The washing machine runs through the door

What to do if the LG washing machine began to flow

One of the most common breakdowns of any washing machine is its leakage. It is necessary to solve the problem immediately, regardless of the fact that the leak is barely noticeable or is threatening, threatening the flood. The elimination of water leaks from under the LG washing machine can be entrusted to the master from the LG service center, or you can try to solve the problem yourself.

If you decide to eliminate the problem yourself, then you need to quickly and accurately follow the instructions below:

  • IMPORTANT. First of all, you need to turn off the LG washing machine from the power source. But at the same time do not step into a puddle of water, if there is one. If you reach the fork with a socket, turn off the desired switch in the distribution shield.
  • Next, you should block the water supply to the washing machine, closing the corresponding valve.
  • After that, it is necessary to collect all the water from the floor.
  • Next, drain the remaining water from the washing machine using the emergency plum hose.
  • And get linen from the drum.

After all the actions performed, it will be necessary to inspect the device from all sides in order to detect the leakage place. For diagnosis, knowledge will help at what stage the washing began to pour out the water. Consider in what place and at what stage the problem with a leak of water could appear, and then we will analyze each case in detail:

  • Water leaks from the left corner at the bottom of the body of the washing machine.
  • There is a leak during water.
  • LG washing machine flows from below.
  • Flows from the tray.
  • The door flows.

So, in the lower part of the washing machine there is a hose of emergency plum, there is also a drain filter. If the leak is noticed in the left corner at the bottom of the case, then the reason may be as follows:

  • Non.Fixed plug on a hose of emergency plum.
  • Loosely installed drain filter.
  • Zasori drain filter of washing machine LG.
  • Blockage or breakdown.
  • Could clog or break off the pipe.

To get started, rinse the drain filter, opening the lower panel and gently unscrewing it. The filter is installed for capturing small foreign objects: villi, wool, and so.So from things. According to the rules of operation, it must be periodically cleaned so that the washing machine worked properly:

  • Put a shallow container near the lid or put rags so that the water does not drip to the floor when you twist the filter.
  • Then unscrew the drain filter, turning it counterclockwise.
  • Clean the filter with a brush and rinse under a stream of water.
  • Insert the drain filter back and close the access lid.

If you recently cleaned the filter, then check if it was installed correctly. The filter should fit tightly. The damaged filter will need to be replaced with a new. After checking the emergency drain hose. You need to make sure that it is tightly closed.

In the case when the water begins to flow when the water is drained into the LG washing machine, each millimeter of the pouring hose and pipes, as well as the junction of the joints, should be checked. It is advisable to entrust the repair to specialists from the LG service center, since the inspection involves a partial analysis of the washing machine. If it is revealed that the nozzles or hose are damaged, they will need to be replaced with new.

washing, machine, runs, door

If the washing machine leaks from below, then this is an occasion to contact the LG service center, as diagnostics involves analyzing the unit. Among the possible reasons may be:

  • Worn nozzles and hoses that supply or drain water. For example, a pipe coming from a tank to a pompo. You can diagnose the problem by tilting the machine and looking from the bottom inside the body.
  • Damaged tank. The tank can be damaged if you often wash your shoes. Or when it gets when washing sharp objects: nails, buttons, crosses and so on. In this case, you will need to replace the tank completely, and the repair can be carried out only in the service center, since special tools and enough space will be required to analyze the washing machine.
  • Destroyed bearings can lead to water leakage while squeezing things.
  • Clogged or damaged pump.
  • Wear of the gaskets.
  • Violation of tightness in the area of ​​heating element.

In addition to these reasons, there may be those that are associated with the previous repair of the washing machine. For example, when I begin to pass water in the place of adhesion elements.

If you notice a leak from the tray, then it is necessary to check the pressure of the water. If the pressure in the water supply is high, this can lead to leaks. If everything is in order with water pressure, then check the plastic tray in which the washing powder is poured for damage, and that nothing interferes with the passage of water. Over time, plastic may crack and begin to pass water, in which case it will need to be replaced with a new.

