The refrigerator does not freeze the middle chamber

The refrigerator does not freeze: the reasons and what to do in this situation

The breakdown of the refrigerator requires the owner of the technique of increased attention, because even a small malfunction can lead to quick damage to products. Nothing completely and even the most reliable models of refrigerators sometimes break. To decide whether to call a specialist, you should inspect the device and evaluate the situation by his state.

Before calling the master, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Whether the defrosting mode is activated by random pressing the corresponding button.
  • How tightly the seals are adjacent.
  • The serviceability of the temperature adjustment sensor.
  • The degree of heating of the compressor.

If it is not possible to find out why the refrigerator does not freeze yourself, you need to call a specialist. After professional diagnosis, the further fate of the technique will be understood.

The freezer freezes, and the refrigerator does not cold in the premium model

Modern multi.Door refrigerators with air and combined cooling, electronic control have a complex circuit. Any malfunction should be eliminated by the master. The display after self.Diagnosis reflects error codes. Decryption of them is given in the instructions. But the red flashing indicator and the sound signal in all devices notify the violation of the thermal mode in the chamber. Why the freezer works, but the refrigerator is not, sometimes depends on the state of the electronic control unit. With unstable voltage on the network, it breaks the first. If the device with electronic control, a air sensor is installed in the refrigerator, which gives the signal to the board. A faulty sensor acts on the entire system as a thermostat for a compressor during electromechanical control.

Smart electronics will stop supplying a cell with a refrigerant, into which fresh air constantly enters. The increase in the fur coat on the back wall of the chamber with a simultaneous increase in temperature signals. The thaw in the drip defrust system is faulty. If drainage is clogged in the chamber, condensate will accumulate at the bottom, freeze and break the seal from below. This will lead to an increase in the temperature in the chamber.

When using No Frost in both cells, the freezer can freeze, but there is no refrigerator if the damper is blocked in the air duct. The error will affect the display, the result will be an increase in temperature in the refrigerator.

If the compressor is faulty or a little cold cold may not be enough, and again the question will arise why the freezer is freezing and there is no refrigerator. The compressor will work for wear, since its launch and stops are carried out according to the parameters of the plus compartment.

The most likely reasons for the malfunction of the freezer

There are breakdowns connected directly with the fact that the freezer department is turned off. Knowing their symptoms and signs, you can easily diagnose a failure and save on the initial diagnosis.

All possible reasons for the failure of the freezer in the refrigerators Bosch (Bosch), Samsung, Whirlpool, Liebherr (Libher), Minsk and others are collected in the table below.

The compressor is broken up for the operation of the freezer compartment.

How to fix Samsung Refrigerator not Freezing in Bottom Freezer

The air sensor of the freezer broke.

The thermostat of the freezer was broken.

In models equipped with one compressor, the No Frost system and a “crying” type evaporator, a switching valve may break.

The leakage of the refrigerant in the area of ​​the steel circuit is not excluded.

In models with a lower freezer and an evaporator of a “crying” type, this problem is not uncommon. It is provoked by blocks of the drainage hole, due to which the water accumulates in the main chamber and flows into the lower compartment area.

Acting inadvertently in the hope of quickly defrosting the refrigerator, you can pierce the camera, which will cause the inevitable leakage of the refrigerant from the system.

Most likely, the control module broke.

Do I need to care for the freezer? Definitely necessary! Even if you bought the No Frost model, it also needs to be defrosting-not as frequent as a drip refrigerator, but at least 2-3 times a year. It is also worth periodically wipe the walls and containers, inspect the camera at the time of freezing, throw out extra products. In the summer, slightly reduce the temperature so that the compressor does not overwhelm. And most importantly: if you are a “frost lover” for the winter, freeze fruits and vegetables in batches, never load the camera completely.

Now you know for what reasons the freezer of your two.Chamber refrigerator may not work. If you have a single.Chamber model, a separately freezer compartment cannot fail, since these chambers have a common system.

Using our table, determine why there was a breakdown to know for what repair to prepare-small or capital. And if the thermostat or sensor can be replaced with your own hands, then works such as replacing the compressor or refueling of the freon require special equipment and experience. Therefore, we recommend that complex tasks be entrusted to the master.

TENS of defrosting

The modern two.Chamber know.Toe Frost is equipped with heaters, which are responsible for the defrosting of ice, which is formed on the fan and radiator. As a result of combustion, they cease to perform their functions. The fan and radiator forms ice that prevents cold air circulation. The temperature in the chamber gradually begins to increase. A clear feature is that the refrigerator does not freeze after defrosting, but the light burns.

