Things stink after washing in the machine

Laundry smells damp after washing: causes

What to do if the laundry smells damp after washing, because in this case there is no need to repair or clean the machine. Bathrobes and terry towels most often exude an unpleasant smell. Before starting a general wash in the washing machine, perform a pre-wash. Then shorts, T-shirts, sheets, washed with fleece-polyester products, will not absorb the smell of moisture. You should also pay attention to the washing temperature and the choice of cleaning agent.

Make sure the dosage of the detergent is in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and never use dry detergent at low temperatures. Do not put dirty laundry in the drum so that things do not “share” the smell. If you are doing everything right but the smell persists, run an empty washing machine at maximum temperature, adding vinegar or citric acid, or call an appliance service technician.

  • Prepare a weak solution from vinegar and water temperature (2-3 tablespoons of vinegar on 5 liters of water). Put what you need in the solution for 2 hours, rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry. If the recipe does not help, increase the amount of vinegar in the water and repeat the procedure again.
  • Things with a pile should be erased separately, observing the rules of washing the storm fabric so that it does not shine and not lost the color shine. Be sure to use an extra rinse. Then you remove stains from meat, fat and fish without damaging the material and without causing unpleasant odors.
  • We do not use fabric softener to rinse terry cloth. Add some vinegar to the bath. Do not use a program that includes drying.
  • Yellow urine stains are difficult to remove, and odors are even more difficult to remove. Make sure the laundry is pre-washed by soaking it for 2-3 hours in vinegar.

If a bold spot appeared on the terry fabric or a sports shirt, do not expect that it will easily be deleted in the car. Pour in acetone (nail polish remover) or vinegar in advance. Wash by hand after 1.5 hours and then put the laundry in the washing machine. Acetone dissolves grease well, but the fresher the stain, the more noticeable its effect.

If the stain is very old, refined gasoline such as Calosha may help. Pour out the stain and wash it by hand after 20 minutes.

Attention! Gasoline may damage the fabric or color. Do not exceed the specified processing time and evaluate the reaction of the material in a small area in advance!

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Fabric will stink after using gasoline, so make sure you use twice as much air conditioner in your car.

Laundry smells damp after washing: causes of an unpleasant odor

There are many reasons why your laundry smells damp. The main of them is the wrong operation of the washing machine and improper storage of linen, namely:

  • Poor or poor drum ventilation. After each wash, a small amount of liquid remains in the container. When the door is closed, the water becomes moldy, creating a favorable environment for the growth of microorganisms that cause stench. Never close the washing machine door tightly after washing!
  • Wrong washing temperature. Any detergent (loose or liquid) dissolves at high temperature, which ensures durability in bed linen washing or everyday use. However, when washed at 30 ° C, it dissolves only partially, and the residues settle on the walls and hoses, which also causes an unpleasant odor.
  • Excessive use of detergents. As in the previous case, powder particles accumulate, creating an atmosphere conducive to the development of pathogens.
  • Drain hose connected incorrectly. In this case, the whole principle of draining the liquid is violated, because of which the clothes smell of sewage.
  • Storing dirty laundry in the washing drum. The smell of sweat, dirt and moisture contributes to the smell of the dog. It is advisable to use a laundry basket to store laundry.

Attention! If the bad smell is caused by a broken washing machine, do not repair it yourself without special skills! These measures result in device failure or damage.

After identifying the source of the mustiness, remove it and manually clean the seals and other machine components.


If the musty smell or dampness is due to improper use of the machine, cleaning is sufficient to remove debris from the seals and inside the machine. elements:

  • Remove cuff (rubber seal) and treat with copper sulphate diluted 1:1 with water. Minor contaminants are removed by soaking the seal and soaking for 12 hours, and heavy contaminants are removed by soaking (2-10 hours, depending on the complexity of the sediment). Then rinse with clean water and detergent or rinse gel and rinse.
  • If things still smell damp, do a cleansing wash without citric acid (no powder). Pour 100 g of citric acid into the tray and perform the longest rinse at the highest temperature. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times and dry the device.