And the last possible reason for the problem: leak from the door of the washing machine. First of all, check that no extraneous item came between the elastic band and the door of the LG washing machine. Water may start to pour out if the elastic band does not fit. If there are no extraneous items, we can assume that the cuff broke or cracks appeared on it, which also contributes to the leak. In this case, it is better to replace the cuff, and not try to close with waterproof glue or try to put a patch.

If you can’t determine exactly where to flow, or are not sure that you can independently replace the failed parts, then you should call the master from the LG service center.

The main types of breakdowns and their repair

Visual inspection of the case will not help. First of all, they study hoses connected to the unit, and then its internal mechanisms. For the latter, you need to push the washing machine to facilitate access, tilt it, completely remove the rear or side wall. Ways to access the mechanical contents of the machine depend on the design of the model.


It often happens that the leak is associated with incorrectly connected or damaged by the hoses of the bulk/drain system. They simply disconnect enough.

It is worth considering a very common case when the drain hose is not initially connected to the outlet sewage. If the unit stands in an uncomfortable place or far from the node, it is unreliably attached to the side of the sink, bathroom or even toilet. This happens when the owners are engaged in the installation with their own hands, and do not turn to specialists.

With this connection, the leak becomes perhaps a regular problem due to a simple human factor-forgetfulness. Accepting the bath or using other plumbing amenities, the hose is removed, and then they do not fix it back. As a result, the nearest washing will turn into a flood.

If the drain hose is just unconnected to the sewage, you need to pay attention to its position. Such operation is a violation, but not so critical that it cares for someone very much.

When checking, the drain or bulk hoses connected correctly should be carefully examined and felt. The corrugation is easily deformed and can crack on the bend. It is she who becomes the most common cause of leak.

It is not difficult to eliminate this problem.The tubes are easy to replace by purchasing an exact copy. Better to purchase original ones that will last longer, and not fragile fakes. The problem with the drain hose is manifested by the presence of constant leakage during water drainage during washing or in spin mode.

Drill filter

If the washing machine flows exactly from below, in the area of ​​the drain filter, most likely it is simply poorly twisted. This happens if it was cleaned or removed excess water, and then did not.

You need to remove the filter, and then close it tightly to the end. This should be done without applying strength, otherwise there is a risk of breaking the thread, and for its repair it will definitely need to call a specialist.

There is still a chance that the filter is clogged due to the fact that regular preventive cleaning is not carried out. In this case, it needs to be taken out, eliminated the entire SR, wash and insert it back.

The compartment for the powder

When the machine starts to work, at the beginning of the washing cycle or in rinsing mode, water enters the bunker for detergents. If the cuvette is clogged, the soap solution will flow outward, and not to the laundry, thereby creating a small puddle on the floor.

You need to take care of the dispenser and periodically clean it to avoid blockage. In case of obstruction of the flow of fluid flow, the cuvette is removed completely and carefully cleaned. In addition to washing powder, it remains on it from hard water, and sometimes mold.


A failed intake valve pipe can also cause leak. To get it, you will have to dismantle the upper part of the body and replace the broken part. If the problem is a pipe for a set of water, it can not be replaced completely.

It is enough to disconnect it, treat the gap place with sealant and glue it with rubber base glue again. You can launch test washing after all the applied substances are completely dry.

Paints can fail because on such details manufacturers of inexpensive models of household appliances usually save. As a rule, they begin to leak after 1-2 years of intensive operation of the unit.

Rubber cuff

The reason that the washing machine flows from below may be the lean loading of the laundry of linen. When a crack or puncture is in front, water flows through the door. If the inner part is worn out, then from under the bottom.

This element is damaged mainly due to improper operation of the washer:

You can’t do without a complete replacement of the part. You need to dismantle the door and get a rubber seal. The damage site can be sealed with a patch if it is small. But even in this case, the repaired part will not last a long time. It is better to buy and install a new one.

Drain pump

If he became unusable due to age or due to mechanical damage, then the place of leak. If necessary, you can check for integrity, unscrewing it completely. It will not work to fix it, you need to change it to a new.

