The procedure for connecting a boiler in the apartment

How to install a boiler in the apartment: installation and connection with your own hands

Hot water supply of the apartment is one of the main components of a comfortable residence in it. The vast majority of residents of cities cannot even imagine, which can be somehow otherwise. But the problem is not all residential buildings organized hot water supply. In addition, even from the residents of completely well.Maintained apartments, you can often hear complaints about the “quirks” of public utilities associated both with frequent interruptions in hot water and with unreasonable excesses of tariffs for paying for this service.

The optimal output is to achieve autonomy in this matter, to have your own water heater at home, and best of all. The accumulative principle of action, a boiler, so that the supply of hot water is always “at hand”. But how to choose a boiler in the apartment so that he fully lives up to the expectations of the owners ? And the second problem is how to install a boiler in the apartment so that it works correctly, and does not pose any danger to the residents? Answers to these questions will be given in this publication.

Types of boilers used in everyday life

So, leaving “behind brackets” running water heaters, as well as obsolete and uncomfortable solid.Fuel “titans”, we will pay attention to modern models of boilers. They can be divided into direct and indirect heating devices. And by the type of energy used, direct heating boilers are divided into gas and electric. In addition, there are models that combine several principles of work.

Direct heating boilers

In installations of this type, the incoming energy carrier (electricity or natural gas) is consumed exclusively for the needs of hot water supply, without intermediate steps.

Gas storage boiler

Such a device does not have too significant distribution. It is quite complicated in the installation, requires mandatory coordination with the bodies of technical supervision, it requires the construction of a smoke system of one type or another. Appropriate supply ventilation to ensure normal gas burning. In a number of regions, a prerequisite for installation was the presence of a special device. A gas analyzer. All this does not add to them popularity among homeowners.

procedure, connecting, boiler, apartment

However. Such boilers still “have the right to exist”, and from the point of view of economy, they, of course, are superior to electrical.

What is the device of the gas storage boiler:

  • Pos. 1. A container in which hot water is heated and accumulated. Its feed is carried out through the pipe (pos. 5), and the fence is through the pipe (pos. 6). The diagram is not shown, but the water tank has a fairly thick external case with polyurethane foam insulation, which ensures a long.Term preservation of the required temperature of the oxen.
  • The water tank has a common lower heat exchanger wall (pos. 2) with a combustion chamber in which a gas burner is installed (pos. 3). In addition, heat transfer is carried out when hot products are passed through the central channel (pos. 9) before going to the chimney (pos. Ten )
  • The control device as part of the installed temperature and thermostat sensor (pos. 4) constantly monitors the level of heating of water, as necessary, turning on or blocking the supply of gas to the burner (pos. 3).
  • Security Group (pos. 7) necessarily includes an emergency valve. Which will drop excess pressure if the thermostat suddenly does not cope with its task of maintaining a certain temperature.
  • So that the walls of the tank do not overgrow a scale, a magnesium anode is installed in the boiler (pos. Eight). This material has a much lower electrical potential, so free ions dissolved in water will be deposited on it. These anodes are easy to change as necessary.

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So, despite the excellent performance, such boilers did not become “sales leaders”, as they are difficult to install, and their cost is much higher than that of ordinary electric.

This type of accumulative boilers is the most popular among homeowners. The installation of such a device does not require tiring agreements, significant alterations or construction and installation works. In the presence of a reliable power line, the installation of an electric boiler can probably be able to be a good owner who has a basic idea of ​​the production of plumbing work.

