motor will not start again until the temperature drops. Without such protection, it really is a fire hazard.

If you think that buying the most expensive model will provide you with the best cooling, you are sadly mistaken. It is not necessary to choose a fan with the highest price tag.

Often, even inexpensive models do very well. Let’s visually compare the efficiency of three wind blowers in different price categories:

Cheap models are usually the flimsiest and most unstable. The noise level at maximum speed is up to 70db.

The average variant knows all the same, but the only thing that it adds. is the timer and the remote control.

cooling, house

The truth the design at it more steady, and the material of manufacturing of more qualitative. This affects the weight of the device.

At the same time the noise level here is the same 70dB.

As for the overpriced models, on the one hand they seem to be heavier and therefore more stable. And silent mode is really the quietest (less than 50db).

However at maximal speed which is the most often used in a hot weather, the results are the same as for the cheap competitors. The noise is up to 70db.

Their blowing capacity is only a few tenths of a unit more. 5.6m/s.

All convenience lies only in additional controls and service.

Whether it is worth it to overpay for it is up to you to decide.

The stability of the fan is the most important factor. If there are children or pets in the family, they can touch the windblower rack one way or another.

And when it falls, there can be many problems. It all depends on where exactly it will fall.

By the way, even a new fan often fails after the first toppling. What it has that breaks and how to fix it with your own hands, read a separate article.

There is a huge variety of base designs on which the stand is fixed. But only three are the most common.

Most often there is a cross-shaped base.

Less common is a round stand.

You can also find fans of the monoblock type. They do not have any legs at all.

Which of these bases is the most stable?? The cross-shaped base, despite its external reliability, loses out to all the others.

One good bump is enough and such fan will fall on its side. But the round foot is the most stable variant.

So if you’ve got a choice, it’s the round shape that you’ve got to go for.

Many people still confuse fan power with cooling capacity. Although these values have little to do with each other.

Most home models come in capacities from 40 to 60W. This parameter indicates how much electricity your machine consumes per hour. And this only indirectly affects the capacity.

The bigger the motor, the longer and wider the blades. They have a maximum diameter of 40cm for domestic floor-standing types.

By fan efficiency we mean the volume of the air moved per unit time. How to determine what capacity you need?

To do this, calculate the volume of the room to be blown, that is, multiply the area by the height of the ceilings.

After that you substitute the exchange ratio in the formula. Its values are as follows:

Fan heater

It’s more profitable to pack! Price per pack of 4.: 3 684 р. Price per unit. unit price: 921 p. 960 р.

Heating element: cermet

Heating element: Electric spiral

The package is more profitable! Price for a pack of 4.: 3 884 р. Price per unit. goods: 971 р. 989 р.

Heating element: Electric spiral

Heating element: Electric spiral

Heating element: Electric spiral

expensive by the package! Price for a package of 4 pcs.: 3 976 р. Price per unit. item: 994 р. 1040 р.

Heating element: Electric spiral

Heating element: Electric spiral

For sale price the product is available in limited quantities only when ordered from the store listed

Such appliances as electric heaters are more and more often used in apartments, offices, stores, workshops and garages. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that besides cooling it can also heat the room with a stream of warm air. Therefore this equipment could be used not only in summer, but all year round.

Any fan heater has blades and a heating element, which can be ceramic, halogen, quartz or as an electric spiral. Electric heaters are quiet and do not dry the air, so it is suitable for use in an apartment.

Types of electric heaters

  • Floor standing ones usually have sturdy legs or wheels. You can put this electric heat fan at a convenient place in your room and enjoy the warmth or coolness.
  • Wall-mounted in shape resemble a split system unit and have a narrow body. If the room is small, then fixing this device on the wall, you save space.
  • Portable These models have compact dimensions and are equipped with handles for easy carrying. They are most popular with craftsmen-finishers, but also find application in the home: they can be used at home and at the cottage.

Important Features

Electric heat fans are available in capacities from 0.4 to 2.5 kW. For a room of 10 sqm square. Model with 1 kW rating is suitable for meters.

