The washing machine of Kandy knocks out the RCD

What to do if an RCD or difavtomat is triggered when the washing machine is connected

In accordance with the current technical standards, the wiring in the apartment should be three.wire, and the outlet networks should be equipped with differential protection. There is no need to once again tell that all this is far from always achievable. Therefore, the RCDs and differential circuit breakers in apartment distribution shields can still be seen infrequently. mainly for connecting a washing machine, which is usually located in the bathroom.

The fact is that, according to PUE standards, protection against electric receivers in the bathroom is mandatory. And, installing a washing machine in the bathroom, experts often put a separate differential protection device in the shield to connect it.

However, the situation is not at all rare when the RCD or difavtomat, to which the washing machine is connected, begins to constantly work and, which is called “spoil the nerves”.

Let’s try to deal with the possible reasons for the operation of differential protection after connecting the washing machine, as well as to determine the actions and measures with which the situation can be resolved.

The first thought that comes to mind in such a situation is the wrong connection. This primarily concerns the apparatus of differential protection. It is hardly possible to make a mistake when connecting cable cores in a socket: to trigger a differential, it would be necessary to connect a zero working and protective conductor (N and PE) together. For a two.wire line, it is likely to connect the working zero conductor and the body of the washing machine (an attempt to produce stabbing unstable by the rules). All this can cause the triggering of the RCD, but such incidents are rare, and you should not devote much time to their description.

often you have to face incorrect connection. The most typical case is when the phase is “missed” through the device, and the working zero is duplicated or simply taken directly from the general zero tire. The reason is the ignorance of the principle of operation of the RCD, according to which the entire current of the zero working and phase conductors must pass along the internal circuit of the apparatus.

If part of the current passes through the common zero tire, bypassing the apparatus of differential protection, then the RCD will perceive it as a leak and turn off the power. Therefore, by connecting the device of differential protection, it is necessary to strictly monitor the marking of the terminal clamps and follow it. The main requirement is the zero wire N, which goes to the washing machine should connect directly to the device, no additional workers of the “zeros” should be.

The malfunction of the RCD itself should not be excluded. For verification, disconnect all the outgoing wires, supply the voltage to the on the turned on the RCD (or difavtomat) and press the “Test” button. The device should disconnect only when you press the button and nothing else. If the differential protection apparatus is faulty, it is easier to replace than to repair it.

In the case when the device was serviceable, we critically evaluate the condition of the washing machine itself. If the washing machine is new, then the suspicions of it are addressed immediately. For the old washing machine, everything is possible: damage to the internal wiring, wear of insulation of the windings of the electric engine, damage to the housings of internal devices and devices.

To check the presence of internal current leaks in the washing machine itself, you can use the multimeter. Check the resistance between each plug plug and a machine body at a 20 kiloom limit. To trigger differential protection with a face value of 30 milliamps, the resistance should be 7.3 kilos or less. If the resistance exceeds this figure, then the matter is not in the washing machine.

The exception, of course, is those cases when the operation of differential protection occurs, for example, at the time of turning on the electric motor, opening the intake valve, and turning on the drain pump. At the same time, measuring the insulation resistance of a machine that is not included in the network is pointless. But this is not necessary: ​​there is no longer any doubt, and the circle of searching for faults taps to the element of the washing machine, when the problem is turned on.

It is better to present a faulty washing machine to specialists, since looking for a leakage on your own is an almost unpromising business.

If the washing machine is in good condition, then only one version remains: the electrical wiring malfunction. over, a completely new wiring may turn out to be faulty. Self.tapping screws pierced into the working zero core, hidden under the sheathing, moisture that penetrated the branch box, damaged by a knife during cleaning and tightly laid wires in the shield and the same boxes. these are the malfunctions that may occur regardless of the age of the insulation.

Search and eliminate such malfunctions is difficult enough. If we are talking about open wiring, then it must be revised throughout. It is also advisable to open the branch boxes and check whether the zero working conductor is closed to extraneous livestocks.

For hidden wiring, all this is even more complicated. It is practically possible to find only damage associated with a complete cliff of one of the cable cores. The closure of the working “zero” on nails, screws and other fasteners in the wall can only be found by many and long trials and errors.

