The refrigerator does not work but the light is on fire

Why the refrigerator does not turn on

Nothing forever in this world. And sometimes there comes a moment when something suddenly stops working. For example, the refrigerator does not turn on. It is necessary to treat this philosophically, because this item is the same device as all household appliances. Sooner or later, any of the details develops its technological resource and its replacement is required. In general, the refrigerator is quite simple in its device and therefore is quite reliable in operation.

Having discovered a failure in work, you need to conduct a general diagnosis to identify possible malfunctions. This can be done independently without calling the master. First of all, you need to pay attention to the electric power of the refrigerator. To do this, just look inside the closet and make sure that the light bulb is burning properly. If this is the case, but the compressor does not turn on, it is necessary to examine the wiring cord and the outlet to which the mechanism is connected. The easiest way to connect any other device to this contact, and if it works fine, then the problem is not in it. You can only check the power cord visually. It should not have fractures, dubious burnt places, the fork at the end of the cable should not be hot to the touch.

Pipe blockage: how to eliminate?

Thanks to the capillary pipeline, the freon (refrigerant) remains different pressure. When it enters the pipe pressure equal to the pressure of condensate. As it moves, it falls to the pressure of a boil. And already at the exit, the agent boils in the evaporator.

But the agent passes the path through the pipe not one, but along with compressor oil. Because of which paraffins appear on the walls of the pipeline. When there are many of them, blockage is formed.

Signs of a malfunction at the Atlant refrigerator:

  • To eliminate such a malfunction of the atlant refrigerator, you need to replace the capillary pipeline. Together with him, the master will change the filter. Then he will create a vacuum and fill in the new freon.
  • When the blockage is partial, you can try to eliminate it with a jack.

Compressor failure

If the refrigerator clicks, the bulb in the refrigerator does not burn, and the unit itself does not turn on, most likely the compressor has come out of the system.

Independent diagnostics is unlikely to help. It is possible to identify the reason why the engine is not launched, only with the help of an ohmmeter. A professional measuring tool.

The compressor motor breaks for three main reasons. This is:

Using an ohmmeter, you can determine any of these faults. To do this, the winding and contacts nickname. If the voltage is below 20 Ohms, the compressor will have to be changed. The cost of such repairs is quite high. Therefore, you should not take up the repair yourself. The refrigerator can be disabled finally, and then you will need to buy a new technique.

What to do if the light does not turn on?

Light does not work in the refrigerator

Of course, if only a light bulb has burned out, we cannot say that a two.Chamber refrigerator does not work completely. But without light to use the device is at least uncomfortable. You can replace a light bulb yourself or call the master.

Before the specialist arrives, it is also possible to check if the contacts between the cartridge and the basement broke off, make sure that the wiring is not damaged. It happens that the contact has left, so the light does not work in the refrigerator. It will not be superfluous to diagnose the door of the door and control board. Again, if this is a task with an asterisk, trust the master on all issues.

Three types of light bulbs are used in refrigerators:

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It is best when the light does not work in the refrigerator, change the light bulb to “native”. As well as use the products of those companies that specialize in the manufacture of components for refrigerators. Leds save on electricity, but, nevertheless, many owners are arranged by an incandescent lamp.

  • Turn off the device out of the outlet.
  • Remove all products and start the process of defrosting.
  • Remove the protection from the light bulb.
  • Unscrew a burned light bulb and put a new one in its place.

If you do everything right, the whole process will take you several minutes.

An unpleasant odor appeared in the refrigerator, an unpleasant taste of products

It is possible to confirm the presence of unpleasant odor or taste in the products with two pieces of butter with two pieces of butter. So, one piece must be put in the refrigerator in the open form, and the second should be placed in the oil, carefully packing. The next day, samples need to be disgusted and compared. If the refrigerator is an unpleasant odor, an open piece is quickly soaked in it.

Incorrect operation of the refrigerator leads to the formation of an unpleasant odor. So, an extraneous taste and smell can occur due to storage in open products that exuded a strong smell or due to irregular cleaning of the refrigerator. An unpleasant odor appears when the refrigerator for a long time remains disconnected with a tightly closed door. Eliminating the smells caused by the remains of products or stagnant water, careful cleaning will help.

One of the causes of unpleasant aromas can be moisturizing thermal insulation. This happens when any fluid occurs behind the facing pad. With the accumulation of such a liquid, a favorable environment is created for the development of bacteria and microorganisms, in turn, causing a smell. You can check the state of thermal insulation by removing the facing lining. See more here: how to get rid of the smell in the refrigerator.

The refrigerator does not turn on

If the technique has stopped turning on, no need to rush to call the workshop. Sometimes the reason lies not at all that the refrigerator has broken down. First of all, they check the condition of the outlet, namely, whether there is a voltage in it. To do this, just connect any other electrical appliance to it.

