The washing machine Haer does not turn on the reason

Why the washing machine does not turn on: how to fix it?

The service life of the washing machine depends on three main factors: brand, model, functionality. Different manufacturers claim the duration of their equipment within 5-15 years. However, in practice, the low quality of water and electricity (voltage surges, sudden shutdowns) leads to failures and breakdowns much faster. If the failure of the mechanics independently diagnose it is quite simple: by vibration, knocks and other external manifestations, then in a situation where a washing machine does not turn on without any external reaction, it is much more difficult to determine the reason.

There are several main reasons why the washing machine does not turn on:

  • There is no electricity in the household power supply.
  • The failure of the network cord.
  • Damage to the “Turning” button.
  • Refusal to arrange a hatch lock.
  • Damage of the network filter.
  • Malfunctioning elements of internal wiring.
  • The failure of the control module.

There is no electricity in the household power supply

We will simulate an unpleasant, but, unfortunately, a typical situation. The drum is loaded, the powder is poured, we insert the fork into the outlet, and the washing machine does not turn on, moreover, it does not react in any way. First, it is necessary to exclude the influence of external factors that are detected by the operation of the machine or RCD.

For those who do not understand the electrician too much, I will give a small explanation. The protective shutdown device (RCD) is triggered if the leakage current occurs in the mains of the apartment. That is, in any of the electrical appliances, the terminal has unscrewed, and the postponement supplies current to the case. It is the RCD that protects the user from electricity defeat, and the wiring from overheating and fire. The machine (automatic circuit breaker) disconnects the chain during short circuit or overload. There is a third variety. a differential switch combining the functions of the RCD and automatic.


The first thing to do is to extract a fork of a washing machine from a socket. Then approach the distribution electrical panel of the apartment and look at the position of the lever in the difavtomat. If necessary, transfer it from the “Off.”(OFF) to the” VCL.”(ON). After turning on the difavtomat, we repeat the attempt to activate the outlet, but with the help of another device. For example, a table lamp. If the difavtomat worked again, then the problem is in the outlet. Its serviceability can be checked by an indicator screwdriver: the indicator should glow only when in contact with one hole. When checking by a multimeter on the device, an alternating current. ACV mode and a value of 220 V are set. The scoreboard should appear appropriate indicators. If the indicators of testing devices differ from the standard ones, then, probably, water or wires are burned into the outlet, and it must be replaced. If everything is in order with the outlet, then the reason is in the washing machine.

DIY updating electrical wiring only if you are 100% sure of the qualitative result. Otherwise, it is better to invite a specialist.

Error codes Haier washing machine

Error and malfunction codes help a specialist diagnose problems with a washing or washing-drying machine.

If the device displays the error, read the above tables of the possible solutions of the error code:

Problems with filling and draining water

Breakage associated with the impossibility of filling the tank of the machine with water or vice versa to drain water quite often, you can even say without exaggeration that they are the most common. That is why in the Haier self.diagnosis system so many codes are devoted to malfunctions associated with water, let’s list them:

Repair discounts

Why the Haier washing machine does not turn on

Sometimes household appliances present unpleasant surprises and ceases to turn on. If the Haier machine turned off and does not turn on, most likely it broke. But before calling the wizard, check if the device is connected to the power. If everything is in order, inspect the outlet, fork, cable. There is no damage? Then call the service center.

Washing does not turn on for various reasons, for example:

  • When breaking up the hatch lock, which cannot block the door. Because of this, the washer does not start work.
  • In case of malfunction of the control module or interference filter. You need to replace these components.
  • Due to the breakdown button. If the Start button does not turn on and does not respond to pressing, you need to replace it.
  • Due to damage to contacts within the system. The master will analyze the equipment and precisely establish where the connections were damaged, and then eliminate the malfunction.

As you can see, the lack of inclusion may indicate a number of different problems that cannot be eliminated independently. Better immediately contact professionals. Haier washing vehicles of the washing machines know how to restore the performance of the equipment, regardless of the nature of the breakdown. At the same time, unskilled repairs can cause even more serious malfunctions and disable the washer finally.

