The red lock on the washing machine burns

The key on the washing machine Bosch burns

Indicators on the dispenser control panel help to control the washing process. Many of the lights are separate and only light up in certain situations. So, if the key on the Bosch washing machine lights up, it means that the hatch door is blocked. Why this happens and when it is allowed, let’s analyze in detail.

How to remove the baby-proof mode

To remove the LG washing machine child lock, it is necessary to press and hold for a few seconds the two buttons, between which the icon “pacifier” or “child” is located, on the control panel. That on the LG brand washing machine this mode is enabled, indicates the code CL on the display. In most LG models, the child lock is activated only during the washing, and it applies to all the subsequent manipulations, so that before the next load of laundry, it must be deactivated each time, otherwise the program will not start.

Bosch washing machines of the LOGIXX 8 model also have a child-proof mode. To remove it, you must return the appliance to the program it was supposed to run, open the door and hold the button (arrow) “left” on the options panel depressed for a few seconds.

Initial actions of the user

First of all it is necessary to sift out trivial and non-serious reasons. It is likely that elementary inattention of the user led to flashing of the so-called key. Therefore let’s forget about DEB, circuit board and heating element and answer the following questions one by one.

lock, washing, machine, burns

  • Whether the machine recovers water? If the centralized water supply is disconnected or there is insufficient pressure in the pipes, then the machine, for safety reasons, will not start the cycle. The electronic block will receive a signal that it is impossible to dial, and the washing machine “brain” will respond by turning on the alarm lock indicator. The point is that starting the heating element with an empty tank will quickly ignite the first one and damage the second one.
  • Is the door closed tightly?? Tightness. one of the main conditions for the safe operation of the washing machine. When the hatch is not completely covered, it is possible leakage, threatening the room and the equipment itself. The protection system is triggered and corresponding light comes on. The situation is fixed simply: open the door, check if there are no objects stuck between the door and the body, and press until you hear a click.
  • Was there a power failure?? The Indesite automatic machines are notable for the weak electronics, and even the slight jumps in the mains can lead to a program failure in the circuit board. Most often it helps to reset the error by rebooting the system. We disconnect the washer from power supply, wait 10-20 minutes, then we start it, choose the mode “Drain and spin” and estimate the behavior of the machine. If the situation repeats, then it is more serious than a single “glitch”.

In most cases, in order to make the lock light turn off, it is enough to eliminate one of the above-mentioned causes. If nothing from the list helped, it’s time to connect the “heavy artillery”. The tactics are the same. go from simple and quick to complex and time-consuming.

What does the lit indicator key or lock mean

The key or lock indicator may not only be on, but also flashing. For the purpose of this article, we will only address those situations in which the light is on and not flashing. So, there may be several such cases:

  • the key light is on during the wash, indicating that the door is locked, and should not be opened during the wash. This is no problem, the wash is finished and after a few minutes the door will automatically unlock;
  • the key or lock light is lit all the time, even when the door is open and there is no washing, and the washing machine does not respond to key presses. In this case it is necessary to check the locking device, the lock and hinges of the door, and the control board;
  • the key light is on when the wash is finished, but the door cannot be opened. The cause can also be a jammed locking device or control board.

Please note! If the control panel childproofing is on, the key light on the washing machine may also be on. So make sure the function is disabled before looking for the problem.

Tips for self-troubleshooting

After determining the error code and finding out the cause of the blinking lights, you can independently check and replace the circuit board on your Indesit washing machine at home. To do this, you need to have a soldering iron, screwdrivers, a multimeter and a little experience in working with similar tools.

First of all it is necessary to carefully disassemble the housing of the machine. This operation consists of the following steps:

Indesit washing machines are available in two types: with vertical or horizontal loading. In the first case, the electronic board is located at the top of the device, in the second. at the back bottom. To get to it is not difficult, but you should always take into account the design features of a particular model.

What is the problem?

If the lock on the washing machine Indesit, Samsung flashes, perhaps one of the four breakdowns occurred:

  • The lock of the loading hatch is out of order.
  • The heating element is defective.
  • Water pressure sensor in the tank is broken.
  • The control module is defective.

How to pinpoint the cause of malfunction? Given the likely breakdowns, it is recommended to contact a master. An experienced specialist using special equipment will diagnose the washing machine and reveal the exact cause of flashing of the indicator light. If there is no possibility to call a master it is necessary to check the cleanliness of the lock. Quite often a trivial clogging of the garbage leads to flashing of the indicator light. Cleaning the lock from small debris will help to solve the problem.

If the heating element is broken, the unit will freeze and stop washing. It happens that the machine starts the work process, and even started rinsing, but the lock indicator light is constantly lit. If it is confirmed that the heating element is broken, it will need to be replaced.

If the lock indicator on the washing machine is blinking, the water level sensor may have failed. It is necessary to control the amount of water that is filled into the unit’s tank. The sensor is available in any washing machine Indesit, Samsung and other brands. Over time, the element begins to malfunction, causing the flashing light. Water amount sensor can not be repaired. It needs to be replaced with a new one.

Another reason that causes the blinking of the lock icon light on the panel of the washing machine is the breakdown of the control board. Occurs due to power surges or moisture on the board. Do not despair, in most cases the Indesit board is repairable. Only a very serious failure requires replacing the old board for a new one.

Different models. different features

Naturally, there are several manufacturers of washing machines. In this market, such companies as Samsung and Bosch are well established. They produce many different models, which, however, have one thing in common. the presence of buttons, light panels, displays and lights.

On older and cheaper models you can find a number of buttons, each of which is equipped with a light bulb. In normal state it is switched off, respectively in working state it is switched on. If there is some malfunction, then the lamp opposite the button will behave in a non-standard way. it will blink, turn off, etc. д to attract your attention in any way.

The new models of Samsung and Bosch washing machines have displays, which facilitates the task of both the user and the technician. As a rule, an error code is displayed, specifying the abnormal situation.

In most cases, if an error occurs, you can fix it yourself. In the manual to your device there are detailed descriptions of all possible errors. loose closing, drum overloading, unequal load distribution. Therefore, before you call a master, it is recommended that you still read the instructions and, according to it, try to fix the problem yourself.

What to do if the lock on the washing machine is blinking

Any washing machine, regardless of the brand of the manufacturer, sometimes breaks down. Quite a common sign of malfunction, is the blinking of the lock indicator. But not every user knows what this signal means. What are the causes of blinking of the lock indicator? How to fix probable malfunctions?

How a washing machine door lock works, how to test interlocks

What to do?

If after turning on the washing machine Indesit or Samsung the user found that the lock icon is lit, do not get upset. Experts recommend the following steps:

  • Disconnect the device from the mains.
  • Check the cleanliness of the lock, if necessary clean from small debris.
  • Restart the machine.
  • If the LED continues to blink, call a service technician.
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