The new refrigerator clicks when Samsung

The refrigerator clicks: what’s the problem?

If clicks are heard during the compressor rest, most likely sounds arise due to the deformation of materials when cooling and heating. Both plastic details and tubes of the “crying” evaporator can crack. There is nothing wrong with such noise. The design of the refrigerator takes into account the possible expansion and compression of the materials, and this will not lead to breakdowns.

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If you hear clicks when turning on or off the refrigerator, it is most likely the sound of a thermostat. Some models of temperature sensors are more sonorous and they are quite heard quite well. This is not considered a breakdown. However, if this is exactly your case, the refrigerator should click from the first hours of work in your home.

The first thing to check if you hear unusual sounds. Whether the refrigerator freezes at all? If everything is visually in order, the temperature reaches a given value, then clicks can be accompanied by the following malfunctions:

Clicks are heard when the electromechanical refrigerator is turned on, while the engine does not turn on at all.

Matching a thermostat. Normally, this sensor transfers information about the temperature to the control module, which gives the motor the command to turn on or off. The thermostat always works with clicking sounds, but in the event that due to the failures the motor does not start and does not begin to make noise, clicks are heard especially clearly.

Clicks are heard when the refrigerator is turned on, the motor tries to start, but immediately stops, the light in the refrigerator burns.

The motor-compressor is faulty. The broken motor begins to work, does not buzz for long, after which it overheats. As a result, a launcher is triggered and the compressor turns off with a characteristic click with a characteristic click.

Clicks are periodically audible, the motor does not start, it is dark in the refrigerator.

Clicks are heard before the motor stops. The refrigerator freezes normally, the light burns.

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When clicks are not a problem

If the refrigerator clicks, this is not always a reason for concern. Когда звуки отчетливо слышны после отключения и разморозки, они свидетельствуют о деформации материала при изменении температуры в камерах. This is a normal phenomenon, so the repair is not required. Such inherent in recently acquired units. Over time, the noise will disappear.

Clicks can make the walls of the camera, tubes, plastic parts. Experts do not attribute them to deviations during the work of technology. This is observed due to the difference in temperature. As soon as the optimal mode is established inside the unit, the sounds will stop.

The temperature controller can click in the refrigerator. This phenomenon is inherent in models with a mechanical control system. Sounds are heard from the very beginning of operation, so they do not require attention. Perhaps over time, the details will work and rustling will not become so loud.

To make sure of the serviceability of technology, you need to do the following:

  • Inspect the unit inside and out;
  • Check if the cameras are frozen;
  • See if there is water under the device;
  • Study the control panel for errors.

In the absence of the smell of burning plastic causes there is no concern. However, you should observe the technique. If the clicks become more intense, you need to call the master for diagnosis.

When the new technique crackles during work, this is considered a normal phenomenon.

Details are developed to each other, and materials are adapted to low temperatures.

Within 2-4 weeks, the crack should disappear. If it does not stop, you should contact the service center for diagnosis. A number of models have a characteristic sound during work and there is nothing wrong with this.

The technique can make unusual sounds due to the circulating freon. Ariston, Samsung related to the budget class has this feature. Nothing can be done with this problem, over time it does not disappear.

Short guide for the diagnosis of household appliances

The four simple steps described will help to understand what the problem of clicks in the working unit:

  • Contact a professional. This approach to solving a problem in almost 100 % of the case helps to achieve a successful resolution of the issue. The specialist will be able to figure out why the refrigerator is cracking, eliminate the malfunction, competently finding out the cause of the breakdown and qualitatively eliminating the lack of work of the refrigerator.
  • Check the equipment for the work and the state of connection to the mains. You can take a photograph in the places of exit of the power wire from the housing, the entrance of the wire into the plug and the outlet, in which you include the electrical appliance. These data can be remotely sent to a repair workshop or warranty office, applying a detailed description of the problem to them. Perhaps they will be able to help you at a distance.
  • If you are wondering why the Know Frost refrigerator is cracking, the reason is most likely in the evaporator tubes, which, in contact with each other, give out a sound similar to a click. This phenomenon is explained by a temperature jump between them and a metal sheet to which the tubes are attached. The sounds of this origin during the refrigerator are regarded as a normal phenomenon and do not mean anything bad.
  • Why is the refrigerator “Ariston”, “Samsung” (“Nou Frost” and other models), it becomes clear after the study of the unit. Sometimes this happens due to insulation or device case. With loud and distinct clicks, it is better to deliver the device to the service.

Remember! Cooperating with a courier company and a group of movers, before sending household appliances to the service, inspect it for scratches and damage to transportation and take several distinct photos proving the integrity of the device case. There are cases of unscrupulous work of personnel, and in this case you can easily prove that your unit had a presentation before transportation.

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What malfunctions can be

Relay is a design that partially controls the operation of the unit, and is launched in the power chain with the first. If there is no light in the mode on and unpleasant sounds are made, then an urgent replacement of the launcher.Protective relay is needed.

