The smell of washing machine after washing

An unpleasant odor in the washing machine: the causes of the smell and the ways to eliminate it

There are places where water stagnates in the design of the washing machine. It is there that the colonies of bacteria, mold fungi prefer to develop. The accumulations of microorganisms contribute to the fact that freshly worn underwear ceases to fragrant with freshness, and it smells from the drum not at all cleanliness.

What to do if there is an unpleasant odor in a washing machine. How to get rid of it? First, find out what actions provoke the problem.

The nature and sources of the smell

A common cause of unpleasant odor from the washing machine is a violation of the rules of its operation with intensive use:

  • If, after washing, it is airtight to close the door, a humid environment is created inside, favorable for the development of microorganisms.
  • When stored in a typewriter of stale linen, unpleasant aromas concentrate there and fungi and bacteria propagate.

Usually the smell of dampness comes only from the washing room. But it happens that even from freshly worn out things bears shake. Subject to the rules for using the aggregate, some of the problems are easily eliminated.

Pulls with mold and damp

Wiping the drum after washing, many do not pay attention to the sealing gum around it. Water and small particles of litter remain under it. They gradually begin to stink, turning into a black raid of mold. It is recommended to wipe the rubber dry dry, and leave the hatch open to dry the drum.

The formation of mold can be provoked by frequent laundry on fast mode, when, for the purpose of energy saving, the water does not heat up to a given temperature. In this case, many microorganisms do not die, but remain inside the machine, intensively multiplying.

Directs in devices with horizontal loading are especially rapidly developing, which during the washing process cost less water. Vertical orientation machines are not particularly subject to this problem.

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Stinks with sewage

If the washing machine smells of sewage, pay attention to the following reasons:

  • Crumbs, scraps of paper remaining in s and under favorable conditions contributing to the propagation of microorganisms;
  • Salt deposits formed on the heating element and gradually settled at the bottom;
  • Hose connected in violation of the instructions;
  • Garbage in the drain pump.

You should also check the water disposal system.

The smell of rottening from the drum

A rotten smell of a washing machine may appear if you use cheap powders. Low.Quality detergents do not completely dissolve in water. Their particles remain on the tray, drum and even on the surface of the washed linen.

Why Do My Clothes Smell Bad After Washing?

The reason may consistent of improper dosage of the powder. Excess does not completely wash out of the tray, but remains on its walls. After a while, a stench appears.

Smells when draining water

It is possible to pollute the drain filter designed to detain large garbage. Buttons, coins or other items. Gradually, they accumulate, covered with a plaque from a soap solution.

The smell from the washing machine can appear if the water from the drain enters the aggregate hose located too low. Sometimes the problem is the sewer pipes themselves. Confirmation is the smell of shells, the plum of the bath.

How to get rid of a smell

Many are interested in if it stinks from the washing machine, what to do. It is usually required to clean the elements. Specialists need to entrust these works. It happens that it is required to replace the failed parts.

If the smell of sewage systems from the washing machine appears, you can use special drugs to qualitatively eliminate the nasty aroma. Most often we trust advertising, in choosing a tool, but here you should be very careful. Here are our recommendations:

smell, washing, machine
  • Calgon is a publicized tool, but absolutely not effective.
  • Anti.Nakipin is a good proven tool, many manufacturers have. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the possible clog of the drain hose from the cleansed scale.
  • Special cleaners, such as DR.Beckmann. Very good in reviews to get rid of scale and dirt.

Before using the drugs, it is important to carefully study the attached instructions. Several cleaners cannot be used at the same time. Work must be performed in a respirator and gloves.

How to remove the smell from the washing machine by cleaning of problem areas

Before proceeding with the cleaning of the zones of the washing machine where the dirt has accumulated, it is necessary to evaluate the seriousness of the situation. If you are engaged in this procedure for the first time in a long time, you are unlikely to do without the help of chemicals. The editors bring to your attention the methods of careful cleaning of hard.To.Reach places in the household “assistant”, where all the garbage and excess moisture accumulate.