Opening the refrigerator door, the light bulb automatically lights up. If it does not burn, and the cold does not apply to the compartments, the cause can serve as a malfunction with electronics.

The fork probably broke or the power cable broke off. A more problematic situation. The refrigerator does not show signs of life, but the light is on fire. How the motor does not hear. There are several options for the development of events.

Problems with a compressor

It happens that the refrigerator does not turn on after disconnecting, but at the same time a light bulb burns and it makes clicking sounds. The cause of the malfunction is often the compressor. For a more or less normal diagnosis, you will have to arm yourself with a device-ohmmeter.

Without experience of similar works, it is better not to engage in the independent elimination of breakdown, but to entrust the execution of a qualified master.

refrigerator, does, work, light

Reasons why the compressor does not turn on:

To identify all three breakdowns, an ohmmeter is necessary. It happens that the “ringing” of windings and contacts does not give results, and a voltage of less than 20 Ohms is fixed on the device at this time. This can already be judged that the motor must be replaced.

The malfunctions associated with the compressor are most costly. In addition to the high price for parts, it is necessary to pay for the services of the master.

If the diagnosis of the motor has not revealed any problems, then the reason is the “brains” of the refrigerator. The control module.

Problems in the control unit

Sometimes the motor and main nodes work, and the refrigerator does not turn on after defrosting. Often the reason for this is the rupture of the electrical circuit. The result of the oxidation of contacts.

Solution. Inspection and cleaning of contacts of the main nodes. If you’re lucky, the refrigerator will turn on. If not, you need to dig deeper. Evaluate the state of the control module.In it, the connection violation is also caused by the oxidation of contacts.

The second in “popularity” reason is the firmware problems. They are caused by voltage surges, improper use of the control panel, and so on. Solution. A complete replacement of a faulty module.

Thermal attewer

This component, located inside the refrigerator, is also called the thermostat. As a rule, it is located near the light bulb. The functional task of the sensor is to maintain the necessary temperature in the freezer or the main compartments.

If the refrigerator is multi.Chamber, then there may be more than one. It works like this: when a certain temperature is achieved, it closes and opens the electrical, which serves as a command to start or stop the motor.

To check if the sensor is working, you need to close the input and output terminal. Similar manipulations are an imitation of its work, for example, with an increase in temperature. If the compressor starts during the check, the sensor must be replaced.

Violation of the temperature regime also occurs when the fan stops. In the refrigerator of Indesite, which works according to the No Frost system, an error code is displayed on the electronic board. F04.

Thermal attewer

When the problem is in the refrigerant, the unit usually works on a long cycle, sometimes not stopping. At the same time, in the freezer on the pipe along which the refrigerant moves, ice is visible.

There is no ice on the opposite side. The malfunction here lies in the leak of the coolant. The reason is the formed microcrack.

To solve the problem, it is necessary to diagnose the circuit in order to identify the crack, remove the entire refrigerant from the system, seize and cross.

Other reasons

In addition to the main ones, there are other reasons because of which the refrigerator stopped working:

  • The defrosting button fell. If the button is in a state, the compressor will not start. It can simply be worn out and stock up in the wrong position. The solution is replacement. Make sure that the device refused, you can directly withdraw the wires bypassing the button;
  • Faults with a launch and protective relay. To check you will need a multimeter. The element that causes questions is disconnected from the electric circuit and check its resistance. If the indicators are far from the norm, this indicates a breakdown. For diagnosis, you need to understand the electrics at least a little. Work related to electronic filling of equipment is carried out when the power is turned off. The refusal of the starting relay is a common problem in the refrigerators of the Biryus brand;
  • The refrigerator is incorrectly installed. When purchasing a new equipment, it needs to allocate enough free space, preserving the ventilation gaps. An incorrectly installed refrigerator will work, but in an unusual mode, which will cause an extra load. For example, in the cells it can become warmer than it should be, only because the refrigerator is too tightly attached to the wall, which worsens the back of the rear wall with a snake. The same effect occurs if heating devices operate next to the unit. Loose closed door can also cause incorrect work. In modern models of refrigerators, with electronics, due to a loosely covered door, the engine will not start, giving an appropriate error for the display;
  • Network problems. In this case, it can be argued that the owner of the refrigerator was lucky. In order for the equipment to work in normal mode, the network voltage from 200 to 240 V is required. If the indicator goes beyond, households can disable emergency. Especially if a modern model is installed at home, sensitive even to slight deviations.

Why the refrigerator does not work and the light burns

If the refrigerator does not freeze, and the light is burning, perhaps the problem is solved in a few minutes. To determine why it appeared, you need to perform a full inspection of the unit and make sure the connection is correctly. If the problem cannot be eliminated with your own hands, you will at least know its key symptoms, which will simplify the process of further repair. In this case, the master will know what tools to take with you to leave.

