The robot vacuum cleaner talks to the cat

What dangers may await?

Not all animals can get along with clever technology that moves around the apartment by itself. Different kinds of pets have different attitudes toward the vacuum cleaner. Some may not pay attention to it, and some may be afraid of it. But at first the pets will observe the object, learn its movement and degree of. There are three ways this can happen:

  • Cats and dogs don’t care if the robot vacuum cleaner moves around the house. Over time, some pets get used to machinery, stop being afraid of it, and their interest in it disappears. Of all three scenarios, this is the best. The vacuum cleaner will be able to do its job without problems and the pets will be able to sleep.
  • Animals may be afraid of appliances. Most cats hide under the couch when the vacuum cleaner is turned on. Noise has a big impact here. If the vacuum cleaner makes a lot of noise, cats and dogs will be afraid of it. If it doesn’t make a lot of noise, animals won’t hide. Pay attention. If you want to set your appliances to. preferably choose one that doesn’t make a lot of noise. Daily stress can negatively affect your pet’s health.
  • The animal may make friends with the vacuum cleaner. Over time, the pet will get used to the technology and may interact with it. Very often in the internet they post videos where the cat rides the vacuum cleaner. This is one kind of friendship. At first glance, it may seem like a good thing. But this is not the case. Manufacturers make a vacuum cleaner so that the wheels can withstand all the body and internal mechanism. And if a cat that weighs more than 10 pounds climbs on it, it might not hold that much weight. There’s a high chance of damage or breakage to the vacuum cleaner.

Pay attention. The cats are not too big in size. They won’t be able to break the vacuum cleaner if they want to. But dogs are big in size. And if they don’t like it or feel threatened by it, they can easily break the vacuum cleaner. You can look at the following funny photo.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, talks

The dog chewed up the IROBOT ROOMBA design so badly that it can’t be repaired. You have to buy a new one. But the risk of a dog breaking a new vacuum cleaner is also very high. And this is not an uncommon occurrence. So before buying a vacuum cleaner, think about whether your dog can break it.

Cats can damage the structure, too. That’s because it has side brushes. Cats are very interested in them, and the brushes are often attacked. A cat’s claws are sharp enough to damage the side brushes.

There is another disadvantage of such technology, if the house animal.

Some animals go to the toilet right on the floor. And the vacuum cleaner isn’t set up to clean things like this. He’ll just smear the scraps all over the carpet or the floor. It’s not a pretty picture. Not only will the smell spread throughout the room, but you’ll also have to clean it up. If you didn’t have a vacuum cleaner, you’d only have to clean a small portion of the floor. And then you have to scrub practically the whole floor of the room, and the carpet, which is so hard to clean. Things get even more dangerous if young children live in the house. Scraps scattered all over the floor can be very interesting to them.

The photo shows a robot vacuum cleaner spreading dog waste all over the room.

Cats vs Robot Vacuum | Kittisaurus

But it’s not all bad. If your pet is litter box trained, this case will not affect you. You can put a restriction on how far you can move the vacuum cleaner. For example, forbid him to clean in the area of the litter box, or the place where the pet spends the most time.

Another unpleasant situation occurred when a cat climbed on the vacuum cleaner and pushed the buttons with its body or paws. Then the set mode of cleaning or settings can be disrupted. Unfortunately, the manufacturers could not come up with an effective way to protect the buttons from such cases. There were ideas to put the buttons under a special lid, but in practice such a vacuum cleaner has not yet produced.

In the photo the interaction of a pet with the buttons on the vacuum cleaner.

The robot vacuum cleaner can also suck up your pet’s favorite toy. This is going to be a big problem. The animal will be offended that his toy was taken away. In addition, if the size of the toy is large, there is a risk of breaking the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming regularly if you have a pet in the house. The robot vacuum cleaner will constantly suck up hair, and if it is not taken out of the inside in time, there is a risk of breaking the equipment. Also, large hairballs can get stuck somewhere and the vacuum will stop working.

If your pet is afraid of the vacuum cleaner, they will meow or bark as they clean. You won’t be able to sleep while the vacuum cleaner is doing its job. You may be disturbed by the noise your pet makes.

And the last drawback. Vacuum cleaner can be dangerous for pets. than once there have been accidents when the vacuum cleaner dragged the tail of a cat or dog into the suction hole. If you have a puppy or kitten living in the house, there is a risk of serious injury. Plus it runs on electricity. There is a small risk of electric shock to the pet. But if you monitor the vacuum cleaner, you can avoid such troubles.

