The robot vacuum cleaner does not spin the brush

Irobot roomba does not spin the side brush

Robot vacuum cleaner. a very complex electronic and mechanical device. And, as you know, the more complex the system, the more vulnerable it is to failure.

The most reliable manufacturers can not give a hundred percent guarantee that at some point the device will not fail, because, in addition to internal causes, there are many external factors for this, such as a powerful electromagnetic field, for example.

fixing roomba side brush motor. stops and starts spinning results

But experts say that it is possible to deal with malfunctions of robot vacuum cleaners even at home.

All about repairing robot vacuum cleaners

A robot vacuum cleaner is an electric appliance that belongs to the class of household devices. Vacuum cleaner is equipped with an intelligent control system and is designed for automatic cleaning. We tell you all about robot vacuum cleaner repairs.

It doesn’t do wet cleaning: What to do?

Before you think your robot vacuum cleaner’s wet cleaning doesn’t work, make sure you’ve done it right.

Before wet cleaning. fill container with water and close. The cloth is inserted into the grooves of the container and secured with Velcro. Next, the mop is wetted with water, and then the container is installed in the groove of the robot.

Do not run wet cleaning when no one is home, it’s better if every half hour you moisten the mop and at the end of it wash. When you take out the mop. vacuum cleaner on pause.

If the station is on a wooden flooring, you should put a mat next to it. And remember that the device works on filtered water, it is not recommended to pour from under the tap. Like adding detergents to the water, as this can damage the filter.

If you have done everything correctly, but the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner still does not work. Then you have to check if the water holes are clogged. Sometimes it happens that they are very small to begin with, which leaves the rag dry. Punch the holes and clean them.

Quite often there is a problem with the charging process of the robot vacuum cleaner (discharges quickly, takes a long time to charge, does not charge at all).

If vacuuming.If your robot doesn’t charge from the docking station or directly from 220 volt then it’s probably the built-in battery. Any battery (whether lithium-ion, or lithium-polymer) exhaust its resource in 2-3 years from the moment of operation. We therefore recommend that you replace the battery pack with a new one.

If you have no complaints about the battery, it is quite possible that the connectors of the docking station, the charging cable or the malfunction of the charging board. Rarely enough, but encountered faults of the charge control board in the robot vacuum cleaner itself. In such a case to eliminate such faults it is necessary to examine the device in detail for mechanical damages and to carry out diagnostics of the device. We also recommend cleaning the contact pads of the charging station.

Malfunctions in robot vacuum cleaners: the best troubleshooting methods

A robot vacuum cleaner is a very complex electronic and mechanical device. And, as we know, the more complex the system, the more vulnerable it is to failure.

The most reliable manufacturers can not give a hundred percent guarantee that at some point the device will not fail, because in addition to internal causes, there are many external factors, such as a strong electromagnetic field, for example.

But experts say that it is possible to deal with malfunctions of robot vacuum cleaners even at home.

Mistakes that the Xiaomi Roborock robotic vacuum cleaner can give out

In the models of Xiaomi Roborock family all possible errors in their work are summarized in a special table with a single number.

  • Error 1. lidar malfunction.
  • error 2. collision sensor (bumper) malfunction.
  • Failure 3. Wheel is loose. Move the robot to another place.
  • error 4. differential height sensors failure.
  • error 5 remove and clean the turbo brush, there is a problem with its functioning.
  • error 6. problems with the side brush, remove and clean it.
  • Error 7. wheels are blocked, try to clear the wheels.
  • error 8 the vacuum cleaner may be stuck between objects on the floor, remove them.
  • error 9 dust canister or HEPA filter are absent or installed incorrectly.
  • error 10. filter clogging. Clean and rinse it, if it doesn’t help replace it with a new one.
  • Error 11 vacuum stands too close to magnetic field (virtual wall). Reset machine 2-3 meters away from magnetic field.
  • error 12 low battery.
  • Failure 13 vacuum cleaner cannot be charged, clean the charging contacts on the vacuum cleaner and the docking station.
  • error 14. problems with battery and charging the gadget.
  • error 15 the vertical object position sensor needs to be cleaned.
  • error 16 needs flat surface to turn on vacuum cleaner.
  • error 17. side brush malfunction.
  • error 18 problems with retractor motor operation (vacuum ventilator).
  • error 19 charging station not connected to the network.
  • error 20 internal system error, need complete reboot.