Attention! Instead of citric acid, you can use “Whiteness” or vinegar. The latter has acidic properties and eliminates scale, bacteria, dirt and reduces water hardness.

If necessary, these ingredients can be conveniently combined (to increase cleaning efficiency). In this case, the method of treatment does not change.

After completing these steps, remove the gasket, pan and thoroughly wash, rinse and dry. If after washing the laundry has ceased to stink, then the goal has been achieved, but if the unpleasant odor continues to appear, contact the service center. The drain pipe may have become disconnected or broken and must be replaced immediately.


To keep your laundry fresh, keep an eye on your washing machine and follow these simple tips:

things, stink, washing, machine
  • Laundry smells damp due to high humidity and mold in the machine, so wipe the drum, cuffs and tray dry with a clean, soft cloth after each wash.
  • Always keep the door ajar.
  • Use powders and liquid detergents in moderation. Do not exceed the doses indicated by the manufacturer and use according to the prescribed temperature. Never use powder detergents for fast washing at low temperatures.
  • Do not try to mask the stench by rinsing, this will help temporarily improve the situation, but will worsen it in the future.
  • Wash 2-3 times a month without rinsing with citric acid, vinegar, bleach and baking soda (reduces water hardness).
  • Do not put dirty laundry in the drum and remove the washed laundry immediately after the program is turned off.

Usually, after washing in the washer-dryer in accordance with these recommendations, the laundry does not stink.

After washing, be sure to dry the machine.

Attention! Experts do not advise placing the device in the bathroom, as this is a harmful humid environment for the device.

The reason for the smell of a single item of clothing

After washing the linen according to all the rules in the washing machine with the addition of numerous products (conditioner, stain remover), after drying, it turns out that a particular thing smells bad.

Why did this happen, because other things are fragrant with a floral scent? The reason is simple in improper drying of loose bulky items: terry sheets, bathrobes, thick bath towels, etc.d.

Things of this structure must be wrung out several times and hung out only in places where fresh air circulates.

Drying in the apartment, and even more so in the bathroom, is contraindicated for terry products.

Where does the rotten and sour smell come from?

Things smell rotten and sour after washing if they have been in water for too long. It can be a long soak in the hand wash process. And also, if too long soaked in at the stage of the washing cycle. This can occur during an unplanned power outage. Also, the smell of dampness can occur if small elements of things remain in the unit. such as threads, small pieces of cloth.

The process of decay occurs, the growth of bacteria accelerates, and things get an unpleasant sour smell. The same effect can be caused by excess insoluble powder, which forms a microbe-friendly silty consistency.

The best way to deal with the unpleasant smell of laundry after washing is the prevention and timely repair of the washing machine. What advice will help not face the future with the problem of omvonia:

  • Strict adherence to the dosage of the detergents used.
  • High-quality drying equipment. Immediately after washing, there is no need to rush to close the drum hermetically. Be sure to wipe dry the elastic after each wash.
  • Clean the drain filter at least once a month. You can easily clean it yourself. It is usually located at the bottom of the washing machine. It is necessary to open the protective door and remove the remaining water through the existing drain hose. After that, you can open the filter itself and remove all unnecessary items from it. To enhance the effect, leave it open for a couple of hours. Before using the washing machine, do not forget to make sure that all parts have been returned to their place.
  • If the reason for the appearance of stench was the improper operation of the machine or technical defects, without delay, you should contact the master.

Compliance with simple prevention rules will not only avoid the problem of bad smell of linen, but will also help to significantly extend the life of household laundry appliances.

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After washing, there was a smell from the clothes

The task of the washing machine is not only to wash dirty linen, but also to refresh it, destroying all odors.

But what to do if at one fine moment, you take out clothes and things from the drum after washing, and they stink as if they were not washed at all? An unpleasant smell is a reason to think about whether you are taking care of the machine correctly, in addition, the smell can be the first “bell” about its breakdown.

Why clothes smell bad after washing in a washing machine and how to deal with it?

