The microwave in the upper cabinet is convenient

Is it possible to put a microwave on an oven?

It is forbidden to install microwaves near the heating devices, kitchen slabs or ovens. Please note that the microwave was away from the TV, computer and other household appliances.

It is impossible to install a microwave near high temperatures and steam sources. Therefore, you should not put the stove near the oven or stove. To ensure proper heat transfer and ventilation, you can install a microwave oven at a distance of at least 8 cm. From side walls and 10 cm.

The height of built.In microwave ovens

How to install a built.In microwave

The built.In microwave saves space in the kitchen, practical, aesthetic. The correct operation of the device depends on its correct installation. It is important to choose a place of installation, take into account the neighborhood with another household appliances, observe the safety rules. We will figure out how to install a built.In microwave oven with your own hands.

Microwave ovens are simple, with a minimum set of functions (heating and defrosting) and complex, which prepare grilled dishes and have many additional options. The technique equipped with a convection system can replace the oven. The method of installing a microwave depends on its type, as well as the installation site.

The installation in the kitchen set is considered a classic option. In modern furniture, special sections are provided for various types of household appliances or a microwave cabinet along with a kitchen kit. The equipment is placed above the stove, under the countertop, in the upper closet or another place.

It is possible to install a device in a niche of drywall. This method is more laborious. It is planned during the repair. The microwave oven is selected in advance, the niche is made under the size of the equipment, while thinking over what additional places will be filled with.

The modern version of the placement of built.In appliances is installation in a drawer of kitchen furniture. This is a separate line of models, the body of which is designed for such installation. To use the technique, the box is put forward from the facade. This method is convenient to use, saves a lot of free space.

Attention. Microwave ovens in a drawer have a significant drawback-a very high cost.

There are much more options for placing ordinary separate microwaves. They are placed on the countertop or other flat surface. But they take up a lot of space. To save space, an ordinary microwave oven is also built into kitchen furniture. In this case, take into account important nuances.

So that the microwave does not overheat during operation, it provides a full.Fledged circulation of air. Therefore, it cannot be placed in a too narrow niche, where the flow of cold air masses and the removal of warm. The built.In model does not require gaps, since circulation is implemented through the front panel. For conventional equipment, full air exchange is considered the main condition for proper use.

The size of the niche for a separate electrical appliances depends on its dimensions. For standard models, the height, the width and depth of the shelf should be greater than the stove, 10 cm. For technology with convection, the depth of the niche is 10 cm more, the height and width are 20 cm.

The furnace is installed next to the outlet. Use the extension cord for connection is not recommended. Observe the distance from other household appliances (refrigerator, hobs, etc.), it should be at least 45 cm.

Basic rules that should be considered during the installation of microwaves

In order for the built.In device to serve for a long time and without failures, the following rules are observed during installation:

How To Install A Microwave [Over-The-Range Style]

  • The microwave oven is not placed near the sink, hob, battery and other heating devices. Since the effects of high temperatures and humidity negatively affect the condition and operation of the technique.
  • When placing a device next to the oven, a gap is left so that hot air from the oven does not affect the cooling system of the furnace.
  • They plan access to the electric network in advance. Use a separate outlet with grounding. Connect the device to the extension cord or the tee is not recommended.
  • The power cord is not clamped or twisted. They leave free access to him.
  • Once every 3 months, check the equipment for serviceability, integrity of the wiring and body;
  • Periodically clean the fan holes without using abrasive products.

Basic rules on placement

Since you have to use a microwave oven often, then the place of its placement should be treated with due attention.

microwave, upper, cabinet, convenient
  • Optimal height from the floor-60-150 cm;
  • You can not put next to the stove, the oven, the radiator and other heated devices;
  • Place so that you can easily reach your hand;
  • Do not put the microwave oven next to the sink;
  • Take care so that nothing prevents the opening and closing of the door;
  • Ventilation holes cannot be blocked. Usually they are on the top panel. If particles of food, water gets there, the device can burn;
  • Do not store interior items and kitchen accessories on the device.

At the stage of planning kitchen furniture, it is worth taking care of the place for the microwave. Modern headsets are ready and to order, often already have a special shelf for the device.

Between the warehouse zones

When installing the microwave, you can use the module-column for the location of the microwave oven. Such a piece of furniture, called us with a pencil case, goes with the lockers of the top and drawers below.

You need to try to keep the microwave at the most convenient height, about 90 cm above the floor, so that it is convenient to use a household device.