Why is the Haier washing machine start

Household appliances, unfortunately, sometimes present unpleasant surprises. Yesterday, the washing room worked properly, and today the washing mode is not launched. If such a situation has occurred, you do not need to despair. Qualified specialists of the service center will quickly identify the causes of problems and eliminate them. But before calling the master, look at whether the machine is connected to the power supply, is there a current in the outlet, whether the cord and the fork are in order. If all the listed elements are in working condition, then the problem lies inside the system.

The Haier washing machine does not start due to a number of factors:

  • Когда отсутствует блокировка дверцы люка и программа стирки не включается, скорее всего, сломалось УБЛ. It will require its replacement.
  • If the indicators do not glow, there is no inclusion, the control module has come out or the filter of interference has broken.
  • Когда все индикаторы мигают одновременно, а барабан не запускается, скорее всего, повредились контакты внутри машинки.

Washing faults are unlikely to be eliminated independently. We need special knowledge and skills that an ordinary user does not have. If you try to repair the equipment yourself, you can finally disable it, and this will lead to a more expensive repair or even buying a new unit. Therefore, save time and money, refer to professionals.

What do we offer

Haier washing machine does not want to start? Call the REWASher service center and call the master. The specialist arrives in the near future after applying for an application, conducts free diagnostics, eliminates a malfunction and prescribes a warranty card for spare parts and work performed. The master will also give recommendations for further operation of the equipment.

To call a specialist of the service center, you can leave an application on our website or call operators on the specified phones. We will restore the performance of the machine in a short time!

Washing machine Haier error codes

Haier, although it is considered developing, the quality of the washing machines manufactured by consumers is highly appreciated by consumers. But in their work, there are still malfunctions, about which the washing machine immediately signals the codes issued on the screen of the panel. If you know the codes of the Haier washing machine errors, you know how to decipher the alphabetic digital values, then you can quickly determine and eliminate many breakdowns on your own.

For the convenience of recognition of errors that the Haier washing machine gives out by codes, they are divided into certain groups.

Errors made when operating the User

It happens that the owner of the washing machine allows erroneous actions. does not fall asleep the powder, overloads the drum with things or lays them out unevenly. For each wrong action, the machine meets a specific code:

  • No Solet. Error means that there is no washing powder in the tray, or the canal of the powder receiver is clogged. Sometimes the machine gives out such a reaction to a low.quality washing tool,
  • UNB. using such an error code, the Haier washing machine reports that an imbalance has formed in the drum,
  • ERR1. The code appears if the washing machine is not able to activate the washing due to a poorly closed loading hatch. In addition, such an error may appear if the lock device breaks down.

Problems with water fence and its drain

Breakdown of this nature is quite common, and they are considered the most common. For this reason, a large number of codes that are listed below are allocated in the system of self.diagnosis of a Haier machine of Haier

  • ERR2. using such an error code, the Haier machine reports that the water, according to the time specified by the program, does not merge. Perhaps in the pump or drain hose, blockages formed, the latter could just twist,
  • Err5. means that water is not pumped into the car of the car. This may be due to insufficient pressure in the tap network, a closed tap, a suction filter block, a valve power violation, which is responsible for the inlet, failure of the pump or press startup,
  • ERR8. This code in the Haier washing machine helps to find out that there was more water in the tank. What is necessary. In most situations, this happens if a press starts out of the system. A signal is very rarely made by such an error that the seven.landing on the management board is broken, which controls the sensor that controls the fluid level,
  • ERR9. This code should be decrypted, like the previous. The only difference is that it is a signal of errors that arise for other reasons. it blocks the intake valve, the sevenistor responsible for its control is out of order,
  • ERR10. means a breakdown of the hydraulic system, but at the same time, the inlet valve continues to function normally, and most often the press.steam.

Difficulties arising with heating water

It was the turn to tell about errors associated with maintaining the temperature regime of water in the washing device from Haier. We list codes of these problems error:

washing, machine, haer, does, turn, reason
  • ERR3. literally deciphered as follows: Ten cannot heat the liquid to a given temperature program. In addition, the code can indicate that the heating element completely fails. The main causes of the problem are a violation of the temperature sensor or its breakdown,
  • ERR4. the code is deciphered in the same way as the previous one, but the cause of the breakdown is a burned out heating element, or violations in the electrical wiring.

