The refrigerator stopped working after defrosting

The refrigerator or one of the cameras stopped freezing: what to do and how to find the reason

  • One.One. Simple reasons
  • One.2. Incorrect installation
  • One.3. The refrigerator does not work, and the light burns from the inside: the first signs of a malfunction
  • One.4. Freon leak in a two.Compressor refrigerator
  • One.5. Freon leak in a double.Circuit refrigerator
  • One.6. Sticking the valve of the thaw
  • One.7. Failed temperature sensor
  • One.Eight. No power supply
  • One.Nine. When there are clicks
  • One.Ten. Compressor breakdown
  • One.Eleven. Damage to the thermostat
  • One.12. Dirt in the pipes
  • One.Thirteen. How the tubes are repaired?
  • One.Fourteen. The fault of the Ten is defrosted
  • One.Fifteen. Damage during transportation
  • One.Sixteen. Dear door
  • One.17. Freezing of the fan
  • One.Eighteen. The thermostat failed
  • One.Nineteen. Mechanical or chemical damage
  • One.20. Problems with electronics
  • One.21. Refrigerant leak
  • One.22. An appraisal fan
  • One.23. Oxidation and rust on the tubes
  • One.24. Sealing rubber worn out
  • One.25. The drain hole was clogged
  • One.26. Management problems
  • One.27. Ice and snow
  • One.28. Hopeless malfunctions
  • 2.One. The refrigerator makes gurgling sounds, but does not cold
  • 2.2. The refrigerator does not freeze with a compressor working
  • 2.3. The old refrigerator works, but does not freeze. The reasons?
  • 2.4. The top camera stopped freezing
  • 2.5. The refrigerator blows, but does not freeze
  • 2.6. The refrigerator stopped freezing, but there is light
  • 2.7. Why is the refrigerator not freezing, but the freezer works
  • 2.Eight. The refrigerator stood disconnected for a long time, after turning on it does not freeze
  • 2.Nine. What to do if a new refrigerator does not freeze
  • 3.One. This is not a breakdown. The refrigerator is gaining temperature
  • 3.2. How to disable the sound signal on the refrigerator?
  • 3.3. The most common malfunctions when the refrigerator does not cool or does not turn on at all after defrosting
  • 3.4. How to defrost the refrigerator
  • 3.5. If the breakdown is not related to the defrost
  • 3.6. How to speed up the cooling process after defrosting
  • 3.7. What to do if there is no sufficient cold in a day
  • 4.One. NO Frost system heater
  • 4.One.One. After a jump in electricity
  • 4.One.2. After moving or rearrangement
  • 4.One.3. The problem is observed after defrosting
  • 4.One.4. One of the cameras does not work
  • 4.4.One. The fan has stopped working
  • 4.4.2. The fan is constantly working
  • 5.One. Damage to the thermostat in models with electromechanical control
  • 5.2. Damage of the engine-compressor
  • 5.3. Refrigerant leak in the evaporator
  • 5.4. Damage to the launcher of the motor relay
  • 5.5. Blockage in a capillary pipeline
  • 5.6. Birus refrigerator two.Chamber. Malfunctions
  • 5.7. Falf relay R-1 refrigerator Biryusa 3
  • 5.Eight. Biryusa refrigerator 131k. Malfunctions
  • 5.Nine. Biryusa refrigerator 130 RS. Malfunctions
  • 5.Ten. Biryusa refrigerator 18s. Malfunctions
  • 5.Eleven. Problems of the Biryusa 6 model
  • 5.12. Falf refrigerator “Biryusa 10”
  • 5.Thirteen. Several types of breakdowns “Biryusa 125”
  • 5.Fourteen. Problems of the refrigerator “Biryusa 228s 3”
  • 5.Fifteen. Falf refrigerator Biryusa 226s
  • 5.Sixteen. Falf refrigerator Biryusa-18
  • 5.17. Falf refrigerator Biryusa-22
  • 6.One. The refrigerator does not freeze. Characteristic reasons
  • 6.2. What to do if the refrigerator is the position of the know Frost does not freeze
  • 6.3. The upper chamber of the refrigerator is not freezing
  • 7.One. Independent diagnostic instructions
  • 7.2. Breakage that can be repaired yourself
  • 7.3. Problems with the seal
  • 7.4. What to do when a freon leak?
  • 7.5. Compressor breakdown
  • 7.6. The “defrosting” button is enabled
  • 7.7. Overheating of the engine
  • 7.Eight. Problems with a temperature regulator
  • 7.Nine. Replacement of the temperature sensor

Simple reasons

Faced with the fact that the refrigerator compartment is warm, and in the freezer cold users begin to think about what the reason. Before calling the master, and looking for serious problems should be checked by the simplest options.