If you do not see such a clear prospect of such work, then it will be easier to replace the cable fishing line for the trimmer. over, the operation of differential protection can be associated not only with damage to the cable, but also with the elementary aging of its isolation. This is relevant for the old aluminum wiring. For the wiring of the new, it is not excluded that the cable used during installation was counterfeit, and its isolation allows leaks without even having time to worry.

The main problems of the washing machines

We will analyze the main problems that are characteristic of machines of this brand. We also find out how to repair Candy washing machines with your own hands.

No drain of water in the typewriter

You noticed that the washing machine does not drain water. The program can stop right in the middle of washing. Due to the fact that the water does not go completely, you get wet things after spinning.

  • The drain system clogged. When garbage enters the drain filter or hose, blockage forms. It is necessary to check the pump and the pipe from the tank to the pump.
  • Drown of the drain pump (pump). Often small objects, falling into the pump, cause its breakdown.

The car does not turn on

Why is Candy washing machine does not work? You habitually start the washing machine, but it does not respond to your actions. We will figure out the reasons for this problem:

  • Network cable or extension cable. He could burn out, twist.
  • Lack of voltage on the network, or it is not enough to launch cam. This may happen if repair work is carried out on your site, a powerful tool is involved and so on.
  • Contacts were oxidized at the start button, so the machine does not respond to turning on.
  • Failure to control the Candalum washing machine. The module is responsible for all programs in SMA, so when it breaks down, the technique refuses to work.

Loss of tightness

If you notice a puddle of water under a washing machine, you need to urgently look for a leakage place.

Attention! Do not step into the water, you may hit the current. If possible, turn off the cm from the network or turn off the supply of electricity on the distribution shield.

No heating

The washing machine does not start the washing process or erases things in cold water. The reason for this is the malfunction of the heating element (Ten). Basically, the element fails due to scale or damaged contacts.

Wear of mobile elements

The anching of bearings, oil seals, and the engine of the engine leads to various malfunctions in the washing machine of Kandy. For example, you may notice a knock and roar when working washing, stopping the drum rotation.

Problems of electronics

This includes problems with the closure of the hatch door, a violation of the wiring between the details and the control module, the fault of the control of the Candy washing machine.

How to figure out what kind of breakdown happened to your car? Error codes will help you.

Thanks to the self.diagnosis system, a fault code is displayed on the washing machine. After its decryption, the user understands which part needs to be checked. So it becomes possible independent repair of Candy washing machines.

Codes of faults of the car of Kandy, their value

Depending on the type of model, cm can show a mistake in different ways:

washing, machine, kandy, knocks
  • Activa type models with electronic control display an error on the display.
  • Models Candy Aquamatic (Kandy Aquamatic), signal the malfunction of the lower light bulb on the left. The number of flashes through a pause and means error code.

For washing machines Candy Holid, Aquamatic, Activa and other models are characterized by such errors: E01, E02, E03, E04, E05, E09.

The name of the error code Meaning, decoding
E01 Luke door closed loosely. Non.landing of the locking device (UBB) or mechanical latch.
E02 Water error. The tank is filled in excess of the norm, or water is not enough for washing. Problems with the fence valve, press start, control module are likely.
E03 No normal drain of water. The time allotted to the drain came out. The problem in the blockage of the drain system or pump.
E04 Water intake error. The tank is filled above the laid level. A breakdown of a flood valve or press startup is possible.
E05 Water does not heat up. Malfunction of the heating element, electronic controller, thermal attewer.
E07 (08, 09) Problems with the engine or its elements: a tacracker, the simistor, the control module.

Damage to a supply cord or plug fork

Damage to the cord or fork leads to a rupture of the power circuit and the line overload. A short circuit caused by this problem can lead to operation of automation and damage to technology, if the latter does not have protection against short circuits.

The integrity of the cord can be checked by “calling” it with a multimeter. To do this, you need to turn off the machine from the network and attach the probes to the extreme points of the cord. in front of the fork and before entering the washing machine. If the device gives a sound signal, the cord is in order. You can also check the fork, alternately “nicknamed” contacts.

The replacement of a faulty cord can be done independently.

IMPORTANT! Before replacing the supply cord, the equipment must be turned off, drain the water from the machine. You can not tilt the technique.

Short circuit of heating heating

Low quality of water and household chemicals negatively affect the heating heater. Scale is formed, heat transfer is disturbed, the heating element overheats and fails. This overload leads to the operation of automation.

