The nozzle diffuser for a hair dryer how to use

How to Use a Diffuser

What you can do with a diffuser: functions and applications

The attachment is highly functional and has no limitations in creating hairstyles. It’s easy to use, and the diffuser can do both the easiest and the most complex styling.

Styling hair of various lengths

The easiest way to get your head in shape Express styling. It is fast and suitable for strands of different lengths.

Short haircuts

To add volume to your haircut and create a sloppy hairstyle effect, follow these steps:

  • Wash your hair and dry it slightly.
  • Apply styling foam.
  • Plug in your hair dryer and set it to a low temperature setting.
  • Move the diffuser on your head, trying to massage the skin easily. If you rotate the nozzle while drying, you can create a slight wave effect.
  • After the drying process, style the hair the way you want it, taking care to apply varnish as needed.

Medium length hair

Girls who have curls shoulder-length are best able to use the nozzle. It gives good volume and helps create lush waves.

  • Partition the hair into four sections at the nape of the neck, the vertex, and the temples. Pin each one with a barrette. Before drying and laying, first apply mousse.
  • Start using the device from the back of the head. Without turning on the hair dryer, put the nozzle to the tips of your hair and with a rotating motion, as if you twist the hair on your fingers, lay the entire strand on the diffuser.
  • Run the hair dryer on low setting and dry your locks while gently massaging your head. Follow the same process on the temple areas, not forgetting the mousse.
  • For the side of the head, create a parting that suits your tastes and dry the hair with your head tilted toward the parting.
  • Finish by whipping the strands and apply varnish.

Long curls

Using a hair dryer with a diffuser is easy for long hair. Laying is done in a short time and looks perfect.

  • Separate the slightly wetted hair into two sections from the top of the head and the back of the head. Foam the hair.
  • Start at the back of the head. As in the situation with medium hair, wrap each strand on your fingers and dry it with a hair dryer. For the procedure, you need to use the minimum power of a warm-air appliance.
  • Spray a locking spray on the twisted strand and redo if necessary.
  • Similarly, hair in the parietal area.
  • Complete the procedure by whipping the curls. To fix the result, you should use varnish.

How to curl hair

For curling hair it is desirable to use a curling iron, but if it is not at hand, to create a curl will help and a hair dryer attachment.

  • Clean and dry scalp into sections at the nape of the neck, the parietal, and the two at the temples.
  • Start at the back of your head. Work some mousse into the locks and wrap them around your finger.
  • Dry the locks in this position for a couple of minutes.
  • Spray the curl after it’s done with a curling iron to keep it in place.

How to use the nozzle to straighten hair

Straightening strands with the hair dryer attachment is a little different from using a flat iron. If the iron gives results in the form of flat and smooth strands, the diffuser provides a whipped mop of hair. To straighten your curls, follow these steps:

  • Apply a hair straightener to the hair shaft.
  • Divide the strands into several parts and secure them with pins.
  • Comb the individual strand and straighten it by holding the tips. Use the hair dryer from top to bottom to blow-dry hair. In the same manner it is necessary to straighten each strand.
  • Finish by waxing your hair.

A few tips for using your hair dryer

When using a hair dryer diffuser, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules, because improper use can cause damage to the hair:

  • Frequent blow drying is not recommended. hair becomes dry, brittle and weak;
  • To protect the scalp and hair from the effects of dry air it is advisable to carry out a protective treatment with special cosmetics;
  • It is forbidden to start drying the strands immediately after washing. it is believed that this allows the strands to soak up the necessary moisture;
  • It is better to move the hair dryer in a circle, starting from the crown. This will prevent tangling of the hair.

It is now clear why we need a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment. This device allows you to create beautiful and stylish hairstyles. It’s also a good way to keep curls healthy and well-groomed.


How to choose a diffuser?

Since the nozzle disc can have different size and length of fingers, it is necessary to choose it precisely to get the desired result. The first thing to pay attention to is:

  • The diameter of the disc, which today can be up to 15 cm. The more strands you want to dry and the longer they are, the larger the nozzle diameter should be. On the contrary, for non-volume and short haircuts you need to choose small models, the diameter of which is about 5-8 cm;
  • Finger length. The spikes should be as long as possible for thicker strands. That way you can dry them faster and add volume to your hair. For fine, short hair, the finger lengths should be shorter. Of course, it would be very easy to dry such strands quickly with long “fingers,” but after that they will look disheveled and untidy;

The longest tines are good for drying long and thick curls

A variety of nozzles

The nozzles differ from each other in diameter of holes, number of spikes, area and location of holes at the outlet. Spikes in length. long or bent at the ends. are great for getting into your hair, giving volume. There are short spikes on the extensions for curling fine hair.

The extensions need to be adjusted to the length of the hair and the hairstyle in question. Long spikes are inappropriate for short hair, and vice versa.

Models also vary in terms of how often the teeth are set. Often spaced and fine teeth won’t get through thick hair, also for curling fine, tangled hair.

Short tines will not cut into the locks, but the follicles can be torn out by this tool completely. The short tines are good for combing through wet, tangled hair after bedtime. The placement of the teeth is important for straightening hairstyles and making them look respectable.

