The lock on the washing machine Indesite is on

Indesit washing machine malfunctions: how to decipher errors and repair codes

Specialists from workshops for equipment repair claims that modern household goods can only fix them. But using 19 built.In tips from the manufacturer, the Indusit washing machine can be eliminated by yourself.

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To do this, you need to arm the list of errors that fall out on the display and bulbs, home tools and a good mood so that everything will happen.


What to do when a snowflake burns or flashes

Please note: if a snowflake flashes on a washing machine, this is not due to the door lock and not with the failure of the control unit. Snowflake. A symbol associated with heating water for washing. Perhaps you have chosen the laundry mode in cold water. Or failed, respectively, the water entering the machine will not heat up. If the snowflake just shines, perhaps the temperature of the water is sufficient for the selected mode. If it blinks, you need to check the selected program and the temperature of the water at which washing is performed.

What to do if the lock, key or other malfunction indicator, and the machine does not work on the washing machine, does not work? It is impossible to independently determine the cause of the breakdown. The fact is that the reasons because of which the lock is on is a lot. Diagnostics should be carried out by a master who has experience with devices of this manufacturer.

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No need to rack your head why a red bulb burns on a washing machine. It is better to invite a specialist and repair or establish the work of household appliances. If you ignore this indicator, this can lead to serious breakdowns.

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What does the error mean. Signs of a problem

The cause of the Code of Error F 17 may be a loose.Closed hatch cover. At the same time, the “castle” indicator flashes, and washing does not begin.

Also, a sign of breakdown is that you install the program, but the machine does not work. What to do? Pay attention to other signals:

Luke lock device (UBB) is responsible for the safety of operation of the washing machine Indesite. Until the cover is fixed, the water fence will not begin. How to fix it and eliminate an error, we will tell you further.

Checking and eliminating the breakdown

Before checking the lock for serviceability, you need to understand the principle of operation of the castle.

As shown in the picture: after the control unit gives a signal about the door lock, the thermo element heats up with the bimetallic plate. Heated, the plate lengthens, presses on the latch. The lock is blocked. While there is electricity, the cover is securely closed.

If UBB operates normally, then the plate will cool in the absence of voltage. If there is a breakdown of the lock or the simistor of the control board, the electricity comes continuously, so the door will be recorded.

So, you can check the locking device using a power source. Another method is to use a multimeter. What does this mean?

  • Connect the tester to the lock.
  • Turn on any program and monitor the voltage.
  • There is no power. Check the contacts of the control unit with ubble.


When blinking the key in Ariston machines, you need to check:

  • Is the blocking option from children included. Maybe someone accidentally pressed the buttons or the function was forgotten to turn off;
  • The work of the control module. Should turn off the machine from the network and turn on after 10 minutes again.

Sometimes there are situations when with a flashing key indicator, there is no other indication on the ariston display. Most likely, there is a breakdown and you should check the machine according to the possible faults indicated in the instructions.

Indesit faults. Error interpretation

For washing machines manufactured in this century, the symbolism of faults is identical. Codes (there are 19) decrypted equally regardless of whether the display indes has or not.

F-01-problem with the electric motor of the washing machine.

The error is caused by the absence of network voltage, breakdown of the motor, a violation of the connection between it and the electronic Module Indesit. With this code, the established mode does not start, the drum does not rotate.

Check what

If, with the voltage disconnected, the indesit engine is difficult or the shaft is not rendered, the reason for the error in jamming. Occurs when the bearing is destroyed, lubrication, strong contamination.

F-02-incorrect operation of the Indesite engine.

Data entering the electronic unit are distorted. The Indesit washing machine turns on, but the drum does not spin, a characteristic rumble is heard.

F-03-lack of a signal from a water temperature sensor.

With such an error, the indesite is the washing cycle immediately after starting the washing machine. Heating is blocked.

Check what

Thermistor Indesit

The correctness of the operation is determined by the reaction of the termistor to the change T 0. The working device at room temperature R is about 2 kOhm, at 50 0 C approximately 1.3. It is not subject to restoration, it changes.

F-04 (07)-codes indicate a lack of water in the washing machine.

The difference is that error 04 reports a malfunction of the level sensor, and F07 is about the problem with the supply of fluid to Indesite.

F-05-problem is associated with the drain.

With such an error, Indesit is the washing machine does not push off and does not rinse the loaded underwear. It must be remembered that water remains in the tank, and before diagnostics, perform emergency drain.

Check what

Dodesit washing machine

F-06-this error Indesite informs

About the problem with the control buttons: Electronics of the washing machine does not receive commands from the panel. The code is removed by rebooting.

Check what

Supply voltage (presence, value), buttons contacts, signal circuits for the absence of a cliff, close.

F-08-Indesite error reports

About the impossibility of completing the washing process due to the lack of water heating. In 95% of cases, the malfunction is associated with the breakdown of the heater.

Check what

With such a code, it is not recommended to use an indesite. A critical error.

Expert opinion

F-09-problem with the control module (memory error)

The washing machine does not respond to commands. If the reloading of the electronics indesite does not help, the replacement of the unit or processor flashing is required.

F-10-error says

About violation with water bay. Washing stops after filling the tank. The sensor reports that the car capacity is empty.

Check what

Checking the operation is easy. Multimeter probes join the contacts, and the port is clamped with lips. With breaths, exhalations, the resistance changes from 0 to fter, characteristic clicks are heard.

F-11-according to the signs, such an error Indesite is similar to code 05.

