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How to choose a carrier for clothing and not make a mistake in choosing. Professional advice

The main disadvantages of all articles on the topic “How to choose this or that household appliances” is the author’s poor awareness or his engagement in anyone’s benefit. This happens when the seller himself writes, in the hope of increasing the sales of his goods, or a freelancer who did not hear about the technique about which he talks.

I, the author of this article, have been working in the field of ironing steam equipment for a long time and therefore I will try to compose the most useful and objective analysis of the market for household steamers for the home. Useful, first of all, for a buyer who wants to make the right choice of a steamer for clothes, save money and purchase the product that is necessary for his needs.

What is a frozen for clothing, the principle of operation

This is a device that allows using a steam jet to smooth out folds on any fabric products. If an ordinary iron strokes with a hot metal surface and can damage the fabric, then the steamer does not directly touch things, it acts by means of steam, and it is impossible to ruin their clothes. He does not leave shiny “smoothed” spots, does not make creases and folds, eliminates extraneous smells.

After steam processing, things become softer, since the fabric fibers are straightened, and not compressed, as when ironing.

The design of the device is very simple and consists of:

Water under the influence of high temperature turns into steam, which enters the iron with holes. That’s the whole principle of operation. The steam supply intensity will depend on the volume of the boiler and power of the device.

Disgracurators are actively used in:

  • Clothing stores to bring the newly brought goods into proper form;
  • Studio;
  • Wedding salons, since dresses are sewn from the finest materials with an abundance of decorative elements;
  • Hotels, mainly used a steamer for curtains;
  • Dry cleaners and laundries.

The traditional steamer consists of a heater, a water tank, a steam generator, a hose and a steam iron. Water can both drain into a steam generator and bend into it with a pump, and such models have a pair of production more.

Thus, two parameters are distinguished, as important as possible for choosing a steamer: this is the power of the device and the level of steam generation. For a vertical home steamer, there is enough average power: from 1300 to 2000 watts, and the optimal amount of steam is up to 85 ml of water evaporated per minute, most of them are enough for efficient operation of 50-55 ml.

Паровая швабра Tefal steam power

The volume of the water tank plays an important role. The smaller the tank. The more often you will have to interrupt the ironing process. In addition, some models can only be added water after cooling.

You should choose models with a cleaning function of scale, because if it is not, you will have to use only special water, for example, distilled. Also, such steamers are more expensive because they are equipped with special filters for tap water. However, for any devices it is more reasonable to use filtered or boiled water. And the filters will last longer, and the cleaning will not soon threaten.

In addition to the above parameters, when choosing a steamer, it is necessary to take into account what material the sole of the iron itself is made of. Most correctly if it is metal or ceramic. The more holes. The better. Of the two similar ceramic models, you should choose the one in which the sole can heat up, since such a steamer will not spray water.

Working modes. Budget models of steamers can only work in one mode. It may seem that this is catastrophic, but for everyday use. More than enough. However, if you own a steamer more confidently than an iron, and your family is big, then you should pay attention to models with modes for different types of fabrics.

Equipment. And finally. Almost every of the manufacturers of steamers seeks to attract customers, for example, putting pleasant accessories in a box with the device: a heat.Protective mitten, a clothing hanger, a clamp for shooters on trousers, and so on. Some of this will really come in handy, something will remain dusting in the far corners of the pantry. In any case, in most cases, this is just a marketing move to attract customers.

Power and price. For the house, many acquire inexpensive gravity steamers. These are the most budget models, the power of such a device can reach 1800 watts, and the generation of steam-approximately 35-55 g/min. Of course, you can’t steam a coat with such a device, but a shirt or a chiffon dress with oxenes is easily. Typically, such models have only one working mode.

Serious steamers are in the middle price category These devices are quite powerful (1900-2500 watts), and a steam jet reaches 90 g/min. Often, it is precisely these devices that have the ability to switch modes and can overlap a large mountain of linen.

Other features

Important when buying a steamer may be important. The part is made of plastic or metal. In the first case, you can count on an affordable price, but the iron will deform faster, leading to the need to repair the device. The metal element lasts longer and is often complemented by the heating function, increasing the convenience of using. Heating reduces the amount of drops that appear on the surface and increases steam supply intensity. But metal ironing has a minus. Increasing the weight of the device.

