The tefal steamer doesn’t blow out steam

Where to order repairs?

Give preference to a service center that has been around for at least three years. As a rule, such companies value their reputation, and will not do “lap-lap”.

Disassembly and Repair of the Rowenta DR8050 X-Cel Steam Steamer NOT PUTTING OUT STEAM

In their arsenal will have all the necessary parts for your model of steam generator. As a rule, they have free diagnostics.

It is also important that one of the points of this firm was to provide a warranty on all repairs. If the company values its reputation and believes in its employees, it provides a guarantee for service.

It will not be superfluous to read the reviews of the company, which offers repair of steam generators.

Before you apply to a service center, consider the cost of repair of the steam generator in your area. The price should not be very low (it is unlikely that experienced craftsmen will do their work for a penny). Stick to the golden mean!


In the process of operation, household appliances sometimes have various malfunctions, which can be diagnosed by characteristic signs and perform repair of steam generators with their own hands. If the steam generators refuse to perform their assigned duties, the reason may be different.

  • Station does not produce steam. FET or its contacts are burned out. Also there may be incorrect operation of the boiler switch, or just a broken steam button on the device.
  • The pressure is not regulated. the switch is broken.
  • Device is feeding steam of wrong temperature blown temperature fuse, thermostat is out of order.
  • No voltage. one of the wires in the power cord is broken.
  • Poor water hardness. Too many deposits on the tank walls.
  • Continuous lighting of the water level indicator. broken sensor.
  • Steam is constantly discharged through the safety valve. probably not enough water in the tank.
  • Water appeared under the station. there is a leak somewhere, disconnect the steam generator and localize the fault.

In addition to the listed failures, it is possible to name many more reasons that provoke the appearance of faults in the steam generator.

To make a complete diagnosis of the product and fix the various failures with your own hands, you need to have special equipment, with only multimeter and soldering iron you can find and fix only simple faults.

No steam coming out of the steamer what to do?

The first thing to do is to make sure that the device is not already under warranty. This is especially true for expensive irons, such as Philips irons, which often have no or poorly functioning steam stroke. Otherwise it is recommended to take it to the service center, not trying to solve the problem of malfunction yourself.

Temperature regulator

Each iron has a temperature regulator, which is a metal plate located inside the design of the household appliance, at its soleplate.

When heating to a certain temperature, the regulator is triggered and the power to the electric heating device is turned off. The thermostat returns to its original position when it cools down.

Automatic shutdown function is necessary for temperature control; if it fails, the plastic internal parts of the housing can start to melt. This inevitably has consequences:

tefal, steamer, doesn, blow, steam

Since every steam iron has a steam chamber on the soleplate, a reservoir that heats water to steam, problems can occur in this part of the design due to a faulty thermostat. The reservoir can get very hot, which can melt the plastic channels that carry water into it.

Valve failure

The water supply valve in the heating tank stops working rarely. If it has failed, you will most likely not be able to repair it yourself. You can try to disassemble the device and examine the condition of the device, but it is unlikely to get it repaired.

Identify its fault is very easy: you need to fill the reservoir with water, turn on the device and give the heat, if when you press the valve steam feed nothing happens, while it is pressed without effort (too easily), probably violated its tightness and the “pump” does not pump water into the steam generator.

Limescale and scale formation

Over time, limescale and sludge build up in the steam system, which impedes steam production, resulting in the iron not steaming well or no steam at all. This is the most common cause of malfunction and the only one that can be eliminated without resorting to specialists.

