The RCD is triggered on the Ariston water heater

Why when the water heater is turned on, the machine is knocked out and what to do

I need to mount the boiler correctly. One of the prerequisite is the connection of the RCD. In addition to it, the circuit breaker provides protection. But it happens that anyway, when a water heater is turned on, the machine is knocked out. There are a number of reasons for. It is worth determining what the problem is and try to fix it.

RCD is a protective shutdown device. It protects the electrical network that goes after it, as well as connected devices. But the device can break immediately for three reasons.

Exceeding the load

If you turn on the water heater and other household appliances at the same time, the permissible power is exceeded. The home power grid is overloaded, so it knocks out traffic jams. If this happened, then the machine has worked. He protected the equipment from combustion.

Important! For boilers of different manufacturers, power consumption is different. It depends on the volume of the tank. But in any case, the device will stop supplying the current if the permissible power is exceeded.

A machine gun malfunction

The protection device may work if there are low.quality details in the boiler. Another reason is that mistakes were made during the assembly.

When the machine is disconnected, the contact or weakening of the contact will occur. This situation arises between the switch and the wire. This is possible if the contact plate and the protection device are overheated. As a result, the activation of the heat release begins.

Poor machine gun

Important! It happens that the indicated permissible power of the device does not correspond to the actual. Therefore, before buying a water heater, it is advisable to study reviews.

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Damage to the water heater

A malfunction can occur not only in the machine. Often the traffic jams are knocked out due to the breakdown of the boiler himself. If the parts of the boiler are out of order, the machine is turned off and prevents further damage to the device.

One of the common defects. the electric current enters the boiler housing. This occurs with the destroyed insulation of the heating element. This is why it is important to ground devices. If you ignore the rule, metal pipes and liquid next to the technique hit the current.

Why the RCD is triggered

In some cases, the protection device is triggered, and in others, electricity in the apartment is turned off. For these reasons, the RCD can be periodically turned on:

  • Short circuit in the water heater. It also appears in the wiring if there are many electrical devices on the site. This happens in violation of the integrity of the wiring.
  • The RCD is incorrectly selected. It is chosen based on the current of the leak and the rated current.
  • Errors in connecting the RCD to electrical protection. If the earth is connected to zero, the device often works.

Why do you need an RCD for a water heater, how to choose and connect

When working with water heaters, it will be necessary to protect the security for security. For the use of a running or storage water heater, it is necessary to use a protective shutdown device (RCD). RCD for the water heater must be selected depending on the manufacturer of the device, and on the current consumed.

The protective connection device is designed to automatically shut off the water heater from the network if the level of differential current exceeds the permissible value. The accumulative water heater does not have high power, unlike the flowing, which heats the water quite quickly.

If the RCD is triggered, it is worth paying attention to the device, some breakdowns probably happened and the boiler must be inspected and repaired. It was developed in order to protect a person from the harmful effects of electric current on the body. The device meets all the standards presented by a given type of device.

Disabling protection device

Why is it falsely

Sometimes a shutdown device works for no reason. Often users complain of frequent operation for no apparent reason. There are several reasons for this behavior of the device, for example, a breakdown occurred directly in the RCD itself. Also, a possible problem can lie in the distortions of the current shape in the device circuit. Due to the large loads, the quality of power supply is very distorted, which entails interruptions in the current supply.

triggered, ariston, water, heater

One of the important causes of false operation is an emergency shutdown, which can be caused by a violation of the insulation between the livestock components of the device and grounding or from human touch.

Incorrect installation is also a common cause of device malfunctions. It works immediately after the completion of installation work.

If the above reasons do not explain the arbitrary inclusion, then a probable problem may be a disconnection of a differential machine with a short circuit or when overloading the electrical wiring.

It is also worth checking the trigger mechanism. The malfunction of the trigger can also entail incorrect work, for example, turning on when impacts of the door or with the most minor shocks.

It is worth avoiding installing a boiler in raw rooms due to the possible appearance of condensate inside the device, and then interruptions in operation. To check this cause of the breakdown, it is necessary to turn off the outgoing wires, and wet traces will also be visible.