Basic diagram of an electric boiler device

How electrical boilers are arranged? They can have a different layout, but the principal scheme still remains one:

  • The external body of the boiler (pos. 1) may have one or another decorative design. Separated from the inner water tank (pos. 3) a layer of polyurethane thermal insulation (pos. 2).
  • The supply of cold tap water is always carried out in the lower part of the tank along the welded pipe (pos. 4). So that the turbulent fluid flows are not created in the container, the incoming water is distributed using a special diffuser (pos. 5).
  • The fence of hot water, on the contrary, is always made from the upper part of the tank through the installed tube (pos. Nine )
  • Water heating occurs using electrical heating elements (heating elements) of various types (poses. 7).
  • On the appointment of a magnesium anode (pos. 6) has already been told above.
  • Thermal attemptor (pos. 8) is connected by an electric circuit with an electronic or electromechanical thermostat that provides water heating to the temperature set by the user.
procedure, connecting, boiler, apartment

A similar scheme of the boiler is perfectly shown in practice if the device is selected correctly, taking into account the need for power and volume. Electric boilers are produced in the large form of forms and sizes, they are quite compact, and most importantly. Have a fairly affordable price.

Boilers of indirect heating

In those private houses (sometimes in city apartments), where an autonomous system of water heating is installed with a closed type with a single.Circuit boiler, for the needs of hot water supply, indirect heating boilers are often used. In these devices, water, which is used for domestic and hygienic needs (in other words, sanitary), does not heated from direct heating, but from heat transfer with a heating contour, through which liquid coolant circulates (technical water or other liquid).

The fundamental device of an indirect heating boiler is shown in the diagram:

Thus arranged an indirect heating boiler with a serpentine heat exchanger

External casing (pos. 1) a layer of thermal insulation (pos. 2) and internal tank (pos. 3) All by analogy with the usual boiler of direct heating.

Through the pipe (pos. 4) Cold sanitary water enters the tank, the flow of which is sprayed with a special chipper (pos. 5). The fence of hot sanitary water is carried out through the pipe in the upper part of the boiler (pos. 6).

In addition, a circulation pipe is usually provided (pos. 7). A separate additional circuit is created, for example, through a towel rail. With constant circulation of hot water. Two goals are achieved by this: firstly, in the DHW pipe there is always hot water about one temperature; And secondly, such a such scheme somewhat simplifies a rather complex system for maintaining the desired temperature of heating of sanitary water.

Methods of connecting the water heater to the water supply

There are several ways to connect a hotel equipment in the apartment, and the features of the work performed directly depend on the availability of water pipes of the centralized water supply system:

  • The use of storage tanks for water, which, as a rule, are installed at the level of the roof in the absence of a water line. The main rule of connecting a waterogue to the water tank is strict observance of the optimal distance, which cannot be less than two meters. If the water tank is installed at a smaller distance, then the connection diagram should be represented by a standard tee, ball plum valve, as well as a safety valve.
  • Connecting water equipment to a centralized water supply system is a simple event, easily executed independently. For this purpose, standard installation of the device on the wall is carried out using special fasteners, followed by connecting to the water supply.

When connecting a water heating device to the storage tanks, it is very important to consider that pressure indicators within the system should not exceed 6 bar. If the pressure is higher than the standard parameters, then a gearbox is installed in front of the hotel equipment that protects the water heater from failure.

Special conditions of connection are necessary if the water used for feed has poor quality. In this case, a special filter is mandatory before water heaters.

Preparation of the water heater for operation

The boiler is installed, its connection to electricity is completed, you can fill it with water.

  • A little tap on a pipe with cold water, led to the device, opens a little.
  • The hot water tap opens on the mixer.
  • The hot water supply crane opens on the boiler itself.
  • It takes time to make the liquid come from the mixer. Therefore, you have to wait.
  • At this time, joints should be checked for leaks. If any, they must be immediately eliminated by pulling the nuts.
  • As soon as water came from the tap of hot water, it means that the water heater was filled. It is necessary to close the mixer.
  • Now you can connect the device to the outlet.
  • The temperature regime is set. How to do this correctly, you need to read the instructions that are attached to the water heat. Do not read various Internet resources. The manufacturer knows better how to do it competently.

Connecting the boiler to water and to the mains

How to connect a boiler to the water supply in the apartment at the connection stage to the mains?

  • It is advisable to prepare a cable, it is desirable that it be new, and conduct it to the main source of submission, this will help to avoid emergency situations in the process of heating the liquid;
  • Make a connection according to the flowers of the braid;
  • For grounding, it is forbidden to use pipes that are designed for gas or water;
  • If an indicator of water properties is unsatisfactory in relation to consumer standards, you need to purchase and install a filter with rough cleaning in advance, otherwise the unit will quickly fail.