Errors meaning problems with electronics and electrician

Small Haier is known for a large number of wires and sensors that support the functionality of the machine. And the module is controlled by such a complex system, ensuring performance. When something breaks, the system gives one of the preventive codes:

  • ERR6. this is how the module failure is confirmed. Probably, damage appeared on one of its paths, or a semiconductor element failed, the contacts from the track to this element were disturbed,
  • Err7. this code is rarely displayed. With its help, the car reports that several modular details were burned out at the same time, and the malfunction is considered a critical. As a rule, this happens with a short circuit, and the refusal is considered really serious,
  • Euar is another serious problem associated with the management module. Rarely, but such a code appears if a whole bunch of wiring is burned out.

If there are problems related to the operation of an electric engine on the Haier machine, then ERR 13 error code will appear on the screen. This means that the motor has burned out, or there is no voltage in the winding. How to eliminate such a malfunction? It is necessary to check the brushes and winding, perform a replacement, if there is such a need.

The work of the test mode

Sometimes the Hayer washing machine does not immediately sign up about the problem that has appeared, but the user himself understands that problems exist. In this case, you can use the test mode, which is launched as follows:

  • The “Start Delay” and “Without Plum” buttons are pressed simultaneously and hold for some time,
  • It is necessary to make sure that the loading hatch is closed,
  • door lock is activated after ten seconds,
  • Testing is running.

By numbers that appear on the screen, you can determine which element is checked:

  • 77:77. The electromagnetic valve is diagnosed,
  • 66:66. The electric motor is checked,
  • 55:55. Pressostat is tested,
  • 44:44. there is a check of the motor at the time of its operation,
  • 33:33. Virgins is checked for performance,
  • 22:22. The drain pump is tested,
  • End. testing completed.

If the signal on the screen is displayed for no obvious reason, the discharge should be carried out. But when he resumes, he should no longer ignore him.


Yes, the Master for the repair of the washing machine, leaves for you absolutely free, determines why the Haier washing machine does not turn on, then it performs a qualified repair. You pay only for the parts used and the work of the master.

We strictly adhere to the rule that after receiving an application for repair of household appliances, engineers must come on the day of appeal. The exception is only orders that come already in the evening, and the masters simply do not physically have time to come on the same day, in which case we agree on a convenient time the next day.

Yes, we work strictly under an agreement that indicates all repair services and components of the repair equipment.

Leave the phone number and we will call you back

The masters of our service center will qualify for why the Haier washing machine is not included, since they are trained in certified centers and receive a full package of confirming documents.

Common breakdowns of washing machines Haier

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Departure of the master and diagnostics for free

The exact cost of the repair, the engineer will determine after establishing the reason why the Haier washing machine is not launched. Departure of the master and diagnostics free in the case of repair.


Yes, the Master for the repair of the washing machine, leaves for you absolutely free, determines why the Haier washing machine does not start, then it performs a qualified repair. You pay only for the parts used and the work of the master.

We strictly adhere to the rule that after receiving an application for repair of household appliances, engineers must come on the day of appeal. The exception is only orders that come already in the evening, and the masters simply do not physically have time to come on the same day, in which case we agree on a convenient time the next day.

Yes, we work strictly under an agreement that indicates all repair services and components of the repair equipment.

Leave the phone number and we will call you back

The masters of our service center will qualifyly determine why the Haier washing machine does not start, since they are trained in certified centers and receive a full package of confirming documents.