The diameter of the nozzle is about 15.3 to cover the whole head. The hair can be dried quickly with this device.

How to achieve great-looking hairstyles with a roller?

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Silicone models are interesting, for example, with a diameter at 5 cm. The step nozzles are bendable, so they can be positioned in any way you want.

Straightening curls with the diffuser nozzle

The technique of straightening curly curls with the diffuser nozzle deserves special attention.

For this purpose, a special kind of diffuser nozzle with combing function is used.

The action of such a nozzle is due to its shape of the spike-like teeth comb the strands and heats them with a stream of hot air from the hair dryer.

Since diffuser heads spread warm air over your scalp, you don’t have to worry about damaging the roots or structure of your hair.

Moving, warm air flows from the hair dryer have time to cool before reaching the hair, so the diffuser application is classified as a safe and gentle method of hair care.

For the same reason it is allowed to use the diffuser for fine and weakened hair with split ends.

To straighten the curls use a convex-shaped nozzle, equipped with long spikes. The basic steps of styling with the diffuser remain the same.

Slightly damp curls are treated with a styling product, as well as a heat protectant. The hair is then brushed out and separated into zones at the nape of the neck, front and sides.

The straightening process begins at the back of the head and each strand is dried one by one with the hair dryer, passing it through the spikes of the hair dryer head. The air flow is directed downwards along the hair growth from the roots to the tips of the hair.

Straightened strands are blown again, but this time in the cold mode of the hair dryer. To fix the result use varnish.

The nuances of using the diffuser can be clearly seen in the following video.

Girls with curly hair want to straighten their curls, and the owners of straight hair, on the contrary, want to beautifully curl them at least temporarily. To make beautiful curls there is no need to rush to the barber and do harmful “chemistry”, because there are more gentle ways to turn into curls. A diffuser, for example.е. A special hair dryer attachment!

What is a hair dryer diffuser

This is the name of the round bowl-shaped nozzle with spikes or “fingers”. It was originally used for styling curls (there are many tutorial videos on the web). Thanks to the numerous holes in the bowl, a powerful air stream disperses and dries the hair without disturbing the natural curl pattern. Later, when there were different types of diffusers by bowl diameter, size and material of the spikes, stylists began to use the nozzle when working with all types of hair. to give volume by dispersing hot air, smoothing, creating a wave.

  • quick drying and styling;
  • Massaging the scalp with long spikes that improves circulation and stimulates hair growth;
  • When drying with a diffuser, the hot air does not reach the roots, consequently, the scalp is not over-dried.
  • The diffuser does not always come with the device;
  • When buying a nozzle, you have to make sure it fits to your hair dryer (there are universal ones, or for specific models).
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If you use the diffuser incorrectly on the hair dryer, unfortunately, you can get a voluminous “mess” instead of curls.

How to use the device

How to properly use such a nozzle? These tips can help you learn the intricacies of using a diffuser quickly and easily. To work with it, you will need additional “helpers” and means:

  • Use a comb with long, sparse teeth;
  • clip in the form of a crab (a very necessary tool for fixing the hair);
  • A styling product (preferably a foam).

Thus, we learn how to use the diffuser on the hair dryer.

  • Wash your hair and dry it slightly with a towel.
  • Apply the styling tool and distribute it evenly throughout the hair (closer to the roots).
  • Separate the hair in a horizontal swath.
  • First. the back of the head. Fix the upper part with a hairpin-crab.
  • The hair dryer with a diffuser is held to the head so that the strands fall between the “fingers”, pressing the base plate closer to the head. With one hand we “wield” a hair dryer, and with the other hand we slightly lift the hair itself.
  • After completing the lower part after a few minutes, it’s time to proceed to the upper part. You need to take them gradually, otherwise, being wet, they will just disrupt the volume of the hair underneath them.
  • The final stage of work with the hair dryer will be working through the device with the included mode “cold air”. The direction is the same. from the nape of the neck to the crown.

Now the only thing left is to shake your head so that your hair takes its natural shape. Sprinkle varnish (it is better to take with elastic fixing). After the varnish has dried, the hair can be distributed by hand.

The whole process normally takes no more than 30 minutes. The styling can be decorated with decorative elements-pins.

Directions for use

To grow thick and strong hair, it is necessary to follow certain rules when using the diffuser.

  • Do not use a hair dryer too often. constant exposure to dry air will only lead to a dry scalp and hair breakage.
  • It is better to apply cosmetics beforehand. this will protect the scalp and strands.
  • You can’t dry your hair right after washing it. you have to make sure you let the excess moisture soak in.
  • When curling it is best to move in a circle (you can go from the top of the head). This will help you to keep the curls in shape and not to get tangled.

So, a hair dryer with a diffuser nozzle will help you create beautiful and stylish hairstyles. In addition to saving the budget, those who use a device with a nozzle are guaranteed the development of good creative taste.

Is it possible to make a diffuser with their own hands

Those who have bought a hair dryer without a diffuser, can try to create a device with their own hands. To do this, you can use a comb with holes in the surface. Video of folk craftsmen can be found on the Internet.

You can also use your fingers instead of the diffuser. But an identical effect is unlikely to be achieved.

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