The refrigerator deo does not freeze the reason

What to do if the refrigerator with No Frost does not freeze or is weakly cold?

Think like a male club copyright what to do if the refrigerator with No Frost does not freeze or is weakly cold?

Is it possible to independently repair the refrigerator No Frost? Of course, if there are at least a little knowledge of physics.

So, a few weeks ago, the great and reliable refrigerator Whirlpool ARC 8140 with the No Frost system began to freeze badly. The freezer camera stopped cold, yes, and at first there was a strange noise similar to the sound of a broken fan. Then the noise disappeared and it became clear that the great refrigerator Virpool does not freeze at all.

refrigerator, does, freeze, reason

If you have the same problem, then do not write off the compressor to mourn or something else, most likely the reason why the refrigerator with the know does not freeze this:

Compressor failure

The compressor is considered the main detail of modern devices of any brand, including Steinol or Samsung. It does not matter at the same time, a two.Chamber refrigerator or a single.Chamber. Using a compressor, both refrigerator and freezers function. In the vast majority of devices, this part is not subject to disassembly. If the compressor has stopped working due to a breakdown, it must be replaced.

The reasons for the compressor breakdown can be completely different. This can happen if the Indesit refrigerator has been working constantly for a rather long time. In this case, he could just burn out. This situation may arise if very hot dishes are placed in the camera. The compressor will work without stopping as a result of control of a thermostat, until a given temperature is set in the chamber. However, before this happens, the compressor may fail. There are still reasons explaining why the compressor does not work: the formation of a large layer of ice in the chamber, the insufficient pressure of the freon in the circuit.

What to do if the freezer stopped freezing

The list of malfunctions of the freezer is quite large. Having determined for what reason the products are not frozen, and the compressor constantly works without turning off, it is worth moving on to solving problems.

Part of the operation to restore work can be performed independently, another. Requires the purchase of expensive details and intervention of specialists.

Frost repair in the refrigerator

Solving problems with the freezer should be given the reasons:

  • The neding in capillary systems is eliminated by light tapping through tubes that can move the stuck particles. Drainage pipelines are cleaned with filling with hot water using a rubber pear.
  • To restore the operability of the thermostat and thermostat, they can only be replaced. To identify the cause of the problem, after carrying out the corresponding repair, can only be a master.
  • Restore the dry.Drying of the camera will be only its complete replacement.
  • Overheating of the compressor, due to which the cooling mode is violated, you can try to compensate for by pushing the refrigerator from the wall. If this did not help, the detail is changing.
  • You can try to deal with mechanical damage yourself. The equipment is defrosted, the damaged place is filled with foam or insulation.
  • The malfunctions of the touch sensor, due to which the incorrect data is transmitted to the control system, are eliminated by the replacement of the device.
  • If the model is not freezing the indesit of the know frast, the issue is often solved by the replacement of the heating device.
  • Rust from the tubes is eliminated by processing with a special tool or 9%vinegar. Before processing, you should check the action in a small area, only then using on the entire oxidized surface.

Knowing how to solve problems with the refrigerator, which is poorly freezed, you can try to fulfill the relevant recommendations for its repair. Simple problems are often eliminated with your own hands.

However, in the absence of experience or confidence in their abilities for repair, it is worth calling a specialist. After all, the incorrectly performed repairs will not only not return the work capacity, but can make the problem even more serious.

Conclusions and useful videos

The next material will help to disassemble how to check the performance of an electric motor, a relay working with it in a pair, as well as the intricacies of adjusting the thermostat:

About how to eliminate damage to the tubes intended for the circulation of freon is described in the last video material:

Modern refrigerators are quite reliable units, but breakdowns still periodically happen. To reduce their probability, the owner needs to operate the equipment according to the instructions.

Daewoo Freezer Fault- Not Freezing Fully

And if signs of emergency work are still revealed, then you should try to find out the reasons yourself. Since in many cases this will help save funds and prevent inconvenience that causes equipment breakdown.

