The stove smokes in the bath what to do

Why is the stove smoke and how to fix it on your own?

Home comfort is an important element of a person’s life and if he is in danger, you should fight with a provocateur. One of them can be smoke that goes out of the heating system to the room. In addition to unpleasant sensations, a similar situation can cause poisoning in a private house. In order to correct the incident, you should first figure out what are the causes of the stove smoke.

If the stove smokes into the house, and not to the street through the pipe, then this is a good reason to search for breakdowns in the heating system, for the implementation of timely repair work. There are a huge mass of reasons, but their elimination requires various efforts, tools, knowledge.

Weakening of traction

It happens that smoke inside the house begins at the first launch of the system. And then the hosts are wondering why the new furnace is smoke established according to all the rules and recommendations. Typically, the main reason in this case is the loss or weakening of traction, which plays an important role in the work of the entire heating structure.

Bringing to power above normal

There is a certain level of power in the canal, capacious and other brick stoves, which should not be exceeded, reinforcing the system to excessive heat power power.

When trying to force the power of the brick system. Smoke in the room almost always begins, since the design does not cope with the smoke that is released into the chimney.

Insufficient air flow

For good combustion, oxygen is needed. Everyone knows this, but few people understand that for the correct functioning of the furnace and its chimney, a sufficient amount of air is also required.

You should not even tightly close all the doors and windows with severe frost, but if it was still forgotten about it, and the stove smokes into the house, you can try to save the situation by opening the window or entrance doors. Perhaps the heating system just started to “suffocate”.

Cipping traction

Practically not controlled process is the reverse of the traction of the heating system. It happens that even a new oven smokes if you have a strong windy weather on the street. Do not panic if smoke begins to occur for this reason. Usually the wind quickly subsides, and the operation of the furnace can continue in normal mode.

Construction violations

The most unpleasant reason that the stove is smoking into the house may be incorrect installation, installation or construction. In case of violations in the design, usually the bake is poorly melted, often smokes in small doses of poisonous air, and over time it begins to emit large puffs of smoke.

If it turned out that the cause was precisely the incorrectly installed design, then you will have to redo the heating system, often completely.

In some cases, you can do with partial transfer, usually with the following design damage:

  • Brick split in the furnace,
  • A crack in a small chimney,
  • Disabled,
  • The collapse of the solution inside the furnace.

If the destruction began in the structure, it is better to shift it completely, since partial repairs may not help, and the system will collapse in the future

District of the furnace

Incorrect operation of the heating system can be the result of the wear of the furnace, due to improper operation or frequent crossing of the furnace power. With wear of the structure, various damage occurs on it, of which smoke often wraps up.

It should be understood that too large cracks or faults can lead to a fire, so when they are detected, you need to immediately carry out repair work.

Soot in the chimney

The most common cause of improper operation of the chimney and emissions of poisonous smoke into the room is a poor craving, due.

If such a problem arises, it is very important to clean the chimney from the accumulation of soot in a timely manner, this is done using various devices: golik, ruff with weights or other tools.

In order to prevent once a week, it is necessary to heat the stove with aspen logs, which are able to remove soot with smoke through the pipe when combustion.

Five main reasons why the stove can smoke

If there are suspicions of improper burning, there is a smell or black fat traces of soot on the door, you need to urgently take measures. It is extremely important to find out why the stove in the bath is smoking without postponing the problem.

Bring the lit match to the furnace door, if the stream of smoke flashes with a bluish flame, then you can’t bathe in the bath, at least while the stove smokes in the bath. It burns dry carbon monoxide, which is mortally dangerous for humans and animals. Even if non.Combustible watery smoke is falling from the stove, in which the fully is much smaller, it is still enough pleasant, especially since it brings maximum dirt and soot to the steam room.

The reasons why the stove smoke in the bath can be listed in several points:

  • The most common. A chimney or outlet pipe is clogged;
  • The housing of the furnace chamber is damaged, in this case, the stove in the bath smokes through the door, cracks, burning can penetrate through the Shaber and even ash;
  • There is no traction in the bathhouse, the conditions of normal operation of the chimney were violated, a protective cap from the pipe broke the wind, someone knocked out a satellite plate nearby;
  • The stove-kamenka is connected by one chimney to the fireplace located in the neighboring dressing room or rest room;
  • Incorrect ignition, the stove smoke due to the poor quality of firewood, instead of deciduous breeds, a pine and Christmas tree are sent to the furnace.