Reasons why the Haier washing machine does not push water

If at the end of the washing cycle you pulled out very wet things from the drum, do not rush to be upset, because the improper use of the washer could lead to a similar situation. Frequent errors made by their owners:

3 Things To Check when your Dryer won’t turn on or start. REPAIR

  • Cracation of the drum. Do not load more things into the apparatus than written in the instructions. Due to the excess of the recommended norms, most models can block the spin function with a special sensor;
  • Incorrectly selected program. If you launch the wash in a “delicate mode” or in manual washing mode, the linen will not squeeze, because the program is not provided for to implement a similar task;

Haier Automatic Washing Machine E3 Error E2 Error FIXED Washing Machine Not Spinning Error Fixed

  • Zasor plum. When clogging the drain hose or impeller of the pump, the seas will not work for the reason that the water will not be removed to the sewer. To restore this function, it is necessary to clean all existing blockages inside the electrical appliance. Even such a task should be entrusted to the specialists of our company, because unskilled actions often lead to great troubles;
  • When choosing a speed speed, the “without spin” mode is set;
  • A small amount of things in the drum. In the event that there is little clothing in the device, an imbalance can occur, leading to the freezing of the pressing cycle, and in some cases, and washing.

Compliance with these recommendations, in some case, can prevent a visit to a repair workshop.

Reasons why the Haier washing machine does not push the laundry

We often encounter a situation where the machine hangs during washing or immediately after the start of the squeezing. There are many reasons for this:

  • Damage or malfunctioning the balance sensor. This electronic component is put in many modern models of the Haier washing machines. In the event of a malfunction, the necessary signal ceases to enter the control board. As a result, the electrical appliance will not be able to squeeze things in order to avoid excessive vibration of the washing drum and the entire device;

Top-Load Washer Won’t Start — Washing Machine Troubleshooting

  • District of shock absorbers. With prolonged use of the device, the installed shock absorbers can begin to poorly perform the functions assigned to them. Better take care of their timely replacement, because otherwise, the current problem will lead to a breakdown of other components;
  • Damage to the tacockman. This element is needed to determine the speed of rotation of the drum. In case of malfunction, it cannot fulfill its function, therefore it stops the process of washing/squeezing;
washing, machine, haer, does, turn, reason
  • A malfunction of the press start. If the water level sensor breaks, the latter cannot “leave” the tank. The washer does not recognize that there is a liquid inside and depends between the stages of rinsing and squeezing.

There are cases in which the circulation of the electrical appliance occurs due to improper operation of the control scarf control. By the way, her breakdown leads to various troubles, demanding professional intervention.

Washing machine not turning on. Control Panel Troubleshooting!

Damage to the pump

The Haer washing machine will not be able to squeeze the water even for the reason that the draining pump will stop working. During operation, the pump experiences heavy loads that lead to its wear. In addition to a malfunction, the drain pump may turn out to be clogged with threads, hair and other garbage, because it is through it that dirty water passes. Sometimes you can determine the lack of spin due to improper operation of the drain pump by sound-it can become too loud or suspiciously quiet. The lack of fluid drainage also indicates. Before drawing conclusions about the complexity of the breakdown, it is necessary to check the absence of clogs in the hose and filter. Not often, but there is a situation where the pump’s impeller breaks. It turns out that the pump is functioning, but does not have the opportunity to pump out water from the washing machine. In any case, we insist on the intervention of our employees, because they have extensive experience in repairing such devices.

Engine malfunction

Most of modern Haier washing models are equipped with direct drive engines. Inverter electric motors have a long service life, but even this does not save them from breakdown. Poor squeezing of linen is one of the main “symptoms” of the malfunction of the motor. You can only verify this in conducting specialized testing, which will be made by our experts. The inverter motor does not have brushes and belts, so it is considered the most durable as possible. Its rotor is attached immediately to the drum shaft, and not the stator separated about the design, is fixed on the rear wall of the electrical appliance. To carry out its repair is a difficult task for an unprepared person, so be sure to contact professionals.

Damage to the control board

Malfunctions in the functioning of the control module are another reason, which is why the outlet may not begin. Any detail from which it consists can fail as a result of voltage jumps in a socket or because of their natural wear. In addition, the oxidation of contacts, partition of spare parts, etc. may occur. D. Sometimes it is possible to eliminate the problems in the operation of the control module by turning off and subsequent turning on the device. It’s a pity, but similar cases are single and without qualified help you just can not do. Do not forget that BU is a very complex electrical system that requires only a highly qualified repair.

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