Washing machine candy what do the icons mean


The control panel on Bosch washing machines is represented by a start button and other buttons for selecting the main washing modes. The number of revolutions in the washing process is selected with a separate switch. In this case, the more dirty the fabric and the higher its density, the higher speed should be set. A separate switch is also used to set the wash temperature. It also helps to select the mode based on the type of fabric.

On such a technique you can see the following icons:

  • Picture of underpants and T-shirt next to the T-shirt indicates the washing mode for cotton clothes. A similar picture indicates an intensive wash, but it features images with a circled outline.
  • A bowl with a wavy line on top indicates a wash that uses a significant amount of water.
  • The picture of an empty basin corresponds to the quick wash mode. Also symbols of super-fast washing on Bosch machines are dials with a marked segment of time.
  • The iron icon indicates the light ironing mode has been selected. Number of turns in this mode does not exceed 600.
  • T-shirt image indicates a synthetic wash.
  • The pictured nightgown represents a delicate wash.
  • Icons of a basin with a hand and a skein of wool denote the program for washing wool, as well as the option of manual washing.
  • The picture of pants is a symbol of the washing program for jeans.

Can I spin my jeans in the washing machine?

On the question whether you can spin a pair of jeans in a washing machine, no clear answer. If it’s the most ordinary model without rhinestones, rivets, lace, nets and decorations, it is much more convenient to get right away almost dry and do not bother with the spin. True, then they have to be ironed, as multiple creases are guaranteed.

Jeans, equipped with metal fittings, jewelry, lace, to spin in the machine can not, otherwise you can then half of the ornaments will not find. Because of the torn parts can damage the washing machine itself.

Spandex models need to be hand-washed, otherwise you run the risk of feeling deformed and 2 or 3 sizes too big.

What detergent to wash jeans in a washing machine

The gel-type, liquid detergents are the best, as they, unlike powders, come out of coarse material faster and do not leave white streaks. The washing itself is of higher quality, because the mobile gel particles penetrate the fibers better than the powder.

You can choose detergents for wool and silk, providing gentle care. They wash a coarse denim well, do not allow it to shrink or fade. Better yet, buy special gels for washing jeans, the choice is quite large.

If the choice was all the same on the powder, it is necessary to choose a quality brand. It is best to take one labeled “for colored clothing,” as a special formula will keep the denim from shedding and preserve the original brightness of the material. In this case, you need a conditioner that softens the rough fabric after the powder.

Deciphering icons on washing machines Bosch, Samsung, Candy, LG, Indesit and other manufacturers

Instructions for use will usually explain all the symbols on the Kandi machine control panel. If you have lost the owner’s manual and the program names are in a foreign language, it can be difficult to select the mode.

We offer detailed descriptions of common modes, common for many models of Candy washing machines.

Candy Grand O washing machine fault and how to check filter

In this and the following tables you can see the approximate duration of. For the exact time, see your Candy model manual.

The programs of other models of Kandy washing machines do not differ much, but there are exclusive features only for a certain line of machines. Let’s take a look at these modes by walking through the popular models of this brand.


express laundry. The entire wash, rinse and spin cycle takes less than an hour. Up to 2 kg of laundry can be loaded maximum.

CANDY C2 085

Symbol Deciphering Washing time
Mix Wash System. Program for washing different types of fabric together, for example cotton and synthetics. This mode saves much energy. The program lasts almost 3 hours at 40-degree temperature.


Also, Kandy machines select programs based on fabric type. The symbols are the same for all models, as shown below

In the CANDY HOLIDAY 084 DF model, the “Wool” button is indicated by this icon:

washing, machine, candy, icons, mean

The main and auxiliary icons and their descriptions

Before you start using your appliance, you should familiarize yourself with the symbols on the CANDY. This will make it easier and faster to navigate when selecting a program and setting conditions.

All the symbols and pictograms on the body of the washing machine can be divided into several groups:

  • Purely informative (brand name, maximum drum load, etc.).д.).
  • The progress of the washing process (start, spin, drying, draining, etc.).д.).
  • Indicators of the washing modes (cotton, wool, synthetics, delicates, denim).
  • User-defined modes (hand wash, quick wash, economy wash, etc.).д.).
  • Additional functions that are responsible for increasing the volume of water for rinsing, crease-free garments, foam control, etc.д.