Best fan placement to move air through the house

On the type of control there are mechanical and electronic models. The latter are the most convenient to use, because they have a display showing the current settings and can be equipped with a remote control.

Choosing an electric fan, pay attention to the number of heating modes. Different models have from 1 to 3. The more of them, the more comfortable temperature you can create with this technique.

Buy a fan heater, suitable in form, type of installation and capacity you can call the manager or by placing an order on the site right now.

Air-cooled fans for the home

Buying a fan in summertime is not unimportant and rather troublesome. However, if you know what criteria you should pay attention to, and what models it is better to stay away from, the choice will not take much time and will be justified.

What criteria do we choose?

  • The productivity (power) of the fan should be the main determinant in your choice. The greater the area of the room, the higher must be the power of the device. However, this parameter requires special attention only when buying a floor-standing or wall-mounted version, while in a desktop fan the size of the blades will be more decisive.
  • The noise level will affect the degree of comfort of using the device, especially at night. This parameter should not be higher than 40 dB and it is necessarily spelled out in fan specifications. And for children’s or bedroom rooms, it is desirable to prefer even 30 dB.
  • The fan motor can be based on ball bearings or hub, the first option is more productive and generates less noise.
  • Additional functions of the device, such as a backlight, timer, display and even an ionizer, of course, are not so necessary, but quite comfortable. Naturally, the price will be much higher.

What fans you should not buy

Any firm specializing on production of home appliances, also makes fans, therefore in such wide assortment it is not difficult to get confused. Let’s try to determine the so-called negative rating. which devices definitely should not be paid attention to:

  • Overly light fans are not desirable because of their instability during high-power operation. Although for the wall-mounted version this factor is not crucial.
  • Caution should be exercised when dealing with ultra-low priced fans of unknown or little-known Chinese brands. If you still need exactly the cheapest variant, it is important to check the correct work of a particular device, the absence of extraneous noise and to check the package carefully. Such fans are usually delivered in several pieces in a box and a mix-up of parts (eg, slats for the base) is almost inevitable.

A classic budget floor fan in a plastic housing without extravagances, but with quietness and durability. Appearance is quite standard for this type of devices, operating mechanism is axial, power consumption. 45 W.

Fan control. simple mechanical. But since this option is considered the most reliable, this is not such a disadvantage. Supports 3 modes of operation (speed) and night illumination. Further adjustments. tilt angle 0-30°, casing fixation or 90° tilt operation, variable height with a maximum value of 1.25 м.

For the creation of the air flow are responsible three plastic blades, which are closed by a convenient to install / remove the protective grid with a diameter of 40 cm. Scarlett SC-1176 available in black or white.

  • Simple and robust construction;
  • Reasonable price;
  • There is protection against overheating.
  • Cheap plastic;
  • The first time there is an odor.

Usually a good floor fan. At its low cost it blows pretty good, and the best part is, it’s really quiet. Easy to assemble. has “ploughed” almost around the clock in one season.

An affordable “windblower” with mechanical control, the basic characteristics of which do not differ much from the parameters of similar devices by other manufacturers, but which nevertheless has earned the trust of most owners by its reliable and effective work.

Three-blade design with 40 cm diameter combined with a 45 watt motor provides effective air circulation in the room, while maintaining low noise level. And this means that it can be used comfortably not only during the day, but also at night in order to maintain a comfortable environment for restful sleep.

  • 3 speed options;
  • Adjustable to 1.25 m height;
  • Operation in a fixed position or with automatic 90° tilting of the housing.

Model available in white and black.

A good simple fan in the budget category. That’s exactly what we needed. For a paltry purchase price it is completely worth it. In the summer time is exploited to the wear and tear, but so far did not give any failures. What else do you need??

The best floor fans with remote control and timer

Best in its budget category floor fan with electronic control. Practically silent, 3 speeds allow to choose the best power. You can control the time after which the fan turns off automatically with the timer. The device has a 90˚ rotation, but the vertical deflection is not particularly large and can be set manually. Some sort of disadvantages include a not very long power cord, which, in principle, does not affect the performance.

I have been using it for more than 3-4 years, everything is great, it works in summer, lives on the balcony in winter (only the plastic has yellowed a little over time). The balanced fan itself does not rattle well during operation. Powerful, saves from heat.

