The robot vacuum cleaner is lost in space

Are “robots-blankets” so smart? We are considering navigation sensors

No one to surprise anyone in a house with a robot. Someone has them, someone wants to purchase, someone considers a toy. And manufacturers use these desires, and try to sell us something. It is something, because the marketing departments of companies from leather climb, inventing enticing names and giving simple decisions to non-existent capabilities. Next, I will try to decompose the device of robots “on the shelves” and tell about their sensors.

I will not focus on their internal device, boards, processors, cleaning mechanisms themselves. My task is to show that there is nothing supernatural in these home assistants and they are built on basic principles, more or less familiar to anyone touched by robotics. I have a house on the house itself from A-Brand (Homebot), so sometimes I will tell you and it is also a brand advertising. over, a home vacuum cleaner wears a proud nickname “Fool”, as it works diligently, but.

But we will start with the structure, because it will explain this or that form. In fact, almost all home-made robots are a two-wheeled cart with one or two support wheels. Form in 99% of models round. Why a circle, not a square or a triangle? It is enough to look at these drawings.

The square vacuum cleaner in theory will more thoroughly remove all the corners, since in most cases the rooms and furniture with straight angles, but having driven into the corner, it will not be able to turn around, and when moving along the wall, it can generally get stuck in this way. Given the fact that vacuum cleaners are removed “line” (this is called the Zigzag cleaning algorithm and on this, if you are interested, we can talk later), such a robot will experience certain problems with the routes. Yes, there are manufacturers with a “rectangular” nose (Hobot, Electrolux and others), but this form was almost dead evolutionarily.

The round shape has its advantages (the two.wheeled trolley of the robot and its symmetrical shape allows it to unfold in place) and its disadvantages, since the brushes may not reach the garbage in the corners, and make them very long also problematic. And even if the manufacturer claims that he has a square building, he will be cunning (as in the case of my robot), since in fact it will be a slightly trimmed circle.

The round shape again gives more space for placing mechanisms and batteries and “according to the classics” we have a brush robot, in the middle a hole for absorption of garbage and a container for it, and the vacuum cleaner turbine itself and the power elements are in the back.

And this form determines those sensors and principles of navigation that are used in the market and it is precisely by the example of this form that we will consider them by introducing some classification.

The mechanism from the toy that randomly drives the robot on the floor. There are no sensors.

The toy mechanism works on the principle of “turn into an obstacle”, there is no electronics, you need to turn it on and turn off this toy manually. There is no need to talk about any possibilities of building a map of the premises, zoning, returning to the base and other smart things. These toys are from 700.

Plus, we usually have a terminal circuit breaker of the container and a coup sensor “on the belly”. These two sensors in one or another implementation have more advanced models.

Added IR sensor of the base of the base (aka the central approach sensor) and the bumper on the end circuit breakers. There are no encoders on wheels, the robot travels “from the obstacle to the obstacle”, the return to the base for IR rays.

A little more complex design. A shock bumper is in one or another implementation of all robots. Someone has a contact (that is, the end switches stand), someone has contactless (that is, there is no mechanical movement), but without it the robot will not understand that it crashed somewhere. And he will crash, because various sensors on the robot can not always “cover” the entire space in front of him, they have dead zones and bumper the last chance of the robot to determine the obstacle. But for some vacuum cleaners, this is the only opportunity to move to the touch.

The bumper is simply arranged: two end switching switch and a spring.loaded semicircular plate. Когда пылесос ударяется в препятствие, в зависимости от его расположения, замыкаются оба выключателя или только слева или справа. And the vacuum cleaner “understands” that he crashed into something in front of himself or from the side.

The base is inexpensive, which is more expensive models, thanks to the good old IR rays. Two parallel rays form the “rails”, on which our vacuum cleaner tries to “stand” in the end and crawl to the feeder. But this IR transceiver, consisting of a double infrared LED and receiver, can perform not only the function of finding the base, but play the role of a contactless obstacle sensor so that the robot vacuum cleaner does not rest against the wall in front of him.