Connection scheme

Drawing up a connection scheme rests on the shoulders of a designer or an electrician-installer. Connection scheme without grounding can only be used in a two-phase network, which uses L-conductor and N-conductor. This connection method is characteristic of old buildings. Install it in electrical panel at the entrance of the power line.

This scheme has one drawback. in case of emergency, it is very difficult to determine which line happened on the line.

How to put new protection

As a new protection, you can use a difavtomat. The device already includes a protective shutdown device. He does not allow overload and combustion of the electrical appliance. Which is better to choose? Let’s compare:

  • The protection device protects against electric shock by comparing the phase and zero. As soon as their indicators exceed the norm, it works.

Choose trusted manufacturers. Consider that the current strength should slightly exceed the value of the technique.

  • RCD is connected only in pairs with an automaton. However, when it is triggered, you immediately know what is the reason for the problem. If your place is limited, then it is better to give preference to the difavtomat. But when it is disconnected in search of reasons you will have to delve into.
  • If you take a differential device, then it is immediately connected to the phase and zero. While the shutdown device needs to be connected to the phase on the machine, and then to the exit.
  • The service life depends on the company and the quality of manufacture. But when damage, the protection device is easier to replace than differential.

For the boiler “Termyx” and “Ariston” with a capacity of 2 kW, choose a difavtomat for 16 A, and an RCD for 20 A.

  • The device of small power is connected to the outlet. It should be moisture.resistant and grounded, especially if the installation takes place in the bathroom. If the power does not correspond, the outlet will begin to warm and sparkle.
  • Through electrical panels. For the connection, a copper cable is used. Turning on the machine.

It is best to connect the water heater to the network with the least number of connections. Choose proven and high.quality products that will reliably protect your equipment.

Nuances that need to be taken into account

First of all, I must say that the RCD is a rather complicated electronic device. To repair it yourself, you need to be a good electronist. But it is best to replace the RCD with a new. In water heaters, it changes along with the supply wire.

The performance of the RCD is recommended to be checked monthly. The check can be performed using a special button, which is located directly on the boiler housing itself. Pressing it, the process of creating an artificial electric current leak.

If the automation has worked, then it functions normally, if not, then you should replace the device, but before that, check if there are any problems with water heating water. Based on the results, it will be possible to understand why the RCD is turned off on the water heater.

Why the RCD is triggered

In some cases, the protection device is triggered, and in others, electricity in the apartment is turned off. For these reasons, the RCD can be periodically turned on:

  • Short circuit in the water heater. It also appears in the wiring if there are many electrical devices on the site. This happens in violation of the integrity of the wiring.
  • The RCD is incorrectly selected. It is chosen based on the current of the leak and the rated current.
  • Errors in connecting the RCD to electrical protection. If the earth is connected to zero, the device often works.


Classification of protective shutdown devices

A quality device provides consumer disconnection under voltage, controls the passage of the calculated current, de.energizing the circuit with the difference in the input and output current. Manufacturers produce a wide range of devices with various characteristics, based on which they are divided into several types.

Voltage of household and power thrust

Types of RCD

Depending on the conditions in which the RCD will work, you can choose types:

  • AS. reacts to sudden or slowly increasing changes in a variable differential sinusoidal current.
  • A. works with a sudden increase or slow increase in the parameters of alternating sinusoidal and pulsating constant differential currents.
  • C. is disconnected with changes in alternating, straightened, direct current.
  • S and G. selective devices equipped with a shutdown time withdrawal mode.

Models with electromechanical control are not tied to the voltage of the supply. The signal for them is differential current. Electronic options are powered from an electric linter or other source.

By the number of poles

Depending on the features of the mains, you can choose an RCD:

  • 2p, or two.pole. Suitable for a single.phase line. Equipped with 4 pair terminals on each side to throw on neutral and phase.
  • 4P, or four.pole. Suitable for three.phase and single.phase networks. On each side of the device there are 3 terminals for phases and one for connecting neutral.

RCD compares currents, so the number of poles should coincide with the number of conductors.

On the rated current

The indicator should be equal or more than the general denominators for groups. For domestic use, modifications for 6,000 A are suitable, but if there is a new house and a transformer station near the input, an RCD is placed at 10 ka.

