The first inclusion of Thermex Titanium Heat water heater

How to start a boiler for the first time. Thermex water heater: Detailed description and use instructions.

After installing the Thermex boiler, you need to open the valve on the cold tap line and a hot water crane on the mixer to remove air from the boiler. As soon as it is completely filled with water, a continuous stream of cold water will flow from the tap.

After it is completely filled with water, insert the cable fork into the outlet if the RCD is mounted in the model of your water heater (a protective shutdown device), click the button that is on the RCD. The operation (shutdown) of the RCD indicates a malfunction (detailed information about this is set out).

Installation and connecting the boiler to the network


The configuration includes a safety valve. It performs 2 functions: normalizes the pressure, in case of its increase in the system, and protects the tank from devastation, in the case of disconnecting water in the central line. Use a check valve instead, which can cause an accident, is strictly prohibited!

Boiler connection consists of 3 stages:

The installation site must comply with safety requirements, be able to emergency drain and autonomous connection to the shield. The points of fastening of the anchors should first be outlined, for which the distance between the place for them on the bar and part of the boiler from the bar to the upper edge is measured (the required distance to raise the equipment and put it on the brackets). Drill holes, screw the anchors, install the heater.

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Connection with the contours of hot and cold water

Connection of the thermex boiler to the contours of hot and cold water is carried out through tees. On the contours of hot and cold water supply, in addition to ball cranes near the entrance to the central highway. Taps are built up, cutting off the direction to the boiler (I) and taps (or valves and 5) designed to drain water. On the “cold” circuit in the interval between them is installed:

Pressure gearbox (if pressure in the system may exceed 6 bar).

The upper part of the “cold” supply (attached to the output of the boiler) is a system consisting of auxiliary and protective elements. At the outlet of the pipe, a safety valve and a tee are wound, on a free flange of which a drain pipe or hose is installed. It is easier to collect the configuration separately, then fix it to the boiler. On the “hot” circuit of the “hot” circuit is installed only a ball valve. Given that the water temperature at the output can be 75-80 ° C, it is recommended to use flax seams for sealing (on the “cold” circuit when draining water from the boiler, the temperature can also reach high values).

The inclusion of the boiler Termies in the mains is carried out professionally. Boilers are not equipped with electroshnuers for connecting. Instead of a standard “fork-rosette” circuit, a connection is used using a 16-ampert fuse and a 3-felt cable D 2.5-3 mm. The wiring is laid in the strokes or in the overhead box. The RCD is connected to the shield, and the cable to the fuse stretches from it. A separate fishing line for the cable trimmer of the same diameter passes from the machine gun to the boiler. The lid is removed at the bottom of the device, the wires “phase”, “zero” and “grounding” are connected.

The instructions for starting the boiler Thermex

If the installation of equipment is usually carried out by specialists, then with its launch at least once a year you have to face the owners. Let us consider in more detail how to enable Termyx water heater so as not to negatively affect its operational properties. After all, it is on the correctness of the process that the duration of operation and the frequency of service largely depends on the correctness of the process.

Boiler inclusion: stages of water heater launch and setting may vary slightly. It all depends on whether the flow device is used or the accumulative. However, despite the structural differences, the procedure for their inclusion has the same principle. The universal instructions for launching the thermox boiler look as follows:

  • Before turning on the water heater, shut.Off reinforcement of hot fluid supply from the common riser is overlapped. This is done, even if a check valve is installed on the pipe. Indeed, with a slight malfunction without a channel overlap, the device will heat the central water supply.
  • Before turning on the accumulative water heater in the network, it is filled with water. The exit from the hot liquid device and the mixer open in turn, and after them. The input of the cold stream. These manipulations are needed to supplant the air from the system.
  • After the water flowed into an even stream, you can block it, include the unit in the mains and, by setting the settings and having won an hour or two, begin to use it.

The water heater connection diagram of Thermex when using the prototing type devices will be similar, with the exception that the result will be immediately felt.