This is interesting: in commercials of auxiliary tools for the care of the washing machine, they often show that due to the broken heating heating, the unit breaks and immediately gives a leak. In fact, so that this really happens, he must explode, which happens very rarely and is accompanied by a strong noise. The only sign of a burned.Out.Eraser is washing cold water at a high temperature set.

Being perhaps the most durable element, the tank should not flow in any way. Practice shows the opposite. The cause of its malfunction may be extraneous acute objects that provoked crack.

Lovers to wash shoes, belts, outerwear and bras with bones without placing the product in a special bag, will be faced with such a breakdown. The same applies to those who forget to check the s before the clothes in the drum.

The problem is very global, and the only option to solve it without a complete replacement of technology is a call to a specialist who dismantles the old tank and installs a new.

Deformation of the oil seal

If the leak appears when squeezing clothes, you should examine the seal for the presence of a malfunction. A large amount of water in the tank with severe vibration of the unit forces the excess fluid to pour out. If necessary, you will have to replace it with a new. At the same time with this procedure, it is recommended to immediately update the bearings.

To any malfunction of the washing machine, especially in the process of its operation, you need to react immediately, so as not to increase the scale of the distress with flooding and the final failure of the unit. Most problems with it are solved by replacing parts at home. If there is a leak, and its source could not be found independently, you can always contact specialists who will definitely find a breakdown and repair as soon as possible.

The clogging of the dispenser

If it was found that water flows from the machine at the very beginning of washing, at the stage of water set, this can be caused by damage to the tray for detergents or hoses located nearby to it.

During the operation of the machine, the tray has the ability to clog with washing powder, not completely washing during washing. Over time, the holes through which water should penetrate the tray, and it does not have time to wash off the powder and get further into the tank. Excess water in this situation and flow out the front wall.

With prolonged use of the washing machine, hard tap water can lay a lime precipitate and clog holes through which water is supplied to the tray. In this case, the stream under pressure is forced to change her direction and pour past the tray.

washing, machine, runs, door

The flow of the inlet valve or too strong pressure in the water supply system also leads to water flow.To eliminate the blockage, it is necessary to extract the dispenser from the hopper and thoroughly rinse the spare parts. A mandatory measure is an inspection of the bunker drain neck for an extraneous object that can interfere with the flow of water.

Replacing the door of the lamp of the washing machine

Damage in one way or another affect the work of technology, which is why now we will list the main signs by which we can recognize it. This is:

  • Constant puddle formation in front of a washing machine.
  • Luke’s leakage.
  • Cracks formed on the glass that pass water.
  • Loose closure of the door, the consequence of which are constant leaks.
  • Unstable position of the handle (it staggers).
  • The inability to close the door to the end.
  • Creak or crack when using a handle.

If you have something similar, then you should urgently start repair.

The most frequent causes of the leaks of washing machines

If your washing machine is LG, Samsung, Indesit or Ariston, and others. When washing, for the first time, I gave a failure of this type, the reasons can be different, for example:

  • A breakdown of the pump, which is responsible for the discharge of the used liquid from the machine;
  • Violation of the integrity of the tank (the formation of holes in it as a result of mechanical damage);
  • The sleeve is damaged for supplying water or a sleeve for the removal of liquid;
  • The rubber seal was deformed, which prevents the sinks from under the door;
  • A broken channel (pipe) in the form of a curved corrugated tube, which connects the drum with a pump;
  • The integrity of the channels is disturbed, through which the liquid passes from the intake sash into the powder receiver;
  • The seal was out of order. This is an element that provides the drum rotation;
  • The powder receiver clogged.

Bulk or drain hose

When you find that the washing machine flows, then the first thing to inspect it visually. Perhaps the cause of the leak in the deformation or breakdown of the sleeves for the fence and the removal of water. In addition, when water is set or drained, sometimes a leak from the joints between the hose and the machine appears.

This is not a serious breakdown, but you can fix it with a simple replacement of the rubber band.

If you saw that the hose itself (for the withdrawal) is torn, then swing it with a special remedy and rubber feeder. All this can be bought at the plumbing store. If there is such an opportunity, then just replace it. It is better to completely change the sleeve for the fence, because the pressure in it is always strong, which is why the load on this element is too high.