If you had to deal with the repair of the refrigerator, please tell other visitors to the site what kind of breakdown had to be eliminated and how you managed to cope with the problem. Write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев, share your experience, ask the article. The communication unit is located below.

The device of a typical refrigerator

The compressor is overtaken by its pressure freon (cooling agent) into the condenser node. There the gaseous refrigerant condenses into the liquid fraction. This process is accompanied by heat release, which is discharged through the rear panel of the refrigerator.

Liquefied freon is supplied to the system of thin tubes, after which it again takes a gaseous state, and when it is in the evaporative block, it boils. Evaporator and generates cold. Freon completes its circulation, returning to the compressor.

The cold that has arisen primarily enters the freezer, and from it is already supplied to the refrigerator. Forcibly or naturally. This gives the freezer the ability to maintain cold temperature even when the aggregate elements are damaged.

Fix a freezer not freezing but still cold

In two.Compressor refrigerators, one compressor serves the freezer, and the second. Refrigerator. This is convenient in that, if desired, you can turn off some of the cameras and use only one

As soon as the lack of cold in the cooling compartment is noticed with a proper freezer chamber, you need to try to analyze the situation yourself.

User actions in case of suspicion of a malfunction of the unit should be as follows:

  • To establish by observation which cold does not get into the cameras;
  • Clarify whether there are any heat sources near the refrigerator, for example, heating batteries, heaters, kitchen slabs, etc. D.;
  • Determine whether the rubber door sealing gasket is valid, whether there are objects (pieces of food, crumbs, etc. P.), preventing the tight closure of the door.

It will also be useful to inspect the rear surface of the refrigerator for the presence of mechanical damage, and all nodes and systems for rye, oxidation.

The freezer works in the refrigerator, but the camera is not

We will analyze what to do if only the freezer works for the refrigerator, and why the upper chamber does not cold, although it is not noticeable between temperatures.

It is worth paying attention to the operation of the engine-compressor: when damage, it works without stopping and overheats a lot. The reason could be simple problems:

refrigerator, does, freeze, reason
  • Poorly closed camera door. If the tightness of the sealing rubber or the door sagged, the cold air from the chamber constantly exits outwards.
  • Problems with installation. If the room is hot or the equipment is near heating devices, then cooling will occur constantly. Therefore, Indesit, Nord refrigerators and other brands will not work, although the freezer works. Move the body from the battery or stove, install the regulator for less.
  • Freon leak. As a result of damage to the circuit or due to impaired tightness of the wall, the cooling gas comes out, it becomes not enough for normal cooling. It is necessary to repair and refuel cooling gas.

The situation when the refrigerator began to freeze like a freezer is also not normal. The temperature rises in the department, the products freeze, snow and ice grow on the walls. Why is this happening?

  • The door seal does not fulfill its function. There is no tight fit to the body. When warm air enters the chamber, the system compensates for an increase in temperature with constant cooling, so the compressor does not turn off to rest.
  • Zasor of the drainage opening. On the walls of hoarfrost, snow, and under the lower boxes. Water. During normal operation, the refrigerator turns on the hike: as a result of a drop of moisture, flow down the walls into the drainage hole, and then removed from the system. If the hole was clogged with crumbs, small garbage, then moisture has nowhere to go. It is necessary to clean to resume the work of equipment.
  • Temperature control in the department or air sensor is faulty. The main fee does not receive data on the temperature in the camera, so it does not submit a command to turn off the engine.
  • The valve does not switch, so the top of the refrigerator may not freeze. In a technique where two cameras are cooled by one engine, a switch (valve) is involved. If he sticks or breaks, then chilled air will enter the freezer, but he will not reach the refrigerator.