  • Is the door tightly closed.
  • Whether sealing rubber has deteriorated and are there any objects that may interfere with closing (ice). In many modern refrigerators, the gum is removed. To understand the condition of the seal, it will have to be removed, washed and examined for cracks. You can buy a new elastic band at the manufacturer’s service center.
  • What is the set temperature for the chambers. Modern two.Chamber refrigerators have separate temperature controllers in each department.
  • Whether the “Vacation” mode is disabled. This function allows you to completely turn off the cooling in the refrigerator and leaves the freezer to work.
  • The reason may be downloaded that the device has not been defrosted for a long time. Even the modern models of the know.Frost, which do not require defrosting according to sellers and manufacturers need periodic washing of cameras, just do this less often. Owners of type No Frost devices sometimes understand everything literally and, in principle, do not turn off the refrigerator and do not wash it.
  • Knou Frost refrigerators cool the cold air blowing into the chamber. Most manufacturers have LG, Samsung and other ventilation holes are directed forward. If you close them with products, then the air cannot circulate normally, which means that there will not be a full.Fledged cooling.

All these reasons can lead to the fact that the refrigerator has stopped working. Good news. These malfunctions are eliminated without repair, with their own hands. Before taking serious measures, it is worth checking them. If it did not help, then we look at what to do next.

Incorrect installation

The principle of operation of the refrigerator is not “cold production”. He simply removes excess heat from the camera out through the heat exchanger on the back wall. If the refrigerator is installed near the device giving heat (radiator, slabs), it will not be normally cold.

Frequent reasons why the bottom of the refrigerator does not freeze

Incorrect installation

The principle of operation of the refrigerator is not “cold production”. He simply removes excess heat from the camera out through the heat exchanger on the back wall. If the refrigerator is installed near the device giving heat (radiator, slabs), it will not be normally cold.

An important role is played by the distance to the walls and position. There are several basic installation rules:

  • It is not recommended to put the refrigerator in the corner;
  • The distance from the heat exchanger to the wall. At least 10 cm;
  • Do not hang lockers or shelves above the refrigerator.

The distance to the walls depends on the volume of the refrigerator, power, the location of the heat exchanger. Some manufacturers have special requirements. Therefore, read the instructions so that there are no problems with operation.

The ice blocked the sensors

One of the consequences of the overgrown “snowy fur coat” may be a blocking of temperature sensors located inside the camera: in this case, they transmit incorrect information to the control module, and the latter submits incorrect commands to compressors.

The refrigerator is overloaded

When there are too many products in the refrigerator, and if they also block the fan, the compressor may not cope with their cooling. Unload a little refrigerator, redistribute the products so that the fan is free.

Freon leak in a two.Compressor refrigerator

There are two separate circuits in two.Compressor refrigerators. One compressor works on the freezer, the second for the main department. Only a specialist can check the presence of a freon. But there are two indirect features:

If there is a freon leak, one refueling is not possible. It is necessary to find the place of leaks and eliminate the crack. You can’t do this yourself, look for a specialist. You can find a good refrigerator in your city on a specialized search portal for masters.

Freon leak in a double.Circuit refrigerator

There are models of refrigerators with one compressor and two contours. The first circuit cools the main camera and freezer at the same time. The second circuit cools only the freezer.

In such refrigerators, periodic switching between the contours occurs. If a refrigerant leak in the first circuit, the refrigerator will not work, and the freezer will freeze. With a leakage of the refrigerant, the following symptoms will be:

  • An ordinary compressor will constantly work;
  • Copper tubes of the first circuit will heat up;
  • Inverter compressor will work with sharp speed drops.

With similar symptoms, there may be a different reason. Problems with the valve of the hidden. Read about this below. If a refrigerant leak occurred, it is difficult to solve the problem on your own. It is better to find a good cold mother so as not to do troubles.

Sticking the valve of the thaw

In refrigerators with one compressor and two contours there is a raid valve. With its help, switching between the contours occurs. As it is worn, the valve of the tickling can stick (jam). In this case, the compressor will only work on one outline.