Types of defects of steamers and details of repair

There are several reasons why a home steamer stops blowing:

  • Scale buildup. Use of hard tap water in the boiler is not recommended. It contains various minerals and salts of heavy metals, which cause limescale to build up gradually inside the appliance and on the soleplate. This is usually the main reason for no steam coming out of the steamer. On your own you can do the following, mix 1 tbsp. water and the same amount of table vinegar, pour it into the tank and turn on the device. Next, wait for the liquid to boil. This solution is gradually able to dissolve the scale. Repeat the procedure until the desired effect is obtained. Also prevention of scale formation, is made automatically. modern models are equipped with a self-cleaning mode. Details of the operation are described in the instructions for use of the device.
  • Chamber clogging. They occur due to accidental ingress of foreign objects inside the reservoir, which block the holes of the steamer. It is possible to repair it yourself, but it is necessary to disassemble the device. If the owner of the device does not know how to do it himself, it is better to seek help from a service center.
  • Broken gyroscope. It has an electronic program that follows the evaporator’s position in the room and automatically activates steam while it is in motion. If the program is disabled or broken, the supply of steam will not be carried out automatically, but only manually, by pressing the. To activate the gyro program yourself, you need to press the “AUTO” key on the control panel. Or continue to use the steamer manually. If the program has malfunctioned, it is impossible to repair it yourself, only the service center can reprogram the device.

What you can do with your own hands

Before you disassemble the steamer yourself, you should understand that after personal intervention the device automatically loses the right to free warranty service.

The following tools will be needed for self-repair:

The following types of malfunctions can be repaired at home:

What to do if there is no steam coming out of the hand-held steamer? Take it to a service center for repair or try to repair the product yourself.

First of all you need to disassemble the body of the appliance. At this stage, most people encounter difficulties because of the hidden fixation of the housing with invisible screws with a cap in the form of a six-headed star. This is provided by the manufacturer against amateur tampering with the housing.

Disassembling the device is not necessary to apply unnecessary force, as this can break the fragile plastic rivets.

Why is a steam generator dangerous??

If the steam generator has broken down and started “spitting”, the following problems can occur:

  • The appliance begins to wet the garment instead of steaming. Puddles of water can form, which is dangerous when using electrical appliances.
  • The garment will be poorly steamed and wet. In this case, when it dries, it becomes crumpled again. It is also possible that an unpleasant odor and mold will appear.
  • Clothes will be dripped with water, possibly rusty. Stains will form from them.

Important! If water begins to leak from the equipment, unplug it immediately. Then you need to determine the cause of the malfunction.

Particulars of the choice of spare parts

To choose quality parts to repair the Philips steam generator, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Make a purchase in stores that do not arouse suspicion;
  • Request a receipt and warranty card from the seller;
  • purchase parts in original packaging;
  • Inspect parts before buying them for damage.

Many parts can be tested for function directly in the store. Sellers who are confident in the quality of their goods do not refuse customers this request.

The light doesn‘t turn on, nothing happens. This may be due to a lack of voltage in the socket, a faulty plug, a faulty thermal protector, a lack of power on the control board. May not heat.

What to do if your iron doesn‘t steam well or doesn‘t steam at all? The reason may lie in the scale. If this is the case, clean the mechanism with a lemon solution: add a solution of citric acid to the iron and place it in steam mode. Wait until the steam is completely restored and rinse the device with distilled water.

Why a broken steam generator is dangerous?

If the steam generator has broken and started “spitting”, the following problems may occur:

  • Appliance begins to wet the garment instead of steaming. Puddles of water can form, which is dangerous when using electric appliances.
  • The garment will be badly steamed and wet. If this occurs, it will become crumpled again as soon as it dries. Unpleasant odors and mildew are also possible.
  • Your clothes may be dripping with water, possibly rusty. They will cause stains to form.

Important! If water began to leak from the technique, then unplug it immediately. Then you need to determine the cause of the failure.

The electronics are malfunctioning

In some cases, defective garment steamers are easily broken because of poor sealing of the liquid tank. In this situation steam may gradually deposit on the electronics boards, various buttons and displays. This trouble is caused by human inattention, because steam is lighter than water and tends upwards all the time, bypassing the steam hose. In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the machine and make sure that the electronic parts are functional. Otherwise they should be replaced with.

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