Of course, looking for the reasons why the stove smokes in a steam room, it makes sense only if a brick or metal structure was initially working out. If the work of the combustion or cast.Iron chamber was not checked before installation in the steam room, then there is no sense in looking for why the iron stove smoke in the bathhouse smokes.

Advice! In such a situation, it is best to carry “iron” into the courtyard, in a place closed from the wind, install the pipe, clean, burn the internal partitions and achieve normal operation of the stove.

A similar method allows you to detect and eliminate the reasons for 100% from which the firebox smokes. Examination of the case outside the steam room simplifies the repair of metal bath furnaces, access to the ash and back wall improves. At the same time, while there are no stoves in the steam room, there is the opportunity to clean, repaired, put in order the chimney pipe.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев 165

Well, what the result was corrected by the stove or not, otherwise it was interesting where the jamb was

In general, all knees should pass at an angle of 45 degrees. How I checked that the pipe is clean?

There are 2 systems for the output of the pipe in such situations is a sazaporik to the bottom from 2 knees of the same diameter cm 40, and compliance with 15 degrees.The chimney is below the skate. The knee is not scary in rude 3 of them or more also all for 90.

There was a similar dilemma.The verdict about the optimal chimney diameter of 150mm widened on the stovers forum.I put it, the problem was eliminated)) before that the diameter was 130mm and often clogged.The furnace has a horizontal section 1.5m and further vertical 4m.Above the roof 0.5m.After changing the diameter, by the way, I did not clean anymore.It is recommended for self.Cleaning to calculate the “system” with a complete laying of dry firewood with the most open blow.The more damp and resinous the firewood, the more soot.So the Christmas trees don’t eat buzz.))

I have a stove like yours in my bathhouse.Only a pipe from the furnace goes directly through the tank, above the tank there is a heat exchanger. It is a rectangular shape, the size of a small box, inside the shelf, so that it does not go directly up, but after 4 turns in 90 g.The diameter of the pipe is 150 or 170mm, the length of the pipe, taking into account the pipe in the tank 3.5-3.7 meters, on top of the umbrella. What a craving is fucked up!I think everything is because of a narrow pipe.And on the expense of where you get smoke (you noted yellow). There is a sealant of a stove (or a fireplace it is called), holds a very large temperature. Try to miss them.

The 1-metering of the room is where the firebox, there should be windows, fragules, for air flow (hermodveria and plastic windows spoil everything); 2-high above the stove is at least 4-5m; 3-insulation of the pipe outside the room (stone cotton wool, Matsteclotkan), Without insulation, the pipe inside is probably overgrown;

So that the memory does not change, the pipe should be at a certain angle from the skate to the place of the ejections and the end of the pipe, like the minimum height from the ridge (above the skate) should be 1m20cm. If I need to look at home, somewhere there was a book on these calculations.

I have a pipe in my bath about 4 meters, above the roof of 1 meter, thin.Walled stainless steel, melted off the window and everything is buzzing, and the umbrella is standing, and in the garage he smoked until the knee and horizontal (1 meter) plot, shook out soot 10 liter bucket, now the pipe is straight and norms.

stove, smokes, bath

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And the umbrella from precipitation on the pipe did not accidentally put? If so, then this is the reason, if not, then build up the pipe I have it 7 meters and 3 knees when you melt it already sucks.

Here they wrote correctly, the height of the bath pipe should be at least five meters then and the thrust will be!

Lengthen the pipe of a meter by 2 preferably by 3 and there will be happiness)

Added the diameter of the pipe and everything is fine. Without means of means. There are knees too.

I am not a stove, far from all this, but I can assume that during the interior decoration all the “cracks” were sewn from which air entered the room with a firebox. So that the air goes into the pipe, it is necessary that it be taken from somewhere in the room.

I was so tormented with a garage stove. I have 130-120. And two knees under 45 degrees. The whole garage smoked the first fireplace) After the advice of his father, he grown the pipe by a meter above the roof = turned out from the roof of 2 meters on the dressings). Now I burn one newspaper, then I throw firewood and everything is fine.

Take the transition from 130 to 120. There should be no pipe. The length of the pipe should be higher than the roof skate by at least 50 cm. It’s enough. But since you have a knee, I would have done higher. But the reason is still in the transition from one diameter to another. If the opposite was true, it would not be so scary.

