Using essential oils in a humidifier of air

Air essential oils

Aromarinations are pure distilled extracts obtained from flowers, skin, stems, plant leaves or fruits. Essential oil is often used in aromatherapy and added to a humidifier, because many types of essences are located to physical and emotional relaxation.

Today there are a lot of various types of air moisturizers having various opportunities and functions: steam, ultrasonic units, atomizers, cold.Type humidifiers. However, is it possible to add oil to the humidifier, which not only aromatize the room, but also improve the state of health?

On sale there are devices for moisturizing air that have the function of flavoring, the so-called aroma-moisturizers. Therefore, many are interested in the last option, in particular, its impact on overall well.Being, mood and the creation of climate in the room.

Air humidifier with flavoring function is a household device that evaporates essential oils with steam. When entering the air, small water particles make the climate in the room more moist, and also fill the space with phytoncides, which are in each etheric product.

It should be borne in the case of using essential oils in the moisturizer, it must be cleaned and washed after each use, since harmful heat.Loving microbes intensively multiply inside.

However, before adding any essential oil to the humidifier, you should know about its beneficial properties and the harm that it can cause the human body.

Aroma.Machine for a humidifier of air: how to use, where to buy, which one to choose

Today, the use of aromatic oils is becoming more and more popular. In this regard, many buyers are often interested in whether the aromatic aromas for a humidifier can be used. With this application, they not only give the air a pleasant smell, but also have a beneficial effect on human health. But it must be remembered that not every humidifier is suitable for the use of aromatic essential oils, but also to take into account the individual characteristics of their body when choosing and buying such flavors.

For comfort and well.Being of a person, humidity in the room should be from 40 to 60%. Often (especially in winter) this indicator drops to 25-30%. This is due to the use of heating devices, televisions, gas and electric plates, air conditioners and other household appliances. When dry air inhalation, a person experiences regular headaches, dryness in the nose, concentration and attention falls, the work of the kidneys worsens, dysbiosis occurs. Such air for children is especially dangerous.

Air humidifier is designed to solve the problem of dry atmosphere. Thanks to him, people cease to hurt, and their well.Being improves. The new environment also positively affects indoor plants and interior items made of wood and paper. However, in addition to its main function, the moisturizer can additionally arrange the room. Such an option allows you to create a new, pleasant atmosphere in the house (apartment), and also has a therapeutic effect on a person due to the healing properties of the oils used.

The principle of operation of the aromaulflower is simple. Unlike ordinary moisturizers, it breaks into many microscopic particles not only water, but also essential oil, and then spray them throughout the area of ​​the room, creating a pleasant and comfortable microclimate in the room.

Important! It is not recommended to add oil to ordinary moisturizers. The device from this is greatly polluted, in addition, the duration of its operation is reduced. Whereas in the flavor-moisturizer there is a special reservoir in which the aroma is poured. Thus, it evaporates without making contact with other parts of the household appliance.

Like any humidifier, a technique with the function of flavoring must be regularly washed and disinfected to prevent the appearance of the fungus and mold. When buying it is better to choose a device with automatic shutdown if water ends. Devices without such a function are unsafe and can cause a fire.

How to choose a humidifier for flavoring

Only some types of moisturizers are suitable for flavoring air.

Forbidden to use Allowed for use
The view of the humidifier Cause The view of the humidifier Cause
Models with steam When adding aromas to them, the equipment will need to be thoroughly washed after each use. Air washes They are not so much polluted when using aromatic oils, and since they do not have interchangeable filters in the design, they do not require their replacement.
Ultrasonic models Aromatic oils negatively affect the condition of the device, so it breaks very quickly. Aroma For flavoring, these devices have a separate tank into which oil is poured without harm to the device itself. The shots-moisturizers are most convenient in operation-they distribute a persistent and pleasant aroma throughout the room, which is held for a long time.
Classic cold.Type humidifiers The use of flavorings in them is fraught with constant washing of the product and a frequent failure of filters.

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The benefits and harms of the effects of aromatic mammers

The use of aromatic oils is widespread, but it must be borne in mind that they can bring to the body not only benefits, but also harm.


The advantages of aromatic essential oils include the following moments:

  • Some aromas allow you to cure diseases associated with the respiratory system;
  • Pleasant smells relieve nervousness, contribute to calm and bring harmony;
  • Inhalation of a number of aromas favorably affects the work of the heart;
  • Flavors positively affect hair growth and skin health;
  • The humidifier has a beneficial effect on the brain, and properly selected aromatic oil will increase concentration and attention;
  • When using flavorings, the general well.Being of a person improves, because essential oils have a beneficial effect on immunity.