The top camera does not freeze: reasons and independent repair

Why the freezer is excellent freezing, but the rest of the refrigerator is warm? There may be many reasons. Consider simple problems that can be eliminated with your own hands:

  • Check the density of the door of the door to the body. Perhaps the department is crowded and something interferes with normal closure. It happens that the rubber seal is wear out or polluted. It is easy to replace with your own hands.
  • Check the set temperature regime. When the room is hot and poor ventilation, and the thermostat is installed in full power in the department, the engine will not be able to cope with the load. If the technique with one engine, the cold will go into the lower chamber, which will become very freezing. And in the upper compartment there will be heat.
  • Whether the fan rotates. If his blades are overgrown with ice and do not rotate, then it is not surprising that cold air does not enter the department. Defrost the refrigerator or replace the fan motor.

But if your actions did not lead to the desired result, then there was a serious breakdown. We will give examples of problems, but in some cases the master cannot do without the help.

  • The engine of the refrigerator works, but does not freeze. In this case, the bulb in the department is on fire. This happens with compressor wear: it does not have enough power to injure the pressure in the cooling tube. In refrigerators of a two.Engine type, an option is possible when the motor of the refrigerator burns down, and the freezer engine continues to work. You can notice the oil stories at the bottom of the case. Compressor replacement or repair is carried out.
  • Reflash output in the closed part of the refrigerator. You can notice the swelling of one of the walls, ice and snow growing inside the camera. The master reveals the sealed part, finds the place of breakdown and eliminates the leak. Then he refuels the system with freon. Sometimes a replacement of the evaporator is required.
  • Gas leak through microcracks in the steel case. As a result, the canvas of the drainage system of moisture drops fall into the circuit, which leads to corrosion. The refrigerant begins to flow out. Pruning and spike of the damaged part are carried out, refueling by freon.
  • Gas output due to the depressurization of the camera. The wall of the chamber is damaged or punctured. You can eliminate the problem by covering the puncture and restoring the tightness.
  • Failure to launch relay. It is the relay that allows you to enable and disable the engine. The details are replaced.
  • Temperature regulator problem. When it breaks, the module cannot “understand” what temperature in the department. Therefore, the motor does not start or works without stopping.
  • Capillary’s blockage of the capillary or drainer filter. Due to the obstacle, Freon does not pass throughout the cooling system, as a result, one of the cameras does not freeze. The system is cleaned and refined refueling.

As you can see, there are a lot of possible problems. Do not figure it out on your own. Diagnostics of technology will help to determine the place of breakdown. Such problems happen as a result of improper use of the refrigerator or wear of parts. Therefore, follow the instructions, carry out periodicly to maintain the normal operation of the refrigerator.

Why the camera does not work in the refrigerator

If the factors listed above are excluded, the reason for the lack of cold in the main compartment lies in the breakdown. If you have a refrigerator of the brand “Samsung”, “Indesite”, “Steinol”, “Shivaki” or any other, a table with possible breakdowns will come to your aid.

Such symptoms also indicate a refrigerant leak, only in the area of ​​the steel circuit of the freezer compartment (in models with the lower arrangement of the freezer).

Blocks of the drainage system provoke flowing excess water to the front of the freezer compartment. In this area, a steel circuit passes behind the plastic panel, which prevents the appearance of condensate on the sealant. Plastic in view of its porous structure passes the water inward, which is why the steel part rusts, cracks appear on it, and the freon disappears.

Not every malfunction has “symptoms” by which it can be detected. The failure of the camera can also provoke such malfunctions:

  • Damage to the launch relay. It is commonly caused by the natural wear of the part or the voltage jump on the network. The details of the part are required.
  • Clogging of the capillary system or blockage of the filter-dryer. In the system, oil circulates, sometimes it causes a blockage of a capillary tube, which interferes with normal circulation of freon. If the master confirms the problem, oil and freon are changing.
  • Failure of the air thermal sensor of the refrigerator or evaporator sensor (for electronic models). In this case, the control board does not receive the temperature signals in the chamber, therefore the compressor does not start, the temperature grows. We need to replace the failed node.
  • Temperature breakdown (for mechanical models). The situation is similar-the compressor does not start due to incorrect temperature indications. Replacing the part will solve the problem.

If you were not able to independently identify the breakdown and find out why the refrigerator does not cool, entrust this task to a good specialist so that your refrigerator has worked for many more years.

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