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How to remove blocking from children in the washing machine Electriclux?

The inability to open the door of the washing machine after the end of the program or the incorrect performance by the apparatus of its functions, in which the door lock indicates or flashes, indicates internal breakdown, system failure or the failure of the heating relay of the hatch lock. The instruction to the machine will first help to cope with the problem. Then you should try the main techniques common to all types of washing.

In most cases, in order to remove the washing machine from the lock, it is necessary to turn it off from the power supply network, taking a fork from the outlet for 15-20 minutes. During this time, the device will drop the program and will be ready for a new cycle.

  • In order to urgently unlock the door of the washing machine, on most modern units you should select the Except program and the “without spin” mode. After two to three minutes, the hatch will open.
  • If you need to “bring to life”, after a short-term disconnect of the electricity, you can click and hold the Start or Start button for 30-60 seconds on the control panel.
  • The problem with the castle of the Siemens, Bosch or Ariston car can be removed by launching the washing of a new. In the process, pressing the “deferred start” or “without spin”, you should pull the door over yourself as soon as the click is heard.

How to change/bypass doorlock

As the most extreme option, you can remove the locking of the door of the washing machine manually. Most Bosch, Samsung, Ariston and others have an emergency cable. It is located under the drain filter lid. The color of the cable is usually red or orange.

The second version of the “manual” opening of Bosch and other brands of machines is more complex and requires the skill of handling a screwdriver. We’ll have to remove the top panel and, having rejected the entire unit back (so that the drum moves slightly and open access to the lock of the lock), put your hand inside the case. Having felt the locking device, you need to press your finger on the castle tongue (to the side), and pull the door over yourself. Before disassemble the machine, you should turn it off from the outlet and drain all the water.

Why the washing machine is not turned on?

So, what could have happened to the Electrician Washing machine, why it does not turn on? The network cord is interrupted, or the capacitor burned, filtering electric interference. Somewhere in the housing, a supply wire, which goes to the control panel or to the command-apparatus, was torn. The command.Apparatus itself or launch button itself is disabled.

Electrolux Washer. Door Lock repair

AEG usually offers to press the push.Speed and temperature speed buttons and hold them until the locking icon on the panel appears. Disconnected by holding the same keys until the icon disappears.

Mechanical breakdown

Когда данные действия не увенчались успехом, следует диагностировать не обычные отказы, а повреждения механического характера. Probably, the castle mechanism or handle that needs to be completely replaced has worn out.

It happens that children hang on an open hatch and begins to swing. From such entertainment, the loops of the boot door are curved. The element ceases to close normally or open, the mechanical latch often jams.

In this case, it is recommended to change the loops or the lock itself. To change the castle mechanism, you have to remove the top panel of the washer, look for a locking element, open a lock. The lock mechanism is immediately unlocked. After the hatch allows you to penetrate the drum, the lock is changing.

With loops the situation is somewhat more complicated. If you do not have the necessary skills, then to perform such work it is recommended to invite a specialist who will quickly correct the breakdown.

Elimination of clogging

The cause of blocking the door may be clogged drain. Because of this, the water is not removed from the drum and the automation of the washing machine does not allow to open the hatch. Determine the cause of the problem will help check the hose that is located from the back of the washing side.

If garbage is detected in the plum, before opening the blocked door of the washing machine, you will have to clean. At the same time, it is worth checking and, if necessary, clean the drain filter, the clog of which also causes lock. After removing garbage, the squeezing program should be launched on the washing machine.

Unlocking washing machine Bosch

Bosch brand enjoys well-deserved respect due to the quality and reliability of this household appliance. To unlock in various situations, this brand has its secrets. If your model on the panel has a key plus and minus, then by clicking on minus you can unlock the machine without time and effort.

If the key is constantly burning and prevents not a single mode, it is necessary to return to that program during which the failure occurred, and then press the laid button and hold a finger on it for 5 seconds. After that, the lock will turn off.

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How to remove the locking machine Bosch Logixx 8 Varioperfect?

On the Bosch Logixx 8, you need to open the hatch door and press the button, which is marked with an arrow to the left “Options”. By pressing the button, hold it until the machine is squeaking, and the lock will not be removed.

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  • Removing two screws holding the top cover with a cross blade from the rear panel
  • Removing the lid, tilt the washer back and run the hand along the front wall down
  • We take the hexagon and try to unscrew two self.Tapping screws fixing the lock.

What is protection against children in a washing machine?

The displayed castle means that the function “Blocking from children” is activated. 2. When protection against children is enabled, you will not be able to perform any actions, except for turning on or off the device using the/control button.

During the operation of the washing machine: first, hold the menu button for 4 seconds, then click the start/pause and stop the program. Then, by pressing the menu button, we move to the “protective blocking” function, and by clicking on the choice button. Turn it off.

Features of the lock mode

The most vulnerable in front of children’s pranks is the control panel of the washing machine. Models from electrolyux are equipped with electronic and sensory buttons, luminous indicators, rotary handles, which no child can resist. Explain to the baby that it is impossible to touch all this in any case. A vain work. You should weaken your attention. And the child will continue his occupation. Constant inclusion, chaotic pressing buttons, as well as frequent interruption of washing programs. All this leads to a quick breakdown of the control module. And its repair is very expensive. In addition, the machine is connected to electricity, so the games can end for the baby with a serious injury.

Fortunately, manufacturers thought about the safety of technical and child. Washing machines produced by Electrolux are equipped with a special function “Protection of children”. With its help, you can block the control panel. When the option works, the device does not respond to buttons pressing. The child will not be able to turn on the device or knock down his settings.

The activation of the protective function has been thought out and activated. So that the baby could not turn off the lock, not a separate button is used to turn it on, but a combination of two keys. After activating protection from children, a symbol in the form of a lock appears on the washing display. When trying to press any button, he blinks.

If you are trying to run the washing machine, but you can’t do this, since no program works, first of all, look if the function of protecting children is turned on. The algorithm for its activation and shutdown is registered in the instructions. Combinations of buttons may vary depending on the model of the washing machine.

In addition to the “Protecting Children” option, Electrolux washing machines are equipped with other useful functionality: special washing modes, delay timer, Autodose detergent dosage system, etc. You can buy high.Quality technology of the Swedish brand at a bargain price from us. Go to the catalog to get acquainted with the range of washing machines and choose the right model.

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