If the main (larger) contour of room temperature, most likely the problem with the valve. It cannot be replaced independently. As half measures, you can defrost the refrigerator. If the valve is frozen. This will help for a while.

If the valve is jammed, it is necessary to replace it. You yourself cannot do this. When replacing, it will be necessary to refill the refrigerant. And this can only be done using special equipment.

No power supply

If your refrigerator is more than 5 years old, power problems are possible. The wiring is not eternal, it wears out over time. The main elements that provide normal temperature in the main chamber:

Check the power on the temperature sensor is easy. First determine where it is (look in the instructions). After that, remove the housing and check the power screwdriver.

To check the power on the compressor, you do not need to disassemble. It is located at the bottom of the refrigerator from the back. Find the power terminals and check the voltage indicator screwdriver. How to do this. See

Checking the power on the theroregulator is more difficult. It is located in front of the refrigerator, usually behind the temperature control. But if you do not want to look for a refrigerator, you can try to do it yourself. Check the supply of food using the same indicator screwdriver.

Compressor breakdown

If there is food on the compressor, check its performance. There are two types of compressors. Inverter and ordinary. Inverter models work constantly, but at different speeds. Ordinary work in the start-stop mode. They either turn on or disconnected.

To check the operation of the inverter compressor, open the refrigerator door. The compressor should start working at a higher speed. At the same time, he will begin to vibrate a little. If this does not happen, there is a problem.

To check how a regular compressor works, it takes more time. Open the refrigerator door and watch it. After a few minutes, the sensor temperature will rise and the compressor should turn on. Its vibration should be tangible.

refrigerator, stopped, working, defrosting

The refrigerator is incorrectly installed

If the refrigerator was put by someone with crooked hands, ignoring the obvious requirements for installation, it will very soon affect the quality of the refrigerator. For example, it may not be installed quite smoothly, because of which the door is overwhelmed and warm air from the room gets into the refrigerator. Or something interferes with the tight closure of the door. By the way, and you yourself could forget to close the door tightly: do not be lazy, check again. Naturally, you need to make sure that the refrigerator should not be too close to devices that release a lot of heat, or under direct sunlight. We must also check that the gap between the walls of the refrigerator and the objects standing nearby are not too small.

Why the refrigerator stopped working?

In distant times, people were looking for ways to preserve the food of fresh. The first “freezers” appeared several thousand years ago. These were peculiar pits with ice dug in the ground. But even this method of storing perishable products was not used by all.

It took time, and they gained more and more popularity, simultaneously undergoing changes. Now refrigerators are an integral part of the life of a modern person. Without it, it is impossible to imagine the kitchen, its need can be compared with the air.

But often the question faces us: “Why did the refrigerator stop working?””. Often this happens until the end of the service life. The malfunctions are different: the breakdown of the temperature regulator, the light does not burn, there is light, but the cold does not come.

Next, we will analyze all aspects of this often arising question.

Check the wiring

We will make sure that the food comes to the refrigerator. To do this, open the door and see if the light turns on. In the absence. Turn off the device from the network and proceed to check the condition of the cable, forks and sockets:

  • The wire. In the presence of external damage, it is better not to try to wrap it with electrical tape, we replace the cord completely.
  • Problems may also arise with a fork. If the fork is versed, and you have proper skills, we repair. There are also non.Graceful versions. In this case, you can’t do without replacement.
  • We examine the outlet. If a crack is observed, the fork is not inserted and walks, we can eliminate the problem for half an hour with straight arms and appropriate tools.

Check the thermostat

The meaning of the work is to maintain the desired temperature regime by periodic inclusions and off. The reason is determined as follows: products are not frozen, the freezer does not operate, but the compressor works. New generation models are divided into types: mechanical and digital. The first thermoregulators are built, secondly. Sensors.


  • We find a regulator that should be located near the light bulb.
  • We take out two wires, close with each other. Engine starts. The cause is detected.

A new part will cost inexpensively (approximately 1,500). You need to select the device in accordance with the refrigerator model.

It is best to take with them broken, knowledgeable people will pick up an alternative replacement.

The replacement process is simple, but if you do not understand, then resort to the help of professionals.