Drain pump

When you visually detect that the washing machine flows from below during washing, most likely we are talking about the failure of the drain pump. If, after analyzing the machine, you made sure of this and saw mechanical damage to the pump without even having special knowledge, then this part will most likely have to be replaced completely.


Another reason why water flows from the washing machine may be clogging of the powder receiver. Often channels are clogged for transmitting soapy solution, if a low.Quality (or not designed automatic machine is often intended for the device) is often filled into a washing machine, which over time accumulates in the channels and blocks the supply of liquid directly into the tank.

This can be seen immediately leaks in this case the machine from above, or rather from the compartment of the cleaning products intended for falling asleep.

The dispenser should be removed and regularly cleaned, like the niche in which it is located. Do not allow foreign objects to get into it.

Damage to water pipe

What to do when the liquid runs from the automatic machine, but you have not found problems about which we talked about before? Perhaps the washer itself works properly, but some details in it are in a timely manner due to the fact that they are made of low-quality raw materials. Most often, such an element is a pipe.

The fact is that they are made for the machine for other manufacturers who use low.Grade material to reduce the cost of reduction. Therefore, your high.Quality and reliable washing machine Samsung, LV or Ariston is not 100% insured from fluid leakage through a plastic part.

It can melt from the effects of hot water or quickly worn out, as a result of which the washing machine will flow from below.

Many manufacturers of devices reinsure their consumer and provide a long guarantee for the product. But even if the deadline has expired for a long time, then do not despair. The pipe can be replaced and the machine will continue to work properly.

Doors cuff

Often flows from the door from under the door. The reason for this is the deformation or mechanical damage to the elastic band between the hatch and the drum. This nuisance is simply due to the fact that users forget to remove sharp objects from their s. It can be toothpicks, brooches, pins, and t. P.

These elements damage rubber cuffs and leaks form.

How to eliminate a leak in the LG, Samsung, Bosh and other models in this case:

How to Replace the Door Hinge on a Bosch Washing Machine

It is necessary to make a small repair by seizing a hole with a special sticker for inflatable pools or boats.

You should order a new cuff and install it with your own hands.

The capacity in the middle of your device, which surrounds the drum, is quite dense and reliable.

Sometimes its integrity is disturbed if things with sharp details are often sent to the washing machine.

A good example. An element of women’s underwear, in which there are metal fasteners (bra or corset), can be damaged during washing and the iron part can easily fall into a small hole of the drum and can greatly scratch the tank during rotation. So on it the holes are formed through which water flows. In this case, the device will require serious repair.

Water pump

If the washing machine has flowed and the cause of this is the leak of the pump, it will be advisable to replace it completely.

Stuffing box

As a rule, this part wear out due to intensive movement in the area where it is located. The leak in this case is formed at the final stage of washing after spinning. Inspect the tank from the back of the device.

If you saw that the liquid seeps through the bearings, you will have to repair and install new ones with the oil sector.


As already mentioned, this detail, which complements the tank, is changed together with an omentum. The good news is that the repair of this breakdown will cost you cheaper than replacing a tank.

With spin

Most often, such a problem occurs when either an oil seal or a bearing that is interconnected becomes unusable. These elements are replaced together.

Action in an emergency

For many years now, washing machines (hereinafter referred to as also-see, SMA) free people from routine work on washing underwear. They themselves warm the water to the desired temperature, dose washing powder, determine the time of washing, rinsing and pressing, even dried linen. Leading manufacturers of washing equipment. Bosch, Samsung, Beko, LG, Electrolux and others. Equip their cm with a system of protection against leaks that overlap the flow of water and flooding the premises. But, unfortunately, leaks are still quite common.

If you saw a leak on the floor, in no case do not enter the puddle and do not try to wipe it! It is necessary to immediately de.Energize the unit, pulling out the plug out of the outlet. If the cm remains energized, this will pose a threat to the lives of others.

