The refrigerator after defrosting is badly freezed

What to do if the refrigerator is very freezing

The reasons why the refrigerator is very freezing or, conversely, does not provide the desired temperature, there are several: malfunctions in the compressor, hike, system of circulation of air and freon, a malfunction of the thermostat, thermal attewer, magnetic valve. Separately, you should consider the loose fit of the door, improper operation and configuration. Cooling can be excessive, weak, fast or slow. The freezer in the refrigerator can work wrong, all departments or one of them.

  • Compressor (motor). In the overwhelming case. One, less often. Two in advanced and expensive models;
  • Removing contours in terms of the number of cameras. Usually two, on the refrigerator and freezer compartment, which allows you to set the temperature separately;
  • Figure system: evaporator and heat exchanger (condenser). The Nofrost system is equipped with a small fan (impeller), a heater;
  • Air ducts, damper. With a drip (“crying”) defrosting. A distribution of streams of an electromagnetic valve;
  • System of tubes (capillary and others.) for the circulation of the refrigerant;
  • Power circuit, control and electric parts, including microcircuits: thermal attires, relay, thermostat;
  • Cabinet with doors on loops, with a seal around the perimeter.

The balance in the refrigerator system is dynamic: if one of the compartments is an overspending of energy, then it may not be enough for the other. Most often, because of this, the refrigerator is poorly freezed. Provoke a violation to set values ​​for two departments with independent setting simultaneously at the maximum. Even a reliable compressor may not meet the needs of this mode. You need to choose one of two: super.Commercial or superchlving. Such incorrect work in two.Compressor units is excluded.


Although the breakdown is inherently almost similar, there is a small difference in elements, for example, Nofrost can break a fan, heating gear, and the drip version does not have them (there is more often a static thawing scheme).

  • Drip (“crying” defrosting). When the compressor pauses, a fur coat of ice and hoarfrost melts on the walls and evaporator, the water flows along the grooves to the pallet. Cold flows are distributed by means of an electromagnetic valve;
  • Nofrost. There is a system of “hidden”. Fan, creates air circulation, preventing the occurrence of hoar. If it appears, then the impeller is turned off and the heater (heater) is activated and activated. Thawing occurs, water is assembled on the pallet. This system also has drive shutters for air.
refrigerator, defrosting, badly, freezed

If there is not a drip defrust, but a legofrost, then the energy and air goes to the minus compartment with the evaporator. A “touch” with a hee, looking like a radiator or coil with partitions. Separately there is a similar element of this system, but with completely different functions (for heat exchange). The capacitor on the back of the cabinet. The secondary flow with a fan is pumped into a plus chamber. With a breakdown of regulatory shutters (sticking, jamming, improper operation), the freezer is rewinds, and an excessively high temperature occurs in the positive compartment.

In units with manual (drip) defrosting, the refrigerant circulates, divided by a magnetic valve into two evaporators. With a breakdown of this element, incorrect cooling in the compartments can also be observed.

Why is the refrigerator a lot of freezing?

In this article you will find out what to do if the refrigerator freezes a lot. We have provided the most common causes of this breakdown. If you have a column broken, then you can read how to carry out the repair of the columns.

The most common cause of severe frost of the refrigerator is the wrong position of the thermostat. You will need to inspect your device and if it is set incorrectly, then you should set the temperature regime less. This moment must be checked in the first place, since it is the easiest to eliminate. If you have a refrigerator with a switch, then it needs to be installed in position from 2 to 3.5. If your house has a new device that has a dial, then it is necessary to set the temperature within 4 or 6 degrees.

It is important to know! New models of the refrigerator can have a super.Commercial button. If you have it, then you should check if it is turned on.

Diagnostics and repair

Before the search for a malfunction, you need to observe the condition of the device. For this, the refrigerator is turned off, released from the products.

In a day, the device is turned on, placed the thermometer in the cells.

refrigerator, defrosting, badly, freezed

If it shows the values ​​deviating from the norm, the refrigerator is faulty. It is necessary to observe the work of the compressor. If it does not stop for a long time, you need to start searching for a malfunction. The repair method depends on the reason due to which the refrigerator stopped cooling.

Refrigerant leak

To accelerate thawing, people often break off the ice with a knife. The cladding of the chamber and tube of the cooling system is damaged. Liquefied gas circulating in the capillary system is excreted out.

Useful tips

Unregulated temperature reduction in the device is considered a sign of a serious failure in the system. Only the operational elimination of the breakdown will protect the refrigerator from expensive repairs.