IR sensor can be installed not in the center, but on the sides, but manufacturers are in no hurry to abandon the proven technology, and this also allows you to control the vacuum cleaner from the usual IR Pult.

Therefore, manufacturers recommend leaving to the right and left of the base a meter and a half, so that there is a free “entrance” to it, but my robot vacuum cleaner lives calmly in the goking for the sofa and finds the base.

to. P 3. Add encoders. The vacuum cleaner can more accurately work out its position and its turns are already predictable, and the deviation from the straight line is determined. Such a robot will try to ride parallel to the lines of its route and understand that he turned to the right corner. The motor-coles of vacuum cleaners are supplied with encoders of various types: brush, resistive, optical, on the sensors of the hall, etc. P. But the goal is one: to determine what angle the wheel turned on.

Why is a robot vacuum cleaner spin in one place

The malfunction of the robot canine can knock out of the usual rut of people who are accustomed to its silent and thorough cleaning. After all, this is an indispensable assistant in a house where tenants do not want to spend their time on daily cleaning and washing of the sexes. We will figure out the main reasons for the breakdown, when the device is spinning in place without moving around the perimeter of the room.

The circular rotation of the automatic vacuum cleaner indicates a breakdown of one wheel. In this case, it is completely immobilized or scrolled, preventing the vacuum cleaner from working properly. There may be several reasons, the main thing is to determine exactly what the problem is to solve this issue and enjoy the high.quality cleaning of the room again.

A large percentage of breakdowns is associated with clogging the seizures. Regularly eliminate this factor to be confident in the performance of the robot.

Common causes of breakdown

The first and most common cause is blocking. As already mentioned, garbage and hair fall into the chassis, wound and block the operation of the wheels. As a result, only one wheel spins, rotating the vacuum cleaner in one place.

The second common cause is a breakdown of the gearbox. It is he who drives the chassis of the household appliance, forcing it to move. Diagnosis and replacement of spoiled details will be required.

Another implicit cause of the malfunction is the failure of the electronic part. It consists of several parts:

Each of these elements may become unusable. Thorough diagnosis in the service center is required.

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How to solve a problem?

If the device began to move in a circle and stopped performing the functions imposed on it, you need to take emergency measures. First of all, to disassemble the reducer compartment. Most often, a huge amount of garbage accumulates there, despite the tightness. Having cleaned it, you need to check the operability of the vacuum cleaner. Usually wheels begin to spin normally.

If this did not help, we follow the service center, where the masters will conduct high.quality and complete diagnostics of the device. So it is possible to identify problems in the electrical system of the device and eliminate them by partial replacement of important elements of the mechanism. However, they are advised to do this with qualified specialists, so as not to harm the robot-sprayer even more.

Problems in the orientation system

Orientation, identification of obstacles and building work routes in the room is carried out by a device using the navigation block. the most complex element in its design. In robots of first generations, budget models, navigation is represented by an external IR sensor system. They serve to control and bypass various barriers and interference, as well as to control the surface level, which insures the cleaner from falling from a height.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, lost, space

Modern models equip more and more new orientation systems. a separate navigation module with laser rangefinders and mounted video cameras. Lidar, rotating inside a special turret, probes the space with all obstacles around the circumference, builds the rooms of the premises and stores them in memory.

Lidara tower does not spin

If the lidar tower is jammed and does not spin or it does not turn completely. this is one of the cases when the robot gives an error 1 (error one). The cause of the malfunction can be mechanical when rotation is blocked by extraneous objects, particles of garbage. They can be detected and removed, slightly and very carefully craning the rangefinder.

Another reason that the Roborock farmer does not spin is damage to the drive pass or a malfunction of the motor. then they will have to be replaced. In this case, please contact a specialized workshop for repair.

Laser sensor error

When the device suddenly began to twitch often, stumble upon obstacles, circle in place, move randomly and stop. this speaks about the mistakes of the laser sensor. What to do in such cases?