Another advice when choosing is to take into account the length of the steam hose. If it is long enough, it is convenient to use the steamer. Short limits freedom of movement.

It is worth paying attention to the set of the model. In particular, hangers, clamps for attaching things will be useful. Heat.Resistant mitte will help protect your hands from burns. And the Philips models, such as GC558/30 Comforttouch Plus, also includes a Payum capsule that adds a pleasant smell.

Determining how to choose a clothing steamer for the house, you should pay attention to the manufacturer. The most reliable brands that produce steam smoothing equipment. Tefal, Philips, Mie and Grand Master. The models of these brands are higher than the average service life and the warranty period. However, the steamers of these brands can be expensive. Then it is worth paying attention to the products of other brands with a good combination of price and quality (Polaris, KitFort). Such devices are cheaper, but perfect for domestic use.

As we have already noted, ideally, to combat folds, you also need an iron. If you do not know how to choose it, read our guide. By the way, the pair knows how not only to smooth things, but also to clean the most different surfaces. Such devices are called steamers: seek recommendations for models in our collection.

Additional opportunities

Modern steamers are quite functional, so the choice is so complicated. However, the presence of additional accessories in the kit can be a very useful bonus and help expand the capabilities of the steamer.

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  • Brush. The purpose of the nozzle is cleaning outerwear from pile and dust with simultaneous steam processing;
  • Clamps for trousers. Helps to form arrows. True, counting on the same result as when using a classic iron is not worth it;
  • Bar for working with complex cut elements. A sort of plank that facilitates the smoothing of collars, s, cuffs, etc.P.;
  • Protective mittens. Allows you to effectively cope even with complex tasks, without fear of the appearance of burns on the hands.
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What can a steamer

Steams thin and delicate fabrics. It is impossible to damage even the thinnest and most capricious fabric. Neither synthetic nor natural. The product is in contact only with steam, the temperature of which does not exceed 100 ° C.

The Surprising Future of Steam Power | Robert Green | TEDxMissionViejo

Indispensable for clothes with numerous jewelry: ruffles, lace, frills. Everyone who has at least once tried to iron a smart dress with many decorative elements, knows how hard it is. The steamer easily copes with this task. In addition, there is no risk of damaging jewelry: buttons, bows, rhinestones.

Powerful models are able to steam things with lining and outerwear. If the steamer is powerful enough, then they can steam jackets, jackets, fur coats. The usual iron is simply impossible.

You can iron the curtains right on the eaves. Curtains. Another type of home textile, which directly suggests itself at the ironing with a steamer. But it should be borne in mind that the length of the steamer hose will not be enough. To reach the cornice itself, you will have to put the device on a chair or a higher stand.

Saves time. Having trained a little, you will stroke the steamer much faster than an iron. Several times faster!

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Main characteristics

Simple but functional device. He has many analogues from the same manufacturer, but other colors. The price is approximately the same. Knows how to work only in an upright position. But this mode is great thought out. The base along with a stretched mesh looks like a board, so the thing holds on its own, it does not need to be pulled in the process with your hand. A 1.7.Liter tank, there you can add water right during operation. And the base is unfastened from the base so that you can steer by weight. Relevant when steaming curtains.

On the handle there are buttons for the selection of the mode for different types of fabric. You think this is a standard minimum? We hasten to reassemble, manufacturers either do not make modes at all, or make them without any explanation for fabric types. After involving the network, the device is heated in 45 seconds. In a box with a steamer, the company puts a nozzle with a pointed nose (to smooth the folds), a brush, a mitten that is recommended to put on so that it does not scaldle, and a pillow for cleaning clothes.

Main characteristics

This is a stylish model of manual steamer, which differs in appearance from most competitors. The device is not highly powerful. The steam consumption is only 20 g/min, which is well suited for disinfection of things, giving a tidy look and smoothing small folds.

This is a good option for traveling, as the device does not take up much space and allows you to take care of clothes even outside the house. For convenience, the water tank is built into the case, it is easy and convenient to fill it, and start using it.

The steamer has two operating modes, depending on the type of fabric. The kit has a nozzle, which allows you to penetrate a couple into deeper layers of fabric.

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