How to teach a robot vacuum cleaner to talk?

Robot vacuum cleaners have won unprecedented popularity among domestic buyers. For the most part this is due to the Russian-speaking versions, thanks to which the device notifies about the beginning and end of the cleaning session, malfunctions. But the peak of demand came when the devices learned to “talk. Now they swear at their pets for throwing hair around. There is often some profanity in the vocabulary. It’s funny, and it lifts the spirits of homeowners considerably.

Robot vacuum cleaner models that speak Russian

There are several manufacturers of smart vacuum cleaners, which are the most popular in this area.


To be able to fully manage the robots of this brand, it is recommended to build them into a smart home system Mijia. Commands can be configured through the MiHome app.

For these purposes, the necessary phrases and scripts are prescribed in the utility. Such models of robotic vacuum cleaners, as Xiaomi Roborock Sweep T6 and Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S are controlled through a speaker Mi Ai Speaker. Plus, Mi Robot 1S is compatible with Yandex Alice.

Xiaomi robots with the ability to control the voice in Russian understand such commands:

iClebo Arte and Omega

Also a couple of robot-vacuum cleaners models, which speak Russian. iClebo Omega and Arte, and the second one speaks swear words.

Omega is more expensive competitor to Xiaomi, but the functionality and characteristics are almost at the same level. The iClebo O5 model also talks, but the phrases are standard.


Among Okami smart vacuum cleaners, there are three versions. U80 Pet, U90 Vision and U100 Laser, which speak in a male voice. The voiceover was made specially for the Russian market. The disadvantage of these gadgets is that it is impossible to install the original language pack, unlike Xiaomi. However, the equipment of the device is quite decent, as well as the quality of cleaning.


One of the companies, robots vacuum cleaners which speak Russian is CleverClean with the model AQUA-Series 03. The device informs about the mode changes by female voice, at that the opportunity to set other voice packages is not provided. However, such limitations are quite compensated by the affordable price of 22 ths. and good functionality.


Among the many models of this manufacturer can be distinguished IQ Home Aqua 3300. The device speaks Russian, has support of Wi-Fi and voice assistants Marusya and Alice. There is also a model of robot vacuum cleaner, which talks to the speaker Alice. Polaris PvCR 0833.

You can connect it through the application Yandex. This way of turning on the vacuum cleaner is considered one of the most convenient: you say the command and the device went to clean.

Cat vs robot vacuum cleaner

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The cat won’t get depressed. The owners will get depressed when the cat decides to puke somewhere. Or a pile to put past the pot.

My cat was scared of the vacuum cleaner at first, too. And then nothing, she got used to it.

Mine has no emotions on the robot. But unlike a big vacuum cleaner or a Dyson, she’s not afraid of the robot.

We’ll do without the Chinese course. 7 robot vacuum cleaners with Russian voiceover

Even if you’re fluent in English or Chinese, you might find it’s nice to hear your own language at home. With a voice message the robot vacuum cleaner can not only transmit important information, but also cheer up, surprise neighbors, cause a smile to guests. So for a modern vacuum cleaner, the knowledge of Russian language can be considered a must. But this rule is not always followed, and even in the premium segment there are models without the Russian voice package. To make sure you do not make a mistake when buying, I made a rating of the 7 best Russian-speaking robots. But knowing the language is not their only advantage, they can also clean up the house!

Roborock S7

The new flagship Roborock with innovative features. Russian is available by default. The voiceover is of high quality, with clear and unmistakable phrases. Roborock S7 is equipped with a vibration module, which is used for different purposes: when wiping the floor vibration helps to scrub stubborn dirt, while during dry cleaning. to get the grains of sand stuck in the carpet pile. Under the bottom of the vacuum cleaner manufacturer installed a sensor to determine the type of coverage. The robot realizes it has hit the carpet, so it cautiously lifts the mop. In addition, the carpets are displayed in the app, so it’s easy to circle them with a zone cleaning frame. For each room on the map you can choose individual suction power, abundance of wetting, and even the frequency of vibration. Instead of the usual turbo brush in the working unit is a hard roller, which does not require regular maintenance.

