The ignition device on the hob does not work

My gas cooker won’t stop clicking. How to fix it

How the function works

The electric ignition system is provided in gas stoves. Its main purpose is to ignite the fuel, which comes from the burner flame spreader. The electrical ignition device can be of two kinds:

The auto-ignition has special piezo elements, which, when the switch on the panel is turned, ignite the gas-air mixture. When using a mechanical device, a special button must be pressed. When pressed, a spark is produced, from which the gas ignites and fires.

The principle of electric ignition is as follows:

  • When the user presses the button, voltage is applied to the capacitor area;
  • After that, the capacitor begins to charge;
  • then there is an increase in the level on the thyristor;
  • as soon as it reaches the permissible limit, the capacitor begins to discharge;
  • At the output of the device, a voltage is manifested, through which the arrester is actuated;
  • the spark released ignites the gas.

The work of the igniter

Despite the fact that the process looks complicated, it occurs in seconds. The supply of sparks always hits the area of the burner that is on at that moment. Outdated products supplied a spark to all burners, but ignited only the burner that had the gas supply open.

Electric ignition is powered from 220 volts. Its operation also depends on voltage fluctuations, which can occur quite often. If there is a power surge, you may hear a clicking sound, this usually indicates a breakdown of the igniter.

The device of high-voltage unit

The ignition does not work on the gas stove

As with any other technical device, the igniter can fail after some time. To be able to independently determine the fault and competently present the problem to a specialist, it is necessary to assimilate quite a small amount of useful information. But after a simple diagnosis, you will know for sure that it broke the mechanical ignition of the gas stove, and in simple cases you yourself will eliminate the defect.

Signs of trouble

The main symptoms of breakage of elements of the ignition system:

  • gas ignition does not occur when the appropriate button is pressed;
  • electrical discharges continue uninterrupted even when the button or knob is released;
  • clicks can be heard without sparking;
  • The circuit breaker in the panel is triggered.

The main signs of ignition failure

Parmco (NZ) Gas Hob No Ignition Spark Fix

Causes of breakage

Common causes of failure are considered to be:

  • grease and other liquids getting on the buttons and other parts of the system, which causes a short circuit;
  • contamination of the candle, which caused uneven heating or sudden cooling with subsequent cracking of the ceramic shell;
  • The ignition unit transformer has burned out due to mechanical defects or as a result of long-term operation;
  • Oxidation of the contacts occurred, preventing the circuit from closing properly.

Failure can occur during wet cleaning

How to repair the ignition switch yourself: tips

If the ignition on your gas stove doesn’t work properly, you don’t have to call a repair service right away. Try to solve the problem yourself. First you should make sure that the burners themselves are in good working order, alternately lighting them with an ordinary match. Then you need to determine whether the entire system is faulty or only the local part responsible for a particular burner. Be sure to carefully inspect all ignition elements.

Sometimes it is possible to restore performance by yourself, if you accurately identify the cause of the failure and are able to fix it. To safely make repairs, the appliance must be unplugged by pulling the plug from the socket.

Checking the spark generation unit

When dirty candles are detected, they are thoroughly cleaned. In the case of water on the ignition buttons it is recommended to wipe the moistened place with a cloth and dry with a household hair dryer. When contacts turn out to be oxidized or burnt, they are grinded to homogeneous metal.

Advice! Stripping any metal parts is easily accomplished with a fine grit emery cloth.

When to call a specialist

Not every user has the skills of a mechanic or electrician. If you can not even determine the cause of failure and do not have expertise, leave the diagnosis and subsequent repair to a professional technician. An experienced specialist will not only quickly find the source of failure and perform all mechanical work but also promptly choose a replacement part if necessary.

A professional will know exactly what’s wrong and can repair it

Tested by! Respectable repair organizations are responsible for the results of the repair and do not bring the case to repeated requests with the same problem.

The most frequent failures are candles, working in the zone of high temperatures, and ignition units. Knowing the brand of the stove, the repairman called to the house, most likely, will take the necessary spare parts with him.

Master repair services for gas stoves with automatic ignition will not be cheap, but to guarantee quality, safety and avoid the risk of additional costs associated with unqualified interference of an amateur, it is necessary to use them. This is especially relevant when working with the internal device of the appliance.

Gas stove ignition button does not work

Modern gas stoves are equipped with an automatic spark ignition function. Now to turn on the desired burner, no need to light any matches. just press the button.

Having this function not only facilitates the use of the stove, but also makes it safer. But every mechanism has its own resource, and once it is used up, it begins to malfunction.

the ignition button is not an exception, moreover, it has to operate under the constant negative influence of external factors. water, splashing grease, high temperature, etc.п.

As a result, at first the burner does not ignite at the first time, and over time, it stops working at all.

What to do if the ignition button of the gas stove is broken?

ignition, device, does, work

The easiest option is to try to fix the problem with your own hands. But to do this, you need to understand how the auto ignition mechanism works. And it consists of four main elements: the button itself, the high-voltage unit, the conductors and the spark plug.

There are two types of electric ignition:

  • automatic. when the piezoelectric elements start working in the constant mode when the switch on the control panel is turned (the spark flashes at a frequency of 50 Hz);
  • manual. when you press the special button on the control panel, the capacitor charges, and when you release the arrester produces a single spark that ignites the blue fuel.

Gas Stove Top Burners Not Lighting / Not Working

The ignition system runs on AC 220 volts and is very sensitive to voltage fluctuations, which are quite common.

We can also highlight the main reasons why the auto ignition system does not work.

