The remote control from the split systems does not work

remote, control, split, systems, does, work

Checking the remote control

When ordering the remote control, you always need to explain: whether your remote control is lost or it does not work. If the remote control is in the presence, but you think that it does not work, then first you need to check the operability of the remote control. The following verification methodology allows you to identify the remote control of remote control with a probability of more than 95%.

We are talking about all types of wireless remote controls (infra-red, IR) for any type of equipment. According to this technique, you can check the air conditioner (split system), a remote control for a TV, a remote control for a DVD player, a video recorder, a remote control for a music center, a remote control for receiver, etc.D.

Preliminary check of the technique itself: before starting to check the PDom, we first convince that the equipment itself (air conditioning, split system, TV, video recorder, etc.D.) is working and turns on from the corresponding buttons on its control panels. In the split system there is a button on the automatic operating mode. This button is usually located under the front panel of the inner block (see. Split system instructions). If you do not have instructions for a split system, then you can find it on the page of our site “Technical documentation”. If the technique does not turn on the buttons on the control panel, then do not rush to call the service center, but first remove the fork from the outlet and insert it again after 20-30 minutes, preferably turning the email. 180 ° plug from its original position.

If you are convinced that your equipment works from buttons on the control panel, then we proceed to check the control panel.

External inspection of the remote control. Mechanical damage is detected, including darkening of the screen (full or partial).

Lack of moisture inside, in t.H. Traces of alkali that can leak out of the old depressurized battery in the remote control compartment. That is why we do not recommend using alkaline batteries R03, R6. It is better to use alkaline batteries LR03, LR6, etc.D. Alkaline batteries (Alkaline Battle) do not flow and can be stored up to 5 years. If the remote control has traces of moisture and alkalis, then you need to remove and throw off the batteries (dispose of), wash the remote control several times with water, dry (on the central heating battery, a hairdryer, etc.D.). After making sure that the remote control has dried, insert new alkalin batteries into it and turn on. If the screen has not lit up, then the remote control could not be restored. It is faulty and three options remain:

Take the remote control to the service center (time loss is not the fact that it will be possible to repair, the cost of repairs may exceed the cost of a universal control panel).

Buy an original control panel. It is expensive and usually have to look for it for a long time.

Buy a universal control panel. It is cheaper. Fast shipping. It is possible to send cash on delivery. Guarantee of a refund of money within a month, without explanation.

If your remote control has no mechanical damage, as well as traces of moisture and alkali, but its screen does not glow, then first of all replace the batteries with obviously serviceable. When replacing, be careful. Do not confuse the polarity of the batteries. If there are several batteries in the remote control, then always use the same batteries. If the screen is not “lit up”, then the remote control is not working. See three options for your actions.

If the remote control screen “shines” and the icons, symbols when pressing different buttons change, then go to the next check point. If there are no changes on the screen when pressing on different buttons, then remove the batteries. If the screen “continues to glow”, then this means only one thing. You see the symbols that reflect the light. These symbols are in some remote controls and do not say anything about its performance. So, if you see the same symbols or letters that with inserted batteries, which with taken out, then replace the battery with obviously serviceable ones (see. P.3).

If the symbols or numbers change on the remote control, when the buttons are pressed, and the air conditioner, TV, DVD player, etc.D. Does not respond to your actions in any way, first of all it is necessary to check if there are no obstacles between the window of the photo receiver on the controlled equipment and the LED control panel. We had to see LEDs on the remote control covered with chewing gum, plasticine, loaf crumb, smeared with paint or nail polish. There were cases when the window of the photo receiver (usually dark red or almost black) was covered with paint, whitewashing, covered with translucent or opaque tape, phantles from chewing gum, etc.D. In some such cases, it was possible to turn on the equipment, only bringing the remote control close to the window of the photo receiver. In some cases, the remote control only works at a distance of 2-3 meters, even when installing new batteries. This happens quite rarely and is possible if the room contains source of interference. So, we eliminate the obstacle, if this turned out, and if the equipment does not respond to the remote control, then we proceed to the procedure described at the beginning of this instruction in the section “Preliminary verification of the technique”.

If you can’t turn on the equipment this time, then check the operation of the LED on the remote control. If the remote control is working, then the LED should blink when you press the buttons on the remote control, but the fact is that the LED flashes in the range not visible by the human eye. To see this flashing, we need to look at it through the camera built into a mobile phone (of course you can use a digital camera, a video camera, a web camera, etc.D.).