You can check the heater by a multimeter by setting the maximum resistance value of 200 Ohms. Place the probe of the multimeter so that the test part is on the line between them. Normally, the resistance should matter in the range from 20 to 50 Ohms.

To exclude the closure of the heater on the machine case, you need to alternately measure outputs and grounding bolts. If the multimeter is ringing, then there is a current leak that leads to the operation of the RCD.

Damage to the outlet

If the operation of the protection occurs when other electrical appliances are turned on, then it is necessary to check the outlet. Due to poor contact and overheating in the device, isolation may melt and a short circuit between zero contact “N” and grounding “can occur.

In this case, when the electrical appliance is turned on, connected to the outlet, the leakage current begins to go through the grounding contact, which leads to the disconnection of the RCD. In the absence of a load, the current in the wires is absent and the response does not occur.

The reason for the disconnection of protection when supplying voltage may be damp in the mounting box, the closure between the wires or contacts of the outlet itself. For verification, you need:

  • one. turn off the RCD and the circuit breaker;
  • 2. take out the outlet out of the box;
  • 3. disconnect the wire from it and dilute them to the sides;
  • four. Turn on the machine and RCD.

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If the operation of the RCD continues, then the reason should be sought in the wiring, transitional boxes or protection devices.

False operation of the RCD

In addition to malfunctions in wiring, erroneous shutdowns associated with a malfunction of the protective device are possible. On the front panel of the device there is a “test” button, by pressing the operation of the RCD in emergency situations, but the possibility of false shutdown in this way cannot be checked.

To do this, it is necessary to disconnect the wires extending from the device, and instead attach an extension cord with a socket in which an electric kettle or iron is included. If the protection is turned off when these devices are turned on, then a replacement of the protective device is necessary.

In some circuits of electrical wiring, instead of an RCD, a differential automaton is used. This device combines the functions of the RCD and the usual machine gun and it may not be differential, but the thermal protection may work in it.

washing, machine, kandy, knocks

The reasons for its operation in the failure of this element or poor contact on the connection of wires to the protective device. For verification, you can temporarily replace the difavtomat with an ordinary RCD.

Damage to the supply cord, plug fork

Diagnostics always begins with the electric wire and fork. During operation, the cord is subject to mechanical effects: stretches, overlaps, is squeezed out. As a result of the damage, the plug and electro.stop is poorly contacted.

The damage wire is checked by a multimeter. Replacing the power cord is as follows:

  • It is necessary to de.energize the washing machine, close the entrance valve;
  • Using the hose, ensure water drain (turning the washer is strictly prohibited);
  • Remove the screws located around the perimeter, remove the panel;
  • Remove the network filter from the case by twisting the screw;
  • press the latches, remove the plastic lock, squeezing it out;
  • The electrical wire is removed inside and sideways, thereby getting access to the filter and de.energize it;
  • carefully pull the network cord out of the car;

In order to install a new cord, you need to perform these actions in the reverse order.

washing, machine, kandy, knocks

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Short circuit of heating heating

Due to low-quality water and chemicals, the heater is “eaten”, various impurities and scale are layered. Heat transfer deteriorates, the heating element overheats and there is a short circuit. As a result, the counter and traffic jams are knocked out.

To check the heater, the power cord is disconnected and the resistance is measured using the multimeter, setting the limit indicator at the 200th mark. Normally, the resistance should vary from 20 to 50 Ohms.

Sometimes the heater “closes” on the case. To exclude this reason, exits and grounding bolts for resistance alternately measure. Even a small indicator of the multimeter indicates a closure, and this is the reason for the disconnection of the RCD.

  • Remove the rear panel if the device is located behind. If the heater is in front, the control panel is first removed, then the front cover is removed;
  • to unscrew the nuts of the grounding bolt at about 6 revolutions, drown the bolt inside;
  • Using the screwdriver, lift the heating element and gently extract;

In the process of replacing the heating element, you can not clamp the nut tightly, since you can squeeze the heater from the tank.

Ten or engine to blame

If the check of previous details has no effect, then there is a chance that the water heating is violated in your washing machine. Ten is the reason for the breakdown of each third washing machine due to too hard water. The plaque remaining on the heater ceases to pass heat over time, which is why Ten begins to burn out.

