The gas column began to warm the water hard

The gas column greatly warms the water cause.

The gas column can produce boiling water for the following reasons:

Often, if the gas column is heated to adjust the comfortable temperature, the convenient pressure of the water to the person understanding the device is not difficult.

But sometimes there are options when it is impossible to establish everything with the help of regulators. No matter how hard they tried to reduce gas pressure, to adjust water. It still flows from the tap boiling water. In this case, we will analyze a few more options why the column warms the water:

  • Low pressure of the central supply of water. This happens when a column is purchased, designed for a good pressure of water at least 11 liters per minute, and there is much less pressure in the apartment. Then a malfunction is constantly being confused, a slow flow warms up a significantly more alleged line.
  • Mass accumulations in the system. Water tends to lay off on the surface of salt, scale, other particles because of which the pipes are clogged over time. The solution to such a problem may be the restoration of the filter at the entrance to the system. It helps to cleanse, soften, get rid of small garbage. If the filter has not changed for a long time, the deposits accumulate that interferes with the correct operation of the device. The correct solution to such a problem will be to replace the filter.

How to clean a gas column

First of all, we need to remove the water heater body to gain access to the faint, it is done simply. Remove the gas supply adjustment handle. Under it we see two bolts, twist a screwdriver, in my case it is a screwdriver with a flat slot. The case itself is removed quite simply, figure it out.

After the column body was dismantled. We clearly see confirmation that the smell was very smoked

Pay attention to the black trace that is visible on the stainless part.

Unscrew the pipe of the traction sensor. The traction sensors are installed in water heater sensors to control the thrust. In the absence of traction in the chimney, the design of the gas outlet provides a sharp increase in carbon dioxide in the place of the hook of the traction sensor, which in turn leads to filling the pipe with carbon dioxide, as a result of which the flame is cut off, since we need oxygen to combustion.

Unscrew the phone that brings gas to the fabric, with an open key. Next, unscrew the two screws with a cross.Shaped screwdriver as in the photo. After we disassemble the entire smell structure.

We take out the fingernail nozzle. Very often it is she who clogs with dust. Clean the nozzle. Blow the tee of dirt and dust. Wash everything if you wish, and let all the details dry well before assembly. But in my case, it was not the case. I had a block of traction sensor tube. That is why I smoked a wick for a long time, the supply of oxygen to the igniter was reduced, which led to a decrease and smoking of the fabric.

After eliminating the blockage in the tube of the traction sensor and cleaning of all parts and nodes, the smoking was eliminated. The lighter began to burn with a blue stable flame and noise slightly. The noise comes from the absorption of air through the resulting cracks in the deformation of the guide ending and the danger does not pose. If the wick noise worries, then pull it with the help of its screws stronger.

All of the above work should be carried out by a person dedicated to the repair of a gas running column. Therefore, if you want high.Quality service columns, call our company.

Old filter

Clogging the filter at the entrance to the device. The water quality is very low, contains the inclusion of small litter, since often the highways have not been overhaul for a very long time, and, as a result of all this, our equipment suffers. The filter is located on a pipe suitable for the column, to clean it, you need to unscrew the nut, if it “closed”, tap it a little on all sides, then remove the filter. If he is in good condition, just rinse it, if he is very worn out, replace it with a new.

The gas column does not work, it rises quickly or does not turn on, the water is cold.

The gas column may wander immediately after turning on, or turn on only after several attempts Also, due to the breakdown of the gas column, the water can only heat up Consider the malfunctions of the gas proto and determine whether we can decide whether it is possible to repair it with our own hands. The fact is that in most cases the repair is not complicated, carried out in several actions, it is only important to correctly recognize the cause. But only a licensed organization with appropriate qualified personnel can perform repair of gas equipment.

Why is the gas does not enter the burner

There are a number of protection in the gas column that do not allow gas to enter the burner if normal conditions are not fulfilled for combustion. The following should be performed:

  • Water circulation according to the heat exchanger with a certain flow;
  • Normal chimney traction;
  • Normal gas pressure;
  • There is a flame on the burner.

If something is wrong, then the gas valve closes. Its position is normally. It is opened with a reel when in all systems the situation is “norm”. Why first the column is ignited, and after a second or two, the valve overlaps?.

There is no burning

If the flame in the gas column does not light up, then most likely there is no ignition. Many columns are included in the work using a piezo-element that gives a spark from batteries. The latter must be changed on time. Distributive craftsmen prefer instead of batteries to put a battery from an old phone in a column and recharge it with an ordinary charger.