How to get rid of the smell of mold in a washing machine: remove the raid on a sealing gum

The cuff of washing equipment by the type “automatic” has a very complex design, respectively, it will not work to dismantle it without damage. Here it is necessary to act immediately on the spot. To do this, it is ideal to apply any professional cleanser or to do with a traditional chlorine.Containing composition. To remove the smell, you should pour it into the gum cracks and leave it for several hours. Then go through a brush or sponge and remove the remaining contaminants.

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Clean the powder tray

For this purpose, you can also apply liquid chlorine, for example, “whiteness”. It is enough to pour the inner part of the part with a chemical composition and leave for 1 hour. After that, rinse the container well.

We carry out an audit of a drain hose on an automatic machine

This structural element in different machines is disconnected in different ways. In some models, the fastening is inside the case, in others it is screwed in the visible zone. Having sorted out the method of disconnection, we proceed to clean the hose from mold, silt and other raid:

  • We fill the drain hose with a detergent with a degree (any composition for dishes is suitable).
  • Carefully clean the cable in two directions.
  • We set the hose to the cranes and wash it under running water.
  • Next, we fix the part to the place.

Eliminate the unpleasant smell from the filter of the washing machine

Typically, the filter of the washing machine pump is located on the front panel of the device, so it is easy to get to it. Often, small garbage, hair accumulate in this device, and if you do not clean it for a long time, silt is formed with an unpleasant odor. After the opening of the body, be sure to drain the remaining water, lowering the hose into a container with low sides. Then unscrew the litter and rinse it under running water (you can with a detergent), remove small garbage and wipe it dry.

We remove the scale from the heater, and with it the unpleasant smell from the “washing”

To clean the heating element, it is necessary to completely disassemble the device and clean all its components involved in the washing process. Remove the scale from the heater can be mechanical and chemical. We recommend watching a video instruction on how to just get rid of the raid in 10 minutes.

Prevention of the appearance of an unpleasant odor from the washing machine

An extraneous smell in a washing machine is easier to prevent than to try to remove. So that the rotten aroma does not appear in principle, it is enough to follow the simple rules of using the machine.

  • Do not use the assembly drum for storing dirty laundry.
  • Take out the washed things from the drum immediately after the washing.
  • Do not hold the hatch door constantly closed, the drum should often ventilate.
  • Try to wash things more often at high temperatures, washing in cool water provokes the appearance of odor, which will then be difficult to remove.

It is also recommended to regularly clean the drain hose and the washing unit tray, wipe the drum from the inside. Once every couple of months, launch an “empty” washing with folk cleaning agents or specialized solutions can simply be for prevention.

Strongly stained things that make a sharp unpleasant aroma, first it is better to soak and rinse manually in the basin. If you immediately send them to the machine wash, this can lead to an unpleasant odor that will be difficult to remove.

Preventive measures

A great way to prevent the smell is the function of self.Cleaning, which, unfortunately, is not built into all models. If the car provides a cycle of independent cleansing, it must be launched about once a month. Automatic cleaning will relieve unnecessary troubles.

In the absence of a special function, the smell from the drum of the washing machine can be prevented by observing the instructions for operation, periodically performing preventive measures. Only five details should be cleaned.

To maintain the “health” and the cleanliness of the drum, it is necessary to use a softener of water (laundry soap, “kalgon”, soda powder), which is added to the tray to the powder or air conditioner at each wash. It is also recommended once every three to four weeks to launch the machine at a high temperature (at least 90 ° C) to a single full cycle.

If all the methods, how to remove the smell from the washing machine, are tried, and the smell remains, you will have to contact specialists. In some cases, only the replacement of the details will save from the unbearable amber. Usually a sealed lining is usually replaced with mold, a heating gear, a clogged drain hose. The operation to replace the parts will be professionally conducted by the master.

How to prevent the formation of “aroma”?