Direct the camera lens to the remote control. The LED is located on its front and can be hidden by a translucent panel of dark red color. Turn on the photo or video shooting mode on the phone and finding the LED or window window on the phone screen, click the “VCL” button on the remote control or other button. If you saw that the LED is glowing or blinking, then the remote control is serviceable (99%). If you have not seen a glow on the screen of your phone, then do not be discouraged, maybe you put the shooting mode incorrectly. Check your actions on a deliberately working remote control from any of your equipment and only by making sure that. That the diode shines on a knowingly working remote control, proceed to check the “faulty” remote control. It is better to check on the crap on/off, t.To there are buttons from which there is a very short impulse and you just may not accidentally notice it.

Methods for checking the control panel

The thing is that the remote control panel, in fact, is an ordinary transmitter that functions through the use of infrared signals. Therefore, their presence and intensity can be checked using a conventional camera or camera even on a mobile phone. To do this, just direct the remote control right into the camera lens, and press any key. If the device works, the monitor will be brightly lit up. If the flash did not appear, this is a direct evidence that the device is faulty.

Many companies offer a way to assess the functioning of the remote control using radio. To do this, the receiver simply needs to be switched to the frequency of SV, and put next to the remote control. In this case, when pressing any button on the radio, interference will be heard. Nevertheless, this method is not as relevant as the one that was described above for the reason that in the modern world, phones with cameras are much more common than radios that can be put to the frequency of St.

If the user has a multimeter, you can check the health of the remote control very quickly. It is enough to switch the device to the control mode of the remote control, and then send it to the remote control. The remote control, at the same time, also goes to the device. If everything works, then at the time of pressing any button on the multimeter the corresponding signal bulb will light up.

In many split systems on the internal block, there is a manual control panel. If there is a suspicion that the remote control has failed, you can try to change the settings of the split system manually. If everything works, this clearly indicates that either with the remote control or with the internal receiver of the block something is wrong and they need to be repaired.

The cause of the air conditioner does not work. We look at the fuses.

If you have experience in the analysis of the inner unit. Then we unscrew the network cover and measure the voltage there. If it shows, it means that the case is in the outer block, if not, then in the internal.

remote, control, split, systems, does, work

Inner block. If you completely remove the case, we will see the control board. It has a fuse on it. Check it. If you burned, we replace it with the same. If the fuse is intact, is a matter, either in the external unit, or in the internal unit control board.

External block. In many air conditioners, the control board is present not only in the internal unit, but also in the external. We perform the same actions as with the internal. We disassemble, look, replace. If there is no board, or the fuse in the internal unit is intact, then the case is in control. You can’t do without specialists here.

If your air conditioner did not work out, please call us by number for free consultation: 7 (495) 227-98-80.

Name of works
Replacing the fuse of the internal unit from 1,000
Replacement of the fuse of the external unit from 1,500
Replacing the control board of the internal unit from 2,000
Replacing the control board of the external unit from 2,500
Diagnosis of air conditioning 1,000

If the air conditioner is turned on, but it does not blow cold. Read our new article: why does the air conditioner not cool. Thank you for your attention.

Where to order the repair of air conditioners with a guarantee

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A.Aisberg service center offers customers favorable for diagnostics and repair of the PDU, as well as other elements of equipment. We purchase the necessary spare parts from manufacturers. All the elements necessary for repair are always available in stock. If necessary, we will quickly deliver the desired spare part. Cooperation with us is an opportunity to quickly and efficiently repair the technique at small costs.

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remote, control, split, systems, does, work

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Ask your questions about the repair of any household appliances or electronics. We were able to help 211274 visitors to our site.

Ask your questions about the repair of any household appliances or electronics. We were able to help 211274 visitors to our site.

Air conditioning does not turn on in winter

This is a fairly frequent phenomenon for new models of split systems, and this is not a mistake, but a protection system.

A air temperature sensor is installed on the outer block of the air conditioner, and if it is too cold outside, the air conditioner simply does not turn on, the most common value of the lower operating temperature:

If the air conditioner is necessary at lower temperatures, then this issue must be resolved at the stage of purchase and choosing an air conditioner, but as a rule, such models are more expensive.

