The gas boiler does not turn on the heating

What to do if a gas boiler breaks and hot water does not turn on? Briefing for diagnostics and repair

The installation of a double.Circuit gas boiler allows you to effectively solve the issue of hot water supply. But what to do if hot water does not turn on in a gas boiler? Agree that you should not immediately panic and call the rescue service or service center.

We will get acquainted with the principle of operation of a double.Circuit boiler, talk about the reasons that can lead to the cessation of hot water supply and methods for eliminating the malfunctions.

Understanding the essence of the equipment, you can not only independently identify the reasons for the failure in work, but also eliminate most of the malfunctions, as well as restore the supply of hot water in full.

Why does the boiler not start

Often problems are displayed in the form of an error code on the display. All modern models Vaillant (“Valiant”), Baxi (“Baxi”), Ferroli (“Ferrololi”) are equipped with self.Diagnosis system. Each brand has its own codes and their values. If the scoreboard does not show characters, then you need to look for the cause of the problem yourself.

Malfunctions of wall and floor units can be caused by external and internal factors.

  • Insufficient gas pressure in the highway;
  • Chimney problems;
  • Voltage surges on the network;
  • Drafts, low temperature in the room/boiler room.

Internal factors are breakdowns of electronics. Sensors, wiring, as well as individual nodes. Pump, heat exchanger.

Errors and their codes

Error codes that can occur during the operation of the Baxi gas boilers can be divided into two groups:

In the case of a full installation blocking, it will be necessary to restart the boiler in manual mode. The lock is turned on in the event of serious malfunctions in the boiler, which may pose a serious danger to human health. In the event of which the boiler is blocked, the equipment overheats, and besides it, the lack of traction occurs. Blocking occurs in the absence of gas supply. Error self.Removal is carried out in rare cases. If this happens, then the device is launched in automatic mode.

Error E01

This error is the most common. When the flame control sensor works, this code is displayed on the display. Several reasons can lead to its appearance:

  • There is no gas supply;
  • There is no compliance between the phase and zero; This reason is relevant for phase.Dependent models;
  • There is no contact with the flame sensor;
  • The sensor is contaminated or faulty;
  • In the ignition system, failures arose;
  • A gas valve is faulty or an electronic fee is out of order;
  • Air access is insufficient for normal combustion;
  • Gas pressure in the system is insufficient.

If this code is displayed on the display, then the first thing to do is to check if the sensor is connected correctly. It is also worth checking the gas supply. If everything is normal, then in this case you can press R. It should be held for 3 seconds.

In case of accidental triggering, the equipment will continue to work in normal mode. If the error appears further, then in this case you should contact a specialist. Note that the occurrence of this error is associated with problems in electronics. If you try to solve the problem on your own, then everything can end deplorable for gas equipment.

Error E10

Another common mistake is E10. The main reason for its occurrence is the sensors that monitor the operation of the pumps and monitor the circulation of water. This error can be displayed on the installation display in the following cases:

  • The system of the coolant decreased in the system;
  • Contact disappeared between the board and the pressure relay;
  • Pressure relay malfunctioning;
  • The pump operating sensor has become faulty;
  • There were malfunctions in the operation of the pump;
  • Clogging the heat exchanger.

When this error occurs, you do not need to try to eliminate it on your own. Self.Repair is permissible if the pump is required. This event will not be difficult. Also, without outside help, you can clean the filters. All other work related to the repair of the Baxi boiler must perform an experienced specialist.

Errors E96, E97, E98

Urgent repairs by a qualified specialist is required if the errors of the E96, E97, E98 were displayed on the display of the gas boiler. When they occur, an intervention in the operation of the equipment owner is unacceptable. The ban on interference with these errors is due to the fact that these three code appears when the electronic board has become faulty.

Electronic control boiler

The Lemax boilers line, which are connected to the 220V network, is actively expanding and now includes the wall.Circuit models Prime, as well as the floor Clever and Wise.

Unlike imported competitors, whose management payments are often burned out due to changes in the mains, these devices are designed to work in Russian networks.

