The robot vacuum cleaner Polaris stopped working

Repair of the Polaris vacuum cleaner robot

in the table are indicated for frequently arising breakdowns. If your malfunction is absent in the table, you can apply for advice to the administrator by phone 8 (495) 120-4138. or leaving the application at the top of this page

A vacuum cleaner robot is a device bursting into the use of a modern resident of a metropolis. Among consumers, robots of the Panda Robotics brand have been greatly popular. But despite the reliability of equipment from Panda Robotics, like any other electronic device sooner or later the Panda Robotics vacuum cleaner needs to be diagnosed and repair.

The Fixit service center has been successfully engaged in the restoration of small and large household appliances. One of the leading areas of our service center is the repair of vacuum cleaners robots. Specialists of the Fixit service center carry out a full range of work on the diagnosis and elimination of problems in your device.

Clients trust the repair of the Panda Robotics vacuum cleaner in our service, because we have:

  • In the staff of our service center there are professional engineers who are ready to cope with the repair of any complexity. In our practice, there are many cases of restoration of robot percussion even after serving damage.
  • Free diagnosis of your vacuum cleaner (if the subsequent repair is made in our service).
  • In our work, we use only high.quality components from time.tested manufacturers, which allows us to provide a guarantee for our work.
  • We have 2 service centers where you can bring your device yourself or use the services of our courier.
  • We work with all areas (CAO, North.West, CJSC, SEUZA, South Academy of Sciences, SEAO, VAO, SOAO, SAO). Our couriers will quickly take the broken and bring the already repaired robot back at a convenient time for you.

It is worth remembering. Panda Robotics robotic vacuum cleaners have a complex design, because of this, a spectrum of breakdowns in such devices is long-range extensive. Adjacent details in the robot are often interdependent. Therefore, when breaking one component, the device may stop functioning completely or a number of functions may stop working. In order for the repair to cost as cheap as possible. It is important to make professional diagnosis and accurately determine the type of malfunction.

The robot vacuum cleaner does not want to charge

If you already understand why the robot vacuum cleaner is not turned on, and it’s all about charging. The device is slowly charged, discharged for one short cleaning or does not recharge at all.

Then, most likely, the battery is faulty. Even the best of them wear out in a couple of years, and the robot vacuum cleaner turns on and immediately turns off, since it lacks the charge. What to do? Change the battery.

If you are 100% sure that the matter is not about it, then it is worth checking the connector at the station, the cable and the payment fee. It happens that a malfunction in one of these details. Thorough check and repair will help you. Some users recommend periodically clean the charger, so that the vacuum cleaner is better joined with the base.

Does not find the base: what to do?

If there are no questions for the cleaning robot, and the problem begins when it returns to the base-for some reason the robot vacuum cleaner does not go to the base or does not find it, you need diagnostics.

You can hold all the events without a master:

  • Sometimes users forget to remove the film from the infrared panel at the station. Make sure the sensors are not closed, there is no dirt or foreign objects on them.
  • Check that there is no damage to the station. The cord should not be twisted, transferred or broken.
  • Also, sometimes the robot does not move to the base, as he began to remove from another place, where he wants to return after the cycle.
  • It is not necessarily a Tefal robot vertebrae or another does not work because it has broken. Sometimes the station is not installed correctly. There should be no obstacles around her at a distance of half a meter. And read about the rest of the requirements in the instructions for your device.

The robot vacuum cleaner does not turn on

Robot permutal-an indispensable thing in the household. Especially in families with young children and pets, where every minute on the account and so I want to take time for myself. The worse the problem when the favorite “assistant” has ceased to turn on. Breakage is often found among household appliances, and the robot is no exception.

The root cause of the problem, when the device does not start its work after pressing the button, consider the lack of a charge in the battery. This is the most common option that the owners of miracle technology contacts service centers.

The specialist will ask about this first of all, since more often in such devices, recharge station and batteries are out of order.

How to solve a problem?

Install the robot on the base. Make sure that the plug enters the outlet tightly, all the wires are working, and the device itself is installed on the catwalk. Check the charging indicator button. She should burn with a red signal, reporting that recharging began.

After the charging process is completed, the vacuum cleaner is removed from the base. After that, check its performance. He must work from the control panel and perform the functions imposed on it.

The robot vacuum cleaner does not turn on after charging

It is much more complicated when the device did not earn even after the surviving period on the charging base. It simply does not turn on and does not respond to numerous manipulations of owners.

  • Battery malfunction. It must be removed and replaced with a new one, which will work correctly after recharging.
  • Singing nutrition elements in the control panel itself. They are also advised to replace with new.
  • Rubber scraper defects in vacuum cleaners with ICLEBO system. In this case, he stops working or jumps on the spot. The problem will be solved after replacing this element.
  • Water getting into the device.

The last problem is characteristic of robots intended for dry cleaning of the premises. To solve the problem, it is important to turn off the device from the network, remove the vacuuming compartment and wipe everything dry. Then remove all the filters and completely clean the vacuum cleaner from dirt and excess moisture.

After the manipulations, give the device to dry and re.enable power.