Possible reasons for the remote control

Why is the air conditioning remote control:

  • The category of batteries. The most common reason. Elements of the nutrition belong to consumables, so they require periodic replacement. Most DPDs use AAA batteries.
  • Fault of the photo receiver. This device consists of a microcircuit and a photo sensor. Its breakdown leads to the fact that the equipment cannot accept the signal with the USA and transfer it to the microcircuit. As a result of this, the split system does not respond to commands sent from the remote control, but it can be turned on from the button on the case. To eliminate the malfunction will allow the rolling of radio elements to the board or replacement of the photo receiver.
  • Damage to the LED. If the PDU works, but only at close range to the internal block, the reason should be sought in the infrared diode. Any light bulb has its own operating resource. In case of malfunction, the diode must be soldered. Independently or in the workshop.
  • Signal violation. The problem may be due to pollution of the LED or interference in the room. Traces of fat and dirt on the bulb make it difficult to transmit the signal. The causes of electromagnetic interference can be a transformer, microwave, hidden wiring, etc. D. In this case, the signal transmission is carried out with failures.
  • Proceedings malfunction to the photo receiver. During the operation of the equipment, breaks of electrical wiring occur. A characteristic problem for private houses where the cable can gnaw mice. The air conditioner can be turned on from the button on the case, but it does not respond to commands with the PDU.

The remote control may be caused by damage to the device as a result of the fall. If one of the internal elements of the remote control has failed, its performance can only be restored by analyzing and replacing the part. The cause of the malfunction can be the effect of moisture. If you accidentally wet the remote control, just put it in a dry place and let it dry.

Signal recalculation problems

If the matter is not at all in the remote control, it is quite possible that the photo receiver is to blame for the problems. This is much better than a breakdown of the air conditioner. After all, a photo receiver can be easily changed. Problems with microcircuits, fortunately, are very rare. And in most cases they not only create difficulties with remote control, but also interfere with the correct operation of the air conditioner.

All tips for independent repair must only be carried out if you are completely confident in your abilities. Otherwise, you should contact specialists or simply purchase a similar or universal remote control.

Diagnosis of malfunction

Lack of food

It is necessary to understand how the air conditioner is included in the network. Fork or automatic:

  • If you need to check in the outlet with a plug of power, then it is necessary to check if it is included
  • If turned on, then the next step check the availability of power in the outlet itself. An indicator screwdriver or multimeter.

If there is a power in the outlet, we check the presence of voltage directly in the air conditioner itself. On the terminals of the internal or external unit (depending on the method of connecting the air conditioner itself)

How To Reset Gree AC Remote Control. How to lock unlock gree ac remote control.How to unlock gree ac

Also, the air conditioner can receive power from an electric distribution shield through an automatic circuit breaker.

  • Looking for a shutdown machine and turn on,
  • If it is not, according to the inscriptions on the shield, we are looking for which automaton the air conditioner feeds.
  • Measure the voltage at its input and output.

If there is no at the entrance, but there is no output-an automatic machine is faulty, if there is also, then somewhere there is a breakdown of a supply cable.

Conclusion: in order to repair the air conditioner in this case, simple mounting tools are needed. Screwdrivers, nippers, as well as an indicator screwdriver or, much better. A voltmeter.

Attention! If if you do not have appropriate preparation. In no case do not carry out these actions!

Malfunction of the control panel

The remote controls are wall, wired and wireless, distance.

Wireless remote controls control air conditioning using infrared rays (IR) using this property, you can easily check the health of the remote control with a regular phone camera or any other, you can read more about this in this article.

It is easy to check the wall remote control. It always has a LCD display, and if it does not work, then first of all it needs to be dismantled and the voltage on the terminals must be verified.

  • If it is, the remote control, respectively, is faulty, its replacement or repair is necessary.
  • In the absence of voltage, the reason should be sought in the wiring or board of the internal unit of the split system.

Air conditioning in defense by mistake

Each air conditioner has a self-diagnosis system, some have minimal, others have more intellectual, which will not allow the failure of the air conditioner details.

  • In this state, indicators on the panel of the inner block are usually blinking,
  • When turning on from the remote control, a sound signal is distributed or flashing changes

The air conditioner still does not turn on, or turns on, but after a while it turns off again.

If the remote control, then. Usually, it always displays a malfunction code, for example? Such:

The decryption of codes is in the service instructions for the air conditioning or on a specialized site, for example.

Air conditioning does not turn on in winter

This is a fairly frequent phenomenon for new models of split systems, and this is not a mistake, but a protection system.

remote, control, split, systems, does, work

A air temperature sensor is installed on the outer block of the air conditioner, and if it is too cold outside, the air conditioner simply does not turn on, the most common value of the lower operating temperature:

If the air conditioner is necessary at lower temperatures, then this issue must be resolved at the stage of purchase and choosing an air conditioner, but as a rule, such models are more expensive.

Management of control boards

This is a rather extensive area of ​​malfunctions, the simplest thing that can happen is the combustion of the fuse, the varistor.

Than 90% of the masters of refrigerators do not repair electronic boards. They simply change them to new ones, which is very expensive.

If you are interested in the topic of self.Repair of boards, read the section “Independent Repair of air conditioners”, as well as write on our “Forum of refrigerators”.

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