Wall boilers, as a rule, have a built.In circulation pump, expansion tank and significantly more control and protection systems

However, such models can sometimes fail.

To ensure security, the main protection systems are still mechanical:

  • The thermocouple controls the burning and overlaps the gas if the burner is extinct. The E1 error;
  • The traction sensor gives a shutdown signal if the combustion products are not diverted. Error E3;
  • The membrane gas valve will block the supply of fuel if its pressure drops below critical, or the gas is turned off on the network. E1 error;
  • The thermostat of overheating controls the temperature of the heating circuit, when overheating, it turns off the boiler with an error E2.

All these systems are arranged in the same way as in boilers with mechanical control, and their location depends on the model. Therefore, we will not re.Describe the check and repair of each node, and the instructions for it will help you to find them in our boiler.

In addition, the boiler with electronic control does not start if it discovers a malfunction of any of its boards or sensor, or their unsatisfactory indications. For example, low water pressure or power voltage less than 170V.

So that the entire boiler does not have to be sorted out, the error code and its decoding in the instructions will indicate the location of the malfunction.

boiler, does, turn, heating

To configure and repair electronic controls, it is better to contact a specialist, he can weave, reflash or replace the fee

Furnace won’t come on. No power

If the boiler does not react at all to an attempt to turn on, even the screen does not light up, most likely. The problem with the power supply. No matter how trite, check if the fork is included in the outlet, whether the machine is raised, is there any light in the house.

A child could pull out a plug from a socket, and the machine could turn off the voltage difference, so do not neglect this advice.

If everything is normal with power supply, and the boiler display does not light up, call the service for diagnosing and repairing or replacing electronic control elements.

Burnhurm Gas Boiler not heating house

Problems with the chimney

This reason is one of the most common. It may occur due to ice, which was formed for the reason that the steam, which, along with the products of combustion into the pipe, cools and settles, forming condensate on the walls. The latter freezes and increases with a thick layer of ice, as a result of this, the thrust decreases, automation is involved, the equipment goes out. In order to solve this problem, the chimney should be cleaned and insulated, which will eliminate the unpleasant probability of draining drops of water.

Problems with the chimney may also occur due to reverse traction. You have a gas boiler? What to do, this article will tell. Reverse traction can be observed if the wind is enhanced on the street or it changes its direction. Streams fall into the pipe and blow out fire. It also happens that the insufficient pipe height is guilty. This phenomenon is quite dangerous if the boiler is used with a poor in quality automation. The combustion products are not thrown out into the street, but pushed into the house. In case of malfunctions for the reason that the pipe has an inappropriate size, it should be replaced by providing a length that should be 50 cm larger than the top of the skate.

boiler, does, turn, heating

Types of gas boilers

By type of installation, boilers are divided into wall and floor units.

Floor gas boilers are characterized by greater power, which means the ability to heat large areas of the premises, the long periods of service, associated with the fact that heat exchangers for such heat generators are made of steel or cast iron. For floor boilers, a separate room is required. Furnace.

Floor gas boiler

Wall boiler units are more compact and have less weight, which allows you to install them on the walls of the premises. This type of heat generators is characterized by a restriction on power, a lower service life, increased requirements for the quality of cleaning of the coolant and heated water. Malfunctions of a gas boiler can be different depending on the type of installation.

Wall gas boiler

By design, the boilers are divided into single.Circuit, used only for the purpose of heating the premises, and double.Circuit, designed, except for heating, for heating hot water.

By the type of removal of combustion products, heat generators are equipped with systems with natural or forced thrust. In the first case, units are connected to a traditional chimney, which is displayed on the roof of the building, and the exhaust gases are thrown out due to natural traction. To provide it, ventilation ducts are arranged according to certain rules. One of them. The upper level of the chimney should be located above the roof skate by at least 500 mm, or at the same level with it at certain distances from the ridge. The reason why the gas boiler blows is non.Compliance with these conditions. Boiler units with natural thrust are equipped with open combustion chambers or atmospheric burners, the air for the burner is taken from the inside of the room.