But the reason is unambiguous. The pump does not work. The washing machine does not perform squirrels, draining.

F-12-An error informs of a violation of “visibility”

Between the control panel and the electronic module (“brain” Indesite). If the reboot (simultaneously pressing the start buttons and vkl) does not help, and signal circuits without damage, contact the service.


Only for indesite with drying function. Appear when moving from a spin regime to the final stage.

Malfunction of the temperature sensor of drying.

Problem with the relay of the heating element.

In washing machines without drying errors indicate a malfunction of the indication or control module.

F-16-error for Indesite

With vertical loading, it informs of incorrect data from the airborne drum parking sensor of the washing machine. Signs. Indesite does not start washing or stops without working out the program.

F-17-Code appears

If the House of Indesit does not close tightly (for Indesit with the “light door” function). The switch does not work, and the module does not receive a signal about the readiness of the washing machine.


Yandex translator interprets the English word door like a hatch, door. Such an error indes is largely similar to F17. Indicates incomplete closure of the loading hatch, the absence of its blocking. Electronics of the washing machine does not fix the readiness of the lubricants for the cycle, does not allow the development of the program. If it is already launched, the control board gives a command to the emergency stop Indesit.

Luke of Washing Machine Indesit

lock, washing, machine, indesite

The castle flashes in the washing machine

Why is the lock indicator in the washing machine flashing

? This is a sure sign of a malfunction. Let’s look at the possible reasons, since there are several of them. This breakdown usually manifests itself like this. When the washing machine is turned on, the lock indicator flashes, but washing does not begin. Over, when you turn off the machine from the network and the following turning on, the problem does not leave. Or it happens that the castle light flashes and it seems to be washing, but the machine confuses the programs, erases the wrong program that is selected, with the wrong temperature, etc.D.

It is worth noting that in our experience a problem is when the castle flashes on the washing machine

lock, washing, machine, indesite

Indesit washing machine not starting up faulty door switch interlock

, It is more often manifested in stamps such as Indesite, Samsung, Bosch. But do not think that these cars are unreliable. Just in other brands about this breakdown can show an error in other ways, for example, on the display.

If the hatch lock indicator flashes

On the panel of the washing machine, first of all, it may seem that the reason lies in the failed lock. “Luke locking device”. But it is not always the case. Why?

The fact is that in earlier models of washing machines the design was easier. This is both a plus and minus. The plus is that these models are of good reliability. But the disadvantage is that the self.Diagnosis system and the detection of errors in these washing machines are quite primitive, so it can show incorrect data.

So what could be the reason when the lock on the panel blinks:

The lock itself on the door is faulty. Yes, when diagnosing, usually the repair master checks the check from this module. Иногда может засорится отверстие замка и в этом случае все обойдется чисткой. But often there is a need to replace a new part.

Failed heater (tubular electric heater) can also cause this error when the lock bulb flashes. Usually, with this breakdown, the car is erasing, but the lock indicator is on fire. And it happens that it freezes and does not wash.

The completely failed heater of the washing machine requires replacement

The heating element has burned out in the washing machine. It is required to replace the heater

Flapsed the water pressure sensor in the tank. It serves to determine the amount of water in the tank necessary for washing. Over time, it may begin to work incorrectly and cause this error. If the problem is in it, then it is usually not subject to repair, but changes to a new.

The module (control board) failed). The reason for the module burning can be either a jump in the network (which is quite often in our homes), and water/moisture enters the board and contacts. But do not be upset. In most cases, you will not need to buy a new fee and you can repair your native.

As you can see, the reasons for blinking the lock indicator on the washing machine panel are many. In any case, only diagnostics by the master can show the exact malfunction.

Contact our service center. Do not postpone the solution, but call right now by phone 8

And call the master at home. We will be happy to help you and return your washing machine to working condition!

Luke lock device

There are heat matches and electromagnetic locks. The latter can only be found in outdated Indesite models. Currently, the manufacturer prefers devices, the fundamental element of which is a sensitive bimetal plate sensitive to heating. All components of this design are enclosed in a closed plastic case.

In this case there are: a heat.Sensitive metal plate on the spring; a small element on which voltage is supplied, a warming plate; contacts; a pin that blocks the mobile part in contact with the hatch hook.

Until the washing cycle has begun, the metal hook of the hatch freely enters the opening of the castle. At any time you can open the tank again with one click of your hand. After the program starts, voltage is supplied to the resistor, the temperature of the bimetallic plate increases, and it changes the shape. In this case, a special pin in contact with it enters the groove and blocks the mobile element that affects the movements of the hook. With the deformation of the bimetallic plate, the contacts are closed, and the electronic module receives a signal about the trial of ubble.

The door is blocked until the voltage is removed from the plate and it does not cool. That is why the hatch does not immediately open after washing. If the module does not receive a blocking signal, washing will not begin.

Call our master at home for free: 7-982-231-69-66.

The main malfunctions of the LG washing machines

According to statistics, breakdown of LG washing machines with direct drive occurs after five years of operation. To understand where to start searching for a malfunction, we will analyze how the direct.Wheel drive cm and standard machine work.

Look at the LG washing machine circuit:

In the first case, the drum rotation is provided using a drive belt. In the second. The drum rotates the engine directly. Such a motor also does not have brushes that constantly wear out. With a breakdown, you immediately determine that the reason is in the motor, and not adjacent details.

We dismantled the principle of operation, now we will consider which nodes most often fail:

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