Many housewives are perplexed how laundry after washing with the use of conditioners, fragrances and softeners can emit an unpleasant odor. Practice shows that if the entire volume of processed things smells bad, then the problem is in the washing machine. If only a specific product stinks, then you need to deal with it separately. It is not necessary to change or send a damaged device for repair, first you should try to solve the problem yourself. To do this, you will have to establish the source of the smell and carry out a series of simple manipulations.

Dirty things sometimes emit such a stench that the best powder does not help. If the washing machine is overloaded, the detergent water cannot be evenly distributed between the laundry. In close contact with other products, fabrics that stink unpleasantly transfer their smell to them.

The clothes were wet

Washing wet clothes should not be postponed until later. Remember, mold begins to grow wherever there is moisture and darkness. If it was not possible to wash quickly, do not throw wet items into a common pile. Dry them first, and only then put them on dry laundry.

Things will smell bad if soaked for a long time before washing. To avoid this, do not soak laundry for more than a day. If there is an odor, wash such items separately from the rest.

things, stink, washing, machine
  • Add 2 drops of essential oil to a small spray bottle, fill the container with water, shake gently. Spray dirty laundry.
  • Rinse with hot water before washing. Make sure the product can withstand high temperatures first. It is often listed on clothing labels.
  • Put laundry that smells bad in the drum. Pour 1 cup of vinegar into the detergent dispenser. Set the temperature to the maximum allowable for this clothing, turn on the machine. When the cycle is over, add the powder, conditioner and repeat the process.

You didn’t hang out the laundry right away

Things after washing smell musty if they are left in the machine for several hours. When you know in advance that you won’t be able to hang up your laundry right away, drop lavender essential oil on a piece of fabric and place it in the drum before washing. You can pre-spray it on things that smell bad. The oil will prevent stench.

It is better to dry clothes in the open air by hanging them on a clothesline. If it’s raining, put your clothes on hangers, leave them at home. Make sure the items are dry before folding and putting away. Warm, humid, dark environments are great conditions for mold and bacteria to thrive.

Items were not sorted

Do not put clothes that you just bought in a second-hand store in a common pile. After washing, everything will be unpleasant to smell. Stench can occur when clothes are not properly sorted. Linen sometimes smells if T-shirts, sweaters, pants are mixed with towels.

To avoid stench, separate other laundry from stinking items. If you’re worried that the room will smell bad, pack them in an airtight container. Wash stinky things separately, do not overload the machine. If you have a lot of products that smell unpleasant, do several approaches.

Too many things loaded

Do not put more clothes in the washer than specified in the instructions. Things smell damp after washing if the unit is overloaded. When the machine is full, the water and detergent cannot be evenly distributed between the laundry. The drum spins worse, which complicates not only washing, but also rinsing. Things will remain dirty, smelly, with traces of powder.

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Why things stink after washing machine

The cause of the stench emanating from laundry washed in the machine can be:

  • stagnation of water in the tank of the washing machine;
  • clogging of hoses, filters or branch pipes of the unit;
  • improper installation of the machine;
  • contamination in the detergent dispenser;
  • mold or fungal formations in the nodes of the machine;
  • improper use of detergents, their insufficient quality;
  • damage to the heater;
  • constant operation of the unit in conditions of high humidity and in the absence of proper ventilation.

If the clothes smell bad after machine washing, you need to find the exact cause and eliminate it. this will help not only solve the problem of stink, but also extend the life of the unit.

How to prevent bad odors

To avoid this problem and not look for an answer to the question of why laundry and clothes smell damp, it is important to remember about preventive measures:

  • It is necessary to carry out regular processing of the compartment and the cuff of the hatch;
  • After each end of the machine, good ventilation should be ensured, both in the drum and in the bathroom itself;
  • Do not forget about regularly washing the drain filter and draining the remaining liquid from the tank;
  • Do not allow long-term storage of bad-smelling, contaminated items such as towels, socks and T-shirts in a drum closed with a door;
  • It is necessary to use the washing mode at 60 ° C once a week, thanks to which it is possible to better wash out the remnants of the powder.

In order not to run into problems about why things smell bad after washing, it is recommended to organize regular maintenance and cleaning of the washing machine.

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