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Is the replacement of radiators an unauthorized reconstruction of the apartment

Replacement or transfer of engineering networks requiring changes in the main passport of the premises/house, are a reorganization. If this is done without permits, then the reconstruction of unauthorized. We understand whether the replacement/transfer of heating radiators in the apartment is unauthorized reconstruction of the premises in the MKD.

According to Art. 25 LCDs, installation, replacement or transfer of engineering networks, requiring changes to the technical passport of the house/premises, fall under the concept of “reconstruction”. The reorganization is carried out after coordination with the local administration, which should issue a permit on the basis of h. 6 tbsp. 26 LCD

In the absence of permits, the reconstruction is considered unauthorized. For such actions, administrative liability is provided for. 7.21 Administrative Code for individuals, the fine is up to 2500. In addition, in certain cases, according to. 6. Art. 29 LCD, the court may oblige the owner to bring the apartment to the previous state or make a decision to sell such a premises from the auction.

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Over, not every change in engineering systems falls under the concept of reconstruction, because elements of intra.House engineering systems of MKD can be outside the apartment and inside it. If we are talking about interfering in the work of common house systems, then, in addition to coordination with the administration, the consent of the rest of the owners is also required. Otherwise, the culprit will be punished, and the court will oblige him to bring VDIS to its original state.

Is it possible to transfer the radiator to another wall?

The radiator is transferred to the balcony if the partition separating the room with the loggia was demolished to increase living space. A transfer can be carried out to another wall if the house is overhaul with the replacement of heating equipment.

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If the location of the radiator seems preferable not under the window, but in another place of the room, then you can make the radiator transfer at your discretion. Such a transfer to the tangible influence on the heating of the room will not lead. So you can still transfer the battery.

Responsibility for the unauthorized transfer of the battery

Since any changes in engineering communications without appropriate permission are a violation of the law, the unauthorized transfer of the battery is fraught with:

  • Administrative punishment in the form of a fine of 2-2.5 thousand. Rubles (p.2 tbsp. 7.21 Code of Administrative Offenses);
  • By coercion by decision of the court to bring the premises to the previous state, which will require additional material costs.

Stages of transferring radiators

It is important, in no case do the transfer of heating radiators to other rooms, do not add additional sections. Since all this can lead to penalties and the appeal of the management company to the court.

Battery transfer during redevelopment

When redevelopment of the apartment, often, as one of the points of the intended work, the transfer of the battery is turned on. Most often this happens when the window sill with the installation of French windows in an extended opening. For example, a section of the wall, between the kitchen (4) and the loggia (4a), where the radiator was previously located, was dismantled.

As a result of this, one of the construction measures described in the redevelopment and technical imprisonment project was a change in the position and design of the heating battery. Such a redevelopment requires the implementation of the heat engineering calculation, proving that the heat loss in the end will not increase.

After the coordination of this redevelopment, where the specialists of our organization completed the preparation of documents, the project was implemented in practice. You can get acquainted with other samples of our projects here.

The main reasons for the transfer of batteries

Who performs the transfer?

Management companies are responsible for the operation of heating systems in apartment buildings. Therefore, the Criminal Code provides their employee to transfer radiators. Some companies can simply coordinate the reconstruction project and control its results, and the work will be carried out by the owner or specialists attracted by him.

  • Installation of the radiator on another section of the wall or on another wall.
  • The transfer of the radiator with its replacement for the device, which is structurally different from the initial.
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In both cases, it is important that the heat consumption for heating the room does not increase.

Answering the question of whether it is necessary to coordinate the transfer of batteries, one cannot but say about the options for the reconstruction, which are not allowed to be performed in apartment buildings. Permission for them will not be issued. These include:

  • Dismantling of radiators and the organization of a water floor with a connection to the central heating system.
  • The transfer of the radiator to street or unsubstantiated rooms, namely to terraces, verandas, balconies, loggias.
  • Transfer of heating batteries in an apartment with an overlap of access to common house risers.

Is it necessary to coordinate the transfer of batteries in the apartment? Procedure for obtaining a resolution for reconstruction

We have already written above that the transfer of heating batteries is classified as the reconstruction of the dwelling. Therefore, it must be agreed with the local administration and the Criminal Code. If you carry out repairs without permission, the management company will sooner or later reveal a violation. And then the owner or responsible tenant is waiting for a fine of up to 5000 and the order to return the apartment to its original state.

According to the law, the transfer of the radiator is carried out in several stages:

  • Project development. It should be prepared by specialists of the design organization with the admission of the SRO for the corresponding type of work. They perform heat engineering calculations, select equipment with suitable characteristics, determine the optimal places for its placement, taking into account the wishes of the customer or data of the design project.
  • Coordination of the project with the management company. The Criminal Code must issue a written permission to carry out the recovery.
  • Collection of documents for filing a body involved in the issuance of permits for redevelopment and reconstruction. Usually these functions are performed by the local administration. A full list of documents is given below.
  • Application to the authorized body. This can be done personally, by mail, through the MFC or portal of public services. Available options for contacting the administration depend on the region.
  • Get permission to transfer radiators. It operates 1 year from the date of issuance, and then canceled. It can be extended once for 6 months. If the repair will not be completed in 1.5 years, you will have to go through the coordination procedure again.
  • Carry out the transfer of radiators in accordance with the project. Work can be carried out by a specialist in the Criminal Code or the customer himself or the invited employee. But the management company in any case should control the process of reconstructing the heating system in the apartment.
  • At the end of the repair, notify the Criminal Code of this and the administration. The representative of the management company and the housing inspection will check whether the transmission of the radiator to the project corresponds to. If so, then the data on the reconstruction will be sent to BTI to make changes to the technical parameters of the apartment. If not, then you will have to bring the heating system in line with the project.

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A package of documents

Coordination of the transfer of the heating radiator to another wall or its replacement with another device is carried out on the basis of the following papers:

  • Statements.
  • Passport of the owner or responsible tenant.
  • Notarized power of attorney, if the interests of the applicant are another person (organization).
  • Title documents for an apartment or a social rental agreement.
  • Project for placing radiators and heating pipes after reconstruction. It must have a technical conclusion with calculations showing that after transferring the radiators, heat loss will not increase, access to the risers will remain.
  • Written permission from the Criminal Code for the recovery.

It may also be required to be written to reorganize from all family members of the responsible tenant or apartment owners.

The terms of manufacturing permission

Officially, for coordination of the transfer of the battery to another wall or its replacement with another device, authorized bodies have 45 business days. If documents are submitted through the MFC or public services, by this time you need to add another 2-4 days. 3 business days are given to notify the applicant about the decision of the administration.

What options are considered prohibited?

Not all types of battery transfer are permitted. Separate measures are prohibited. If we are talking about Moscow, then all the nuances are described in PP 08. The main subtleties are that in apartment buildings it is prohibited:

  • Organize floor heating systems if they are connected in a common heating network.
  • The transfer of radiators that are connected in a common house network is prohibited to premises of a summer or street type. The latter should be understood as verandas, balconies, loggias and/or terraces.
  • Carry out repairs so that access to common house utilities is difficult or impossible in principle.

Important! The management company easily identifies the violations described above. And, when this happens, a fine is applied to a person in the amount prescribed by the housing inspectorate or a similar body in the field. As well as the management company obliges a person to repair to restore engineering networks. There were times when the owner of the apartment was even sued if the requirements for restoration work were ignored.

Read more about redevelopment with a change in the location of the battery can be acquainted with the representative of our company. Contact us and we will help you make a reorganization quickly and by law.

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