The microwave sharply stopped warming the microwave

What to do if the microwave warms up for a long time. The advice of the master

If, after the next turning on the furnace, everything works as usual, but warms the microwave unacceptably long, or warm it through time. Do not rush to contact the workshop or change the right assistant to a new model. The reasons that the microwave does not warm well are sometimes so simple that they are eliminated in a few minutes. Usually they are easy to eliminate on their own if you try to figure out this issue.

The reasons why the microwave does not warm, as a new one, can be internal and external. In the first case, it will require disassembly of the furnace and, possibly, a calling the master. In the second, to eliminate problems is enough for its strength.

Reduced voltage of the mains

With a decrease in voltage less than 220 V, the power of microwave radiation falls. Therefore, the microwave warms weakly, and with a further drop in voltage (for LG furnaces at least 200 V), magnetron ceases to work. The problem occurs with the instability of the network voltage or due to the overload of the outlet, if several working devices are connected to it at the same time. In the first case, the problem is solved by the purchase of a stabilizer, in the second. Laying of individual power lines for each device.

Quiet fit the door

Over time, the latrins holding the microwave door in the closed position wear out, so the gap forms between it and the body. Cold air entering the camera prevents the rapid heating of food, as it also has to be heated. After the repair or replacement of the latches, the microwave works as expected.

Incorrect selection of mode

If on the eve of the microwave was used to defrost the products, and then they tried to warm up or cook food in it without switching the mode, then nothing will work out of this. In defrosting mode, it is impossible to heat the food to the desired temperature. In this case, you do not need to think what to do, but simply do not forget to set the appropriate mode. Check the installation of the mode. It is most convenient to heat up in average mode.

Incorrect counting time timer

This malfunction often occurs in microwaves Samsung. “Hursing” timer disables the furnace earlier, preventing the products from warming up. In this case, you will have to go to the workshop.

microwave, stopped, warming

Violation of the inverter

The problem is characteristic only for inverter furnaces. The inverter is designed to save electricity, but as a result of the failure it begins to “abuse” this. The campaign to the master is provided.

Troubleshooting Sharp microwave made in 1988

Town magnetron

The warranty period of the normal operation of the magnetron during intensive operation is 5-7 years. Devices produced in China rarely reach a year, so even a little working oven shortly after acquisition begins to warmly warm. But Chinese microwaves have one advantage. They are cheap. During operation, the magnetron cathode gradually loses the ability to radiate electrons in the right amount (loses issue).

Accordingly, the power of microwaves is reduced, which over time becomes not enough for normal heating. In principle, the issue can be restored, but this requires complex equipment that most service centers do not have. Therefore, the magnetron will have to be changed independently or with the help of a specialist.

With independent repair, the microwave oven is unable to turn off the outlet! After removing the casing, all the capacitors are discharged by close the findings of the Irceled Wire. It should be kept by isolation.

Temporarily, there is no new one, you can restore the performance of an old magnetron by replacing a high.Voltage capacitor with the same capacity.

How is the microwave oven

To make repairs with your own hands, when the breakdown is caused by the refusal of any part, you need to know how the microwave works. High.Frequency radiation, which warms up food, is created by a magnetron connected to a rectangular wave. Depending on the model, it is closed from the side of the camera with a piece of mica or a plastic lid.

High.Voltage power supply provides a transformer using a multiplier consisting of a capacitor and diode. Protection against overloads and short circuits is carried out by a fuse installed in the high voltage circuit.

The magnetron is cooled with a fan. Heated air through the duct enters the chamber, which helps to accelerate heating. To remove excess air and steam in the chamber, the holes are made impermeable for high.Frequency oscillations.

To exclude the ability to turn on the oven with an open door, a lock is installed on micro.Transcripts. Nuts are supplied through them when they are turned on by pressing the latches installed on the door when it closes. When opening, the power is turned off instantly.