Additional options

The comfort of using technology depends not only on the main functions, but also on the little things. Everything. From opening the door to the materials of the internal chamber. Matters.

The maximum timer time is important if you plan to use the microwave for cooking dishes. Varies mainly from 30 minutes to several hours. If you like recipes with long languishing, choose from 90 minutes and above, so that you do not have to manually start work again.

The start of the start is not present in all models, but it can come in handy if you clearly plan your time and do not like to be distracted by household matters. You can, for example, in the morning to put the meat in the morning by programming the inclusion of the microwave for the evening. A delicious, hot dinner for your arrival is ready.

Sound shutdown. All microwaves report the end of the cooking cycle by a sound signal. But this can become an obstacle if the house has a small child with a sensitive sleep or you live not alone in the studio apartment. Let this be not the most important option, but sometimes very pleasant.

microwave, upper, cabinet, convenient

Built.In microwaves have an attractive facade and a “draft” case, which is completely hidden in furniture. The front part of the device can be made in a variety of styles-from strict steel high-tech to vanilla Provence with bronze pens. To choose a model for the general style of the kitchen and the rest of the technique will not be difficult.

microwave, upper, cabinet, convenient

If we talk about structural features, it is worth mentioning that by no means all modern microwaves have a traditional door opening. Now many models are presented with a door leaning from above-down in the manner of an oven. The choice depends solely on your convenience. True, it is worth considering the height of the location of the microwave. If it is installed too high, the folding door can create significant inconvenience.

The diameter of the pallet will dictate to you the possibility of using one or another dishes. Usually it is in microwave from 24 to 32, less often 36 cm. There are pallets and more, but it is already a rarity. Pay attention to this detail if you do not just plan to cook in it, but also in large volumes. Due to the fact that the pallet during the work of the microwave is spinning, using dishes, which is significantly more than the pallet is strictly not recommended.

By the way, modern microwaves are often equipped not only by a spinning pallet, but also by baking sheets at different levels.

How to make a 30” upper cabinet with 30” microwave cabinet

Inside the chamber of microwaves are usually covered with either stainless steel or enamel.

Enamel is more budget, it is easy to wash, looks nice (if it is important for you to admire the device inside). It cannot be cleaned with powders, hard brushes. Over time, she can rally a little and provoke rust in places of cracks.

Stainless steel is much more practical. It is much easier to wash a bold plaque or soup from a plate. Over the years, nothing happens to her. With too hard cleaning, abrasives can be slightly scratched, but this will not affect operational qualities in any way. It is worth noting that it is from stainless steel that most models of built.In microwaves were made.

Blocking from children does not need representations. Of course, microwaves automatically turn off when the door is opened. But in order to avoid unwanted children’s experiments and other unforeseen circumstances, the blocking function is still a necessary and useful thing.

Is it possible to put the microwave on the refrigerator?

The amount of technology in modern kitchens has recently increased significantly, while it is not easy to fit all devices in a small area. In this regard, many users have the question: is it possible to put the microwave on the refrigerator?

Microwave, like a refrigerator is an isolated device. This means that microwaves spread exclusively in the internal space of the device. And the cooled air generated by the refrigerator does not go beyond the chambers. Thus, this technique can theoretically be adjacent to each other.

But in fact, there are a number of arguments against the installation of a microwave on the refrigerator:

  • The distance from the microwave to the ceiling should be at least 20 cm, which is not always possible to achieve.
  • With prolonged and frequent use of the microwave, a lot of warm air is released, which makes it difficult to cool the products by the neighboring unit.
  • The risk of overturning the preheated liquid or food increases.
  • If the refrigerator is installed unevenly, it vibrates greatly. This can lead to a displacement and even a fall in the microwave.
  • In some models of microwave ovens, ventilation holes are below. And if you fasten the device of the legs, it cannot stand steadily on the refrigerator.

Having assessed the situation, some users decide to place the microwave next to the refrigerators. In this case, the devices will not affect each other’s functioning.

How to embed a regular microwave in the kitchen?

Place the device in the cabinet, remove the cord, insert the network fork into the outlet. Install the frame if it is provided with a complete set for a built.In furnace. How to fix it, it will be possible to learn from the instruction manual. In the case of a conventional microwave. No decorative framework.

Dishes designed specifically for microwave ovens are marked by the Microwave note or corresponding iconograms. Usually on the icons shows a microwave. If the icon is crossed out, then the dishes cannot be used in the microwave.

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