I spent my childhood in the garage near the stove. Everything burned in it, since the pipe was above the roof of the garage by three and a half meters. Even coal coats burned and the stove was white with temperature and was inflated like a ball. Pipe 100 mm. I had to clean often, since the pipe did not heat up. The theory of the pipes is simple, ideally a short-hot pipe, but there is no crime in it, but there is no traction, and there is a traction in a long pipe and there is also a fog.

Cut the electric fan into the pipe to carry out forced traction.

You have never heard about channel vetilators? So for information, they are specially made for this.

And you have seen on them?)) Now external fans with an ejection system are in fashion.

Cut the electric fan into the pipe to carry out forced traction.

Here you are dense. You know what the great Lenin bequeathed? Study, study and study.

Learning to be rationally economical, the same does not hurt)) 200t.R. For channel and 10-15t.P for the entire ejection)) but you can dart with a steep channel propeller))

To be a craving, you need to warm the pipe.And such a thick.Walled pipe must still be able to warm in the absence of traction.Put thin.Walled stainless steel and will be happiness.I was so tormented in the garage.

In childhood, we squeaked and set fire to the pipe of water drain on the 4.Storey house The craving was so that everything that was in the pipe burned (leaves, garbage) and with pressure with force all the paper pulled on the roof (it was scary to think).Well, the waters.It turns out we cleared all the pipes in this image (who knew?)))

The lack of length was blowing

Bad thrust in the bathhouse can be if the size of the blowing or ash box is not taken into account during the manufacture. This value is especially important when trampling the furnace after a long break. It will solve the problem to arrange a sufficient camera for collecting ash and arranging a stove with a gate valve.

It is recommended to initially use the advice of experienced stoves if you have insufficient experience in making furnaces for a bath with your own hands or make a stove according to the finished drawing, strictly observing all sizes.

To eliminate such a furnace malfunction, it will be necessary to completely disassemble it if it is covered with brick or harness the sufficient compartment of the ash at the bottom of the furnace.

Smoke due to damage to the furnace body

This is the most extensive subgroup of kamenka malfunction.

stove, smokes, bath
Possible reason Elimination of malfunctions on metal furnaces For brick stoves
The worst malfunction is the deformation of the furnace structure due to the shrinkage of the foundation. Diagnostics. Check the construction of the body on the basis of. For steel furnaces, this malfunction is not the worst. When subsidizing the foundation, the case can be disturbed only when the unit is strictly fixed to the base. The wall is extremely rarely damaged, to eliminate it may be necessary to strengthen the design of the base with a layer of concrete and a reinforcing belt. A brick stove can collapse or through cracks appear on the walls, through which smoke will fall into the steam room. With minimal shrinkage, it may be necessary to cover the cracks of refractory materials. To do this, you can use heat.Resistant glue, asbestos or solutions of chamotum clay or clay and sand. A large bias of the base will cause the destruction of the furnace. You can solve the problem only by completely destroying the furnace, strengthening the foundation and laying out the stove again.
The stove can smoke with poor quality manufacturing. In a steel furnace, finding the place of passage of smoke, you will need to or brew the damaged section of the seam. If the large area of ​​surfaces is damaged, you can weld, glue steel or refractory fraud. For gluing fiberglass beams, use only heat.Resistant adhesives. When small cracking appears on the walls or roof of a brick heater, it is primarily important to clean the old plaster and fill cracks with a solution of chargen clay or clay with sand. After this surface, you need to plastered in 2 thin layers.
After repair, the surfaces were not allowed to dry completely or with a long break in the operation of the heater. For steel furnaces, this reason is not terrible. This will cause the formation of cracks and may be the reason for the smoke. All work is carried out similarly to the previous paragraph.

How to check the chimney

If you smoke smoke in the room from the bourgeois, the test begins with this element:

There are special soot cleaners

We recommend that you study on this topic also:

Brick smokehouse device: design and construction schemes

Having decided to equip a corner in the country, where it will be possible to cook fragrant food, it is not necessary to purchase small smokers presented in specialized stores. You can build a smokehouse with your own hands from brick. A reliable design that can also become a garden decoration. Drawings and simple step.By.Step instructions for performing work will help to create a model independently.

  • The presence of soot on the walls of the chimney is determined. The formation of this substance is extremely negative on the strength of the thrust. The reason may be incorrectly building a chimney or in irregular cleaning.