One of the best fans for the home among the most inexpensive ones. Nothing superfluous: the device is equipped with a remote control, a rotary mechanism and a timer up to 8 hours. 3 speed modes that can be changed remotely as well as with the buttons on the case. Vertical adjustment from 1 to 1.25 meters is possible. Has a nice design and optimal price.

  • The simple assembly;
  • attractive price;
  • with all basic functions.
  • unstable;
  • noisy;
  • Unusual noises when turning.

For the season it’s the best option for a fan! Functions well, a little bit of noise, but there is a timer and switching modes of the remote control. Price is small, but the quality is comparable to more expensive fans.

Axial floor fan of medium power 45W. Easy to operate with a remote control, buttons and display. The operating time is programmable with a timer up to 8 hours. 3 speed modes. Blue backlit display shows room temperature. Fan additionally equipped with a radio without radio station memory. On the case there is a special slot for the remote control. Ability to rotate the body by 90 °.

  • beautiful design
  • illuminated screen;
  • shows the temperature of the air;
  • is supplied with a radio;
  • attractive price.
  • appreciable noise during operation.

For this price, the best fan for the home. Remote control, display, even a radio. The head stops spinning if you press a button (usually all models have pins). I would like to have more modes, of course, but for how much we buy we get.

The best all-metal floor fans

Solid and solid fan, which is a product of fruitful cooperation of Stadler Form team and designer Matti Walker. In the stylish appearance of the device there is a certain resemblance to the outline of an airplane turbine. And if a powerful air flow created by three aluminum blades, this impression only increases, quite comfortable noise level (up to 56 dB) is not associated with the hum of the aircraft.

The fan is designed to serve rooms up to 50m², the possibility of turning and tilting of the housing is implemented. Power consumption depending on the selected mode. from 36 to 58 W. The device is completely made of metal (stainless steel, zinc, aluminum) and has a matte finish. Decent weight. 9.4kg, combined with a solid, round base for maximum stability.

  • 3 speed modes;
  • Stylish and durable metal design;
  • Easy to clean the blades.
  • High price tag;
  • No remote control.

The fan looks very attractive. A good interior needs a decent appliance, which is exactly what this model is. Excellent performance, reliable performance, robustness. Satisfied. I do not regret the money spent.

Axial floor fan with an unusual design with a capacity of 40 watts handles up to 2700 m3 / h. Made of stainless steel, the device does not have anything unnecessary, it just performs its function well. There is a mechanical speed control. The fan takes up little space, weighs just over 3 kg and does not need to be assembled. Stable, great for home or office.

  • high power;
  • unusual design;
  • quiet;
  • compact;
  • does not need to be assembled.
  • high cost;
  • small tilt angle;
  • heats up during operation.

Awesome design, after seeing it, others are not interested at all! At first speed it is almost silent, blows very well.

Fans with a humidifier

Power: 90 W Blowing area 70 m2 Remote control included Water tank capacity: 3.1 L Humidifying area: 50 m2 Ionizer: Yes Aromatizer: Yes Cold storage: Yes Mosquito protection: Yes Timer for 12 hours Color: White

Power: 90 W Blowing area 70 m2 Wireless remote control included Water tank capacity: 3.1 L Humidifying area: 50 m2 Ionizer: Yes Aromatizer: Yes Cold storage: Yes Mosquito protection: Yes Timer for 12 hours

Weight, kg: 8.4 Country of Origin: China Brand: EQUATION Power, W: 100 Color: black Diameter of blades, mm: 400 Remote control: Yes Number of modes: 5

Power: 90 W Cooling area 70 m2 remote control included Water tank capacity 3.1 L Humidifying area: 50 m2 Ionizer: Yes Aromatizer: Yes Cold storage: Yes Mosquito protection: Yes Timer for 12 hours

Capacity for water 1,2 l Timer to 9,5 hours Power 55 W

Power: 90W Blowing area: 70 m2 Water tank capacity: 3 3.0 L Humidification: 60-65% Humidification area: 25 m2 Timer is