If there is no gas supply, but the spark is available, then it is possible:

  • There is no water movement along the heat exchanger. The water relay does not allow the valve to open;
  • There is no normal traction to the chimney. The system of monitoring the extension of the air through the burner also does not allow the presence of flame in it.

The column turns on on the tenth attempt or you need to keep the switch for a long time.

Flame sensor, aka thermocouple. The main protection of the gas column. If the flame is dried up. The valve is overlapping immediately.

If the sensor heats up for too long due to the wrong installation, then the column is turned on “from the tenth time”.

If the column turns on and immediately goes out, then perhaps the voltage generated by the sensor does not at all arrive at the control unit. The thermocouple cable is opened, there are no contacts.

  • Incorrect installation above the burner. The gap should be 6.5 mm. It is regulated by the bend by the pattern. A wooden wedge or a selected bolt.
  • The contacts of the sensor with the cable were oxidized. It is eliminated by reloading the cable to the sensor, the final section of the cable is cut for a couple of centimeters.

How to set up a thermocouple, setting a gap in a gas column video.

The column immediately goes out. What’s the matter

The gas flow heater is automatically turned on when the tap is opened, which means when the water moves through the heat exchanger.

With certain breakdowns in the water relay circuit, the inclusion does not occur, or the column immediately goes out.

The most typical actions in this situation are to check the contacts of the relay connection, since the lubricant evaporates from temperature and humidity drops, and metals are oxidized. Contacts are recommended to clean and lubricate.

The same may be in the traction control system. All the protection of the column must be checked for performance with such breakdowns.

How the gas column is repaired

The priority task is to verify the performance of the thermocouple and the correctness of the gap over the burner. To do this, other sensors are simply shackled by jumpers-they are placed in the “inclusion-Norm” position. After the thermocouple is verified, you can alternately connect the sensors instead of jumpers and look for a defective chain. Video about the repair of a gas column:

In addition, there are simply breakdowns in the supply systems.

  • The chimney has closed. The incorrect, unstable operation of the gas column, black smoke, oxygen supply is disturbed. Urgently need to be cleaned.
  • Water is not supplied. The filter is clogged, taps are covered, insufficient pressure.

When carrying out any repair of a gas column, first you need to check the presence of normal thrust “on a burning match”, as well as the supply of water, for example, by turning off the supply pipeline.

Why is the water is not warm enough

In some models, the system of maintaining a given water temperature is so complicated that it fails. You need to check the correctness of the sensors for this responsible. Sometimes it’s easier to rot them.

Another moment. Whether the power of the apparatus corresponds to the real flow of water and its temperature, it may come time to replace the gas column.

Cleaning the system from scale

The water in Russian pipes has never been of good quality, therefore, during the operation of gas equipment in the internal areas of the heat exchanger, various salts and metals accumulate. The diameter of the bends is gradually narrowing, and the scale layer reduces the thermal return of the entire system.

It turns out that with acceptable pressure of water, the pipes do not heat up sufficiently, and we get a significant decrease in the efficiency. But this problem is quite possible to cope on your own. To clean the radiator from scale, just rinse it. Depending on the degree of pollution, citric acid is used, and in difficult cases, specialized detergents are used.

We advise reading: the principle of operation of frequency pumps in the heating system

Dismantling the heat exchanger of the gas column

For a full cleaning of the system, it is necessary to extract a radiator from a gas column. The washing of some individual parts is less effective, but if the element cannot be dismantled in principle, you have to be content with small.

Before dismantling, you need to turn off the column and block the taps with the supply of gas and water. You also need to drain the entire liquid from the system. We release the panel behind which the radiator is located, unscrewing the fasteners, and remove it. Gently remove the heat exchanger, trying not to tilt it, because there is probably water left there.

The cleaning procedure itself is very simple: we pour citizen with citizen acid or specialized agent and leave it for a couple of hours in some warm place. During this time, the composition will react with a scale and discharge it. Next, wash the heat exchanger with running water and install it in place in the reverse disassembly order. If necessary, the cleaning procedure is repeated.