The robot does not see the base

To figure out why the robot does not see the base, you need to do the following:

  • Make sure that the protective film is shot. It may be the reason that the sensors do not see the robot.
  • Clean the sensors, make sure that there are no extraneous objects on the bumper.
  • Inspect the dock base and cord for damage.
  • Make sure that the base is installed according to the rules specified in the instructions. There should be no obstacles half a meter from the base.

If the listed actions did not help, you need to contact the service center.

The brush does not work

Most robots have side and central brush, as well as a turboratory. It is not surprising that one of the types of malfunctions is precisely the breakdown of this element.

If the brush does not rotate, then the probable reason is clogging with dust, go with hair with hair. The same reason can negatively affect the rotation of the wheels. Correction method. cleaning from pollution using a special tool, which is usually complete with a robot. If this manipulation did not help, the problem can be caused by a malfunction with the engine or gearbox. This is an occasion to contact a specialist.

Robot vacuum cleaner spins on the spot due to control board

Typically, the reason for the breakdown of the vacuum cleaner control board is to get fluid on it. As a result, the elements, paths burn out due to close. Then corrosion begins. If the battery cannot be removed, corrosion will have an electrolysis character, which is 100 times faster than ordinary corrosion. Fringe of rotten legs appears with microcircuits, transistors, and resistance contacts. But here you can restore a lot. An example of repairing a vacuum cleaner board, on which water fell.

One wheel of a vacuum cleaner does not rotate, because the control signal is not supplied to it. Therefore, the robot vacuum cleaner is spinning in one direction. Transistors are responsible for rotation, but not only they burn. Usually it burns out part of the scheme from several elements.

An example of the wheel repair and the main board of the CleverClean vacuum cleaner here.

Repair of the main board can be performed with us. IRobot vacuum cleaner robot prices.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, polaris, stopped, working

The vacuum cleaner does not absorb a robot due to a malfunction of the vacuumber

Almost every vacuumber has a pump, which can only be detected when disassembling it. If the vacuum cleaner pump does not work, then dust and garbage will not go to the vacuum cleaner.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, polaris, stopped, working

The design of vacuumers is different. Most vacuumboards in the composition have a case, container, filters and pump, which is an electric fan.

and filters on the sides or in the center. But the vacuumber can be without an engine. If it is located inside the vacuum cleaner case.

Robot Vacuum not working ? How to fix it ? DIY

The vacuum cleaner robot does not suck when the fan engine does not work. For example, due to fluid, wear of brushes, from wear and jamming. Even the oxidized contacts of the vacuumber can cause malfunction. The operability of the vacuum cleaner engine is easy to check. Unlike control fees. For example, connect the engine to the battery.

Drywriter robot failure

But the reason that the vacuumbonic engine does not work, there may be a control board. For example, the pump engine control scheme burned down. Usually the reason is the liquid that has fallen on the board. But the scheme can burn itself.

To solve the problem, you need to repair the control board of the vacuum cleaner robot.

Repair a Polaris p955 Pool Robot for 14

Polaris PVCR Robot Veswells 0826. review

My laziness does not know borders, cleaning and home routine drives me in longing. I knew for sure, I need a vacuum cleaner robot like air. Crumbs, dust, cat hair, it seemed not to end. You wrap up, dust and wool will rise into the air, stick to the skirting board, and after a couple of hours it seemed as if you did nothing, and now there is even there. There were no more strength, so a new assistant drove into my house, a robot vacuum cleaner.

Where to buy: probably in any technique store you can find it: Mvideo, Eldorado, Citylink, model is quite common. I made an order on Wildberries.

The robot is packed in a huge cardboard box, with a handle. The box is dense, easily experienced transportation from one city to another. Everything remained whole and unharmed. The set of boxes is as follows:

  • The vacuum cleaner itself
  • remote control
  • Dust collection container
  • Container-reserve for wet cleaning 2 rags
  • Charger
  • click for cleaning the roller
  • spare filter and 2 spare side brushes
  • Instructions and guarantees coupon.

The robot has a very powerful battery, which can work up to 3 hours on one charge. The manufacturer claims 200 minutes of autonomous work. In practice, the robot works for 3-4 hours.

The charge of the vacuum cleaner is possible through the base on which the robot can call itself if the charge level ends. You can also connect the robot to the charging simply through the cord, which is connected in the side of the case, next to the switch.on/off tooth. It seems to me that charging directly through the cord goes faster than through the base. Complete charging occurs in about two hours.

The condition of the charge can only be tracked by the power button, it burns with a color indicator.

Robot handsome, the upper panel of pink plastic, was sealed with a protective film. Round robot about 30 cm, height 7.6 cm.

The robot has large wheels that easily overcome obstacles. The robot itself is equipped with three main brushes, one basic along the entire body, and two lateral ones that drive the garbage to the main brush.

The dust container is very large and roomy. The water container can be filled up to 300 ml of water, so much water is enough for a racket of room 15-20 kV.m.

There are only two buttons on the device itself, one on the side panel, completely turns off the robot and the second on the top cover, which launches/stops the cleaning process.