  • Lack of spark on the electrodes;
  • The entire system or plug is contaminated with grease and/or water;
  • Damage to the spark plug insulation;
  • Transformer failure (spark generation unit burned out);
  • Oxidation of the button contacts;
  • Fouling of the contacts as a result of a short circuit.

It is not uncommon for interruptions to occur after washing the hob surface, when moisture gets on the starting system.

ignition, device, does, work

In this case, to fix the problem, it is enough to dry the contacts and the plug itself. If cleaning and drying did not give results, you will have to disassemble the system for more detailed diagnosis and further repair the button.

Burner doesn’t work

Often customers complain about the fact that one or more burners do not work. There may be several reasons for this:

  • clogging;
  • failure of thermocouple;
  • Lack of contact between the thermocouple and solenoid valve;
  • Failure of gas-control system;
  • Wear and tear on the spark plug;
  • damaged candle insulation.
ignition, device, does, work

Lack of timely maintenance has a significant impact. Propane-fueled equipment requires an annual technical inspection for proper operation, which includes cleaning, purging, and lubrication.

Can the ignition switch be repaired by yourself??

Some malfunctions can be solved by the user himself. However, it is worth understanding that all work must be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s own recommendations. If the product is still under warranty, you should not do anything yourself, because the employees of the service company are obliged to remove all the problems in accordance with the obligations. If any internal elements do not work, it is worth turning to professionals who will be able to say whether you need to buy new parts, or you can repair the native components and return the electric ignition to life.

To diagnose faults, ignite the burner and observe how evenly the flame burns, whether the fire is distributed over its entire surface. Normally the flame should turn purple, depending on the intensity of combustion. However, if the flame turns orange or yellow, we can immediately say that this phenomenon is abnormal and that the operation of the device is disturbed. If the flame appears only on one side, this could indicate that the flame spreader is not working properly or that the hob is standing on an uneven surface, causing a problem during operation. As a rule, the ignition switch on the gas stove does not work in this position. You can either clean the nozzle or install a new model of flame spreader. When the combustible mixture is distributed unevenly, the electric ignition will not work. This is already the system of the device itself.

All elements are connected in parallel. Power comes from the unit responsible for ignition. However, turning it on is done through the use of various buttons or levers. If the spark does not appear and the gas is open, it is worth trying to use the second button without releasing the first. If nothing happens, then the breakdown is 100% there and it is better to contact a specialist to fix such problems.

If for a long time the appliance beeps or cracks, then the problem is in the contact closure. Similar sounds can be observed when the electric ignition does not work on the Gefest gas stove. As a rule, this occurs due to the ingress of grease, products that contribute to the oxidation of the elements. To avoid this situation, you should periodically clean the hob and allow the parts to dry thoroughly. In this way you can take care of prolonging the life of the device or fix the problem. It is not recommended to forget about your own safety. Since the stove is powered by 220W, you must first disconnect it from the mains and shut off the gas supply.

Electric ignition does not work (no click, no spark)

This breakdown is not a sentence of the panel, most owners switch to matches.

No voltage in the mains; 2. The spark generation unit (ignition unit) has burned out; 3. Oxidized contacts of the power buttons.

Troubleshooting begins with checking the socket. Plugging in a known working household appliance. Contacts are visually inspected, cleaned with alcohol if necessary. If these manipulations did not help change ignition block.

About the electric ignition device and the parts that can break in it

Electric ignition is the ignition unit, which is usually installed under the panel of the hob. Wires come off of it and are connected to special candles in each burner and oven. They produce a spark when voltage is applied to them.

Different brands of stoves (Gefest, Bosch, Mora, Gorenje, Ardo, Darina) use a spark as a method of ignition of gas, but the principle of operation may differ. There are 2 types of electrical ignition:

The first technology allows you to produce a spark with the mechanical action of a person. In other words, when you press the button.

The second is simpler in its device: the ignition is triggered by an electric spark. You only need to turn the knob to start the operation.

When a breakdown occurs, the first thing to do is to check:

You can cope with a simple repair yourself. Eliminating the faulty wiring or cleaning the plug does not require any special skills. But replacing the ignition unit, adjusting the thermocouple, changing the buttons is a complicated job. For it, it is best to call a master who will do the work, guaranteeing the quality.

Why the ignition switch does not work

Block (high-voltage pulse converter) main element in the circuit is defective. Induces high-voltage pulses on the arrester. Consists of capacitors and induction coils. No parts can be repaired or exchanged. Sign: No spark on all burners.

Button or its contacts are defective as the second element in the circuit. Electric ignition device. Consists of the body and two contacts. Contact reliability not completely guaranteed, they oxidize, melt, deteriorate. Sign: does not spark when the knob is pressed.

Defective arrester (glow plug) emits short-duration electrical impulse opposite the burner’s firing hole. Crack in the insulator impairs the stability of the spark, deflects to the side. Sign: one burner doesn’t ignite.

Signs of malfunctioning electric stove ignition

Ignition does not work by pressing knob. 2. The igniter clicks and does not turn off. 3. Continues to work after releasing the handle. 4. Sparks constantly, even when the burner is off. 5. Gas stove burner does not light up well or does not light up at all. 6. The circuit breaker in the switchboard blows out when you plug it in.

There are two most common problems with automatic ignition: no spark on the electrodes or sparks without stopping; failure of the electric ignition can provoke grease on the buttons. The malfunction is corrected by cleaning and drying the components of the stove, the daisy chain of buttons and contacts.

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