First of all, you should examine the sensors and wipe them from dust, possible fat spots, and t. P. The dusty, contaminated laser will incorrectly scan the space and, accordingly, build unsuccessful movements of movement.

Also, an error 1 smart vacuum cleaner can give out if it falls into a closed space. To restore the normal operating mode, transfer the vacuum cleaner to a free, open part of the room. Laser rangefinder. a sore spot of the Roborock S5 (S50, S55) model.

If these measures did not help, most likely, the problem should be sought already in the electronic board of the device. On your own here is unlikely to be able to correct the situation. Will have to contact specialists in the service center. Indeed, in the case of an error of the laser sensor measurement sensor, Xiaomi Roborock can constantly leave entire sections in the room uncleaned, especially along the walls and around the furniture.

Error of the sensors of the height difference

An even more serious problem awaits the owner in the case of errors when recognizing the height difference (in the table of possible non.proceeds Roborock. error 4). After all, having such malfunctions, the robot, carried away by cleaning, risks easily falling off the stairs with all the sad and expensive consequences.

Battery malfunctions and charging

Problems with charging and holding the charge are quite typical and eventually begin to meet in almost all models of robot perceptions. But most often, Roborock S5 owners apply to the service with a similar malfunction.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, lost, space

The robot vacuum cleaner is not charged

Why is the robot connected by all rules does not charge and what to do with it? The options can be as follows:

  • Faulty power supply. if there is no voltage in the adapter or it is packed, then you have to change the block.
  • Oxidized or clogged, the contacts were erased or burned. Clean dirty contacts with a dry cloth.
  • Battery over 2 years old? Perhaps he has worn out. we change the battery.
  • The cliff in the electric shutters, the power connector has broken, the fork is faulty. we replace the damaged elements.
  • Management malfunction. diagnostics and repairs will be required in a specialized service center.
  • Sometimes charging is impossible due to the cause of the fuse of fuse or the motherboard.

The battery does not hold the charge, quickly discharges

Most likely, the battery has developed its productive resource. After all, the most capacious, whether it be lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries, after 2-3 years of work stop holding a charge for a long time-it is not enough even for a short cleaning. Such batteries are quickly discharged after each, even complete charge, and therefore must be replaced with new power sources.

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Avoid installing cheap batteries with AliExpress, and even more so from unknown manufacturers. this is unsafe.

The robot after charging on the docking bases does not turn on

The Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum robot does not turn on, although I sat on charging all the time. What’s wrong with him?

If the battery is working, then there were obviously problems from the loading itself. The level of charge could be weak due to poor contact of the docking station with power. Charging can be inferior when using the device in too cold (below 0 ° C) or overheated (above 50 ° C) rooms.

How to find out that robots are charged?

Each robot announces the process of charging in its own way. The earlier Roborock models during energy replenishment flashes light indicator. In the latest devices, it can show the current level of charge.

For example, in Xiaomi Roborock S6 Pure, the indicator is built into the “inclusion/launch of cleaning” key. When a charge decreases to 20 %, it lights up in red light. With an increase in current level, the signal becomes white.

Robot vacuum cleaner spins on the spot due to control board

Typically, the reason for the breakdown of the vacuum cleaner control board is to get fluid on it. As a result, the elements, paths burn out due to close. Then corrosion begins. If the battery cannot be removed, corrosion will have an electrolysis character, which is 100 times faster than ordinary corrosion. Fringe of rotten legs appears with microcircuits, transistors, and resistance contacts. But here you can restore a lot. An example of repairing a vacuum cleaner board, on which water fell.

One wheel of a vacuum cleaner does not rotate, because the control signal is not supplied to it. Therefore, the robot vacuum cleaner is spinning in one direction. Transistors are responsible for rotation, but not only they burn. Usually it burns out part of the scheme from several elements.

An example of the wheel repair and the main board of the CleverClean vacuum cleaner here.

Repair of the main board can be performed with us. IRobot vacuum cleaner robot prices.