There is an infrared sensor on the front panel of the robot that controls the obstacles for the robot. If the robot rushes directly from one end of the room to the other, and approaches the wall, then it will slow down, and will not crash into the wall at full speed.

The remote control operates from 2 jigsical batteries, which are not included. Completely control of the robot is available through the control panel. There is a screen that shows the time of planned cleaning (timer) and watch.

The central Clean button launches automatic cleaning mode, and also stops it.

Arrows for controlling the robot itself during movement. Forward, sideways, backward, everything is clear.

Clock button. time. Allows you to set the current time to further configure the auto.missing timer.

PLAN button allows you to configure a timer for automatic launch of the robot. For installation, we lead to the robot, click PLAN, set the time using the arrows, the robot responds with a sound signal when changing time. Когда нужное время установлено, повторно нажимаем PLAN.

Button with a spiral icon. triggers the local mode that lasts a minute.

Button with a house. sends the robot to the base for charging.

Rectangle button with arrows means cleaning mode along the walls.

? Garbage collection container ?

The garbage container is equipped with an additional Hera superior, which should capture all particles of dust. The container holds the container decently. To extract it, you need to open the block, it holds on magnetic fasteners. You need to open it only over the garbage bucket, otherwise everything will fly to a clean floor.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, polaris, stopped, working

The filters are installed in the top cover, with a slight effort to open, a thin foam gasket and hera filter are obtained.

Hepa (High Efficiency Particulate Air or High Efficiency Particulate Arrestans. highly effective particle retention. type of high efficiency air filters. Used in vacuum cleaners, air purification systems and ventilation and air conditioning systems.

HERA filter is recommended to rinse after 15-30 days of use. I’ve never soaked. In the upper photo filter after a week of use. There is enough dust there.

I just knock the dirt out of the filter, knock them on the bath, after this procedure it looks much cleaner. I’m afraid that the filter will lose its shape from the water, so while I can do without water.

Filled vacuum cleaner

The garbage compartment, which is filled to capacity or clogged, is also able to lead to the same reaction of the robot permissive. It simply turns off, since significant elements involved during cleaning are clogged with dirt.

To solve the problem, it is enough to clean the vacuum cleaner, throw out the garbage and rinse the vacuum cleaner. Be sure to let him dry before turning on. Clean also the turbo engine and filters, which, if necessary, need to be replaced with new.

Polaris P965IQ 9550 “Error 10” Fix

Faulty of the main board

This reason can be identified only due to diagnostic measures when visiting the service center. The master will fully check the operability of the robot-permit and establish the cause of the spontaneous shutdown.

If the robot has stopped working as a familiar amount of time, turns off in the middle of the cleaning and does not return to the dock, it is worthwhile to first check its cleanliness from the inside. In other cases, contact professionals and replace the faulty details of the robot to return to it the quality of cleaning your home.

Display or LED reports a system error

Many blankets-blasts have screens on which commands and error codes are displayed. Such a display immediately issues a message in the event of a wheel failure, obstacles on the road, problems with sensors or brushes, etc.D. Each model has its own codes indicating mechanical or software errors. All this information is contained in the user manual of a particular device.

The ability of a robot permutation to position itself in space in different models is built on a different principle:

  • Supreme class models-due to the navigation unit in which laser sensors and tracking camera are built.
  • Budget models are controlled by sensors that determine the obstacles and floor levels;
robot, vacuum, cleaner, polaris, stopped, working

If one of these components fails, you can observe the picture when the robot unsuccessfully stumbles upon an obstacle, suddenly stops and begins to vibrate, does not work long and returns to the base, continuing to move one circle.

Removal of garbage from the rotating shaft of the robot permissor to ensure normal movement

Polaris P965IQ 9550 “Error 10” Fix

If the device suddenly stops and the sound signal sounds, the vacuum cleaner battery is probably discharged, the navigation unit is faulty (this can be a temporary phenomenon and is eliminated by the reset of settings) or the vacuum cleaner is confused in the wires. With constant reversing, it is sometimes enough to clean the rotating shaft of dirt or wipe the eyeballs of spatial orientation sensors well.

complex problems with the navigation board of the device can be solved only by contacting a certified repair workshop.

It starts cleaning on its own

If your vacuum cleaner begins to remove unexpectedly, the problem may be in the schedule. Using the remote control (or application), delete the schedule and set the new. Remove the battery and press the power button to clean the schedule and other settings.

Most of the robots-blankets are equipped with the function of automatic charging. When the battery is discharged during the cleaning, the device will automatically find the way to the dock.

If your robot vacuum cleaner cannot find a docking station and wanders around it until the battery is discharged or it does not get stuck, it may just be a quality problem with which you can do nothing. However, before accusing the manufacturer, make sure that you correctly placed the dock. If the docking station is located on rug, next to the stairs or under furniture, the robot will be more difficult to dock. The docking station should be placed on a solid flat surface in the open space at a sufficient distance from the walls and furniture. Try to rearrange the charger in another place and check if it works.

If your robot vacuum cleaner worked normally, and then suddenly stopped joke, it can also be a problem with the sensor. Check if the robot has problems with home movement. Maybe this is an obstacle to obstacles. Then clean the sensors. If this does not help, replace them.

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