The second urgent step is to block the flow of water to the typewriter, turning the appropriate crane. After that, you will have to drain all the liquid from the unit using the emergency drain hose. What it is? Emergency pipe. A small hose with a plug, located behind a special door near the drain filter.

If there is no emergency hose into the lubricant, the water is drained through the hole for the filter in the front panel

Next, free the drum from the laundry. Only after all the above actions can you begin to be examined and find out why the washing machine flows.

Causes of washing machines

You can set the most likely cause of the machine with the place and time of the appearance of water. It can flow at the beginning of the washing cycle, when the rinse mode is turned on or at the moment when the technique begins to squeeze the laundry. All these nuances help determine the possible reason, which is why experts try to immediately find out all the signs of a malfunction. You can cope with simple breakdowns on your own, others will require a specialist call.

Fincere fastening of the drain filter

The filter needs to be twisted and twisted again to the end.

Small punctures in the cuff are sealed with rubber patches. If there are several, then it is better to replace the seal.

Wear of the pipes-drainage coming from a dispenser-to a valve or tank.

In case of violation of the integrity and wear of the pipes, they need to replace them with new.

Leakage from the dispenser indicates a blockage or too much pressure in the main water supply system.

The dispenser must be thoroughly washed. The pressure is regulated by a change in the position of the valve located on the feed hose.

Water flowing from the hatch indicates a loose fit of the cuff, which can be due to the formation of punctures, where it adjacent to the hatch in front.

With wear of the cuffs, the holes can be sealed or completely replaced by the seal.

The washing machine flows from below when spinning

The first and often the main reason is poor tightness in the places of fastening of the pipes.

If there are no visible defects, then the assistance of the master will be required, since a full diagnosis requires the analysis of the washing machine.

The malfunction can be caused by a clogged filter, ruptures and punctures in a drain slag, wear of the bearings, and the failure of the drain pump

Yourself you can only check the condition of the filter and the integrity of the hoses.

It will require analysis of the device. Before determining the cause of a malfunction, washing is not carried out, since water can leak into the engine

Often a washing machine flows at the moment when water is typed in it. Typically, this is “to blame” a clogged tray for powder or clogged hoses near it. The dispenser must be thoroughly washed, after which it is necessary to carry out the washing cycle with the tool from the scale.

If you need spare parts for repairs, purchase them from us: a broadest assortment, fast delivery in Russia and a guarantee for everything.

Tank of the Washing Machine

If you decided to eliminate leaks on your own, without resorting to the help of the master, you should act extremely carefully so as not to worsen the situation. If the washing machine is under warranty, it is better to contact the service center, and not try to repair the equipment with your own hands. So, we will analyze what actions to take to repair equipment depending on the location of the leakage. If the leak is opened from below, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Deanate the washer. Ending the network cord from the outlet must be very carefully, making sure that the water does not contact you. Such a precaution will avoid shock. If the machine is turned off from the network without contact with water, it is necessary to turn off the supply of electricity in the room at the electrical panel;
  • Cross the bulk valve;
  • Open the hatch door and remove things from the drum. The water remaining in the tank should be removed from the system using the emergency plum hose. The tube is located from below at the front of the washing machine, under a special panel near the garbage filter;
  • Start eliminating the breakdown. If the hoses are damaged, you can completely replace them or simply process the leakage place with waterproof glue, apply the patch. If the reason lies in the defect of the gasket between the hose and the case of the machine, then you should put a new seal. After the manipulations made, the washing machine is assembled in the reverse order, the test mode of washing is launched.

If it flows from the left angle, then the reason is in the leaked powder receiver. Remove the dispenser, inspect it, clean it, remove the clogs. Then put the dispenser in place, run the wash. It will also be useful to verify the pressure force, it may be necessary to slightly cover the inlet valve to loosen the stream entering the water system.

Flowing in front, from under the hatch, can be triggered by a damaged cuff. You can check the integrity and elasticity of the rubber seal yourself. Open the door and carefully examine the cuff for the presence of cracks, creases. Small damage is permissible to treat with glue with waterproof components or close with special patches. It is better to replace a highly damaged rubber cuff, otherwise the effect of gluing and patching will be short.Lived.