In the second case, the boilers are equipped with a coaxial chimney, which is the design “pipe in the pipe”, which is displayed through the wall of the room. The air is received on the outer pipe from the street, the air of combustion products are displayed on the inner pipe. Closed combustion chambers are installed in the boiler unit with forced traction.

Traditional and coaxial gas removal systems

boiler, does, turn, heating

And finally, according to the method of ensuring the circulation of the coolant, the boiler units are divided into energy.Dependent and energy.Dependent. In energy.Dependent boilers there are circulation pumps operating from the power supply and creating pressure in the heating system. In addition, energy.Dependent boilers are equipped with complex automation that controls and supports established operating modes, including an electronic ignition system. Energy.Dependent heat generators do not require connection to electric networks, and the movement of the coolant occurs due to natural pressure drops as a result of its heating. The ignition of power.Dependent boilers can be carried out using a piezoelectric element, pressing a button.

How to launch a gas double.Circuit boiler after an emergency stop?

Good afternoon. I am addressing you with such a problem. In our house there is a double.Circuit boiler with a coaxial system. During the repair of the heating system, all water was merged. At that moment, the wife decided to wash the dishes and turned on the tap with hot water. The boiler, of course, reacted, and as a result there was an emergency shutdown of the device. The accident sensor worked. When the repair of the pipes was completed, and the system was filled with water, the boiler could not be launched. An emergency light burned, and the heating system was not launched. We cannot invite specialists, since the nearest service is for 100 km. Help start starting the boiler correctly. Boiler brand. Viessmann.

In order to start the heating system after an emergency stop of a gas boiler, you need to fill in radiators and pipes with water. Before that, look in the technical passport of the boiler, what is the minimum and maximum working pressure of the water in the system, and fill in the border of these numbers. The pressure level should be checked on the sensor, which is installed on the front panel of the device (may be from the bottom, side, depending on the brand).

The red arrow shows a pressure sensor and temperature divided into two scales. Lower scale. Pressure, upper. System heating temperature

Next, check the gas connection. Is all the connecting hoses in place, the gas supply drain is not blocked.

boiler, does, turn, heating

If everything is in order, press the “Network” button on the boiler to run the system.

Pressure in the gas boiler

Problems with pressure in a gas boiler

A double.Circuit gas boiler does not warm the water? Perhaps you should pay attention to the quality of fuel supply. Because of this, the burner may not immediately get burned. First check:

  • Is there a leak. Cover the highway with a soap solution. If you see the formation of bubbles. Leakage. Immediately redraw the gas, open the window and call the gas service.
  • What with the counters. When the counters fail, their testimony ceases to be updated, there is noise next to them. It will not work to change equipment yourself, you need to call the master.

If none of these malfunctions, then you need to wait until the supply of fuel is working. Along with this, the problem is that the gas boiler does not warm the water well, it will leave.

Why the gas boiler does not turn on, when before that you turned it off for a long time? Try antifreeze. He is not afraid of the cold, and also easily includes equipment after a break in use.

When buying one of the wall gas boilers, Ariston from the seller, it is necessary to check the presence of all the necessary documentation, which

Confirm that the equipment corresponds to the manufacturer. Only in this case, problems with the device will arise very soon.

Some malfunctions in the operation of the boiler can be due to the wrong parameters in the settings of the service menu. This can happen for example after unskilled intervention or as one day in my practice, after filling the boiler board with water.

Of course, first of all, the service menu serves to configure, adjust and diagnose the boiler. In this article I will share how to enter the Ariston Class 24 FF boiler service menu and how to change the parameters, as well as give the values ​​that were installed in my boiler from the factory.

Before starting any settings, it is important to carefully consider the structure of the menu, as well as understand whether it is necessary to intervene and change any parameters. Incorrect intervention can lead to serious problems

For example, there is a parameter that is set depending on the version of the boiler and is used by specialists when replacing the board.

Given all of the above, you must understand that some parameters I have given as “factory attitudes” may differ from the necessary specifically to you, and therefore you carry out all these body movements and settings at your own peril and risk.

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