Number of speeds 3 Power (W) 70.0 Diameter (cm) 40.0 Height (cm) 130.0

Power: 65 W Humidifier: yes Timer: up to 7,5 hours

Power: 90 W Controls electronic Remote control included Water tank capacity: 3 3.1 L Capacity ml/h: 220ml Timer for 12 hours

Power: 80W Remote control included Wireless remote control Diameter of the blades 40 cm. Timer from 30 min to 7.5 hours

Power: 75W Blade size: 40 cm Built-in humidifier: yes

Power: 90 W Remote control included Water tank capacity: 3.1 L Ionizer: Yes Aromatizer: Yes Cold storage: Yes Mosquito protection: Yes Timer: 12 hours

Power: 90 W Cooling area: 70 m2 Wireless remote control included Water tank capacity: 3.1 L Humidifying area: 50 m2 Ionizer: Yes Aromatizer: Yes Cold storage: Yes Mosquito protection: Yes Timer for 12 hours

Fan Power: 75W Tank Capacity: 2.8L Timer: 0.5. 7,5 hours Water consumption: 0,30 ml/hour Humidification for 12-16 hours

Power: 90W Water tank: 3.0 L Air performance ml/h: 220ml Humidification of the air: 60-65%

A surprising situation on the market of climatic equipment: in 2022 the fan can be more expensive than air conditioner. The last device today has become so massively available and accessible that you unwillingly begin to wonder whether to take it? But do not forget that the “air conditioner” must be serviced, screw the walls and so on. And the fan once assembled on the eve of a heat wave and it is worth it. it works.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” studied what fans in 2022 can be considered the best. We publish prices, pros and cons and reviews of devices. In conclusion our expert will advise you on your choice.

What to choose a fan for the house?

To choose the most preferable option, you should not only read the rating of the most functional popular models, but also study the basic criteria for selecting the device.

The best fans: floor, table, column and ceiling fans

  • Blade diameter. The intensity of blowing will depend on this parameter. The larger the diameter of the blades, the more powerful the air blowing. But also keep in mind that the more they are, the more space the fan will occupy.
  • Controls. The most budgetary models are equipped with a single button, which is designed to turn on and off the electrical device. There can also be additional buttons for switching speeds, or smooth speed control. Modern designs are additionally equipped with a timer, for example, the fan runs all night and automatically turns off upon waking up the housemates. expensive models are equipped with remote control or the fan is equipped with Bluetooth / Wi-Fi module, then you can control it from your smartphone.
  • Noise level. Unfortunately, even the most advanced models in the process of operation make noise. The quietest models emit a sound of about 30 decibels (similar to the ticking of a wall clock). We recommend models with a noise level not exceeding 40 dB. Before buying, it’s a good idea to turn the unit on in the store and make sure that the enclosed operating instructions contain the correct information.
  • Performance and power. It is recommended to choose a model with a capacity that is equal to two areas of the room 10-20%. The appliance capacity also depends on the power. Air exchange rate (capacity) can be calculated as follows: room area ceiling height ratio.
  • Design. If the appearance of the fan for the buyer is important, then first it is worth analyzing what kind of style will match the room. They come in different shapes and colors, so the choices are almost unlimited.
  • Models with additional features have a higher price, but it is more convenient to use such a device. The most common functions:

◾ backlight. In fact, no good, just looks more attractive and unusual fan. ◾ Swivel mechanism. This addition allows the unit to pivot to the right/left, blowing the entire area of the room. ◾ Motion sensor triggers the blades when a person enters the room. ◾ Fitted with an ioniser it saturates the air with negatively charged ions when the fan is in operation. ◾ Temperature and humidity sensors monitor the air in the room. ◾Humidifying function allows for optimal indoor humidity levels. ◾ The fan design is additionally equipped with a water tank.

To narrow your search, it is also recommended to look closely at the rating of the best fans according to users.

Fans are not very expensive household appliances, so you should not skimp on them. Because little known manufacturers of budget models produce appliances made of low quality plastic. The consequence. a short service life, the plastic of the fan simply crumbles.