Determining the presence of ice is quite simple. It can be temporarily eliminated independently. But, the damaged Ten will still have to be replaced. Otherwise, the problem will be repeated soon. This is one of the reasons for the top, why the refrigerator does not freeze.

Why are your foods freezing in the refrigerator compartment?

refrigerator, does, freeze, chamber

Important! Ten malfunction can harm the compressor, as the thermostat makes it work more intensively.

Group hopeless malfunctions

In almost all cases, any household appliances can be repaired. The benefit for all models sold spare parts, and in fairly large quantities. However, in some cases it is better not to spend money on expensive repairs, but to purchase a new refrigerator.

refrigerator, does, freeze, chamber

Damage is brought to the freon leaks like the one indicated in the photo. Most often this is the result of improper operation of the refrigerator by the owner

For example, if the unit is already 8-10 years old, and repair work will cost a considerable amount. This period, by the way, is the average operational period of any refrigerator. Therefore, it makes no sense to pay ¼ of the cost of the unit for replacing the electric motor and wait a few weeks while delivering the desired structure of the structure. After all, a new incident may soon occur.

Types of refrigerators

What to do if the refrigerator stops cooling

I figure out why the refrigerator does not freeze, and the freezer freezes, you need to carefully check the device for complex damage. The fan engine can break. Burn the compressor or click the cooling system. Old models often murmur during work. For them, a murmur is a completely normal phenomenon, but if the refrigerator has stopped freezing, you need to look for the reason. This can happen if the oil filter is clogged and the capillaries were clogged along which the refrigerant is distributed.

A engine, compressor, lamp operate in the refrigerator, but it does not freeze

If the refrigerator does not freeze, and the freezer freezes, then the compressor will heat up hard and constantly work. A very high temperature is observed in the refrigerator. This may happen due to the fact that he was put there.

To the situation where there is light, and the device does not work, leads:

Another reason why the Indesite refrigerator is not freezing is a problem with an electronic control board that has a complex device. They are mainly not repaired, but replaced. The same applies to the refrigerators of other models.

Search for problems on the example of Indesite, Atlant, Ariston, Beko, Bosch, Biryusa, LG, Whirlpool, Deo

Иногда белорусские холодильники Атлант, которые считаются качественными, могут перестать морозить. The reason should be sought, first of all, in a loose door, improperly installed to the toggle switch or freezing of the fan. The capillary or filter can also clog, the valve designed for thawing.

Determine why the refrigerator Ariston does not cold if you run the test mode program. In addition to checking the door, you should see if the temperature is set correctly in the chamber. If a fault code is displayed on the display, you should contact the master. In the models, Ariston Hotpointa does not always appear when the freon leaks appear oil spots. It so happens that in the refrigerator Indesit does not freeze the upper chamber, what is the problem, is able to determine the specialist. This can happen due to corrosion on the pipeline. As a result, the refrigerant begins to flow. If the fan is faulty, then the cold is incorrectly distributed through the cameras.

If the Indesite refrigerator breaks, then faulty parts are replaced only by original.

At the first signs of violation of the normal operating mode of the apparatus of the eyelid, you need to contact the master. If the refrigerator stops cooling, then the cause may be a bad seal, a breakdown of the air fan, a cut of the drainage hole or the failure of the air sensor.

If the refrigerator does not freeze in the two.Chamber Bosch refrigerator, the first thing they do is check the door tightness. It can be loosely closed or dirt has accumulated on a sealing gum. If the reason is not that, you need to see if the temperature controller works. The cause of the malfunction sometimes lies in the fact that the start.Up relay worked. Which turned off the compressor. This happens when the inter.Seal circuits and windings are broken down. In some cases, the oil tube clogs.

A sign of troubles of refrigerators of the turquoise is their continuous work, the mode is not supported in the cells, and when the compressor is turned off, it is very noisy. There is professional diagnosis and repair here.

The main malfunction of Virpool models, which leads to the fact that with the operating freezer, the refrigerator does not cool. This is a compressor breakdown. If an electronic control unit has failed, it must be replaced. It happens that the capillary system is clogged, then the new filter is installed and the capillary tube is changed. In the case of a blockage of the drainage system, moisture accumulates, which intends, and an ice growth is formed on the valves.