GENIO Laser L800

GENIO Laser L800 has the best voice feedback on the market: the robot speaks in the voice of Yandex’s Alice, so it never gets bored with its Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Plus, there is no dissonance when setting up control through the voice assistant. As for the rest. transformer of GENIO company can be configured depending on the current task: for carpet cleaning it has a turbo brush with soft pile, for carpet and hard floor. silicone roller, and for wet cleaning. a separate container with a tank. For fans of the classics in the box put a remote control and magnetic tape, but the application offers more control options: you can schedule by day of the week and choose the treatment of a particular room. Cleaning quality is high. At maximum suction power GENIO draws sand, sticks and small stones into the dust canister, returning the floor mat to a presentable appearance.

Roidmi EVE Plus

Premium model with self-cleaning. Russian is available in the list of languages. The voice of the vacuum cleaner is pleasant, and the phrases sound natural. a good example of quality voice. Roidmi EVE Plus turns on according to the selected schedule, picks up trash in the desired locations, and then empties the dust canister independently. The user only needs to change the bag at the station once a month. In the brand app you can set up cleaning parameters for each room, choose the number of passes and if necessary switch on the obstacle avoidance mode. Unlike other robots from the Xiaomi family, the Roidmi EVE Plus is not afraid of black coatings, so there is no need to glue the drop sensors. A pair of end brushes allows for more efficient pickup of debris on hard floors. Petal-bristled turbo brush sweeps carpets and sweeps dirt from tiles.

Lydsto R1

Affordable robot with self-cleaning base. By functionality of the application Lydsto R1 is not inferior to premium-class models: there is a setting of cleaning parameters in different rooms, zoning, virtual walls, the number of passages. Russian is available in several languages. Phrases are primitive, but the pronunciation is not annoying, as in many competitors. The operating algorithm is traditional: Lydsto R1 sweeps debris from the corners, combing out the carpets with a turbo brush and during parking it pumps the found dirt into a disposable bag at the station. Triple filtration (screen, foam and pleated filter), so after cleaning the air in the apartment is noticeably cleaner. You can pour water into a separate compartment of the container, and under the bottom put a nozzle with a napkin, then Lydsto R1 will also wipe the floor. Battery capacity of 5200 mAh allows the robot to process up to 140 square meters of debris nonstop.м. and the same amount of time after an intermediate charging.

Eufy Robovac L70

Robot with lidar and moderate price tag. Voice guidance is female, phrases are standard and clear, no accent. The Eufy Robovac L70 clearly identifies the layout and location of obstacles, sweeps furniture legs, does not get stuck on the dryer, and in terms of navigation is not much different from premium models. Under the bottom of the vacuum cleaner is installed petal-bristle turbo brush, which can be disassembled from both sides. Three-beam broom scoops debris from corners and the powerful 2200 Pa motor collects dust in the combined container. A 450-ml dust canister on the bottom and a 150-ml flat tank on the top. This design allows the Eufy Robovac L70 to perform both types of cleaning in one work cycle. The working cycle takes from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on the selected power.

Yeedi 2 Hybrid

Mid-range robot with visual navigation. The list of languages of voice guidance is available in Russian. The voice is female, clear and understandable. Robot remembers map and divides apartment into rooms. Target and restricted areas for each type of cleaning are available in the editor. And thanks to the separate container arrangement, the Yeedi 2 Hybrid can vacuum and wipe the floor at the same time. During dry cleaning, the robot rakes debris under the bottom with two sweepers, flushes it with a turbo brush into the air duct, and retracts it with 2,500 Pa. To reduce the winding of hair on the axis, the frame of the working unit was equipped with guide strips, and for easy maintenance a removable end. Water tank is inserted in the back and has a capacity of 240 ml. Dense cloth reliably adheres to the floor, and the abundance of wetting can be adjusted in the app.

Xiaomi Mi Vaccuum cleaner

The first robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi. By default, Mi Vacuum cleaner speaks English or Chinese, but you can flash it and install any option of Russian voiceover, including funny: Winnie the Pooh, Kuzya, “leather bastards,” etc.п. Despite the bearded year of release (2016), Mi Vacuum cleaner can also compete with modern robots. He draws a map with lidar, works in a selected area and identifies obstacles with ultrasonic sensors. For dry cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a turbo brush with an adaptive frame, an auxiliary brush and an 1800Pa motor. This arsenal is enough for quality cleaning of carpets with medium pile. The Mi Vacuum cleaner navigates cluttered apartments well, thoroughly picks up hair from all surfaces and detours around chair legs. Charge 5200 mAh enough for 2.5 hours of work, but if that time is not enough robot, it recharges and resumes cleaning from the point of stop.