The next stage after turning on. Checking performance. Before using the Termies water heater, you need:

  • Make sure that when included in the network, power indicators light up.
  • Measure the temperature of the liquid supplied to the mixer.
  • After 20 minutes, look at the sensors of the equipment, if the connecting the boiler with the touch panel is performed correctly. The temperature indicator will already have to increase on the device. In the absence of an electronic panel, it is necessary to measure the degree of heating of water at the exit from the mixer again.

Водонагреватели THERMEX | плоские | нержавеющие | лучшие модели

The process of mounting the running water heater Thermex or any other model involves the presence of serviceable elements of the network: sockets, protective shutdown machines, cables of sufficient thickness. Devices have a very great power, so if they do not work, first of all, armed with a tester, you need to check the presence of electricity in the outlet, then. Then power terminals. Video Instructions for installing a thermox water heater will help to find their location, and the tester will take readings. If the voltage is zero, then the electrical appliances are interrupted.

What to do if the water heater is not turned on, or rather, the power is supplied, but it gives out an error. The most popular question. In this case, you need to open the instructions of the device and look at the explanation corresponding to the code display. If such an opportunity is absent, the causes of the problem may be as follows:

  • Ten has a spoiled or burned spiral. A sign of electricity on the housing often serves as a sign, then the RCD automatic is immediately triggered and the power supply is turned off. Fight this will come out only by replacing Ten.
  • The protection is triggered if the heating of the coolant rises above the established limit (usually more than 90 degrees), which occurs both when the regulatory thermostat is broken down and with a banal cluster of the scale on the heater, after which it overheats.
  • The tank is not filled with water. How to enable the Thermex ID 50V or another model for the first time, it was considered above, and if the requirements for erase the air from the pipes, the protective mechanism is not observed. We pay attention to what to do this, even if the system is filled, but did not use it for a long time.

Termex water heaters: consumer reviews

Consider the most popular models of the TMEX TM Boilers. What reviews about such equipment do customers leave?

Termyx electric heater: 50 liters spaciousness, 2 kW power.

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According to consumers, the main advantage of the electric tank model under consideration is compact overall characteristics, thanks to which the device will find a modest corner even in the smallest bathroom. Among the minuses. It does not hold the temperature of the water, which is why you have to turn it on every 30 minutes (if necessary) for heating water, respectively, once again operate the heater and spend electricity, losing money.

By the way, about the hets. In the first 12 months of operation, the heating element is completely covered with a scale. In order to avoid the quick failure of the heating elements, it is recommended to replace the copper elements with steel elements with steel and install a large magnesium anode during the first maintenance of the tank.

Safety instructions when working with a water heating device

To achieve the required level of security, the device must be grounded in accordance with the current rules for installing electronic devices.

The following actions are prohibited when installing the water heater:

  • You can not connect a water heater to the network, without first filling it with water
  • It is not allowed to dismantle equipment during its functioning
  • It is forbidden to use the water heater without grounding
  • Do not connect a water pipe to a water heater without using a safety element
  • When connecting the device, the pressure in the water system should not exceed 0.6 MPa
  • You cannot use those elements that are not included in its kit for the installation of equipment
  • The water in the system should be clean, without impurities and other heavy elements that can negatively affect the work of the device
  • Water from such a water heater is not food
  • Drain water from a water heating device only with a power outlet

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The main technical characteristics, equipment, principle of operation, safety measures

Regardless of which Termyx heater has been purchased, it is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the rules set forth in the instructions for the operation of the acquired unit.

The instruction manual sets out everything according to the points:

  • Appointment. It describes what a thing is acquired and why. It is also indicated that in no case should EVN be placed in unheated rooms: water may freeze, and the device will fail.
  • The main technical characteristics. Each model will have its own (minimum and maximum pressure in the water supply, the power of Ten, diameter of the pipes, etc.D.).
  • Contents of delivery. In this paragraph, it is listed that it is laid at the factory in a box with the unit. The buyer will be useful to the buyer with what is written, and what is actually. After leaving the store, it will be too late to declare that there is, for example, a safety valve or fastening bolts.
  • Description and principle of operation of an electric water heater.
  • The next section is extremely important: indicating safety measures.
  • Turn on an electric network if the tank is not filled with water;
  • If the heater is turned on, remove the protective cover;
  • Use a water heater without a summarized wire “earth” to the outlet;
  • Turn on the Termyx boiler if the water pressure in the network is more than 0.6 MPa;
  • Without a safety valve, connect to the water supply system;
  • Use a heater not filled with water;
  • Use non.Original spare parts;
  • Use water from a heater for food purposes;
  • Operate a boiler without a filter;
  • Change the brackets.