Devices with fan power up to 65 watts

The most popular cooled floor fans are the multifunctional climatic units SeaBreeze SB-535, UFO ATSFI-01 and RICCI HYD-006.

These are floor standing paddlewheel units with these features (see the diagram below). table below):

The SeaBreeze has a stylish design, stepped speed changeover, illuminated keys, electronic controls and LCD display.

RICCI HYD-006 radial fan can add two cooling accumulators to make the space cooler. There is filtration and purification of incoming air.

Humidification of the air in the ventilated room reaches sixty-five percent, which is optimal for the human body.

Low humidity is not always good for human health. But a fan can’t provide the level of humidity that would harm a person. That is why it is possible and even necessary to install such equipment in your home. This is due to the following reasons:

“Expert”.Quality” is ready to acquaint readers with the top 5 fans that have received hundreds of positive reviews and have been recommended to many people. Their stunning appearance and technical characteristics will not let the owners disappointed in the purchase.


Delta fan with a humidifier has received many sincere reviews from buyers, who point exclusively to its positive features. The model looks presentable, so it is suitable not only for yourself but also as a gift for friends or relatives. Axial-type device works with 260 watts of power. It is capable of blowing cool air around an area of about 50 sq.м. The body tilts (up to 30 degrees) and rotates (up to 90 degrees). Powered only from the network. The maximum noise level during operation at any of the three speeds is 60 dB. The average cost of the fan reaches 13 thousand.

  • sufficient power;
  • The blades are made of steel;
  • sturdy construction as a whole;
  • efficiency;
  • Large container for liquids.

Humidifying the air is ensured by water, which is filled into the container from below. its large volume allows the device to perform the main function for a long time without interruption.

The only disadvantage. the lack of remote control.


Creative model is equipped with wheels for comfortable movement if necessary. The manufacturer has designed the blades to be narrow, but they distribute the air very well.

Fan with blowing area of 50 sq.м. works with 260 watts of power. It has functions of turning and tilting of the body, which works both the supply of cool air and humidification. The control is mechanical. Buy a fan with a humidifier for about 12 thousand.

  • effective air treatment;
  • high power;
  • water spray does not leave traces after spraying;
  • comfortable microclimate;
  • value for money.

No disadvantages found.


A lot of positive feedback is received by the floor fan with a humidifier from the manufacturer FIRST AUSTRIA. Foreign product quickly spread out in the CIS countries, as its quality and functionality attracted attention.

Radial fan has an informative display on top of the housing. It displays information about speed, operating mode, etc.д. The device is controlled by remote control. The power rating reaches 60 watts. Regarding the noise level, it does not exceed 53 dB. The price of the model is 6 thousand

  • qualitative cooling;
  • large water tank;
  • quiet operation;
  • possibility of rotating the body;
  • Convenient night mode.

The only disadvantage here. the design is loose.

Backlash can only be felt when the device is swung forcibly.

Westinghouse Cascata

The fan with a humidifier is designed to be placed on the floor. It has a rectangular design and moves on small rollers. Above the area with blades there is a screen with touch control buttons and the main indicators of the device.

Axial product with 53 watts of power can not rotate, but can tilt. Here the user can program the operating time. It can be controlled not only by means of a panel on the structure itself, but also with a remote control. The fan is powered by the mains. The maximum noise level exceeds the “colleagues” of this model. 61 dB. Among other things, the manufacturer has provided an additional function “fog” and ionization of the air.

  • The plastic is sturdy;
  • optimal dimensions for small apartments;
  • several speeds;
  • not too loud;
  • long wire for connecting to the socket.

The only disadvantage is the easily soiled display.

VES electric VS 412

The stable fan gets positive reviews primarily for its design. It is placed on a round-shaped stand. The height of the stand is adjustable, so it is quite possible to make a compact model for an apartment or a small room.

Axial fan is equipped with the functions of programming the duration of work. It can tilt and swivel after pressing just one button. It also has three speeds with a step change. You can buy the unit for 7500

  • The ability to install safely on uneven ground;
  • convenient operation;
  • sufficient tilt angle;
  • The optimal diameter of the blades;
  • good timer.

As a disadvantage, we note the absence of remote control.

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