The red key is lit on the washing machine

What to do first?

Before you call a master or proceed to repair the washing machine yourself, you need to check whether the child lock function is activated (this is a special mode that blocks all the buttons of the device during the washing process).

How to disable the lock? To remove it, you need to press the start button and hold it for five seconds. After these actions, the system restarts and the lock is removed.

If after restarting the Samsung washing machine, the lock indicator continues to blink, then you need to do the following:

  • Check the lock for foreign bodies and debris (clean if necessary);
  • restart the Samsung washing machine.
  • Disconnect the appliance from the mains;

In a situation where the lock indicator light is still lit or blinking after the manipulation, it is necessary to carry out a more detailed diagnosis or to ask for help from a service technician.

Repair of hinges and LOS

Immediately replace the UBL is not worth it. First it is advisable to inspect the door lock, or more precisely, the tab on it. If the lock has moved or broken, then it should be repaired. Could also damage the hinges of the door, which are bent because of hanging on the hatch children and wet clothes hinged on it. Because of the weight the door sags and does not close properly or the door jams. In this case, only a replacement will help. To replace the hinges proceed as follows.

  • Disconnect automatic unit from utilities.
  • Open the door, use pliers to loosen the outer clamp and insert the cuff into the drum.
  • Disconnecting the wiring from the door UBL.
  • Locate the service hatch in the bottom right corner and unscrew the bolt that holds the front panel of the machine.
  • Loosen the two screws that secure the top cover of the dispenser.
  • Remove the detergent tray from the machine.
  • We find two self-tapping screws in the hole that is free after the tray and remove them with a screwdriver.
  • Remove a few more screws around the perimeter of the dashboard and gently unhook the latter from the latches.
  • Unscrew the screws holding the end of the dispenser and remove the front panel.
  • Unscrew the plastic cover that “hides” the door hinges and then remove the hinges.
  • Buying new hinges and replacing old ones.
  • Reassemble the machine, acting in reverse order.

Once the tongue and hinges are checked, turn on the machine and see if the lock light blinks or not. If the situation repeats, then pay attention to the hatch locking device. To replace a faulty UBL is easy: you only need to buy the original part and follow the simple instructions.

A new LCR can be chosen according to the machine serial number, found in the washing machine data sheet or on the inside of the door, with a special marking.

When the door is jammed and will not open, you must unlock the system manually. Remove the top lid of the dispenser, feel the lock with your hand and slide the lock to open the door. Once the hatch is open, you can proceed to replace the UBL.

The Samsung washing machine light or flashing lock. what is the cause and what to do?

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Broken washing machine Samsung?

The Samsung washing machine is no exception. The indicator-lock (the light will be on and flashing) will inform about the occurred in it troubleshooting.

If there is nothing wrong with the washing machine, the blinking of the lock stops when the washing process ends and the hatch door unlocks automatically.

However, if the machine has finished washing and the door is open, but the lock is still lit and flashing, you should suspect a malfunction.

First things to do

If after resetting the blinking of the lock will continue, you must do the following:

  • disconnect the machine from the mains;
  • Make a revision of the lock (clean it from debris, if any);
  • restart the household appliance.

In case none of the undertaken actions worked, and the lock is still lit and flashing, call a master, he will be able to make a more detailed diagnosis machine.

What to do if the hatch locker malfunctions?

If this element is faulty, the system will not be able to get the signal it needs, and any processes of the automatic machine are blocked by it.

To fix it, you just need to replace the door lock.

The following algorithm is used to replace the door lock:

  • Unplug the machine.
  • Open the door.
  • With a Phillips screwdriver unscrew the bolts that fix the door lock.
  • Remove the outer clamp by gently prying the part with a screwdriver.
  • By sliding the door cuff, take out the door lock and disconnect it from the common wiring system.
  • Install a new UBL.

If the liquid pressure sensor has failed

When the tank is normally filled with water, the pressostat tube increases the air pressure. When it reaches the right level it gives a signal: stop the water supply and start washing (the lock stops flashing). If the sensor is out of order, the signal from it does not come and the system blocks any processes in the automatic machine (the lock starts flashing).