In general, the combination of the boiler goes through one standard scheme. Please note that all work should begin only after the water supply is blocked.

Now we will tell you how to connect the boiler with your own hands correctly and provide step.By.Step instructions that will touch the fluid supply.

Cold feed is carried out on the system from top to bottom:

  • The most elementary and high.Quality type of connection is the installation of “American”. If there is a need to remove the unit, it will be possible to disconnect from the water supply in just a few actions.
  • You can install a brass tee near the fluid drain crane. This element is not attributed to the mandatory conditions of the installation process, but this is a high.Quality and long.Term service life, the option is perfect if it is necessary to drain the liquid from the installation.
  • The placement of a system that ensures reliable security is considered very important. This system includes a return valve that will help to avoid draining hot water from the unit if the pressure falls, and protecting pipeline reinforcement. The latter is used to protect the system from increased pressure inside. Using this valve, the excess water is dumped thereby lowering the pressure.

It is very difficult to exaggerate how important security is. For example, if the check valve is not installed, then when the fluid is turned off, the tank will begin to devastate, and the heating ground will continue to bask. All this will disable the system.

No less important for the correct functioning of the fuse system. Suppose that the thermostat has broken in the unit, in this case, the heating elements will cease to turn off, and the temperature indicator of the fluid inside can reach up to 100 degrees. The pressure in the unit will begin to increase rapidly and all this will lead to the explosion of the structure.

Now consider the release of hot fluid, which is carried out from top to bottom.

Please note that each connection should be carried out with sealing means.

The insert can be carried out using pipes of different types: metal.Plastic, thermoplastic polymer and metal.

The easiest way of inserting is the one in which a metal.Plastic pipe is used. In the required place, the pipe is dissected by the cutter and with the help of fittings a disconnector is mounted in it, the work of which will be designed to supply liquid. However, this method is used extremely rarely, since the pipes lose their attractiveness, externally they do not look elegant enough, and the duration of operation is small.

Connection with more complex work is considered the one in which the thermoplastic polymer is used, but at the same time, compared with the previous option, this more reliable. The connecting element with the tee is connected to the pipe through the use of a special soldering iron. After the pipe fragment is cut out, you need to monitor the correct ratio of all elements, in other case, connect the tee of the tee.

The special skills in the work need to be inserted into the iron pipe. If there is a chance to make a thread cut, the tee can be installed due to plumbing drives or connectors. If the pipes are placed in such a way that it will not work to use the plate for cutting, then you can apply a special connector with the presence of additional thread.

Working with this element is the following steps:

  • The pipe is thoroughly cleaned;
  • Together, the inserts drill a slot, the dimensions of which will correspond to the connector in the coupling;
  • The clamp is mounted with rubber gasket and fixed with bolts. Holes should be identical.

First inclusion

Before the first turning on the electric water heater, it is filled with a container with water. For this purpose, the input and output valves of the boiler open.

Turn on the hotel crane and wait until the full water stream begins to get out of it, without air bubbles. After that, close the mixer and carefully examine all the compounds for leakage.

Include a fishing line for a trimmer Boiler power through an outlet or machine gun in a house shield. Check the functionality of the circuit breaker. For this, the device is used. The tester. Run heating using a temperature controller, color indication should appear on the device panel.

Fix the initial indications of the temperature sensor, then control them every 15 minutes. Temperature growth indicates a correctly performed installation. They expect that the full water heating in the tank occurs, check the heating time and temperature so that they correspond to the values ​​declared by the manufacturer.

After reaching the set temperature, check that the thermostat independently disconnects the heating. The process also controls the operation of the safety valve.

Excess water should go through it during thermal expansion so that the case does not explode from excessive pressure.

They also pay attention to the operation of the electrical part of the water heater. The protection machine should not often be disconnected during the operation of the hets, and the electric fork should not be hot.