The occurrence of soot after prolonged operation without cleaning or using poor.Quality fuel can be the answer to the question of why the bourgeois is smoking in the door.

If during the search for the reason why the bourgeois is smoking when the door was opened, it was found that the problem is not in pollution, it means that the matter is the wrong compilation of the structure.

You can make and mount the chimney yourself. For a potbelly stove, a metal option is more suitable than a brick. For these purposes, the most suitable will be alloy steel with a special coating that protects the surface from the effects of oxides. Just do not use an aluminum pipe. It will melt.

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Building a stove with high efficiency: save on heating

What types of furnaces are best suited for heating rooms? How to build a stove with the highest useful action coefficient (efficiency)? Is it possible to increase the efficiency of an existing furnace? Answers to all these questions can be found in this article.

In the manufacture, the following elements will be needed:

  • Metal pipes for the base of the chimney. The diameter of 16 cm is suitable.
  • Knee for docking. Their number will depend on how many times the direction of the pipe will rotate.
  • Protective nozzle for the upper part of the chimney.
  • For condensate.
  • Sealant for fastening seams.
  • Clamp for fastening the pipe.
  • Thermal insulation.

Drawing for the manufacture of a chimney for a bourgeois through the wall

After all the materials are ready, you can proceed to the installation:

  • First of all, a through hole is made in the wall. Over, if the wall is wooden, a special metal box is installed with a hole in the center, which is 5 mm exceeding the diameter of the pipe. For a brick wall, a passage glass is used.

The box is filled with basalt glassy, ​​and the hole is filled with asbestos stripes.

  • Next, the first section of the pipe is placed on the pipe pipe. In this case, the design is supplemented by a heat.Resistant seal and a special clamp, which will prevent gas breakthrough.
  • A knee is placed that drops the pipe towards the wall.
  • After the pipe is brought out, a pipe and knee are placed.
  • The outer pipe of the chimney is insulated. To give stability, you can fix the structure with brackets.
  • A protective nozzle is placed on the top of the pipe.

Having sorted out how the chimney is installed through the wall, you can also pay attention to the chimney options in the window for the bourgeois and through the roof.

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Water heating from the furnace: Features of the device

City residents are accustomed to central heating, but there is another species. Water heating from the furnace and you can make it with your own hands, having a small technical experience. Not to mention remote areas, in houses without a central system and in winter you should not freeze. An ordinary stove is not able to heat all residential and other premises in houses. And installing several furnaces at the same time is quite laid.

Thus, having studied all the necessary instructions, you can take a number of actions to cleanse the finished pipe or create a new. Such measures will help get rid of the smoking of the bourgeois.

Check the condition of the firebox and ash

It is clear that if you take on the “dirty” work on cleaning the furnace, it will be correct to simultaneously check the presence of soot inside the furnace chamber. The upbringing and turn of the flow for a few seconds does not mean that the stove begins to smoke right away, but it is at these moments that are invisible to the eye that the dirt is thrown from the stove pipe into the furnace.

Therefore, in order to prevent the brick set and transitions, as in the diagram, you need to blow out and clean the vacuum cleaner. As a rule, there are always cracks after stripping, especially around the fastening of the furnace door and in the transition zone to the smoke channel. Such gaps can smoke until the chimney heated, or vice versa, suck the air, reducing the already poor traction of the furnace in the bath.

If in the smoke channels a traffic jam of crumbling brick suddenly is found, then you will have to open the audit plug of brick halves with a spatula and remove the dirt through the opened window.

Bath stove repair is carried out with special clay grouts. For hot part, clay with chamotis powder and asbestos are used, the rest is wiped with fat clay with chopped asbestos fiber and sand.

Sometimes the stove begins to smoke due to the inconsistency of the size of the furnace. The large space of the furnace chamber warms up for a long time and, most importantly, is uneven. As a result, part of very hot smoke gases are reflected from the vault, as in the Russian furnace, and is squeezed out onto the door of the furnace.

Accordingly, the coating of the opening, the wire and the door frame is burned, the furnace chamber begins to smoke, as if the craving in the pipe is completely absent. The furnace also smokes in a situation where the drive to the chimney is located below the grate.

In both cases, the problem is solved by installing an additional wall from chamotte inside the firebox.