On a note! Phytocins contained in essential oils are most effective when penetrating the body with airborne droplets. Therefore, the aromatization of the room by means of a humidifier of air has a positive effect on the human body, including strengthening immunity.

Use with caution

When using flavors in the humidifier, care should be observed and adhere to a number of recommendations.

  • A strictly recommended amount of essential oil should be added to the humidifier. Do not increase the norm, trying to make the aroma more saturated.
  • Aromatic oil must be selected with caution. Typically, the packaging indicates its composition and purpose.
  • Moisturizer in flavoring mode should not be left to work for a long time. The smell will properly spread around the room and last for a long time.
  • Do not choose the smells that cause allergies.
  • People with bronchi disease should not inhale saturated aromas.
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers need to use aromatic oils with caution, capable of causing allergies both in them and in the baby.
using, essential, oils, humidifier

Important! People with thyroid diseases are prohibited from the use of aromatic substances.

As you can see, aromatic essential oils do not harm the body (with the exception of some pathological diseases), but rather have a favorable effect on it. But when using them, you should take into account your individual characteristics so as not to harm your own health.

The main sources of unpleasant odors

Very often there are dwellings furnished with beautiful furniture, in which wonderful people live, but a pleasant climate in such houses does not even “smell”. But it’s all about the heavy and musty air that appears in an apartment with incorrectly working or missing ventilation. Increased humidity makes it possible to propagate fungi and mold, which spread an unpleasant odor. In the absence of ventilation, moisture is not excreted outside the room, clothing damps and also begins to exude enough unhealthy aromas.

In the fight against high humidity, you will be helped by drainage of air, which modern industry produces in large numbers. Buy an air drainage today is quite simply in almost any household appliance store.

In the winter, when the heating system dries the air of our home, the atmosphere in it is pleasant and healthy either you can’t call. Tightly closed windows and windows, reduce air exchange in our apartment to the minimum. Dust and stuffiness, dry skin and mucous membranes of the nose and throat, reduced immunity. These are the consequences of central heating with an insufficiently working supply ventilation system. To create a comfortable and healthy microclimate, as well as fill the house with pleasant and useful smells will help you with a humidifier with flavoring.

What aromatic oil to buy for a humidifier of air?

It all depends only on your imagination and an affordable budget.

There may be several tasks on which the choice of essential oils depends.

  • Air purification of pathogens and bacteria; Support for respiratory health during ARVI.
  • Improving mood and stabilizing the emotional state, for example: to reduce stress and anxiety;
  • For relaxation or vice versa. For concentration of attention;
  • For the aroma design of the room and the creation of a cozy atmosphere.

For example, the essential oils of rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus prevent the transmission of bacterial infections transmitted through the air. Also, for the prevention of SARS, you can buy other aromatic dishes for a humidifier of air. Coniferous aromas, tea tree, Naioli, Ravintsar, myrtle, Manuka, etc.

Citrus aromas cheer up and relieve the alarm.

The combination of orange and rosemary can be used even to children when studying, when concentration is necessary.

Ginger. With anxiety and increased loads, and combined with tangerine. To stabilize emotions.


Then you need to decide who you need to buy aromatic oils for a humidifier.

The choice of aromas depends on the age, state of health, and even the drugs taken.

Not any essential oils can be used for children (there are permitted lists and restriction of dosages depending on age), there are restrictions in pregnancy (some are prohibited at all, while others are limited depending on the deadline), and so the safest aromas are chosen for older people.

Also, choosing which aromas to buy for a humidifier of air, you need to understand that activity is different for different oils.

This is determined by the unique composition of natural substances as part of each essential oil. Therefore, some essential oils for diffuser or moisturizer can only be used in a minimum dosage, and some are better not to use at all.

It is not recommended to use such aggressive oils as cinnamon and cloves for the diffuser (if you really like their aroma, it is better to use them as part of mixtures, where a safe low concentration for such essential oils has already been selected).

Caution should be caused when using essential oils that irritate the mucous membrane (thyme, oregano, peppermint, etc.D.)-it is enough to use 1-2 drops to the room.

General recommendation for the use of diffuser. 1 drop of essential oils for every 5 kV. Meters of the area of ​​the room.

If you choose for yourself what aromatic oil to buy for a humidifier of air is good if you have the opportunity to try first if you like their smell.

The approval of the aroma. This is the basis of aromatherapy when we are talking about emotional exposure. If you want to achieve a positive effect on an emotional state, it is very important that you like the smell.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, the use of essential oils is very widespread. True, few people understand what exactly the benefits of certain smells, and what effect they can have on the body. As positive points, it is worth noting:

  • Some smells can help cope with diseases associated with breathing.
  • Help restore Stihl.
  • Some smells affect the improvement of the heart system.
  • Certain smells have a beneficial effect on hair growth or skin cover.
  • The use of a humidifier of air favorably affects the brain, and a well.Chosen flavor for your device will help with a concentration of attention.
  • Essential oils increase the functioning of immunity, which affects the general health of the body.

