The new refrigerator warms up on the sides

Why are the side walls of the refrigerator Bosch

Before answering this question, you should figure out exactly how our indispensable kitchen assistant works. The back wall of some models of refrigerators is equipped with a special grill, which is called a capacitor. When operating the engine, it becomes hot, and then cools. Many modern refrigerators of such a lattice do not have. Or rather. It is simply not visible, because it is located not outside, but in the inner walls. In view of this design feature, the unit heats up on the sides. This innovation not only improves the type of modern technology, but also contributes to it more efficient and long.Term work.

In the freezer, by definition, minus temperature. Ice air comes out of it in places where the door adjacent to the body when the refrigerator is opened. In cases where sealing rubber deformed, this happens constantly.

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In the hot season, at elevated temperatures in the room, condensation forms on the walls. After some time, under such conditions, mold and fungal formations may appear on the sealant. The refrigerator body will begin to rust. So that nothing like this happens, the condenser tubes are located in the walls of the unit. They help moisture in a timely manner.

refrigerator, sides

Note! The norm is considered when the walls heat up only during the operation of the equipment. If after stopping the motor is still hot, you need to contact the master.

The most common reasons why the refrigerator heats up can be represented as the next list:

  • The refrigerator works in an enhanced mode, the option of quick freezing is enabled. The compressor in these cases works continuously, so the walls simply do not have time to cool down. As soon as the mode shutdown, their temperature will drop.
  • The unit is in the room, which is too high. To avoid overheating, you should more often ventilate the room in the hot season. It is also necessary to avoid direct sunlight on the refrigerator. It is better not to place the technique by the window that cannot be trimmed during the day. No less evil in terms of the neighborhood for the refrigerator are heating devices.
  • Difficult or completely absent air exchange. The operating guide of any refrigerator model indicates the distance between it and the wall required for the effective functioning of the technique. Despite the fact that it is often difficult to follow these recommendations (small apartments dictate their conditions), it is still better to adhere to them. Otherwise, the refrigerator will systematically overheat, and very soon the day will come when you have to contact specialists.
  • Too many products in the refrigerator, as well as its frequent opening. This increases heat transfer, the “wall” of warm air is formed.
  • Installation on the shelves of the refrigerator of unheated products also provokes an increase in temperature.

Banal reasons that you did not know about

Sometimes severe heating of the side walls does not mean breakdown. There are several simple reasons that can be determined and quickly eliminated (if necessary). As well as avoid heating the refrigerator sidewalls in the future.

The temperature in the room

The warmer in the room where the refrigerator is, the more difficult it is to maintain the cold in the cells. The speed of operation and the incidence of the compressor include depend on the temperature difference inside it and outside.

The more often the compressor works and faster, the more heat exchanger heats up. He transfers heat to the walls, heating them. Accordingly, if the kitchen is hot, then the walls will heat more. In addition, at high temperatures on the outside, they cool worse.

Large load

If you returned from the store and began to put the products in the refrigerator, the temperature in the cells will rise significantly. The compressor will have to work in high power mode. As in the previous case, this will lead to greater heating of the radiator of the heat exchanger and walls, respectively.

So you can’t fill the refrigerator categorically.

Hot in the cell

Some have a habit of putting hot food in the refrigerator. She leads to deplorable consequences. Hot soup pots highly increases the temperature inside the chamber. The device has to work with increased load.

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As a result. Overheating of the heat exchanger and side walls. And other negative consequences can be. We talked about them in more detail in the publication: why you can’t put hot in the refrigerator.

Banal forgetfulness

Many models have super.Commercial functions. It can also be designated as:

With the function turned on, it cools the products in the freezer or refrigerator with high speed. At the same time, the energy consumption of the refrigerator, the intensity of its work, increases. Due to this, the lateral walls begin to warmly warm.

If the function does not have an automatic shutdown, and you forgot to turn it off, then it is clear why the refrigerator has hot side walls. When this function is, check if it works. If the mode does not turn off automatically, it’s time to look for a refrigeration equipment repair master.

The compressor is heated

If the compressor is constantly very warming, it may be associated with overload. It is necessary to free them a little from the products, otherwise there is a risk that the device will finally break. This is also often due to the fact that warm food is often placed in cameras, which is strictly prohibited: because of this, condensation is formed inside. In addition, you can not leave the doors open for a long time. Other reasons may be a refrigerant leak, heat exchanger operation or wear of an electric motor, due to the “age” of the device.