Depending on the manufacturer, the number of switches is from 2 to 5. They are used in the circuits for turning on the furnace and regulation of power. A common reason why the microwave does not warm is a damaged micro.Transcript in the magnetron control scheme. To backlight the camera, the lamp installed in the opening of the duct is turned on.

Working commands are selected on the control panel. The choice is made by mechanical switches, or using a microprocessor. Digital control is made on buttons or a touch option is used. In the case of a breakdown of the panel without skills to work with electronics, it will not work to repair it. But check if any wire has bounced-accessible to everyone.

What to do if MVP warms the dishes, not food

If your assistant, instead of the contents of the plate, heats her herself, most likely you have chosen unsuitable dishes. SCHA dishes should not contain metal, many water molecules, not heat.Resistant plastic, melanin. These materials interact with electromagnetic waves, heat up, melt, and shiny metal objects reflect particles, an electric arc occurs, which can cause a fire, short circuit. Therefore, purchase special heat.Resistant dishes with marking for microwave.

The microwave warms the dishes, not food? Read in detail here.

We have listed the main causes of such a problem as the lack of heating in the microwave. Remember the safety precautions. We wish you a successful and easy repair!

The main malfunctions

If the microwave does not warm, buzzes or make other strange sounds, then the elements inside are damaged. You can detect and fix the cause yourself if you know the main signs of damage to a particular microwave element. First of all, you need to turn off the microwave oven from the network and carefully study the instructions for it. The manual should have a device for the device of the device, where all the main elements are indicated.


First of all, you need to unscrew the back cover. The fuse is a metal thread enclosed in a glass or ceramic tube. There are several in microwaves. Most often 2.

You need to see whether the fuses are whole or not. Faulty are immediately noticeable: they swell or become black, the thread bends. If there is nothing suspicious in appearance, then you need to make a resistance test. For measurement, you will need an octimeter.

The fuse must be replaced with a new. In order not to make a mistake when buying, you need to take an old sample with you. It is undesirable to try to solve the problem in some other way-the probability of a fire with a damaged fuse is quite large


One of the most common reasons why food warms up too weak is a faulty capacitor. This breakdown is the cause of the noise and buzz of the microwave. To check the condition of the capacitor, an ohmmeter is required. You must first wait for the capacitor to completely discharger. What the measurement results indicate:

  • The resistance is weak. It means that the part is faulty;
  • The arrow of the measuring device does not move from the place. The contacts of the container are absent;
  • If the arrow froze on the “ughter” sign or slightly deviated from this mark, which means that the capacitor is working.

High.Voltage diode

The diode malfunction at home is not easy due to the complexity of the resistance measurement procedure. You can verify a malfunction using a high.Voltage capacitor that is associated with the diode. If the condensate remains cold, then the diode is faulty. Another indicator of the malfunction is a burned fuse. Strong hum when turning on and at the time when the microwave heat warms up food, also indicates a diode malfunction. The element needs to be replaced.


The purpose of the magnetron is the generation of an electric field of a high frequency, thanks to which the products are heated inside the chamber. EM lamps can be damaged. To make sure of this, you need to open the body of the electromagnetic lamp. Then it is necessary to measure the voltage in the transformer. Any deviation from mark 220 V talks about a malfunction. The broken element must be replaced.

Magnetron malfunction is the most common reason why the microwave does not warm. You can recognize the breakdown of the magnetron by strong hum and noise during the work of the microwave. There are no signs of burning out (the lamp shines inside, there are no sparks). Then you need to open the body and conduct a visual examination of the magnetron. If there are no visible damage and a specific smell, then you need to use an ohmmeter. If the magnetron has burned out, then you need to buy a new one, exactly the same as the previous.

Identification and elimination of faults

One of the reasons for the incorrect operation of the microwave is the uneven distribution of the load. If the relay does not cope, then the differences after a jump in voltage can lead to the fact that the microwave does not turn on. Therefore, it is worth constantly monitoring whether the relay works correctly. After all, this can lead to a breakdown of the transformer, and this is already a repair of a more complicated plan.