On differential current

The optimal for the protection of humans and animals will be devices, the trigger of which occurs at a differential current of 30 mA. Switches that work at currents from 100 mA are used with fire targets. they will completely de.energize the fishing line for the trimmer.

Installation of devices is carried out on the wall, on the din-rake. There are devices that have a design of carrying, adapters, sockets.

How to find a problem area?

To find the reason why the RCD is triggered, the next set of measures must be performed:

  • Check the connection scheme, as well as the correct entry/output of the veins, The main reason for the breakdown is precisely incorrect electrical installation.
  • Disconnect circuit breakers and differential current protection on each group of wires: lighting, sockets, powerful household appliances and, for example, a bathroom.
  • With the AB turned off, try to turn on the leakage protection, if the lever is knocked out, then the problem is in the product itself. the trigger is disturbed, With the electricity turned off, there are no leakage currents. If the lever did not work, we move on.
  • Disconnect all electrical appliances from sockets and turn on the power on the shield again. The lever did not lean back. the problem is in electrical equipment, everything works without load, the RCD is triggered. the wiring is to blame.

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At this paragraph, as at the final, you need to stop in more detail and consider the features of independent repair.

False triggering a protective device

The protective shutdown device is imperfect, as well as the network to which it is connected. Especially if the wiring is old or approached its design irresponsibly. Therefore, the owners of the RCD periodically encounter false works.

note! Some models of RCDs and differential machines are subject to false works at night. The reason lies in reducing the load on the transformer substation in the dark, due to which the voltage in the apartments jumps above the permissible norms for protective devices. If a three.phase RCD is triggered, then all 3 phases are disconnected at the same time.

Knocks out an RCD when the washing machine is turned on

If the protective device is triggered when the washing machine is turned on, then the most likely reason is the incorrect connection of the unit. You need to check:

If the washing machine is old, then it knocks an RCD due to problems with isolation. It is necessary to pay attention to the following:

  • integrity of insulation of the internal wiring of the machine;
  • the absence of subteces on the engine and other electrician;
  • Is the engine winding.
triggered, ariston, water, heater

The RCD is triggered on the water heater

The operation of the protective shutdown device on the water heater is possible for a number of reasons:

  • damage to the insulation of the water heater or cables from which it feeds;
  • touching the metal parts of the device with a bare wire;
  • boiler leak;
  • excessively high humidity in the room (condensate is formed);
  • The RCD does not fit the power to the water heater, so it is cut off from overheating.

Often the problem lies in damage to isolation. In the boiler there is a heater. It is subject to periodic heating and cooling. Therefore, the isolation of Ten is not in the most gentle modes and is subject to wear. The problem is also characteristic of other household appliances. Irons, teapots and electric ovens also contain heaters.

Knocks out an RCD when turning on light

Typically, problems arise after replacing the apartment wiring or installing new chandeliers and lighting devices. It is necessary to pay attention to the following:

  • the absence of twisted twists in the decaying boxes;
  • Did putty or cement to the wiring and live parts get;
  • Whether the wire in the chandelier was frayed;
  • the integrity of the insulation of cables in switch;
  • Lack of broken wiring in the walls.

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Often the malfunction lies in the cliff in the cable in the wall. This happens after drilling. The drill from the penetrator enters the cable and damages the isolation of the phase, zero and earth.

Protection of protection without load

To make sure that the RCD is triggered without load, you will have to turn off the electrical appliances from the sockets in the apartment and turn off the light everywhere. If the protective device still knocks out, there are 3 possible reasons for this:

To determine this problem, it is necessary to turn off the phase wire moving away from the RCD. If the operation continues, then the protection is clearly something wrong.

Common malfunctions of the RCD

There are mobile parts in the protective shutdown device. The mechanics of cheap models are not reliable. If the RCD is introduced, the current flows through it all consumers of the apartment, which inevitably leads to heating the terminals and relay contacts. These factors contribute to the fact that the protective device is knocked out.

The “Test” button broke

The “Text” button is used to check the performance of the RCD. But often it leads to its malfunction. Check the protective device every month. Due to frequent tests, the “Test” button is subject to a number of negative factors:

The power mechanism has broken

A lot of effort is not required to turn off the RCD. The lever affects a special latch that frees contacts. Then the device turns off. If there is a breakdown in this mechanism, then involuntary operations of the RCD are possible.