Liquid pressure sensor replacement:

  • Unscrew the screws on the back of the machine and remove the top cover.
  • “Find” the pressostat (on the right side of the front panel, like a large nut), proceed to unscrew the fixing screws and disconnect the connectors.
  • Loosen the clamps using pliers and remove the pressostat.
  • Check if it works correctly using a multimeter.
  • Install a new element if the former one is broken.

What to do if the heating element doesn’t work?

To replace it, proceed as follows

  • Unplug the machine.
  • Open the back cover using a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Find the TEN itself, remove the plastic nozzle from it (remove connectors).
  • Unscrew the fixing nut in the center of the THEN tail
  • Pull out the heating element by swinging it from side to side.
  • Install new heating element.

Where to find a wizard and how much will the repair cost?

Address of a good craftsman can suggest relatives or friends, as well as neighbors who repaired their appliances earlier with us in 1V.KZ. If you entrust the repair of the machine to masters from the service center, then all the work, in this case, will be documented, at the time of disputes.

In order not to trust scammers, who can leave you without equipment and without money, you need to know the following:

  • the master, who works honestly, will not take money for the work until he finishes it (exception. the purchase of parts); always ready to listen to the client, paying particular attention to the brand of his machine and the duration of operation;
  • the master, with a lot of experience, will not name a final price for the repair until he conducts a complete diagnosis of the equipment.

No need to panic if the washing machine lock indicator blinks. The causes of the problem are known, which means that it does not take much time to make repairs.

The red light on the washing machine burns: what to do?

If the washing machine door lock lights up while the washing and drying program is in progress, this is normal. If there are no other signs of trouble, don’t worry. Under normal operation, this light will glow red to tell you not to open the door. Its glow says that the hatch is blocked, the locking device is working.

If the light suddenly flashes during a cycle, it could be a normal control board hangs. This happens not only with smartphones or laptops, but also with home appliances. In this case, you need to end the program, and then turn off the washing machine from the network and give it a rest for a while. Perhaps after such a rest everything will return to normal.

If the machine hangs, the drum does not spin, the water is not drained, other indicators are flashing or the display shows error codes, you need to forcibly stop the washing and drain the water. Perhaps the child lock was accidentally turned on. this feature is available in some machines. Or the wrong key combination was pressed by mistake. It is worth checking the pressed buttons, press them all, try to run the program again. If it starts and finishes without problems, then there is no cause for alarm, but from now on you need to be more careful when pressing the keys. If the washing does not start, you will need to contact the repair of washing machines.

The combination of burning lights and the errors they mean varies with the models of different manufacturers. When the lock blinks or the red light comes on, and the machine does not wash in normal mode, you should first look in the instructions to the device, what it may mean.

Causes for which the washing machine light flashes can be different:

  • broke the device locking the washing machine hatch. a malfunction in the control unit;
  • The lock on the door is defective. this is a mechanical failure;
  • the hatch does not close due to skewed or broken hinges;
  • Overheating or failure of the heating element. if along with the fact that the red key is lit, the machine does not wash or washes in cool water;
  • breakdown of the control unit. if the lock is lit, and the washing machine has mixed up programs or does not start at all;
  • Worn motor brushes. the key or lock light comes on and the drum does not rotate;
  • The water level sensor is broken: in such a case the red lockout light turns on, and the other indicators may be on or blinking.

All of these problems can be solved by replacing parts. This repair of the washing machine is inexpensive, but prolongs its life for a long time.

Possible causes

In automatic washing machines all work is controlled by special programs. And if the door of such a device has simply stopped opening, that is blocked, then there is a reason for this.

But do not panic, even if the appliance is full of water and things. And don’t frantically search for the phone number of a repair specialist.

First of all, you must determine the list of possible causes that could lead to this malfunction.

washing, machine

Most often, the door of the washing machine Samsung is blocked because of only a few factors.