Compressor breakdown

  • The light turns on, but the refrigerator makes clicks when trying to turn on. If you are not a master specializing in household appliances, then you cannot solve the problem. We contact the repair service, a professional will conduct diagnostics.
  • The following may also be observed: the device turns off immediately after turning on. The compressor overheats due to the closure in the interwater winding. In this case, it will not be possible to replace in this case, since the new generation of freezers is equipped with non.Grave components. It is more advisable to think about buying new equipment.

After defrosting, the refrigerator stopped functioning

The usual procedure may entail serious consequences. Defrosting is no exception. Do not break the ice with sharp objects, so you can damage the internal devices and the system of circulation of the refrigerant. But even after full compliance with the requirements (the device was disconnected from the network, thoroughly washed, wiped and dried), a snag may occur. The freezer does not turn on:

  • The reason may be mechanical damage to the Freon distillation system through tubes. Freon is called methane fluid, it is thanks to it that the products are freezing. With this outcome, the liquid flows, and instead of it, ordinary air passes through the pipes, which is why overheating occurs.
  • Freon circulation due to clogging of the tubes is violated. The reason may be inaccurate cleaning, washing, and spontaneous formation of blockages should also not be excluded as a result of defrosting. To eliminate you need a compressor pump. It is better not to take on the elimination of the problem ourselves. We contact the service in order to get the help of the master.

The system does not freeze well or does not freeze at all

Quite often, the refrigerator is defrosted, but sometimes this is accompanied by unexpected problems, such as the loss of the ability to freeze. Do not immediately call the master, the reason can be easy to eliminate. At home, anyone can diagnose. But before that, you need to see if it is worth it exactly whether the door is closed, whether the freezer is connected to the network. After starting the inspection:

  • Check the defrosting button. It can be accidentally pressed, especially if it is in the internal space.
  • The problem can lie in a non.Working sensor. Try to change the temperature.
  • Overheating of the engine. It has a protection that is activated at high temperatures. This is checked in the following way: we bring the hand to the engine, it is located behind, at the bottom of the refrigerator, if the heat is strong, this means that the reason is confirmed. Next, push the unit from the wall, turn off the power and let it completely cool. If everything was getting along when turning it on, then the freezer did not have time to drop the temperature.
  • Using a tester, measure the engine voltage. Its absence indicates a malfunction.
  • Seals on the door. Over time, they become unusable, carefully examine them. If they broke or have lost elasticity, then it is urgent to purchase and establish new.

We will touch on more complex cases, which are also detected at home. The problem may lie in the engine. He works, makes appropriate sounds, but clicks are captured, there is also a lack of cold. This is repeated in a circle every 2-3 minutes. In this case, it is assumed that the compressor does not want to start. There are several places of malfunction:

Troubleshooting Defrost System Problems in Refrigerators

The refrigerator does not turn on

If the technique has stopped turning on, no need to rush to call the workshop. Sometimes the reason lies not at all that the refrigerator has broken down. First of all, they check the condition of the outlet, namely, whether there is a voltage in it. To do this, just connect any other electrical appliance to it.

Opening the refrigerator door, the light bulb automatically lights up. If it does not burn, and the cold does not apply to the compartments, the cause can serve as a malfunction with electronics.

Easy Refrigerator Fix, Reset (Defrost Timer) Switch, if it stops running, cooling or working.

The fork probably broke or the power cable broke off. A more problematic situation. The refrigerator does not show signs of life, but the light is on fire. How the motor does not hear. There are several options for the development of events.

Problems with a compressor

It happens that the refrigerator does not turn on after disconnecting, but at the same time a light bulb burns and it makes clicking sounds. The cause of the malfunction is often the compressor. For a more or less normal diagnosis, you will have to arm yourself with a device-ohmmeter.

Without experience of similar works, it is better not to engage in the independent elimination of breakdown, but to entrust the execution of a qualified master.

Reasons why the compressor does not turn on:

To identify all three breakdowns, an ohmmeter is necessary. It happens that the “ringing” of windings and contacts does not give results, and a voltage of less than 20 Ohms is fixed on the device at this time. This can already be judged that the motor must be replaced.

The malfunctions associated with the compressor are most costly. In addition to the high price for parts, it is necessary to pay for the services of the master.

If the diagnosis of the motor has not revealed any problems, then the reason is the “brains” of the refrigerator. The control module.

