The washing machine picks water when turned off

Why is the washing machine gaining water in a power out

You decided to arrange another wash, opened the hatch of the washing machine to put dirty things, and found that water was in the typewriter. Even worse, if the water is no longer only in the washing drum, but also in the form of a puddle on the floor. But where did she come from there? After all, all this time the car was disconnected from the network! This is probably a serious breakdown and you will have to call the master? Take your time with conclusions. Let’s analyze this nuisance in detail and ways to eliminate it.

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There are two “paths” of the appearance of water in the drum of the turned off the washing machine:

  • From the sewer. In this case, muddy water with a characteristic smell accumulates in the drum of the washing machine. This often happens if draining water from the machine is connected to the siphon of the sink in the kitchen or in the bathroom. From time to time, the siphon can clog and function incorrectly: during the use of the sink in it, the water level increases, water enters the drain hose, and then into the tank of the washing machine.
  • From the water supply. In this situation, clean water will slowly collect in the tank. The reason for this is a faulty inlet valve for supplying water to the washing machine. He passes water in a “closed” position. Diagnosis of this malfunction is simple. Redraw the shut.Off tap for supplying water to the washing machine. If the liquid has stopped collecting, then we can say with confidence that the point is in the intake valve.

We are looking for the reason

To understand why the turned off the washing machine is gaining water, the user needs to remember that water can come from a water supply or from a sewer. Agree, the second option is more unpleasant than the first. Understand where the water is not difficult to enter the drum. When pouring water from the sewer, a characteristic, disgusting smell appears.

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When water gets from the water supply, it is not necessary to hope for the operation of the waterquar system. The sensor is placed in the pallet of the device, and the water will flow to the floor. In any case, it is necessary to identify the cause, and eliminate it. Experts claim that the washing machine is gaining water in a turned off state due to such reasons:

  • Damage to the water supply valve.
  • Absence or breakdown of the siphon valve.
  • Clogging of the drain system, due to which water does not merge into the sewer, but gets back into the drum.

How to avoid an unauthorized set of water

The main way to get rid of this situation is not to provoke its appearance, which can only be achieved by competent installation of the tract of filling and draining. The rules are simple.

  • Be sure to put a separate crane for a washing machine. So your device will always be under control. One movement and flood will not happen.
  • In any case, place the loop of the drain hose at the level of the sink, in extreme cases. The bathroom.
washing, machine, water, turned

If the flow from the water supply is insignificant. The water is typed to the lower edge of the loading hatch in more than a day. Two, be sure to block the supply tap during the downtime. So you can delay the moment of repair for an indefinite period.

What to do if the turned off the washing machine is collecting water itself?

After the cause of water entering the system of washing machine was clear, it is necessary to identify ways to eliminate it.

  • If the washing machine itself collects water from the sewage system, then you should clean the blockage in the drain channel, or organize the connection of the washing machine to properly. To solve this issue qualitatively, we recommend that you seek help from professionals.
  • In the case when the water in your washing machine was from the water supply, you must immediately call a specialist, since the intake valve should be replaced, and it is extremely difficult to do it yourself.

Prevention and tips

You can get additional recommendations for connecting a washing machine to the water supply by watching the next video.

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Dripping Washing Machine | Water in the drum when Washing Machine is off | AP3363282 | SBW#41

Problems in the operation of household appliances arise unexpectedly. If the owner is not confident in his own abilities and competence, he can seek help from specialists. In the case when there is a desire to independently understand the reasons for the breakdown and eliminate it, the recommendations of professionals will help.

Water is typed in the washing machine when it is turned off, only if the drain or water valve faults. The drain system needs to be cleaned, and the valve is replaced. And the washing machine will work regularly again.

How to look for a fault?

How to look for the reason that water constantly enters the tank of the washing machine? There is a procedure developed by specialists who allows, following step by step to find the cause of the problem. Consider it:

  • If the machine has just been connected to the sewer, check how it was done. If the sewer pipe is located at the gender. Perhaps the reason is in it.
  • Simultaneously with the above actions, check if there is no water under the machine or near the puddle of water. Perhaps the tank of the washing machine or the flooding hose was leaked.
  • If the reason is not in the “siphon effect” and not in the leaky tank, then you need to check the inlet valve and press start. To get to them, you will have to disassemble the washing machine. About how to do it correctly, read the article about disassembling the washing machine.
  • If the check and replacement of the inlet valve, the press start, as well as their sensors, did not solve the problem and the car is gaining water again, then the reason is in electronics. You need to invite a specialist to test the control unit.

Important! If you act carefully, then you can arouse a multimeter with a multimeter to ring outputs and a fill valve, if the voltage on one of the outputs is either absent or very small. Consider, the problem is found.

Summing up, we note that the washing machine is constantly gaining water. This is a completely faulty household device, which is dangerous to operate further. You can aggravate the problem and then the machine can be attributed to the landfill. Start looking for the cause of the breakdown immediately, and everything with your “home assistant” will be good!

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Precautionary measures

And finally, how to avoid situations when the switched off machine is gaining water. Everything is quite simple, you need:

  • After washing, close the water supply valve, if it is not, then be sure to install.
  • Connect the anti.Symphone valve that prevents the resulting water, back into the machine.
  • Use a system of protection against leaks that install on the floor. As we noted, the system of protecting the washing machine in such a situation will not save.

We hope that information in this article will help you prevent the flood, find the reason why water appears in the drum and quickly eliminate it. Good luck!

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