Frequent cause of clicks of the refrigerator is a weakening of the motor fastening. Comes from strap stretching. This problem appears due to improper care (incomplete defrosting, the ice does not melt completely and the device is again connected to the network), also the premature overload of the belts comes from insufficient relaxation, due to rare defrosting.

Refrigerator motor

When the motor is in recreation mode, it comes into contact with the inner wall of the unit, making clicks at a fast pace. You can fix the situation with your own hands by slightly tilting the refrigerator so that the motor does not touch the body. If the clicks remain, you need to adjust the location of the spring, which is inside the device.

If in the case of a compressor breakdown there are clicks, the unit does not freeze at all, the light does not burn, this indicates a serious malfunction. The compressor function is to compress the air for further transmission to another unit department.

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Thermostat is a device that transmits a signal about temperature changes to the control unit, subsequently giving a response to the motor to turn off or ignition. When damage, you need to replace the thermostat with a new device, clicks in this case will disappear.

Why is a new refrigerator cracking

The refrigerator does not apply to silent devices. The technique is constantly making noise due to a powerful engine. However, sometimes it happens that extraneous sounds are heard, which had not previously been. Most often the owners observe clicks. In most cases, experts do not attribute them to problems. But it is better to find out why the refrigerator is cracking to take the necessary measures.

The compressor lacks air

Here the problem may also concern the layout. The unit is moved very close to the wall, furnished with various furniture. The back wall, the case itself is in contact with objects and the required amount of air does not enter the condenser.

The compressor works with overload, the evaporator does not rest. There is a vibration and a knock. All this is transmitted to other nodes and to the case itself. Sounds can come not even from the compressor, but also from the transformer or valve.

Another cause of noise is the compressor motor. You can touch the engine with your hand and, if the temperature is higher than usual, immediately call the wizard for diagnosis. The noise of the refrigerator after replacing the compressor or motor, will already be similar to the working.%MCEPASTEBIN%

There is a version that the refrigerator with two compressors works very quietly, unlike analogues, but with one. In fact, this is a regular marketing move, aimed to increase for such modifications. Devices with one compressor work with the same noise range.

The main reasons and ways to eliminate the cod of the refrigerator

Why in the refrigerator there is a crack, only people who are versed in the device will be answered with accuracy. No extraneous sounds during the work of the refrigerator indicate its breakdown. In some cases, they can be eliminated independently. The main thing is to deal with the factors provoking the appearance of cod and clicks.

Clicks during operation

The reasons for the appearance of clicks during the operation of the equipment are several.

  • Compressor operation (the device is designed to maintain the required temperature, while the noise level is indicated in the device passport).
  • The crack of plastic sheathing due to changes in temperature (when setting the optimal mode, the sound stops).
  • Friction of elements.
  • Circulation through the pipes of the refrigerated agent.
  • At the time of turning on and disconnecting the engine, the thermostat clicks (the volume depends on the model and brand of freezer equipment).
  • Uneven surface (clicks occur due to subsidence or malfunction of adjusting supports).
  • The thermostat malfunction (the technique does not freeze during operation, before the specialist arrives, the refrigerator needs to be turned off so that the engine is not damaged).
  • The failure of the engine-compressor motor (when turned on in the rear of the equipment, creaks, cracks, the engine makes a rumble and you feel an unpleasant odor. In this case, it is also worth turning off the unit from the outlet and wait for the master arrival).
  • The exhausted compressor mount (a loud click occurs before disconnecting from power. You can eliminate the problem by adjusting the springs supporting the compressor).
  • Figus of the heater of the evaporator (the resulting ice creates a load on the compressor work).
  • Contact of details with motor tubes.
  • Examination of compressor shock absorbers.

For reference! Sometimes the cause of the cod lies in the fork. You can only fix the problem with a replacement for a new. The detail cannot be wrapped with electrical tape. This is a potential source of fire.

Cracking but does not work

The main reasons include the following factors.

  • Damage of the thermostat (this node when the refrigerator is turned on gives the command to the controller module, which drives the motor. The launch of the thermostat is always accompanied by a bang, but if the equipment does not start working, then the problem is 90% in the thermostatic relay).
  • The failure of the start.Up relay (the equipment is not turned on, there is no light and a click is heard).
  • Damage of the engine-compressor (when connecting to the power, a click occurs, the engine starts for a few seconds, buzzes loudly and stalls).
  • Low voltage in the network (after turning off, the engine does not start for a long time, and the refrigerator itself is cracking).

Note! Clicks are considered a feature of the model if they accompany the unit from the moment of purchase.

The lack of necessary knowledge and tools for diagnosis far complicate the task of identifying a true cause causing extraneous noise.

What should be the noise level of the refrigerator

The average level of devices presented on the market is from 30 to 40 dB. This is comparable to human whisper. There are models with noise level in 20 dB. Refrigerators with the No Frost system work a little louder than usual due to the fan.

Since one.Compressor units provide the operation of refrigeration and freezers, they are equipped with a more powerful engine than two.Compressor, so their noise level is higher.

Advice. When choosing a refrigerator in a store, pay attention to the noise level indicated in the product passport.

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