The gas column burns, but does not warm the water

One of the most common breakdowns. There are several reasons why the gas column burns, and cold water is coming:

column, began, warm, water, hard

    Pollution of soot of the external part of the heat exchanger. The metal cavity is in contact with the combustion products. Over time, a thick layer of soil forms on the walls. The gas column does not heat water for the reason that soot is a good heat insulator that prevents heat transfer.

column, began, warm, water, hard

Problems in the operation of the cold water regulator. Gas pressure is adjustable using the membrane and the rod of the supply valve. In the “frog” there are two cavities separated by rubber gasket. When opening the hydraulic hydraulic tap, the membrane bends and presses on the rod that opens the supply of fuel to the burner. If the gas column does not warm the water well with good pressure of the water, the cause is in the rod or membrane:

    Rubber diaphragm. Laying can tear. In this case, the column is turned on only with severe water, the temperature of which is much lower than the set in the settings. A sign of a malfunction: a leak in a water node.Another reason why the water heater does not warm the water, but the fire burns that under the influence of hard water the membrane has become stiff and cannot be pressed enough on a metal rod to fully open the gas supply.

The causes of poor water heating with a gas column are eliminated after replacing the membrane or rod, as well as cleaning the heat exchanger. To prevent frequent breakdowns, you should regularly maintain a heat generator.

The gas column warms the water strongly | Progasmarket

The gas column warms the water strongly?

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Overheating of the water of the gas column may be caused by several reasons.

First of all, the pressure of water in the water supply was originally not taken into account when choosing a gas water heater. Great power devices should only be selected if you have a good water pressure.

Of course, if the column is already bought, do not be upset. From any situation you can always find a way out. Invite our specialist.

He will not only advise you on the operation of the device, but also help to configure it taking into account the characteristics of your water supply system.

Most often, going to a call regarding water overheating, we find that the gas column mode was incorrectly configured. We draw your attention to the fact that the temperature of the water in the pipeline depends on the time of the year. In winter, water enters the apartments much colder than in the summer.

Therefore, the column needs to be reconfigured. In winter, it is worth increasing gas supply and reduce the amount of water supplied, and in the summer, on the contrary. Settings should be carefully, without sudden movements. Ask our specialist to not only set up, but also show you how to do it.

In the future, you can independently regulate this process.

A temporary change in water pressure, for example, in connection with the repair of the pipeline, can also be compensated by a gas column reconfiguration. But if the repair work is not carried out, and the pressure of water has changed. This is an occasion to contact our company.

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As a result of the diagnosis, we may establish that the filter at the entrance to the apparatus clogged, and then it should be cleaned. Blocks can be in the hoses and in the axle box. If overheating occurs when showering, then the watering can be cleaned. She clogged with small particles and dirt.

Also, the master Progas can reveal that the heat exchanger has closed. In this case, our employee will clean him from scale, and to make sure his performance, he will examine the cracks in the case.

Why is it important to get a professional help, and not try to rectify the situation yourself?

Our company has many years of experience, so we quickly find the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it with the most effective ways for a particular case. We always have all the parts necessary for repair, which means that the repair will be over on the day of the specialist’s visit.

And do not forget about security! One, even a small mistake can do very expensive.

The design of a running water heater

The gas column quickly heats the water according to the direct.Flow scheme, so there is no tank in it. This unit uses a plate heat exchanger, which is often made of copper.

A water tube passes through this element. The burner is placed under it. As a result of the combustion of gas, the radiator heats up and thereby warming the tube in it, along which water flows.

At the top of the device is a collector through which gas burning products are diverted into a chimney. On the case of the columns, regulators are provided to control the heating of water.

Optimal water is considered a temperature of 42-50 ° C. As a result of a stronger heating, salts begin to be deposited on the elements of the water heater, which leads to excessive heating of its body.

Causes of severe water heating

The reasons for excessive water heating are:

  • Clogging of the heat exchanger;
  • Low water pressure in the CVS system;
  • Clogging of filter elements;
  • Regulators are inaccurately configured;
  • Insufficient throughput of the mixer.

In most cases, the cause of excessive heating of water and the body of the watering device is a clogged heat exchanger. It can also occur due to low water pressure in the CVS.

To determine the reason, you need to check the operation of the electric pump and the pressure in the pipes of the CVS.

Small water pressure

If the water flows from the mixer, then very hot, then very cold, then this is due to the inconsistency of water pressure in the CVS pipeline with the power of the water heating device. The performance of the columns Bosch, Ariston, Baltgaz, etc.D. Is 11 l/min, therefore, with a smaller pressure, they will heat up water too much.

To solve this problem, you must contact the local water utility.

Filter elements are clogged

The water in the CVS system is not always very high quality, so many install water filters in apartments or their own houses. They allow you to delay small impurities and garbage, so the water becomes cleaner. As a result, it is less clogged with plumbing and heating devices.