Scientists have proven that phytocins contained in aromatic oils have favorably affect the human immune system, and the fastest way to enter the body is an airborne droplets.

The oils themselves do not have danger to your health, but you should carefully use the humidifier, as well as observe some rules:

  • Do not violate the recommended dose of a smelling matter, trying to make the smell more saturated.
  • Choose ether more carefully. As a rule, the composition and its purpose are always written on the package.
  • A humidifier that can be used with flavoring should not be turned on for a long time, the smell will spread and last a considerable amount of time.
  • Beware of those odors that can cause allergies.
  • If you have problems with the bronchi, then do not choose rich smells.
  • During pregnancy and in the process of feeding the child, you should also not abuse such additives, since pungent odors can cause allergies to you and the baby.
  • People with thyroid problems are contraindicated in the use of substances that aromatize the air.

It is obvious that, in general, oils are not harmful to the body, but on the contrary, very useful. But it is necessary to take into account special factors and individual intolerance so as not to aggravate your health.

Making a flavor with your own hands

When there is no way to buy aromatic aromatic dishes for a moisturizer, or the available model of the device is not suitable for use for such purposes, you can make a flavor on your own that allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. The easiest flavor is prepared from soda. It needs a glass container, a lid with holes, soda and essential oil. The jar of one third should be filled with soda, add 10 drops of oils, and then close the lid and shake thoroughly.

For the second method of manufacturing a flavor, 0.5 liters of water, gelatin, salt, essential oil are needed. Water should be heated, dissolved gelatin, then add one tablespoon of salt and mix thoroughly. You need to add a few drops of the flavor to the prepared container, and then pour the resulting mixture. Leave up.

So, in order to use a climatic device for flavoring a room, you need to know if it is possible to add essential oils to the humidifier. This is allowed, but not for all types of moisturizers. In the best way for this purpose, special aroma-moisturizers are suitable, to which both essential and water-soluble oils can be added. When buying flavorings, you need to take into account the state of your body and select substances that will not harm your health.

Optimal combinations of essential oils

It is not only possible to combine plant extracts, but also necessary. However, this should be done with particular caution. So, it is useful to add a mixture of essential oils to the humidifier to the humidifier as:

  • Sandal, chamomile and Petigrain. Eliminates insomnia;
  • Pine, incense, spruce, orange. To improve concentration;
  • Sandalwood, ylang-ylang, lavender-fights stress;
  • Pine, ginger fir, peppermint. To raise the mood;
  • Sandal, Lavender, Petigrain, Mayran. For relaxation.

It is worth noting. If the device does not have a flavoring function, then you can not add aromaticoma and other substances to the container filled with water. The humidifier should be used strictly in accordance with the instructions for the use of. Otherwise, you can harm not only your own well.Being, but also the “health” of technology.

All Boneco devices that clean and moisturize the air can be used with aromatic mixtures.

The choice of aromas is a whole science, which is interesting and informative to study. Smells have an extremely strong influence on humans. Some etheric mixtures help with diseases of the respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular system, improve the condition of the skin and hair, help concentrate, increase immunity.

The choice of aromas is a whole science, which is interesting and informative to study. Smells have an extremely strong influence on humans. Some etheric mixtures help with diseases of the respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular system, improve the condition of the skin and hair, help concentrate, increase immunity.

What essential oil can be added to the humidifier?

It all depends on your preferences and the desired result. It is known that lavender essential oil helps relieve tension and will make sleep deeper and more calm. While the essential oils of citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit), on the contrary, will be energized for the whole day.

When choosing aromatic oils, one should also be guided by the features of the room. For example, shoes and outerwear are stored in the hallway. To prevent viral diseases in this part of the apartment, it is best to use lemon, cedar, thyme, bergamot, pine tree essential oils.

For the living room, where the whole family is going to be suitable for tea tree essential oils, skelings, geraniums, cinnamon.

The choice of oils and the spectrum of their beneficial properties is diverse, the solution remains with you.

Thus, inbreathe humidifier is a multifunctional device that allows not only to moisturize, but also to aromatize the room.

We purchase all the products directly from the manufacturer, which in turn guarantees that ultrasonic aroma.Diffusors are intended not only for hydration of air, but also for aromatherapy. A simple, reliable and useful device will delight you for a long time.

If the device does not have a flavoring function, you can’t add aromatic aromas to it. This can lead not only to the breakdown of technology, but also to harm your own well.Being. Use ultrasonic aromatiffusors specially designed to moisturize and aromatization of air.

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