In the case when the machine flows at the stage of water set into the system, the intake valve pipe should be examined. To do this, you will have to remove the top cover of the LG washer body and study the element. When defects are clearly visible on the pipes, or their appearance is very different from the original, you will have to replace the details.

Often out of order, a flood pipe of the tank washing. See if the liquid seeps at the junction. If so, you should disconnect the pipe, clean the mounting site of excess glue, wipe the water and dry the connection area. After put the tube in the same place, having previously processed its base with a waterproof adhesive or epoxy mixture.

Samsung washer stops at RINSE or SPIN. Loose Door Lock!

If the cause of the malfunction is a damaged tank, the LG washing machine will have to be disassembled almost completely. It is very difficult to carry out all actions to one thing, so it is better to attract an assistant for repair. First of all, it is necessary to lay the washer on the side and inspect it from below. Owners of cars with a vertical type of load should inspect the “insides” under the side wall. Having made sure that the reason lies in the tank, you can start repairing. With a strong leak, the element will have to be replaced.

If the automatic machine begins to leak precisely during the spin, the oil seal must have been unusable, the drum bearings have worn out. Enlargled to damaged elements, you can only disassemble the LG washing machine. These works belong to the category of complex ones, therefore, if you are not sure that you can handle it, it is better to resort to the help of the SMO repair master.

According to the study, the most common cause is a malfunction of the drain pump. The problem is not even in the pump itself, which just performs its duties “excellent”, but in the insufficient thoughtfulness of the filtration system. As experts note, the installed filters in budget models simply cannot cope with the amount of pile and hair coming with water to exit from circulation.

Figure 4. An example of hair clogged with hair, pile and other similar garbage filter

The second place is occupied by the formation of holes in the intake valve cuff, as a result of which the water uncontrolled begins to flood into the dispenser, as a result. Overflow.

Further, in the rating of the causes of the occurrence of leaks there is an insufficient sealing level from the sealing cuff door of the device. Unfortunately, this common problem concerns not only cars from LG, but all representatives of the budget sector. In order to extend the service life of sealing rubber bands, you can lubricate them, like seals, with special means.

Secondly, for some reason, Samsung washing machines of Samsung quite often come out of the system that controls the level of fluid dispenser-pressotage. As one of the main indicators of processes flowing in a typewriter, a pressotage in the case of its breakdown can cause a huge number of troubles:

  • A system of excess water water, as a result of which it can result in a bunker and a dispenser outward;
  • The wrong definition of the amount of water in the workspace can cause it not to be removed, and the new bay with a machine loaded to the top is able to squeeze out the “extra” water through the sealing cuff outside.

Finally, the leak can be caused by just a poor.Quality assembly. As practice shows, the quality of execution of the same model is very dependent on a particular plant: for example, the plant in China supplies the best assembly of the devices to the market than the plant in Kaluga, the goods from which began to be delivered to Europe only in 2016.

Attention! Never get in a puddle until you turn off the food! Only after the plug is outside the outlet can you start cleaning.

The next step should be limited to water supply. There are two options: close the crane through which the car is supplied or closed water throughout the house. Next, you need to drain the water that remained in the washing machine. This can be done through the drain filter located at the bottom of the device. Only after that can you start inspection of household appliances.