Problems in the control unit

Sometimes the motor and main nodes work, and the refrigerator does not turn on after defrosting. Often the reason for this is the rupture of the electrical circuit. The result of the oxidation of contacts.

Solution. Inspection and cleaning of contacts of the main nodes. If you’re lucky, the refrigerator will turn on. If not, you need to dig deeper. Evaluate the state of the control module.In it, the connection violation is also caused by the oxidation of contacts.

refrigerator, stopped, working, defrosting

The second in “popularity” reason is the firmware problems. They are caused by voltage surges, improper use of the control panel, and so on. Solution. A complete replacement of a faulty module.

refrigerator, stopped, working, defrosting

Thermal attewer

This component, located inside the refrigerator, is also called the thermostat. As a rule, it is located near the light bulb. The functional task of the sensor is to maintain the necessary temperature in the freezer or the main compartments.

If the refrigerator is multi.Chamber, then there may be more than one. It works like this: when a certain temperature is achieved, it closes and opens the electrical, which serves as a command for starting or stopping the motor.

To check if the sensor is working, you need to close the input and output terminal. Similar manipulations are an imitation of its work, for example, with an increase in temperature. If the compressor starts during the check, the sensor must be replaced.

Violation of the temperature regime also occurs when the fan stops. In the refrigerator of Indesite, which works according to the No Frost system, an error code is displayed on the electronic board. F04.

Thermal attewer

When the problem is in the refrigerant, the unit usually works on a long cycle, sometimes not stopping. At the same time, in the freezer on the pipe along which the refrigerant moves, ice is visible.

There is no ice on the opposite side. The malfunction here lies in the leak of the coolant. The reason is the formed microcrack.

To solve the problem, it is necessary to diagnose the contour in order to identify the crack, remove the entire refrigerant from the system, seize and cross.

Other reasons

In addition to the main ones, there are other reasons because of which the refrigerator stopped working:

  • The defrosting button fell. If the button is in a state, the compressor will not start. It can simply be worn out and stock up in the wrong position. The solution is replacement. Make sure that the device refused, you can directly withdraw the wires bypassing the button;
  • Faults with a launch and protective relay. To check you will need a multimeter. The element that causes questions is disconnected from the electric circuit and check its resistance. If the indicators are far from the norm, this indicates a breakdown. For diagnosis, you need to understand the electrics at least a little. Work related to electronic filling of equipment is carried out when the power is turned off. The refusal of the starting relay is a common problem in the refrigerators of the Biryus brand;
  • The refrigerator is incorrectly installed. When purchasing a new equipment, it needs to allocate enough free space, preserving the ventilation gaps. An incorrectly installed refrigerator will work, but in an unusual mode, which will cause an extra load. For example, in the cells it can become warmer than it should be, only because the refrigerator is too tightly attached to the wall, which worsens the back of the rear wall with a snake. The same effect occurs if heating devices operate next to the unit. Loose closed door can also cause incorrect work. In modern models of refrigerators, with electronics, due to a loosely covered door, the engine will not start, giving an appropriate error for the display;
  • Network problems. In this case, it can be argued that the owner of the refrigerator was lucky. In order for the equipment to work in normal mode, the network voltage from 200 to 240 V is required. If the indicator goes beyond, households can disable emergency. Especially if a modern model is installed at home, sensitive even to slight deviations.

Reasons why the freezer does not freeze

Find out why any technique has broken, usually start with food checking. Sometimes the reason that the refrigerator does not freeze products is a banal damage to the cable or even the absence of electricity on the network or a specific outlet.

But, if the freezer has stopped freezing with a normally functioning refrigeration compartment, the problem is it precisely in it.

Last ice and snow or, conversely, their number of them may turn out to be signs of a compressor breakdown, clogged tubes and even a refrigerant leakage.

The simplest problems of the unit

Among the reasons for the freezers of the freezer, a loose door is often found, due to which air enters the chamber.

The refrigerators of hotpone Ariston may arise after a long work without planned defrosting. Иногда камера бывает слишком сильно набита продуктами, и техника не справляется со своей задачей.

All these issues are solved simply, without demanding the call of the master. In the first case, the problem with a poorly closing door should be solved. In the second. To defrost the equipment, turning it off from the network, in the third. To reduce the degree of filling the camera so that there is free space.