In the apparatus of the LG brand, the refrigerator wrestling ceases to freeze due to a malfunction of the defrosting function.

As well as due to the leakage of the refrigerant or as a result of the breakdown:

  • Thermal relay;
  • Thermal attewer;
  • Electronic unit;
  • Compressor;
  • Electric motor;
  • Shutters;
  • Express Cool fans.
refrigerator, does, freeze, chamber

Be sure to check what condition the door is in the state.

The most possible cause of damage to the refrigerator of the Deo is the flow of cooling gas. Sometimes he does not freeze because blockage occurs in the distribution system. If the device turns on, and at the same time you can hear a weak and barely audible noise, but a high temperature is observed in the refrigerator, which means that there are problems with the compressor.

The freezer works in the refrigerator, but the camera is not

We will analyze what to do if only the freezer works for the refrigerator, and why the upper chamber does not cold, although it is not noticeable between temperatures.

It is worth paying attention to the operation of the engine-compressor: when damage, it works without stopping and overheats much. The reason could be simple problems:

  • Poorly closed camera door. If the tightness of the sealing rubber or the door sagged, the cold air from the chamber constantly exits outwards.
  • Problems with installation. If the room is hot or the equipment is near heating devices, then cooling will occur constantly. Therefore, Indesit, Nord refrigerators and other brands will not work, although the freezer works. Move the body from the battery or stove, install the regulator for less.
  • Freon leak. As a result of damage to the circuit or due to impaired tightness of the wall, the cooling gas comes out, it becomes not enough for normal cooling. It is necessary to repair and refuel cooling gas.

The situation when the refrigerator began to freeze like a freezer is also not normal. The temperature rises in the department, the products freeze, snow and ice grow on the walls. Why is this happening?

  • The door seal does not fulfill its function. There is no tight fit to the body. When warm air enters the chamber, the system compensates for an increase in temperature with constant cooling, so the compressor does not turn off to rest.
  • Zasor of the drainage opening. On the walls of hoarfrost, snow, and under the lower boxes. Water. During normal operation, the refrigerator turns on the hike: as a result of a drop of moisture, flow down the walls into the drainage hole, and then removed from the system. If the hole was clogged with crumbs, small garbage, then moisture has nowhere to go. It is necessary to clean to resume the work of equipment.
  • Temperature control in the department or air sensor is faulty. The main fee does not receive data on the temperature in the camera, so it does not submit a command to turn off the engine.
  • The valve does not switch, so the top of the refrigerator may not freeze. In a technique where two cameras are cooled by one engine, a switch (valve) is involved. If he sticks or breaks, then chilled air will enter the freezer, but he will not reach the refrigerator.

Why the camera does not work in the refrigerator

If the factors listed above are excluded, the reason for the lack of cold in the main compartment lies in the breakdown. If you have a refrigerator of the brand “Samsung”, “Indesite”, “Steinol”, “Shivaki” or any other, a table with possible breakdowns will come to your aid.

Such symptoms also indicate a refrigerant leak, only in the area of ​​the steel circuit of the freezer compartment (in models with the lower arrangement of the freezer).

Blocks of the drainage system provoke flowing excess water to the front of the freezer compartment. In this area, a steel circuit passes behind the plastic panel, which prevents the appearance of condensate on the sealant. Plastic in view of its porous structure passes the water inward, which is why the steel part rusts, cracks appear on it, and the freon disappears.

Not every malfunction has “symptoms” by which it can be detected. The failure of the camera can also provoke such malfunctions:

  • Damage to the launch relay. It is commonly caused by the natural wear of the part or the voltage jump on the network. The details of the part are required.
  • Clogging of the capillary system or blockage of the filter-dryer. In the system, oil circulates, sometimes it causes a blockage of a capillary tube, which interferes with normal circulation of freon. If the master confirms the problem, oil and freon are changing.
  • Failure of the air thermal sensor of the refrigerator or evaporator sensor (for electronic models). In this case, the control board does not receive the temperature signals in the chamber, therefore the compressor does not start, the temperature grows. We need to replace the failed node.
  • Temperature breakdown (for mechanical models). The situation is similar-the compressor does not start due to incorrect temperature indications. Replacing the part will solve the problem.
refrigerator, does, freeze, chamber

If you were not able to independently identify the breakdown and find out why the refrigerator does not cool, entrust this task to a good specialist so that your refrigerator has worked for many more years.

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