Turning on the tank

First of all, it is worthwhile to understand that by the inclusion of the device it can mean both the initial start and its setting. Also, much depends on the type of device, because it can be:

Despite the small differences in the design of the equipment, the launch is made almost the same. The instructions for Baku Tenser provides for the following actions to launch:

  • Before turning on the device, it is necessary to block the feed of hot water. This must be done, even if there is a check valve on the riser.
  • Before turning on the tank in the outlet, it must be filled with water. To do this, you need to take turns open the output of hot water from the tank, the mixer, and then the input of the cold water. This is necessary so that all the existing air comes out.
  • After that, the water should go with a uniform stream. Now it is allowed to be included in the outlet. After a couple of hours, how the water is heated, you can start using the equipment.

Бойлер THERMEX (ТЕРМЕКС) водонагреватель! Бак из стеклокерамики Как выбрать и подключить накопитель

The process of connecting a flow water heater will be similar to the previous one, however, it does not have to wait until the water warms up.

After the tank is turned on, it must be checked for the correctness of work. To do this, you need to perform the following:

  • Check if the indicator lights up after including the device to the network;
  • Check if the water is hot at the exit from the device;
  • If the tank is with a touch panel, the temperature indicators will increase on it after 20-30 minutes.

In order to successfully perform the installation of a water heating tank, in order there should be not only the equipment itself, but also various elements: sockets, cable, fork, automatic. Due to the fact that this equipment has great power consumption, first of all, you need to check the terminals, as well as the voltage in the network. Accordingly, the larger the volume of the tank, the greater the power it will be (in the termex of the tanks of various volumes. 50 liters, 30 liters, 80 liters). A device like a tester will help measure the voltage in the network, with the “zero” indicator, will mean that the electric cable is damaged somewhere.

All boilers work on a similar principle, therefore, before performing certain manipulations with it, study the instructions that are attached to all brands of water heaters. Each manufacturer during the assembly of the equipment provides for its features of assembly of water heaters, and the instructions clearly indicate the principle and sequence of launch.

If the equipment turns out to be non.Working, then do not immediately be upset. Remember that a guarantee is valid for each device, and you can contact the service center.


Maintenance involves the identification and subsequent removal of the scale, which is formed on the heating. Also, in the lower part of the internal tank of the device, a precipitate may form, which should also be removed. Removing scale is carried out using special cleaning tools. The intensity of maintenance is determined by special employees after the analyzes of the formed scale. The first maintenance of the device is recommended after a year of use. Non.Cleaning work will lead to a decrease in the efficiency of work and a decrease in the level of efficiency.

In most cases, the reason for the failure of water heaters becomes the formed scale on the heater. If the heating device or heating device fails, and the reason for this will be the formation of scale, in which case the warranty is not provided for. Periodic maintenance should be carried out by the user himself.

To carry out the correct maintenance of the device, it is necessary: ​​1. Turn off the device 2. Wait until hot water cools down, or drain it through the crane 3. Close cold water 4. Unscrew the drain valve 5. You need to put on a regular hose on the valve and send it to the sewer 6. It is also necessary to drain hot water through the mixer 7. Now you can remove the body of the device, disconnect the wires, unscrew and pull the support flange from the water heater 8. Check the presence of scale on the heater and at the bottom of the tank, if any. Carry out appropriate cleaning. Nine. Assemble the device in the reverse order.

This article examined the technical characteristics and instructions for the use of Termyx electric heater, a capacity of 30 liters. Note that the manufacturer sets the minimum service life of the Termye water heater seven years. But this is only provided that the water in the system meets the necessary standards and does not contain a large number of impurities and heavy elements, as well as during the use of the device, the rules for the installation, operation and timely maintenance of maintenance were observed.

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