  • Standard safety locking option. It is activated when the machine starts to run. There is absolutely no need to take any action here. The door will also unlock automatically as soon as the cycle is finished. If the washing is already finished, but the door still does not open, it is worth waiting a few minutes. Samsung washing machine sometimes unlocks doors within 3 minutes after washing.
  • Clogged drain hose. This problem is rather frequent. The reason is that the water level sensor in the drum fails to operate properly. How to deal with this situation will be described below.
  • Program malfunction can also cause the door to lock. This can be caused by a power outage or power surge, overloading the weight of the clothes to be washed, a sudden disconnection of the water supply.
  • The childproofing program has been activated.
  • The lock block is defective. This could be due to the long service life of the washing machine itself or too sharp opening / closing the door itself.

As you can see, there are not many reasons why the door of the Samsung automatic washing machine can self-lock. In any case, you can solve the problem yourself if you identify it correctly and follow all advice precisely.

It is important to remember not to force the hatch open. This only aggravates the situation and can lead to an even more serious breakdown, which can no longer be solved by yourself.

Common breakdowns when the lock on the washing machine blinks

According to the experience of BytTechRem workshop, there are a number of typical washing machine faults, which are accompanied by blinking of the lock.

In addition, the washer can show an error code.

The lock icon flashes on the display. In addition, other indicators may blink or an error code may be displayed.

To summarize, it should be said that the blinking of the lock / key itself does not yet indicate any particular problem with the washing machine.

Therefore, it is necessary to rely on additional symptoms that will help determine the range of possible malfunctions. For example,

  • If the machine stops with water and the lock (key) indicator is lit or blinking. as a rule, the cause of the malfunction should be sought in the drain system. Read more about this in the article “Wet Business: the washing machine doesn’t drain”.
  • The machine does not draw water and the lock indicator light is on. probably a breakdown of the water supply valve. On other faults, we told about in our article “Because without water neither here nor there or what to do if the washing machine is not getting water”.
  • The machine receives water, but the drum does not rotate, and the lock symbol is illuminated on the cabinet or display. Often, this is due to wear and tear of the drive belt. Read more at “No movement: if the washing machine won’t spin the drum”.

Remember that only a qualified technician can determine exactly what is wrong with your washing machine after doing diagnostics. Therefore, if the machine has ceased to function properly, and the lock on its case or display is lit or flashing, do not experiment and do not try to repair it yourself, unless you are a master. This can lead to even more serious damage.

Ariston washing machine key light on

After all, most often your machine will try to show its owner by means of indication. what happened to it. You just need to look closely at the panel with LED indicators or display. One of the most common problems is that the lock indicator blinks and the machine won’t start.

Or it can start, but does not work correctly. Or stops without completing the washing cycle. The hatch door, as usual, is blocked. What can be done if it malfunctions? Let’s try to figure it out.

The automatic washing machine has long been an indispensable part of modern man’s life. Reliable and trouble-free operation is becoming customary. The more unpleasant the situation becomes, when the machine stops working all of a sudden for some unknown reason. Of course, this is not happy at all. But is it so incomprehensible?

The situation when the washing machine Samsung lit or blinking lock indicator and at the same time the machine does not fill or constantly picks up and drains water, indicates that the water level sensor (pressostat) is broken.

You will have to remove the top panel and, by tilting the entire unit backwards (so that the drum moves somewhat and opens access to the locking device), to slip your hand inside the housing. After feeling the locking device, press the latch with your finger (to the side) and pull the door towards you.

What does the lit indicator key or lock mean?

Indicator key or lock can not only light, but also flashing. In this article we will consider only those situations where the light is on and not flashing. So, there may be a few such cases:

Key Symbol on Washing Machine How to Remove

  • the key light is on during the wash, indicating that the door is blocked, and you can not open it during the wash. There’s no problem with that, the washing will finish and after a few minutes the door will automatically unlock;
  • the key or lock indicator is lit all the time, even when the door is open and there is no washing, and the washing machine does not respond to key presses. In this case, it is necessary to check the locking device, the lock and hinges of the door, as well as the control board;
  • The key indicator lights up when the wash is finished, and the door does not open. The cause can also be a jammed locking device or control board.

Note! When the control panel childproofing is on, the key light on the washing machine may also be on. So make sure the function is turned off before you look for the malfunction.

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