In order to subsequently not look for ways to get rid of an unpleasant odor and not guess why this happens, you should adhere to certain preventive measures:

  • After each launch of the washing machine, wipe the tray and a rubber cuff with a dry rag to remove the remaining liquid;
  • Keep the hatch door is always slightly ajar for ventilation, especially if the machine is installed in the bathroom;
  • If possible once a month, clean the filter and drain accumulated water from the tank;
  • Fold dirty linen in a specially designed basket, and not in the drum of the machine;
  • At least 1 time a week, wash at high temperature so that hot water washed the remnants of the detergent from the inside;
  • Clearly adhere to the instructions regarding the amount of detergent used and use only high.Quality powders;
  • Do not keep your things in the tank, but immediately take them out and dry them well.

Why things stink with damp, rubber, chemistry?

There are several reasons why an unpleasant smell may come from the washed linen. They must be installed, otherwise, it will not be possible to cope with the problem. The appearance of a musty odor is facilitated by such factors as:

  • Stagnation of water in a drum or in a rubber cuff. So that this does not happen, immediately after washing you can not close the door tightly.
  • Storage of dirty clothes in a washing machine. In conditions of high humidity, bacteria and mold fungi begin to multiply actively. Cope with the smell that they cause, ordinary washing will not help.
  • Improper care of the washing machine. The source of unpleasant aromas can be such elements as: a drain hose, a tray for a detergent, a water filter.
  • Incorrect connection of the hose to the sewer pipe. In this case, the characteristic smell of wastewater will come from underwear after the first washing. Another reason for this “aroma” is the decay of the old valve, subject to its long.Term operation.
  • Non.Compliance with the dosage of detergents. A large amount of powder does not have time to get out, covering all the elements of the washing machine with a film. This mucus becomes a reservoir for storing and propagation of bacteria.
  • Long joint storage of dirty things in the underwear basket. Microbes and mushrooms in such conditions feel excellent, quickly increasing their numbers and provoking the appearance of a rotten smell.
  • Long.Term finding things in water. If you leave the linen soaked in the pelvis for 2-3 days, it will begin to rot by making a sour smell. Also, things can acidify in a typewriter with a sudden disconnection of electricity.

The smell of rubber from things can proceed after their washing in the new machine. Therefore, all manufacturers recommend the first cycle to launch without linen.

Chemical smell is a consequence of the use of a large amount of washing powder or other detergents. Wearing such things is dangerous for health, especially for young children and pregnant women.

Laundry stinks after washing �� This trick helps IMMEDIATELY ��

Когда неприятный шлейф тянется от вещей после каждой стирки и исходит от всего белья, причина скрывается в стиральной машине.

If this problem arose once, most likely, it is associated with a long storage of dirty clothes in a basket or in the drum.

Sometimes a person discovers an unpleasant odor not immediately after processing things in a typewriter, but after drying. It can appear if moisture has remained in the fibers of the fabric for a long time.

This happens when things are hung over, at a small distance from each other, which prevents normal air circulation. Aggravates the problem of drying in a room with poor ventilation and low moisture level.


Several tips of experienced craftsmen will speed up the process of removing unpleasant odors from the washing machine:

  • The clogged drain corrugated hose, which failed to clean the first time, requires replacement.
  • Quickly peel the rubber cuff from black plaque and an unpleasant odor will help paste from baking soda (powder is diluted with water of thick gruel).
  • An effective tool in the fight against unpleasant smells of mold and fungus. Copper sulfate. For cleaning, use a solution prepared at the rate of 1.5 t.L. Copper sulfate per liter of pure water. The cuffs moistened in the prepared composition with a rag. Additionally, a solution of copper sulfate is poured into the drum, after which the washing is launched at a water temperature of 95 ° C.

When cleaning washing washing, do not forget about personal protective equipment. Rubber gloves and respirator.

You will find a lot of useful and important information about the removal of various unpleasant aromas from objects and surfaces in this section.

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