Eliminate leaks in the LG washing machine

Bought a couple of years ago a LG washing machine at the urgent request of my UKVO. Before that, Ardo had been successfully used for many years and continue to successfully use further, but SKVO said: “I want a new one, t.To. The old no longer struck “. I still can’t understand the feminine logic about how the automatic machine can no longer “break through”, but after the second or third hundred “I want a new one” surrendered. And this miracle of South Korean thought and Russian assembly stood up instead of Ardo, and the old woman Italian moved to Shurin, where she still works successfully. I apologize for many letters, now to the point.”Ski” flowed. Very quickly quickly after the purchase, I dripped, then it began to flow more and more. Putting a rag during washing stopped saving. Googled the problem and it turned out that this disease is chronic for “skiing”. They flow almost all of the tray for powders-gels. Over, there are several places and causes of leaks: 1. The trays themselves flow around the entire perimeter of the upper and lower part of the tray. For understanding. “back” will call the motionless part (or niche) into which the box for powder (or gel) is pushed by. Flows the connection place of the tray and front wall of the machine; 3. Begins to spray and flow into the gap above the drawer, which is inserted into the tray, t.To. After a certain amount of junction of the leadership, the box on its scenes sip plastic influxes, pressing the box upwards upside down; 4. A rubber corrugated tube goes from the tray into the drum, along which, in fact, water with powder is already entering the drum. There is an interesting moment. South Koreans so placed this tube that it with its lower knee rubs on a balancing stone (such a healthy fool designed to extinguish vibrations) and rubs over time to a hole. The stone is like a sandpaper, you can sharpen knives 🙂 I think, they deliberately laid such a flaw, now all manufacturers of equipment are trying to make so that the equipment begins to break immediately after the guarantee.In general, we begin a comprehensive elimination of the problem and the petty refinement of “skis”.One. We push the machine from the wall, unscrews two screws on the back and left on the back wall, which hold the lid. Pour the lid from the front to the side of the wall, it moves from the front clamps-drills located under the lid, remove the lid, remove it to the side.2. We put forward a powder box, on the right and left of the tray we see two screws, turn them away, move the freed tray back and right, the tray is removed from the latch on the left wall and “falls” inside.3. Gently remove the hoses from the tray, weakening with the plots of the clamps. Two hoses supplying water (they are attached to the rear wall of the tray) and a corrugated hose that removes excess air from the drum connected to the right wall of the tray. We take a little tray to the right and on the left we see the thickest corrugated hose of water supply to the drum. So he is rubbed on a stone. This hose is attached to the tray with a rubber loop. Remove the loop from the hook on the tray, remove the tray, remove it to the side. The disassembly process has completed. Uff!4. We examine this thick hose, if we frayed, we order a new one or a “collective farm” from a self.Made one from what is. I turned out to be whole (praise of heaven), but the process clearly went, the trace of the stone is visible.5. My solution. We take a thick dense cellophane and glue a strip under the hose to the stone, t.E. Deprive his pleasure to sharpen the hose. I did not find a thick dense cellophane, so I cut off a strip from a plastic one and a half. I glued it at the moment. On top sprayed the place of touching the hose with silicone grease. I think now the hose will not overlap until the next “no longer lasts, let’s go buy a new” 6. We disassemble the tray itself. It’s simple. The cover is simply clicked on latches. The plastic is not fragile, which is surprising, the latches are all intact.7. We apply silicone sealant around the entire perimeter of contact parts of the tray, collect in a heap.Eight. We also apply a sealant on the edges of the tray, where it is pressed to the front cover of the machine.Nine. We collect everything in the reverse order, remove the cloth of the excess sealant inside the tray. The sealant usually dries for a day, takes the shape within 4 hours, so it is advisable to periodically extend and push the powder box during the first 4 hours so that the guide grooves are not clogged with a dried sealant.

So we coped with almost all the causes of leaks except one. Loose pressing the box to the upper edge of the tray. This is if clutching influencers. On the Internet, the masters are advised to stick the strips of plastic on the erased influxes, you can, but a little hemorno to adjust the thickness of these strips. There is a more interesting solution. The front cover of the box is assembled from two parts. The external beautiful with the LG logo and the internal. In fact, the wall of the box. Between them a very decent gap, in which a powerful magnet is very comfortable in the upper part. And in the upper cover of the machine is also ochering voids on its entire front side, where you can easily glue a metal strip. I torn from the old murdered computer hard drive, very powerful and compact. Recommend.

When the box is pushed into the tray, the magnet pulls it up, there are no gaps.The last reason for the leak is eliminated.For many words, stupid typos and lack of photo, please do not kick much. When I did not think about writing a post with a machine, I almost didn’t take a photo, I thought I was delayed when I had already put the tray in place, I suddenly thought, there were many “happy” owners of a rag of rags, suddenly helped, painted everything as much as possible Details.All good!

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