Repair of iRobot Roomba brush block

You get used to such useful appliances very quickly and if they malfunction, it disrupts your ordinary life. Vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba keeping your home clean suddenly stopped picking up trash. This is another breakdown after years of operation. The trip to the service was not impressive with unreasonable expenses. To find out on the internet a specific way to repair the brush rotation mechanism of the vacuum cleaner rumba not possible. Had to disassemble the mechanism at your own risk. Repairs were successful Roomba vacuum cleaner works again. Read and watch this detailed report about the successful repair with photos and video.

Ordered on ebay iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner, 560th series. Ordered refurbished, received it in original box, sealed. But at startup I found a problem: the robot had a broken foot (the side brush wouldn’t turn). But the problem was fixed by improvised means and this is the story about it, maybe someone will find it useful.

A search on the internet showed that the Rumba has a built in testing system. How do I fix the display? First, I have to press the spot button, then release the clean button, then press the dock button and the display will start to blink. Turns on the test system, zero test. display test. The displays start blinking. Skip to the next test. To the previous spot.

We are interested in the 19th test, the side brush test, i.e. you have to press the dock 19 times. The side brush should start to rotate. In my case, the brush didn’t spin, but if you push it with your finger. It does start spinning.

Again, the internet suggested that the most likely causes of malfunction. it’s the motherboard or the brush module that’s faulty. Also on the net I found a way to tell them apart. To do this, we need to measure the voltage on the module pins. To do it this way:

Unscrew the side brush screw, remove the brush, unscrew the 4 bottom screws (circled in red):

Unscrew the 2 screws (circled in red) fixing the brush module and remove the module:

Now, without assembling, start the test and measure the voltage on the pins. If there is about 16 volts. So there’s a problem with the module. You can just replace it, but I tried to repair it myself.

The module is protected by a non-standard screw, which I managed to unscrew with a flat 2mm screwdriver:

Then open the module by unscrewing the latch:

Why is iRobot Roomba Brush Not Spinning: How to Fix It?

There are a pair of gears and a motor inside. The motor is attached by a pair of screws:

At the motor, unclipped the latches, and with some effort separated the plastic part from the tin part. Some small parts fell off the brushes, but this did not interfere with operability. It turned out that the place of contact of brushes with a rotor was contaminated with something. Cleaning with a emery cloth brought it back to working order. I did not took a picture of the inside of the motor, but I don’t want to take it apart for the second time. But it’s easy.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, does, spin, brush

Each model of automatic machine has brushes mounted on the sides of the device. They are designed for thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach places. With a rotary motion, these devices remove small and large debris, pet hair and hair.

Robot Vacuum Brush Not Spinning | No Suction IMPORTANT Maintenance Fix

Sometimes a large turbo brush is installed in addition to the equipment. It makes cleaning faster and better.

Constant contact with debris causes the brushes to break. They stop spinning, cleaning becomes poor quality. Dust and dirt are left behind after the robot has passed through, especially in hard-to-reach places.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, does, spin, brush

Frequent Causes of Damage

The primary cause of the malfunction is considered to be the winding of long hair or accumulation of large amounts of dirt on the element. The brush is simply unable to turn because its mobility is impeded by dirt. Thorough cleaning is required about once a month to prevent this from happening.

A less common cause is brush motor failure. In this case it also does not rotate and does not fulfill its purpose. Determine this point by installing a clean or new part in the “body” of the robot vacuum cleaner. If it still does not spin or does not work properly, the problem is in the motor.

How to eliminate?

If the problem lies in excessive dirt, you will have to deal with cleaning the vacuum cleaner. To do this, the brushes are carefully removed from their mounting points. This should be done as gently as possible so as not to damage the balance.

As a rule, the vacuum cleaner comes with a “comb. It is easy to clean the brushes to make them functional again.

After removing all the debris and hair, put the element back in place. It must work properly and not make unnecessary noise. In this case, the clogging was really the cause of the problem, and the problem is solved.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, does, spin, brush

The second case. when the part’s engine is defective. requires the help of specialists. You’ll need to send your robotic vacuum to a service center and run diagnostics. Parts should also be replaced by a technician.

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