The vacuum cleaner cannot climb to the base, there is no contact

The second problem is when the robot sees the charger, but cannot dock with it.

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  • The base is not fixed and the vacuum cleaner shifts it. fix it/glue it with adhesive tape (best bilateral tape).
  • Dirty contacts in a vacuum cleaner and station. Clean.
  • The contact platform/site on the vacuum cleaner fell inside due to the high temperature (plastic melted). Spring contacts of the base do not reach the sites. Take the service to restore geometry.
  • Depreciation of the contact site. Replacement in the service center.

Typical picture of dusty contact sites.

If the contact platform is very worn out, it must be replaced. Because the protective coating was erased.

You won’t do it yourself. Carry to the service center.

Charging is faulty

No voltage at the base contacts. Check the power supply by the tester on the contacts. In these springs, in the absence of a device, there should be a voltage on a voltage of approximately 3v. If the device has fallen into place, the voltage rises to 22V. Lack of voltage talk about the malfunction of the power supply. Its repair costs from 1,500 to 3000

There are also banal reasons that the vacuum cleaner does not stand on the base:

  • The vacuum cleaner got lost, and also got stuck
  • The vacuum cleaner was locked or he locked himself, for example, closed the ajar door
  • confused in laces, socks
  • In front of the base base in the form of extraneous objects
  • Charging is not fixed
  • Contacts on the base and vacuum cleaner were polluted
  • The vacuum cleaner with orientation was transferred to another place after stopping and he began a new cleaning

The vacuum cleaner does not absorb a robot due to a malfunction of the vacuumber

Almost every vacuumber has a pump, which can only be detected when disassembling it. If the vacuum cleaner pump does not work, then dust and garbage will not go to the vacuum cleaner.

The design of vacuumers is different. Most vacuumboards in the composition have a case, container, filters and pump, which is an electric fan.

and filters on the sides or in the center. But the vacuumber can be without an engine. If it is located inside the vacuum cleaner case.

The vacuum cleaner robot does not suck when the fan engine does not work. For example, due to fluid, wear of brushes, from wear and jamming. Even the oxidized contacts of the vacuumber can cause malfunction. The operability of the vacuum cleaner engine is easy to check. Unlike control fees. For example, connect the engine to the battery.

Drywriter robot failure

But the reason that the vacuumbonic engine does not work, there may be a control board. For example, the pump engine control scheme burned down. Usually the reason is the liquid that has fallen on the board. But the scheme can burn itself.

To solve the problem, you need to repair the control board of the vacuum cleaner robot.

The robot vacuum cleaner does not see the base: what to do?

Charges in the functioning of a robot permutales become a real problem for people who are accustomed to their silent, inconspicuous work. The situation is considered to be a common breakdown when the device does not see and does not return to the base. In this case, the device is not charged and its further operation is disconnected.

Owners of a wonderful device gradually notice that the device does not find a docking station from time to time, is lost in space. The process of breakdown, as a rule, is gradual.

At the same time, the functionality of the vacuum cleaner is not damaged, it copes with its tasks “excellent”.

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There may be several reasons for such an error in the operation of the device:

  • The protective film from the infrared sensor of the docking station has not been removed. A similar situation occurs in case of pollution or closing it by extraneous items.
  • Mechanical damage to the base or cord of power.
  • The charge place is placed incorrectly.
  • The function “virtual wall” is enabled.
  • Base breakdown.

The situation is frequent when the robot is not able to call on the station due to the fact that he began cleaning not with charging, but from another place in the apartment.

Before starting the work of the household appliance, make sure that the base is installed correctly. In half a meter on both sides of it there are no obstacles, the floor is even and nothing interferes with the entrance to it by the robot.

Ways to solve the problem

In the case of a breakdown of the docking station or any other detail responsible for the return of the vacuum cleaner to the base, you need to visit the service center and replace the details that have become unusable. Experts will conduct a complete diagnosis of the device and help to replace the failed elements.