Replacement of fuses

The operation of the microwave provides for periodic diagnostics of its key devices. We are talking about a transformer, capacitor, fuse and other technical elements. If during overheating the microwave does not turn off, then the fuse does not cope with its function. Also, in the future, when the fuse is burned, the microwave does not turn on. This indicates the need to replace this part.

Checking the capacitor

In a working microwave, it is worth carrying out a complex of diagnostic measures so that its operation is long and high.Quality.

As we have already noted, the reasons that the microwave oven is not varied. Therefore, checking the capacitor should be a periodic diagnostic action, which will protect your device from more serious breakdowns.

Checking the transformer

If the microwave cannot be launched as usual, it is worth looking for reasons for components. If the furnace does not turn on at all. Most likely, the problem is in the transformer. In the service center, the master checks the work of the transformer. If a breakdown is detected in it, this part changes to a new.

Solving the problem with the fuse

Replacing the fuse is not a serious problem, but if you ignore it, this can lead to a more larger breakdown. The fuse allows you to protect the furnace from many factors that can affect its work. Therefore, we recommend that you constantly monitor the condition of the fuses and change them if necessary.

The way out of the system of magnetron

If the magnetron flew in the microwave, then this is considered the most unpleasant type of breakdown. After all, we are talking about details that leads the temperature regime and its stream in this particular device. Optimally, the magnetron works in the native device. When replacing the magnetron, some malfunctions in work may be noted, so this part should be selected with special care.

Determination and elimination of faults

A huge number of reasons why the microwave oven does not warm, can be found and solved quickly and in a timely manner. First of all, it is necessary to prepare some tools in advance. A screwdriver, measuring devices. These include an ohmmeter. A device that will perfectly cope with the process of diagnosing problems in the microwave.

The microwave works, but warms poorly? Ways to eliminate breakdowns:

  • Incorrectly marked mode. Using the instructions, set the desired command (“heating”); Turn on the oven for a while and make sure that the products are heated. The problem is solved.
  • Insufficient voltage. Take care of installing an uninterruptible power source.
  • Problems with the normal functioning of the door. Replace the details.

If the microwave of the patchwork is no longer pleasing, does not cope with direct tasks, first refer to the instructions in which there is a list of tips and valuable recommendations why the stove is out of order. If you have not found a useful answer, check the point like voltage. If everything is in order, turn off the oven from the network and check the other elements. Microswitches.

In some situations, to restore the non.Working microwave of Samsung or a device from another manufacturer is impossible. Even the elimination of magnetron malfunctions is too financially a costly process. It is more rational to purchase new equipment.

Serious causes of malfunction of the microwave

If you checked, went through all of the above, why the microwave does not work? The reason may be much more serious. And demand the same serious repair of internal details of technology.


Fuse in the microwave oven

We continue to find out why the microwave works, but does not warm. Here, perhaps, is the most “light” version of all possible. Fuse. He is thought out to take “all the fire on yourself”, protect more expensive and valuable elements from damage. You will find it in a protective case. The element is visually similar to a glass cone with iron caps. If the fuse is blackened, if the smell of Gary is heard from it, you need a replacement. Also, do not forget to check the presence of voltage by means of an ohmmeter or other tester.

The reason that the microwave stopped warming: sometimes inside this “cone” departs of wiring. The cap is removed from the fuse and solder the “escaped” wire to place. This is enough in most cases to return the microwave to working condition.

Money plate

Microwave microwave

The microwave stopped warm, but works? We look at the mica plate. This element is located on the lateral inner wall of the furnace. You can check its condition without even taking out the technique. If the plate is on the plate a thick layer of fat or fog, then when heated you will hear a crack and even notice the sparks. When a mica plate is not cleaned at all, you can even wait for a fire inside the kitchen device.