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About Me: Worked as a Mvideo promoter for 8 years. Represented the Bork brand most of the time. Worked with other brands as well. Interested in technology, currently immersed in the niche of robot vacuum cleaners, smart home and everything associated with it. I write reviews, help people with the choice. Tested personally with a dozen models of robots. Write if you have questions about choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, smart outlets. I understand and in other gadgets, but not so tightly.

If you have a large apartment or a private home

A multi-bedroom apartment or your own home is a challenge for home appliances. To cope with so much work, a robot vacuum cleaner must have a high suction power and a large battery capacity.

ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI has it all. Vacuum cleaner works up to three hours without recharging and cleans up to 300 square meters during cleaning. Powerful suction and Max mode to get rid of even fine dust.

Wet cleaning technology OZMO Pro allows a robot to clean even the most stubborn stains. This is achieved thanks to the electric vibrating tank. the vacuum cleaner does not just wipe the floor with a damp cloth, and really cleans it.

If you do not trust the automation, you can set your own boundaries. what part of the apartment should be cleaned, and which only vacuumed. The robot stores two room maps and can even scan multiple floors of a house.

The T8 AIVI also has video surveillance. you can monitor your home even from your vacation home. It is enabled by password, and the data from the camera and microphone are encrypted before entering the application, so the data about the house will not fall into the hands of intruders.

You get used to the voice prompts from the automated domestic helper over time. So when it’s silent, you get frustrated. Such a breakdown is noticeable from the first seconds.

The first thing to check is whether silent mode is enabled. It’s worth looking into the settings. In this case, it is easy to solve the problem in a matter of minutes.

After checking the settings and determining that everything is in order and set in the usual places, we will have to diagnose the device. There can be several reasons for the loss of the “voice” of the robot vacuum cleaner:

  • Outdated or “broken” software.
  • Control panel faults (electronic components, chip controllers and power circuits).
  • Speaker settings or its malfunctioning.

In any of the above cases a complete diagnosis is required. To do this, the device is transported to the service center and placed in the hands of a certified technician.

What you can fix yourself?

Missing voice messages from the robot is a serious problem. However, with some knowledge of the software it is possible to reflash the unit yourself. To do this, the settings are reset to factory defaults and new software is downloaded, which usually helps to reinstall the voice alert.

It is not uncommon for the language of the vacuum cleaner to change. This happens more often with devices made in China, where the default language is the language of the manufacturer’s country. When such robots are sold, they are firmwired with a Russian-speaking version. But it is not uncommon for it to “fly off.”.

In order to restore the function contact the engineer who sold you the device or try to find the language you need in the settings of your robot.

What else can be the consequences of animals’ contact with the robot-vacuum cleaner??

It all depends on how your pet reacts to the arrival of a new tenant at all. There’s no way to predict the situation. Many animals, after a while, get used to the riding robot and stop noticing it.

There are also those who are afraid of the vacuum cleaner for the rest of their lives (or the days of the vacuum cleaner, depending on their luck), hiding from it or barking at the smart cleaner, being afraid to get close to it. But there are also real owners who do not want to put up with the presence of a stranger in their territory. Especially we are talking about large and fighting dogs. There were not isolated cases of a dog tearing apart an electronic alien. Of course, animals only do this when the owners are away, so as an alternative, you can simply set a cleaning schedule for when you’re home.

The aggression of cats and small dogs can also be unpredictable. Cute dogs and cats can turn into a real monster at the sight of a buzzing plastic tablet. Unlike large breeds of dogs, these dogs wait for the robot to do its job and then, when the vacuum cleaner is turned off, they start to sort things out. Most often, such an attack ends with torn brushes and scratched, gnawed body.

Top 7 best robot vacuum cleaners with Russian voiceover. What model to choose in 2021??

A robot vacuum cleaner can tell you a lot of useful things: for example, where it’s going now, what mode is selected, report an error, what it’s related to, and much more. But all this information will be useless if the app does not have a Russian-language voice package. Not everyone understands English and almost no one understands Chinese. So it is advisable to determine in advance whether the helper knows Russian, and how well.

To make it easier for you to choose, I made a rating of the 7 best robot vacuum cleaners with Russian voiceover. They not only can speak the great and mighty, but also can vacuum carpets, pick up hair, and even clean the floors. The models are taken from different price segments, so everyone will find a suitable option for the home.

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