Often the heater fails due to breakdowal breakdown. If the pump is working all the time without disconnecting, then cold water will constantly enter the system, which the heater will try to heat.

To check the heating element, conduct such manipulations:

  • Arm yourself by setting the selector wheel on the indicator 200.
  • Open the front or rear panel (depends on the brand and model of the machine: in “Bosch” and “Siemens”. the front, in other common brands. the rear). To remove the lid, just unscrew a few mounts.
  • Below under the drum you will find the heater shank and its 2 contacts.
  • Put the tester probes to the contacts and look at the display.
  • If the indicator is 30 Ohms (/- 15 Ohms), then everything is in order with the heater.
  • If the indicator is higher or lower, then the heating element needs to be replaced.
  • To get the heater, you need to unscrew the central nut, push the bolt inward and pull the part on yourself.

Attention! To replace, buy only original analogues of details suitable for your brand and model. If you buy a fake heater or inappropriate power, then it will either not work or quickly break.

Another wash of dark laundry in a special mode of the washing machine Lg

The engine is another more rare, but possible reason for knocking out a machine gun. We do not recommend checking or repairing the motor on our own. But if you are confident in your abilities, then use the advice from the page “How to check the engine of the washing machine”.

We advise you not to let the problem on a chance, but to try to find out the reason for the failure on your own or turn to the master. Instructions from our article will help you.

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The washing machine knocks out traffic jams

An unexpected failure in the operation of the washing machine and the shutdown of light in the entire apartment is most often connected with the broken traffic jams. The washing machine knocks out traffic jams due to internal malfunctions or due to a number of other reasons. The reasons beyond the control of the machine include:

  • Newly purchased household appliances were launched. If you have a problem with knocking out plugs, it is worthwhile to suspect the malfunctions in the wiring or in improperly selected equipment to protect the mains.
  • At the same time, several electrical appliances work in the apartment. The turned on the electric stove and the erasing machine can simultaneously trigger traffic jams due to too much load on the electric network.
  • The cord in the device is damaged, the malfunction is visible with the naked look. If a fork or cord is “short”, it is advisable to refuse the use of equipment before fixing the problem.

If traffic jams are knocked out for other reasons, the problem lies precisely in the breakdown of the machine. It is advisable to immediately disconnect the device from the electric network, the further use of a faulty unit is dangerous for people living in the apartment and for the electric network of the whole house.

Common reasons for knocking out a machine gun

The washing machine knocks out the machine gun due to internal breakdowns, the problem can also be associated with the accumulation of condensate on the internal details. In the case of condensate, it is enough to leave the device for 1-2 days at rest. The problem with condensate occurs extremely rarely, most often the knocked out machine gun is triggered by breakdowns in the following nodes:

  • Ten. The part in the typewriter is constantly under load, experiences a negative effect on the part of water, detergents, microparticles of the washed things, as a result, with frequent use of household appliances, the detail fails. Solving the problem. replacing a faulty spare part.
  • Managing fee. Contacts on the board are oxidized due to constant contact with the humid environment. The malfunction is eliminated either with the help of repairs or by completely replacing the module, it all depends on the degree of damage.
  • Engine. It fails due to natural wear or as a result of water leaks, causes a closure. The engine is not subject to repair in such cases, it is necessary to replace.
  • Turning buttons. Most often, the start buttons are pressed on the typewriter, as a result, the contacts wear out and cause a short circuit in the mains.

If the washing machine knocks out the RCD, it should by no means continue to use it. When closed, the current passes to the case, as a result, you can get a fatal lesion of the current. Also, breakdowns can provoke a fire.

If you have sufficient qualifications to eliminate problems, purchase spare parts from Samodelkin: there is everything you need. Delive through the PVZ nearby in the house.

Network filter malfunctions

Filters are used to stabilize stress. Over time, electromagnetic fluctuations worsen their work.

You can learn about the malfunction of this part by melted contacts. It is not subject to repair.

Melted contacts

What to do if the washing machine knocks out the machine

If the machine is broken and the light turned off, there is a chance to get a shock, which is very dangerous. Even insignificant malfunctions can lead to fire.

Important! You can’t continue the washing. It is better to call a specialist right away so that he establishes the cause of the breakdown and fix everything.

With careful care of the washing machine, such situations rarely occur. Most likely, one of the details is defective. If the device is under warranty, you can try to agree on a free repair or replacement.

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