Often breakdown does not appear inside the device, but outside.Therefore, first of all, it is worth evaluating whether there is a voltage in the outlet to which the refrigerator is connected. To check, it is enough to include another device in it.

After opening the door of the refrigerator, the indication light always triggers. In the absence of light and cold inside the compartments, try to find a defect in electric power. Perhaps damage to the fork or power cable. However, sometimes users are faced with such a nuisance when the refrigerator does not work, but the light burns. This paradox can be explained by the following factors:

  • Damage to the thermostat.
  • Disruption of the defrosting button.
  • The failure of the starting and protective relay.
  • Problems with the electronic control board.
  • Damage to the compression part.
  • Incorrect installation of the refrigeration chamber.

Damage to the thermostat

If the unit has stopped freezing and does not turn on, and the light is on, make sure that its thermostat has not been disabled. Such a sensor is located near the light bulb and provides a stable temperature inside the freezer and a common compartment.

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Several thermostats are installed in advanced models. They are responsible for the closure and opening of the electrical circuit in order to supply the desired signals to the compressor.

To evaluate the performance of the sensor, it is necessary to close its input and output terminals to create an imitation of normal operation with an increase in temperature values.

If, after such manipulations, the engine starts again, you will need to replace the thermostat.

Settlement of the defrosting button

The fragmentation of the defrosting button is a common problem due to which Indesite, Nord, Steinol and other refrigerator models do not work. If this key is recorded incorrectly, and it will not be possible to return it to its original position, the only decision will be to replace. Determining the cause of the breakdown is quite simple: try to close the wires bypassing the button.

Faulty launch and protective relay

To determine such a malfunction, you need to use the multimeter. The dubious element is disconnected from the electrical circuit, after which its resistance is evaluated. Any deviations from the norm signaling any defect. If you do not have an electrician skills, it is better to call the master.

Problems with the electronic control board

I figure out why the burning indicator turned on, but does not freeze the refrigerator, pay attention to such a detail as the electronic control board.The element is characterized by complex execution and may fail, which will lead to a breakdown of the refrigeration chamber. In most cases, fees are not subject to repair, and only a trained specialist can engage in their diagnosis.

Compressor breakdown

So that the refrigerator equipment was freely freezing, and the tanned inclusion light worked without failures, it is necessary to maintain the compressor in good condition. Damage to this element is accompanied by various breakdowns, due to which the unit will cease to cope with its main task. The compressor breakdown can lead to:

refrigerator, does, work, light

Among the mechanical damage, a bearing defect or jamming of mobile mechanisms is distinguished. It is quite difficult and economically unjustified to repair the compressor and its motor. The best solution will be to buy a new compressor of the corresponding brand. Work to replace this detail can only be performed by a professional.

Ammeter is used to check the compressor service. If during “calling” the contacts and winding do not give the corresponding signal, and voltage indicators are lowered below 20 Ohms, you will need to replace the compressor.

Incorrect installation of the refrigerator

With independent installation of the refrigerator, errors are often made, due to which it does not work as it should be. Sometimes the necessary ventilation gaps or the correct position are not observed, which is why the coil is not blown with air enough. A similar problem appears with the unacceptable proximity of heating systems near your refrigeration unit.

Even light depressurization of the sealing gum can worsen the efficiency of work, and models with intellectual filling will prevent the launch of the motor when the cracks appear between the body and the door. In this case, the corresponding error code will be displayed on the electronic screen. Calling the master at home with such breakdowns is not justified. The defect will have to be eliminated with your own hands.

Diagnostics that can lead to error

Unfortunately, diagnostics on a burning or non.Combustible light bulb cannot be called quite informative. For example, if there is a voltage jump in the network, then the air sensor may fail. The light should burn. However, it will not be if the light is also burned out. In this case, the absence of light can only become the cause of error.

This means, independently, relying only on external signs, it is extremely difficult to conduct diagnostics. This process will rather resemble Russian roulette. Only a master who has many years of experience will be able to figure out. Therefore, he can quickly find the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it.

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The possibility of a more accurate determination of the malfunction

To try to determine where the breakdown exactly lies, using the method below, only those who are close to technology can. This will make it possible to navigate in advance how much the upcoming repair will cost. To the failure of the engine can lead to

The reason can be determined if you check the contacts of the electric motor using an ohmmeter. Resistance of less than 20 Ohms indicates the closure of the turns of the winding.

If it has not helped, it remains only to sort out the microcircuits and contact groups. Most likely, contacts were oxidized somewhere. You need to spend a lot of time on this. But if this is the only way to return the previous performance to the unit, then this is worth it.

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