If the vacuum cleaner does not find its place for a long time, wipe it thoroughly from dust to open access to cameras. Do the same with IR daciters at the charging station. In addition, check everything for mechanical damage. If any, contact the service center.

Careful attitude to the household appliance and the timely replacement of failed parts guarantees quality work and a long service life.

Does not absorb dust

The robot vacuum cleaner does not collect garbage or poorly sucks dust. The most obvious option is that the garbage container is full. Get it and clean it.

Probably a Hepa filter is clogged if it is. Remove it from the container and try to blow it up, or replace it with a new.

Hepa filters cannot be washed. Sometimes the manufacturer sets washing and allows them to rinse them, study the instructions. But the sink does not bring to the state of the new filter.

The robot vacuum cleaner does not pull or scatter the garbage around. Perhaps the brushes broke or stuck. Conduct an examination of their external condition, clean from wound hair or pets wool, make sure that the brushes are not blocked.

The most serious option is the failure of the engine. As we have already recommended above, contact the Center service if the device is under warranty. In the absence of a guarantee and desire to understand everything yourself, you can disassemble the body of the device, turn off the non.working engine from the connector on the control board and try to launch it from batteries or batteries. If he does not react to the voltage supply, then the reason may be either in the breakdown of the engine itself, or in a jammed gearbox that needs to be disassembled and cleaned of garbage.

The breakdown of the engine, which drives the turbine, leads to the fact that the vacuum cleaner does not pull the garbage at all.

The robot does not wet a rag during wet cleaning. From a water container, the liquid enters the rag through special holes. Inspect them and clean them from clogging.

Roborock Sweep One stopped serving water? The liquid enters through rubber membranes, and there are spare ones in the kit.

It is poorly oriented

The minimum set of sensors at a full.fledged device is the surface sensors that do not allow the robot to fall from a height, the sensors of obstacles in front and on the sides, helping to avoid clashes and contact sensors of collision in a movable bumper, allowing the wall to “feel” when cleaning along them. Advanced models are equipped with cameras or laser rangefinders that allow you to build a room card and navigate it.

If the robot vacuum cleaner does not see obstacles or demonstrates other oddities in behavior, the sensors are probably polluted. This also includes the following problems:

  • pulls;
  • backs back, when cleaning it goes backwards;
  • rides back and turns off;
  • stops in the middle of the room;
  • drives only in a circle or in one place;
  • He crashed into the walls without slowing down.

The problem of the popular Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Black floor. The robot vacuum cleaner does not work on the black floor or coating because it does not detect such surfaces under the wheels and considers them a cliff. Covering all the sensors on the bottom with white paper will help.

Be careful by closing the surface sensors, you deprive the device of protection against falling, and it may fall from the steps.

Another common problem. does not see dark furniture or mirror. In this case, the easiest option would be a virtual wall or magnetic tape installed before an obstacle invisible to the gadget. If you want to find another option, fantasize. Someone attaches the bar to the furniture so that the cleaner gropes it and does not go further, someone’s paper strip to the mirror, having previously selected the desired height.

If the vacuum cleaner robot rides back and turns off, perhaps the support roller is jammed in it. Disassemble and clean the video according to the instructions. When driving in a circle or in one place, see if both drive wheels rotate freely. Maybe one of them is blocked by wound garbage. severe cases when a gearbox or motor of one of the wheels failed. We already wrote in the article what to do in such cases.

If the robot vacuum cleaner does not work on the black floor, this is normal. The problem is in the surface sensors, as it was written a little higher. You can try to seal them with white paper, but we will not give the guarantees of normal work, and your assistant will lose protection against heights, be careful.

Now you know what malfunctions are of robot vacuumers and how to eliminate them. Do not be afraid of a large list, remember how many problems the same cars happen. Any complex technique requires attention to himself and proper care, which, having received which, will faithfully serve the owner for many years.

Wanting to get rid of the trouble as much as possible, choose a vacuum cleaner with an official guarantee in the country and the service of centers in your city. And remember, even by buying this, you should regularly clean it from garbage.

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