If the filter is not changed in a timely manner, then water with various impurities will fall into the column. As a result, a lot of scale will form on its details. This precipitate often leads to clogging and breakdown of the water heater.

The regulators are inaccurately tuned

Often the cause of excessive water heating by the water heater is the wrong settings of the regulators when changing the season of the year. In the spring, the water in the CVS naturally heats up, so the temperature controller must be reduced, since in winter it is installed on the maximum. If this is not done, then the water will bask very hard in the summer.

column, began, warm, water, hard

Insufficient throughput of the mixer

Often the temperature of the water in the kitchen is normal, and boiling water flows in the bathroom from the mixer. This is due to insufficient bandwidth of the mixer in the bathroom. Therefore, to solve this problem, it is necessary to buy and install a mixer with a higher bandwidth.

How to independently eliminate malfunctions?

If the housing of the water heating device is very warm due to clogging of the elements of the CVS system, then you need to clean them. To do this, evaluate the condition of the supply and removal hoses of the water supply, the box of the box and cartridges for the mixer. The former clean the pressure of water, the penultimate is cleaned mechanically, and the latter simply change.

If the regulator is incorrectly adjusted, it is necessary to reduce the temperature of the water heating. For example, you can set the heating temperature 35 ° C. In summer, the water temperature in the CVS is approximately 15 ° C, so it will come out of the column with a temperature of 50 ° C.

Less scale from the heat exchanger

If the case of the column is very hot, then you need to evaluate the operation of the heat exchanger. Since the water is warming in it due to gas burning, over time, its internal working parts are clogged with burning and a scale.

Radiator’s culverts are clogged with salts due to hard water, so fluid circulation worsens in it. To restore the work of the heat exchanger, you need to clean it well.

To do this, close the gas supply to the water heater and turn it off from power supply. After cooling the unit, you need to carefully disassemble it in line with the instructions in its passport. After removing the filter element, it is necessary to clean it mechanically. If the details are very strongly clogged and it is impossible to clean them normally, then you need to replace them.

Cleaning parts of the water heater with hydrochloric acid

The first reagent for cleaning the radiator is hydrochloric acid.

The cleaning process with its help is as follows:

  • Overlap the supply of water to the apartment and drain it from the CVS system. For this, any mixer is opened;
  • Remove the casing of the speakers;
  • Disconnect the threaded joints of the heat exchanger (water will flow from it, so you need to substitute any container in advance);
  • Hydrochloric acid is diluted in water (no more than 3-5%);
  • Using a pipe or hose with a thread of 1⁄2 inch, connect the input and output of the heat exchanger;
  • Install a funnel on the pipe and pour the previously prepared solution in it.
column, began, warm, water, hard

It is required to work in rubber gloves to protect the skin of the hands from acid exposure. After cleaning, it is necessary to rinse the radiator well from the residues of the acid solution.

What to do if the gas column is noisy, whistles, cracks or clicks in the photo

What to do if the gas column is noisy, whistles, cracks or clicks? In photographs.

Typically, the operation of the gas column is accompanied by sounds associated with the burning of the flame and the flow of water inside the apparatus. However, sometimes a user can hear a whistle, cotton and other extraneous noise from equipment. To figure out why the column can whistle and make noise, you must first find out about the device of this type of water heaters, as well as about the features of the functioning of gas columns.

Each device has a working area in which gas accumulation during the inclusion of the equipment, as well as its gradual air connection. In the case when the volume of accumulated gas and air meets the calculations of the manufacturer, no cotton will. If gas and air accumulate in excess, this becomes the cause of a small volumetric explosion.

Therefore, in noisy work equipment, it is first of all that it is checked precisely by its. The lit match or lighter is brought to the control holes or special hatch in the upper part of the column. If the flame tongue deviated towards the device, the thrust is sufficient. Otherwise, you should take care of cleaning the chimney channel.

Seals in such windows interfere with natural ventilation of the room. In this case, to eliminate noise, you should simply control the air flow.

And then to eliminate noise, just clean the nozzles. A similar situation is possible when clogging nozzles in the main burner, then after it is cleaned by the rumble during the operation of the column disappears.

If a monotonous loud whistle comes from the equipment, you should first determine where it comes from. To do this, overlap the gas crane, after which they open the hot water crane.

After watching the next video, it will be possible to independently clean the heat exchanger from the scale, without turning to the masters.

Review what to do if the gas column is noisy, whistles, cracks or clicks?

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