Often the problem is manifested when heated. Under the influence of heat, the details of the mechanism change their geometric dimensions, which leads to the release of the latch and disconnect the RCD. Another operation factor is vibration. If the mechanism is on the verge, it will work even from light tapping. With a breakdown of the lever or rods, the RCD simply does not turn on.

Important! Such malfunctions are easy to identify with a screwdriver. It is necessary to turn on the RCD and with a little effort to tap on the body with the handle of the tool. It is desirable to do this with the machines turned off. If the problem is purely mechanical, it will show itself without tension.

Current leak inside the RCD

A common cause of such a malfunction is to get into a protective device of dust and moisture. This leads to leakage currents in the RCD itself. Dirt is capable of transferring electricity between any parts and even supply phase voltage to the device controller, which will lead to burnout of electronics.

The malfunction is characteristic of devices that are not in the shield, but in the open air. In some cases, to correct the situation, it is enough to remove the protective device and let it dry well at temperatures of 30-50 ° C. If drying helps, then the problem is moisture. In the future, it is necessary to protect the device from water getting.

Association of RCDs from some household appliances

Many household and industrial devices are equipped with filtering capacitors between power wires and the device. For example, PC system units. The presence of capacitors causes a leakage current to the ground. Usually it is small enough so that the RCD does not knock out. However, if there are enough such devices, leakage currents on grounded housings of household appliances will develop and lead to the operation of the protective device.

This rather applies not to a malfunction of the RCD, but to the wrong selection. When choosing a protective device, you should pay attention to the IDN current, in which it turns off.

Important! There is one unpleasant feature in apartments without grounding. If the voltage between the metal body of the system unit and the heating radiator is multimeter with a multimeter, then the measuring device will show about 110 V. When touched to the measured points, the fingers feel a characteristic tingling from current flow. A similar effect is possible thanks to the capacitors connected to the PC housing. Of course, the described experiment should not be repeated.

Incorrect connection of the protective device

Connection errors are detected immediately after the installation of an RCD or other electrical equipment. For example, the previously installed protective device began to knock out after connecting the outlet. So the problem is in it. It is necessary to pay attention to the connection of a phase, zero and grounding wire into a socket.

Another option. knocks out a new, just installed RCD. The previous protective device worked correctly. No changes were made in the apartment wiring. In such a situation, you should check the connection of a new RCD. Even experienced masters make mistakes.

When the water heater is connected to the network, the RCD is triggered and does not turn on

Hello. When connecting to the EVN power supply with a previously spaced mode, a RCD is triggered after a few minutes and after that the device does not turn on at all.According to the instructions, the device in operation used 3 years and it was periodically maintained (then).The possible causes of the malfunction described in the instructions were not discovered upon examination. What to do?

Ariston Water Heater is noisy

Hello, if it knocks an RCD in 90% of cases of current leakage on the case. You need to replace the heating elements with this model installed 1300 W and 700W. You can buy a link here if you can’t cope in the replacement of spare parts, you can call the master who will install your spare parts on the water heater. link

Hello! Most likely the heater is faulty

As our practice shows, in this case there are mainly 2 reasons: 1. Microstrachi in the heater (you need to replace the heater) 2. Malfunctioning RCD. Sometimes there are other reasons, but they are very rare. Most often the reason. Failed heating. Less commonly. RCD. Therefore, we recommend starting with the replacement of Ten. But if there is an opportunity to substitute another RCD without buying it (for example, take from friends for a while), then it is easier and more correct to change the RCD.

The isolation of the heater was disturbed in your electric network, a current connection of an incorrect connection of the RCD occurs, as a result of which you observe its incorrect work and frequent operation. Perhaps when acquiring the RCD you selected an apparatus of inappropriate power, as a result of this, periodic triggering occurs. The mechanism itself failed, it is possible to set the test button, or damage to the trigger, which works from any vibration. Incorrect DWT placement in the mains. The contact of the bare wiring with the water heater body can also be the reason why the machine is knocked out.

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