Wear of the door seal

It is not difficult to diagnose the wear of the door seal. It is enough to carefully examine the door from the inside. If for any reason it has peeled off or exploded, the tightness of the refrigerator compartment is disturbed and heat is sewn inside. To normalize the temperature, the refrigerator begins to more enhance the cold, which leads to the fact that the products freeze.

Examination of the seal is often observed in LG Electronics GC-B247JEUV. Many owners of these units notice that the upper chamber is badly freezing products. In addition, it is observed:

refrigerator, defrosting, badly, freezed

If the refrigerator is badly freezed due to the fact that the seal has worn out, it must be replaced by a new one without delaying the repair in a long box. Work in constant intensive mode, can disable a compressor, both in the above LG Electronics GC-B247JEUV, and in other models, for example, Samsung or Indesit. Repair of this part will be much more complicated and more expensive.

Why is the refrigerator a lot of freezing?

What temperature inside the refrigerator is considered normal? There should be an average of 5 ° C, slightly lower (from 0 to 2 ° C). In the “freshness zone” (or “zone”). There are such departments in the refrigerators of new models. The temperature in the place where vegetables are stored, usually holds at the level of 8 degrees of heat.

If your device ignores these parameters and freezes with might and main, for its reasons. Independently understand what exactly is not in order, it happens problematic.

Our experts diagnose any breakdown. We carry out Repair of Sharp refrigerators and units of any other brands.

But first you should check the settings of the refrigerator. Perhaps the thermostat is in the wrong position, and just set the desired temperature mode.

For a mechanical switch, the norm is from 2 to 3.5 (these numbers mean divisions on the regulator). In new refrigerators, the desired temperature. From 4 ° C to 6 ° C. Is set on the dial.

How to independently restore the performance of the unit?

There is still a fairly common reason why the refrigerator is very freezing. And you can eliminate this problem on your own. This is the blockage of the drainage hole, which is located at the very bottom of the household appliance. If it clogs, then the resulting condensate cannot drain there. Because of this, water under vegetable drawers accumulates, stagnates and turns into ice. At the same time, the products will freeze.

What to do. Carefully clean the drainage opening, but not with a metal item. Then you need to pour a little warm water into it (it is convenient to do this with a sprint).

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Main reasons

External inspection does not always show what to do if the refrigerator is very freezing products. The reason may lie in internal faults.

A thermostat or air sensor is broken

The temperature regime in the refrigerator and freezer departments is controlled by a thermostat or air sensor.

If the refrigerator begins to work continuously and freezes the products, or it turns off spontaneously, which leads to an unacceptable heating of the air inside it, this suggests that the temperature sensor of the refrigerator is out of order.

This device can be removed independently and rang using a tester. If necessary, a broken thermostat must be replaced with a new.

In more modern unit models, an electronic node is built, which receives information about the temperature in the aggregate. If it fails, then it is impossible to fix or replace it without the help of a specialist.

Freon leak

The leakage of the refrigerant is manifested in the fact that in the chamber, where it has so much freezed, an elevated temperature is set. Freon leaves the system through microscopic cracks in the evaporator tubes or the walls of the device. This process also leads to the following phenomena:

  • A strong characteristic smell appears;
  • The motor refuses to work or works without stopping;
  • The evaporator is covered with hoarfrost or ice.

It is not difficult to stock up cracks in freon tubes, but this should do this.

Blockage of the capillary system

This problem appeared after the cooling systems, less harmful to the environment for the environment, R134A (instead of R12) began to be used in the cooling systems.

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This gas in the compressor is mixed with butter and then circulates in the system. The refrigerant supply to the refrigerator is adjustable using a small tube (0.5 mm) diameter.

In the conditions of improper operation (lack of ventilation, a lot of dust in the radiator, etc. D.) the oil that circulates in the system is heated and becomes thicker due to the formation of thermal decomposition products in it. These products settle on the walls of the capillaries and clog them, interfering with the passage of Freon. As a result:

  • The refrigerator is very free. The cameras are covered with a layer of ice;
  • The freezer is functioning normally, and heat in the refrigerator;
  • The unit works at full power, but does not cold (with a dense thrombus);
  • After a long shutdown, when the gas, due to heating, passes from liquid to a gaseous state and pushes a blood clot, the refrigerator begins to work, but then ceases again.

In order to clean the capillary tube, the master must solder the hydraulic press to it and pump the oil on the system to eliminate the blockage with it. It is not recommended to perform this procedure on your own.

Switching valve breakdown

The electromagnetic valve is responsible for feeding the refrigerant in one of the cameras. In most modern systems, these valves switch the direction of the Freon flow depending on the polarity of the pulse. Signs of the failure of the solenoid:

This part can be replaced by a specialist by carrying out welding work.

What experts advise

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