The partition should heat up a little. This is important because the temperature in different chambers is different. But due to the failure of the heater, it often becomes very hot, which is not the norm.

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Such a problem arises because the gum of the doors of the two.Chamber refrigerator does not fit tight enough.

The refrigerator motor-compressor is very hot-what to do?

Usually the engine is heated if it works without stopping. To feel that the motor heats up is not easy, since it is usually installed in the lower rear of the equipment. If the compressor is very hot and does not turn off for more than an hour, you should turn off the device so as not to break it completely.

Often there are such reasons:

  • There was a leakage of oil, which lubricates the parts of the compressor;
  • There is a freon leak, the motor works at all power;
  • A filter installed near the motor failed or clogged;
  • Part of the evaporator does not work (the system blocking has occurred);
  • The compressor failed and requires replacement.

Thermoregulators can also break. But in this case, the temperature in the chambers will drop a lot. If the device heats up inside and does not cold, then the compressor engine works without effective cooling. It is important not to try to start the refrigerator again and again, but just wait for a high.Quality diagnosis.

refrigerator, sides

High temperature of the motor

To bring the freezer temperature to 20 ° C, the motor has to squeeze the freon under high pressure. Compressed gas gives part of its heat to the compressor, and the rest remains in the condenser. Plus, the engine receives the heat that is formed when the electricity passes through its windings. The temperature of 50-60 ° C should not cause anxiety, and the maximum limit can reach 90 ° C. The old the compressor, the stronger it is heated, and this must be taken into account.

Important! Never check the temperature of the motor with your hand. There is a risk of getting a burn.

When the motor heats up to such an extent that the protective relay is triggered, the inter.Flip circuit and even damage to the engine winding is not excluded. In this case, you will need to replace the assembly. But before ordering a new compressor, invite an experienced specialist to diagnose equipment. Good luck!

When you need to call the master

The third block of reasons for overheating is associated with breakdowns of a particular part of the device.

  • Grocey gum of doors have leaked and pass the air. Their replacement is required.
  • The refrigerant leak occurred. It is necessary to find the damaged area, seal and re.Season the system by freon.
  • The temperature sensor of one of the chambers that records the temperature and launches or stops the compressor broke and needs to replace the compressor.

If everything is in order with the walls, but the compressor of the refrigerator is very heated-most likely, we are talking about a short circuit or strong wear, because of which it cannot work properly. Usually broken compressor has to be changed.

In no case do not try to eliminate these malfunctions yourself. Contact the authorized service center Midea. The specialist will figure out why the refrigerator wall heats up, and will repair the device quickly and efficiently. But attempts to cope on their own are fraught with even more serious breakdowns and a sharp increase in the cost of repair.

How the refrigerator works?

The main task of refrigeration equipment is to carry out the procedure for the fence of heat from the cooled object and remove it outside the device. To carry out this process in the refrigerator, a cooling system is implemented the main details of which are: compressor, capacitor, evaporator, capillary tube. The compressor serves to pump the refrigerant according to the system. Capacitor and evaporator. This is a hot and cold part of the refrigerator, and the capillary tube is between them. It is thanks to this thin tube that Freon from the hot state in the condenser becomes cold and cools the evaporator. This process is based on the property of the refrigerant with a significant decrease in pressure (more than 10 times) to cool to minus temperatures.

The reasons listed in the first list are not critical and easily eliminated. If the refrigerator costs near heating devices, it can be found a new place, and the problem will be eliminated. But technical breakdowns cannot be fixed independently. A qualified specialist is needed here. In most cases, such a malfunction as the constantly hot sides of the refrigerator are eliminated by the master on the spot. But you must prepare the unit for repair before its arrival. Remove all products, turn off the mains, let it defrost when open doors, and then thoroughly wash it from the inside. The repairman’s unhindered access to the refrigerator from all sides, including the rear wall, should also be ensured.

Important: If you have found on the Internet instructions for repairing your refrigerator model, do not try to embody the theory in practice yourself! Without having the appropriate experience and knowledge, you risk your health.

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