If all the structural elements of the electric water heater during the first start, work with the parameters of the declared manufacturers in the technical passport, then the boiler can be left automatically.

Technical features of connecting a boiler

If the diagram of the proper connection of the boiler to the water supply is drawn up, it is time to proceed to its execution. In this matter, much depends on which pipes were used to create a water supply system.

In old buildings, you can often find steel pipes, although they are often replaced by more fashionable polypropylene or metal.Plastic. When installing the boiler, the features of working with pipes of various types should be taken into account.

Special requirements for the material of structures connecting the boiler and water supply is not presented. They can be connected even by a sufficiently strong hose of suitable diameter and length.

Regardless of the type of pipes, before the start of any work on connecting equipment to the water supply, be sure to turn off the water supply in the risers.

How to connect a heater to steel pipes

To do this, it is not necessary to use the welding machine, since the connection can be performed using special tees, the so.Called “vampires”.

The design of such a tee resembles an ordinary tightening clamp, on the sides of which there are nozzles. A thread has already been made at their ends.

To set the tee-“vampire”, first it is installed in a suitable place and pulled together with screws.

Between the metal part of the tee and the pipe should be put the gasket that comes with the device. It is important that the gaps in the gasket and the tee, designed to mount the holes, as if coincide.

Then it is necessary to use a drill through the metal a hole through a special lumen in a pipe and rubber gasket in a pipe. After that, the pipe is screwed onto the hole of the pipe, the hose, with which the water will be supplied to the heater.

procedure, connecting, boiler, apartment

To join the storage water heater to a steel water supply, a metal coupling is used with special pipes equipped with a thread, on which a shut.Off crane, a hose or a segment of the pipe can be screwed up

The most important moment when connecting a water heater is sealing all compounds. To compact the thread, the FUM tape, flax thread or other similar seal is used. There should be enough such material, but not too much.

It is believed that if the seal protrudes a little from under the thread, this will provide a fairly tight connection.

Work with polypropylene pipes

If the boiler is supposed to be connected to the water supply made of polypropylene, you should immediately stock up on shut.Off cranes, tees and couplings intended for them.

In addition, special equipment will be needed: a device for cutting such pipes, as well as a device for soldering them.

To connect a boiler to a polypropylene water supply, they usually adhere to the following order of actions:

  • Block the water in the riser (sometimes for this you need to contact the housing office).
  • Using the cutter, make cuts on polypropylene pipes.
  • Tinker.
  • Attach pipes designed to connect a boiler with a water supply system.
  • Install couplings and taps.
  • Combine a boiler with a crane using a hose.

If the water pipes are hidden in the wall, you will have to dismantle the finishes in order to get free access to them.

It happens that access to pipes laid in strobes is still significantly limited. In this case, you can use a special detachable repair coupling.

The polypropylene side of such a device is soldered on the tee, and part equipped with a thread is attached to the water supply. After that, the removable part of the coupling is removed from the structure.

To connect the water supply from the PVC tube to the accumulative water heater, you can use a special adapter, part of which is soldered to the pipe, and the hose can be screwed to the other part

Connection to structures made of metal plastic

It is not as difficult to work with metal.Plastic pipes as with polypropylene products. Such pipes are very rarely laid in strobes, and connect them with very convenient fittings.

To connect the boiler with such a water supply, the following procedure can be used:

  • Block the water supply to the pipes in the house.
  • At the installation site of the pipe, make a cut using a special pipeline.
  • Install the tee in the context of.
  • Attach a segment of a new metal.Plastic pipe or hose to the trimming of the tee, depending on the situation.

After that, you should check all the compounds for the tightness. For this, water is supplied to the system and observe if there will be a leak.

If the tightness of the connection is insufficient, you should close the gap or perform work again.


To connect powerful models of water heaters of the accumulative type of wizard, an enhanced cable with three veins, the laying of which is made directly from the distribution shield, is used to. Mandatory installation of a double machine or RCD, grounding.

In the video about the connection and use of a running water heater:

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