Breakdown in conducting systems

The technique can work incorrectly due to congestion in the capillary system. Nutrients fall into the tubes. Sorcini from a worn filter, oil, moisture. Because of this, the cooler in the refrigerators of such a brand as LG does not reach the right place and the products do not freeze.

Congestion do not pass melt water, which accumulates at the bottom of the freezer and flows out. The result is cracked plastic, corrosion of metal elements, due to which the refrigerant flows out.

Problems with automation and electronics

In the freezers of models of any brand, including the Libher technique, there is a temperature sensor responsible for maintaining the desired temperature. If it is broken, the products will be frozen incorrectly.

A sign of the problem-a big break in the compressor due to the data incorrectly transmitted by electronics.

Incorrect frost can be a sign of broken mechanical devices or buttons. The stynol 106 model often has a problem with a timer set in thawing mode. To solve it, there is enough rotation of the regulator by several degrees.

Refrigerant leakage from the system

The freezer of models such as the SFR 167 NF Indesite can work incorrectly due to Freon entering the premises. The reason is microcracks in the tubes due to improper operation or wear.

Cracks often appear if the refrigerator has not been defrosting for a long time, or the user tried to speed up this process independently, knocking out the ice with a solid object.

Malfunction of one of the compressors

In this case, the refrigerator works incorrectly. And the refrigerator continues to function in normal cooling mode. Such a malfunction has to face owners of turquoise models 14 or Atlant.

Sealing rubber band problems

A common failure of the refrigerator is damage to the sealing elastic band, which can be sigred or peel off.

The cause is often a long simple unit. Air enters the chamber, increasing the internal temperature.

Because of this, the compressor of the fridge of the eyelid or any other brand increases power, but does not solve the problem, but only wear out faster.

Mechanical and chemical damage

During operation on the housing of household appliances, mechanical damage appears. From cracks to holes in the rear wall.

The reasons for the appearance are from poor.Quality manufacturing materials to improper operation or transportation. Due to damage, air enters, reducing the effectiveness of freezing.

Oxidation and rust on the tubes

Over time, pipelines with refrigerant begin to flow due to corrosion of the walls. Freon goes through the formed holes, and the cold does not enter the chamber.

Urgent adoption of measures to eliminate the problem is required, otherwise it will lead to the failure of the compressor.

Frequent malfunctions

To understand why the refrigerator does not work after defrosting, you must carefully study its condition. The cause of the breakdown often becomes an failure of any part or violation in the work of the entire cooling system.

  • The failure of the compressor of the freezer;
  • Malfunctions in the air sensor;
  • A thermostat breakdown;
  • Damage to switching valve;
  • Freon leak;
  • Defects of the contour with coolant;
  • Disagreement in the control module.

Why is the refrigerator not freezing, but the freezer works

If the refrigerator has stopped freezing, while the freezer is freezing, the reason may be a malfunction of the nodes. Consider the most frequent breakdowns:

  • The fan engine failed, so the refrigerator camera stopped cooling. It is necessary to turn off and defrost the unit. After complete thawing and drying, include it in the network, everything should earn, if not, you have to change the motor;
  • The problem is in the compressor, you need to repair or replace the engine;
  • There was a clogging of a capillary tube or drainage allotment;
  • Freon leaks occurred;
  • Modern models, such as Devoo or Steinol, are equipped with sensors that transmit information to the module. If one device is out of order, its replacement is necessary.

How to prevent breakdowns

Over time, any equipment fails. Proper operation and timely care help to extend the life of the equipment.

To protect the refrigerator from the breakdown, you should follow the recommendations for operation:

  • It is necessary to turn off the device correctly: install the thermostat to zero and only then remove the fork from the outlet.
  • It is recommended to wipe the back of the refrigerator several times a year to avoid dust accumulation. The cleaning is performed with a damp sponge, while trying not to touch the wires and pipes (so as not to damage them).
  • It is not recommended to turn on the refrigerator immediately after cleaning. The device must be ventilated, dried and only then connected to the mains.
  • During the cleaning of the refrigerator, chemicals cannot be used: they can damage the enamel, connecting channels, are able to disrupt the operation of various elements and microcircuits (when inside).
  • You can not scrap ice in the freezer. This can lead to the appearance of microcracks in details.

It is important to keep the refrigerator away from the sink and stove, heating pipes and other systems. Experts also do not recommend putting equipment too close to the wall (the minimum distance should be 4-5 cm).

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