The main types of icons that can be found on the various models of Kandi washing machines include the following designations:

The symbol “” and two drops next to it is rinsing in more water than the standard, the mode is called “Aqua Plus”;

How to choose a washing mode in a washing machine

Before you set the programme you want, prepare the wash:

  • Sort the laundry by color and type of fabric. It is not superfluous to sort the clothes by volume. Wash small and large items separately to avoid unbalancing the drum.
  • Spot treat stains, if any.
  • Unplug the machine and start Start.
  • Put the laundry in the drum.
  • Fill and pour detergent into the tap.
  • Select the desired automatic mode with the selector wheel.
  • Turn the start button on.

When selecting the automatic washer, you don’t need to set the washing time, temperature, spin speed and other parameters. In all modes these functions have been pre-programmed by the manufacturer. The main thing is to make the right choice of mode, taking into account the type and color of fabric.

Now you know how to set up your Candy washing machine. Have a nice wash!

washing, machine, candy, icons, mean

Candy washing machines are quality devices with a wide range of functions. Many modes and options here are marked with symbols, so in order to use this technique, you need to know what the icons on the washing machine Candy.

Rules of operation of Candy washing machines

Attention! For your Candy Smart washing machine to last a long time without breakdowns or problems, you need to take proper care of it:

  • Load the drum completely, without overloading. This can provoke a breakdown of the entire mechanism.
  • Use a softener.
  • Mainly use modes with a speed of 600. 700. Frequent use of modes with 800 revolutions or more on Candy washing machines leads to a rapid breakdown of the packing and bearings.
  • After each wash, wipe down the glass and open the detergent container for 15 to 20 minutes. This will ventilate the Candy machine, reduce the likelihood of damage to the hatch rubber and prevent liquid from getting under the cuffs.
  • Always unplug the appliance from the mains. Otherwise, the power supply will overheat and malfunction if there are any power surges.
  • Once a season, do a dry wash with limescale remover and turn on the high temperature of the heating mode. This will clean all parts of the appliance from clogs and the negative effects of solid deposits.

Icons for washing modes

To avoid checking the available modes by trial and error, it is advisable to immediately look at the store manual or find the user manual on the website. A better and quicker way is not to rummage through the boxes and look for the technical description of an individual model, but rather get acquainted with the list of frequently seen icons on the washing machines of this company.

  • Two drops and the plus sign on the left. It stands for “Aqua-Plus” and means the extra rinse with a large amount of water. Thanks to the intensive rinse, clothes are cleaned of soapy substances and odors, which is important when washing children’s clothes and allergic people’s clothes. Increases wash time by an average of half an hour.
  • T-shirt with black stains. An “Intensive wash” mode is needed for heavily soiled items. High temperature, long cycle, and max spin speed eliminate stubborn stains without leaving a trace.
  • Clock and triangle to the right. The “Delayed start” function, which can be used to set the cycle to run automatically for 24 hours.
  • Bowl and watering can. Implies a 40 minute normal rinse. Cycle times may vary.

These icons are the basic ones that are present on the front panel of every Candy washing machine. However, there are brands with rare designations. Among them are some of the most popular models of the Italian manufacturer.

What the icons on the Candy washing machine mean?

Expensive Bosch washing machines are equipped with an electronic display. They are more informative: the screen, in addition to temperature and spin, indicates the maximum load of the selected mode, displays the time until its end, and also shows error codes in case of failure of the device. In this case, they also, as well as appliances without a screen, have special indicators, which inform, at what stage of washing the technique is. These include:

  • A basin with a cloud of steam on top. The main step is washing.
  • A container filled with water. The machine is in the rinse stage.
  • Spiral icon. The laundry is being wrung out.
  • A vertical bar with an arrow pointing to it. The work is finished.

Washing machines with a display are more technological and have a number of additional functions. These include:

  • Button with a clock and the words “Speed. The Speed Perfect function. To shorten the cycle time for lightly soiled items.
  • A sheet with the letter E and “Eco” written on it. Eco Perfect function. When selecting this mode the power consumption is reduced, the water temperature is lowered, but the washing quality remains high due to the longer running time.
  • Dials with arrows. End of program, or in other words delayed start. Allows you to postpone the start of the program for up to 24 hours.

In addition to the various buttons, every Bosch washing machine, be it the Classixx 5, Serie 4 or other series, is equipped with a mode selector. These are the washing programs for different types of laundry.

To make sure your washing machine operates with high quality and is gentle on the cloths, you need to know what types of laundry the different modes are suitable for.

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