The oven in the bath may begin to smoke if the output of the furnace into the chimney canal is combined with the canal from an additional dryer or water heaters on firewood. In this case, you can not light two furnace devices at the same time. The first to melt the stove with the largest volume of the furnace chamber.

What is wrong with a brick chimney

Everyone who had to choose a bath for a bathhouse is well aware that the device of the chimney of the brick structure is significantly different from the smoke pipe of a steel or cast.Iron stove. Therefore, the methodology for finding the reasons why the stove smokes mercilessly, sometimes even after a thorough deployment of the room.

For brick furnaces and chimneys, the check is performed in the following sequence:

Using a bunch of grass and dry paper, we determine the presence of air movement in the pipe. If the height of the chimney cut is more than 4 m, and the cross section is more than 10×10 cm, then the flow or draft can even feel with your hand. If there is a stream, this means that the stove smokes because of the furnace, otherwise it is necessary to find out why there is no traction in the bathhouse, it will have to be on the roof of the bath;

stove, smokes, bath

The second step is to check the state of the smoke channel. With a flashlight and a soot brush on the cord, we check the absence of foreign objects in the pipe, at the same time we clean the dirt and soot from the walls of the canal; Check if the stove smokes after servicing

It will also be useful to pay attention to the nodes of crossing the chimney through the roof and ceiling ceiling. In these zones, the chimney is often split from the transverse load on the roof from snow and wind

In such a situation, the stove in the bath smokes even with the door open. The pipe will have to be disassembled and shifted with new masonry

In these zones, the chimney is often split from the transverse load on the roof from snow and wind. In such a situation, the stove in the bath smokes even with the door open. The pipe will have to be disassembled and shifted with new masonry.

A poor craving in a bathhouse made of brick may also be a consequence of a stream of flue gas flow. The craving in the pipe is beautiful, the stove burns and does not smoke even when heated with unsifty wood, but a strong gust of wind, especially if the door is wide in the bath, leads to a change in the direction of smoke gases to the opposite.

The reason for this phenomenon is too much a section of the smoke channel. How to remove reverse traction in a chimney? To make the stove not smoke into a strong wind, you need:

  • Lease the height of the chimney oven above the roof level of the bath along the recommended dimensions;
  • Disassemble the upper part of the chimney and replace with a metal insert in a protective casing and insulation from mineral fiber.

In practice, many owners managed to bring the bath a bath to bring “to life” and not to smoke with the help of a weather vanity on the pipe. The device is inexpensive, it is easier to install it on the bathhouse than shifting a brick, at the same time it is possible to solve the problem of how to improve the thrust in the bathhouse by 10-15%.

It also happens that for some time everything works without complaints and suddenly one day begins to smoke a stove in a bathhouse what to do in this case? The reason for this may be a chimney clogged with soot. The problem is solved by simple cleaning. You need to know how to clean the chimney in the bathhouse correctly. If the pipe does not have bends, then it will be simple enough to do it. A rope is taken, a ruff is tied to it with a load and a chimney is cleaned with such a device.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the cap of Kuznetsov with your own hands, the order

A hypothermia pipe can also cause a bad thrust. This happens in cases where the stove was not used for a long time. To solve this problem, the chimney should be warmed up. This is done with a lit rag that should be saturated with kerosene. The pipe will heat up and there will be no problems with the operation of the furnace.

Due to the use of low-quality firewood on the internal walls of the chimney, soot may settle. To avoid this, you should first melt the oven, and then put firewood.

There are furnaces in which the size of the blowing is equal to the width of the furnace. The air falling from the blowing into the oven pushes away from the rear wall and goes outside. To solve this problem, it is necessary to close part of the blow.

Stock care

Preparatory work should be performed before the first ignition of the furnace. First, the entire structure on the outside should be wiped with a damp cloth. As a rule, stoves-stoves are installed in the baths, so it is especially good to wash the place where the stones are laid. Stones should be thoroughly washed. Then they fit into the place allotted for them. Stones should lie tightly to each other, but so that the air circulates between them.

At the first firebox, the oven does not warm up much, the stones should only warm up. After the stones become cold, you can draw a second furnace, which should be stronger. Когда печь будет хорошо разогрета, могут раздаваться звуки растрескивания камней. Then you need to turn off the device and remove the cracked stones.

After studying the possible reasons why it begins to smoke a stove in a bathhouse and ways to eliminate them can be avoided by trampling the furnace.

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