Again, you need to solve the problem with the help of ordinary “sandpaper”. Remove the plate by unscrewing it with a screwdriver, clean it with a “skin” to a decent state. Return back, check the functioning of the technique. If the element is so launched that the holes are visible in it, you can only correct the situation by the acquisition and installation of a new plate.


Magnetron in the microwave

The next reason why the microwave does not warm does not warm is the magnetron. If the matter is in it, this is a serious problem, since magnetron are the most important components of microwave devices. There may be several types of malfunctions at once:

  • Too weak contacts. To eliminate the malfunction, it is enough to press them better with pliers.
  • On the cap of the antenna of the element, burning or frozen metal may bake. Peel the interference with ordinary sandpaper. In order for the device to work without complaints, it is better to clean the cap until it starts to shine. So you will improve the conductivity, and with it and heating.
  • If you notice the hole in the cap in the cap, then remove it. Check in what condition the metal element. If he is intact, then you need to replace the cap. But if damage to the metal is visible, then there are two solutions. Either replace the expensive component of the magnetron, or buy a new stove.

Loud Microwave that won’t heat. How to fix


The condenser of the microwave

The microwave does not warm, and the light burns. Why? If the device not only ceased to warmly warm the food, but also greatly rustles, most likely, burned out, the capacitor broke down. To confirm the correctness of this version, measure the resistance by the tester:

microwave, stopped, warming
  • If the arrow does not move, the element is completely non.Working;
  • If the arrow is deviated a little, the part is “punched”, you also need replacement;
  • If the arrow goes to infinity, the element of the worker, the cause of the other.

The microwave diode

When it is a diode, the device is very buzzing, but the microwave does not warm food. If you touch the plot at the capacitor with your hand, it will be atypically hot. It is impossible to check the work of the diode by home, so even if it is suspected of malfunction, it is simply changed.


Microwave transformer

If the microwave warms poorly, smoke is noticeable, then the matter is definitely in the transformer. First of all, the winding is checking: while the device works, the voltage should not drop below 220 V. Otherwise, an interval circuit is supposed to. If there is a proper education and skills, you can make a new winding yourself.


Inverter of the microwave

The microwave stopped warming what to do? It may be required to replace the inverter. This is a built.In system that can determine the temperature of the products placed in the camera, choose a suitable heating mode for them. Special sensors help this. If they are faulty, then the unit simply will not be able to warm up food properly. The inverter is not particularly “wise”: if it is faulty, replaced with a new part.


The microwave timer

If this element of the system is broken, then it begins to “independently” decide how much heating lasts and whether this procedure starts at all. What to do if the microwave does not warm? To replace timers, they contact specialized centers.

Malfunctions of the touch buttons of the control panel

If the control panel ignores the pressing of the buttons, then:

microwave, stopped, warming
  • Contacts in the keyboard. If the buttons are sold, you can return the form to them with an additional tape layer.
  • The connection between the contacts and the train has disappeared. Examine connectors, terminals, contacts. To clean, if necessary, restore communication.
  • The conductive paths of the film membrane broke. The breaks are easy to restore with the help of conductive glue, it is advisable to organize additional protection of paths from moisture and close.

The main causes of breakdowns

Do not forget that natural wear is quite normal, and if the technique is already more than 10-15 years old, breakdown are quite expected. Also, users themselves who do not comply with the rules of use are often to blame, although there is nothing complicated in them:

  • Avoid the use of metal dishes or plates with gilding.
  • Do not launch a stove with an empty camera.
  • Warm only permitted products. For example, it is not recommended to load eggs and fruits or vegetables in the peel into the camera. This is fraught with an explosion of the product.

So, we found out why the microwave may not turn on or on the contrary. To work continuously. With independent manipulations, observe safety precautions, or better, contact a specialist. If you have learned something new of the operating rules, be sure to note. Successful use!

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